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Mariko Takagi

From her CV: Having lived and worked as a half-Japanese and half-German in Germany for a long time, the focus of my artworks was to create books about Japanese culture. The intention of writing and designing books about Japanese topics was to make German readers curious about the strange and foreign culture and to give them insights into it. In the last eleven years I have published six books talking about Japanese culture. Since 1998, I ran my own design office with a focus on corporate design, corporate publishing and catalogue design. Since 2002 I was teaching at several Universities in Germany. Moving to Hong Kong and teaching as an assistant professor at the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) since 2010 gives me new influences and inspiration for starting research projects focused on Chinese typography. My background of teaching typography as well as graphic design in Germany over eight years gives me the necessary background for starting a research project not only to learn more about my new cultural environment, but also to make the Hong Kong design culture more visible to international audiences.

At Typography Day 2012 she spoke on Typographic Culture of Hong Kong.

Speaker at ATypI 2012 in Hong Kong: Typography between Chinese complex characters and Latin letters. Speaker at ATypI 2013 in Amsterdam: Hanzigraphy. In the latter talk, she deals with the problem of the joint use of Latin and Chinese on pages. The research project Hanzi-Graphy: Typographic translation between Latin letters and Chinese characters will be published late in 2013 by a publisher in Hong Kong.

In 2014, she graduated from the MATF program at the University of Reading. Her graduation typeface was Gion, a serif typeface for multi-lingual typesetting in Latin, Japanese and Chinese. She writes: As a contemporary interpretation of Modern typefaces, Gion synthesises historical stylistic features of Modern typefaces with characteristics and qualities that ­enhance comfortable and continuous reading in longer text.

Speaker at ATypI 2016 in Warsaw on Tanaka Ikko and the Japanese Modern Typography. A convergence of Western inspiration and Japanese aesthetics. In that presentation, she spoke about Tanaka Ikko (1930-2000), the Japanese grand master of graphic design, and emphasized his encounter with typography.

Mariko Takagi
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