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The book Type Navigator Typography The Independent Foundries Handbook by Jan Middendorp (2011) contains a CD with fonts. A list of the contents:

  • Anatoletype: Acuta Thin,DejaRip Demo, Dolce Basic-Thin
  • ARS Type: ARS Novelty
  • Avoid Red Arrows: Empties Full, FITAL Regular, Nazens, RegionBold, Zuendli Streichholz
  • Buro Dunst: Heimat Sans Demo Regular, Novel Pro Demo Regular, Novel Sans Demo Regular. Novel Std Demo Regular
  • BuyMyFonts.com: BMF Elettriche Mono Cubetto, BMF Elettriche Mono Cuore
  • Emtype Foundry: Periodico Text Light
  • Fabrizio Schiavi Design: Siruca Pictograms 1.2
  • FaceType: Letterpress Bastard, Lignette Script, Marlowe Swirl
  • Fontsmith: FS Blake Heavy, FS Rome, FS Rufus Regular, FS Sally Medium
  • Gestalten Fonts: Adhesive Black Ltd, Basic Light Ltd, Capricorn OSF Black Ltd, Engel Light Ltd, Naiv Fat, Nautinger Regular Ltd, Regular Cargo, Treza Regular Ltd
  • HVD Fonts: HVD Age 11, HVD Bodedo, HVD Comic Serif Pro, HVD Edding 780, HVD PEACE, HVD POSTER, HVD POSTR Clean, HVD ROWDY, HVD Spencils Block, HVD Spencils Regular, HVD Steinzeit fillin, HVD Steinzeit
  • Just Another Foundry: Zalamander Caps Bold, Zalamander Caps Extrabold, Zalamander Caps Extralight, Zalamander Caps Light, Zalamander Caps Regular, Zalamander Caps Semibold
  • LucasFonts: JesusLovesYou
  • Neutura: Orange Round Regular
  • OurType: Alto Condensed Semibold, Alto Pro Mono Condensed Bold, Comb Pro Thin, Eva Standard Light Italic, Fakt Medium, Fakt Condensed Light Italic, Fakt SemiCondensed Semibold, Fayon Standard Extra Black, Fresco Plus Standard Black Italic, Fresco Sans Condensed Light, Lirico Press Semibold, Ludwig Condensed Thin, Meran Condensed Normal Italic, Monitor Condensed Bold Italic, NeueSans Semibold, Parry Semibold, Sansa Condensed Soft Black Italic, Sansa Slab Light, Tiina Medium, Versa Condensed Normal, Versa Sans Condensed Bold Italic
  • Playtype: Play Bold, Play Regular
  • Storm Type: Aaahoj, Bhang Strong, LidoSTF, LidoSTFBold, Lido S T F Bold Italic, Lido S T F Italic, Lido S T F Condensed, Lido S T F Condensed Bold, Lido S T F Condensed Medium, Lido S T F Medium, Lido S T F Medium Italic, Regula Old Face Italic, Regula Old Face, Rondka Urtyp, Stencilul, Vida 33 Stencil Demo
  • Subtype: Cloud, Quart, SWEM
  • VetteLetters: VLNL Dream Meal Left, VLNL Dream Meal Right, VLNLDBXLZX-Bold, VLNLDBXLZX-Light, VLNLDBXLZX-Regular
  • Volcano Type: Matryoshka Pregnant

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