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Typographica: 50 Best fonts of 2011

The long-awaited list of top typefaces of 2011, compiled and annotated by Stephen Coles after consultation with a group of writers, educators, type makers and type users. He observes: As always, the other clear trend is new technology. By the end of 2008, we could finally declare OpenType the default font format. Three years later, in the wake of the @font-face declaration, there are new formats and new substrates as destinations for type design. Yet, in contrast to OpenType's glacial adoption rate, webfonts are poised to take hold quickly, sparked by intelligent delivery platforms (pioneered by Typekit in 2009), early adoption by major foundries (led by FontFont), and screen-specific font design (like Font Bureau's RE series).

Here is that list: Christian Schwartz: Neue Haas Grotesk, Zizou (a revival of Excoffon's Antique Olive) ⦿ Peter Bilak: Julien ⦿ Dieter Hofrichter: Cassia, Cala ⦿ Henrik Kubel: A2 Beckett, Dane, Antwerp, Outsiders ⦿ Hannes von Döhren: Supria Sans ⦿ Berton Hasebe: Alda ⦿ Maximiliano Sproviero: Reina ⦿ Ondrej Jób: Doko ⦿ Travis Kochel: Chartwell ⦿ Rui Abreu: Aria ⦿ Octavio Pardo: Sutturah ⦿ Elena Albertoni: Nouvelle Vague ⦿ Miguel Hernández: Mija ⦿ Cyrus Highsmith: Salvo ⦿ Matthew Butterick: Equity, FB Alix (typewriter typeface modeled after the Prestige typewriter face) ⦿ Sergei Egorov: Neacademia ⦿ José Scaglione, Veronika Burian: Abril ⦿ Mark Simonson: Bookmania (back to the past, past Benguiat's ITC Bookman) ⦿ Kris Sowersby: Calibre ⦿ Edgar Walthert: Agile ⦿ Laura Worthington: Alana ⦿ Gareth Hague: Oban ⦿ Ludwig Übele: FF Tundra ⦿ Alex Sheldon: Detroit ⦿ Georg Seifert: Azuro ⦿ Göran Söderström: Siri ⦿ Ken Barber: Smidgen ⦿ Titus Nemeth: Nassim ⦿ Eduardo Manso: Periódico ⦿ Kevin Allan King, Patrick Griffin: Libertine ⦿ Gerard Unger: Capitolium News 2 ⦿ Craig Eliason: Ambicase Fatface ⦿ Dino dos Santos, Pedro Leal: Acta & Acto ⦿ Max Phillips: FF Spinoza ⦿ Dan Reynolds, Matthew Carter: Carter Sans ⦿ Fernando Mello: FS Pimlico ⦿ Martin Wenzel: Realist ⦿ H&FJ: Ideal Sans ⦿ Nicole Dotin: Elena ⦿ Richard Miller: Swagg ⦿ Hans van Maanen: Naga ⦿ Erica Jung, Ricardo Marcin: Changing ⦿ Apple: Apple Color Emoji.

Typographica: 50 Best fonts of 2011
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Choice of fonts ⦿

file name: Christian Schwartz Neue Haas Grotesk 2011

file name: Christian Schwartz Neue Haas Grotesk 2012 77946

file name: Christian Schwartz Neue Haas Grotesk 2012 Poster by Antonia Smith 2017

file name: Christian Schwartz Neue Haas Grotesk 2012d

file name: Christian Schwartz Zizou 2011

file name: Peter Bilak Julien 2011b

file name: Dieter Hofrichter Cassia 2011c

file name: Dieter Hofrichter Cala 2011

file name: Henrik Kubel Antwerp 2011

file name: Henrik Kubel Dane

file name: Henrik Kubel Outsiders Light

file name: Henrik Kubel A2 Beckett 2008

file name: H F J Ideal Sans 2011c

file name: Hannos Von Doehren Supria Sans Black 2011

file name: Berton Hasebe Alda 2011

file name: Travis Kochel Chartwell Pies 2011

file name: Rui Abreu Aria Pro 2011

file name: Octavio Pardo Sutturah 2011c

file name: Octavio Pardo Sutturah 2011d

file name: Elena Albertoni Nouvelle Vague 2011

file name: Miguel Hernandez Mija 2011

file name: Cyrus Highsmith Salvo Sans Salvo Serif 2011

file name: Type Together Abril 2010

file name: Rosetta Neacademia 2011c

file name: Matthew Butterick Equity Text 2011d

file name: Matthew Butterick F B Alix 2011

file name: Mark Simonson Bookmania 2011

file name: Kris Sowersby Calibre 2011b

file name: Edgar Walthert Agile 2007

file name: Laura Worthington Alana 2011

file name: Gareth Hague Oban 2011

file name: Ludwig Uebele Tundra 2010

file name: Alex Sheldon Detroit 2011

file name: Ken Barber Smidgen 2011c

file name: Ken Barber Smidgen 2011d

file name: Ken Barber Smidgen 2011

file name: Eduardo Manso Periodico 2011b

file name: Patrick Griffin Kevin Allan King Libertine I I 2011

file name: Gerard Unger Capitolium News2 2011

file name: Craig Eliason Ambicase Fatface 2011

file name: Dino Dos Santos Acta Poster 2011

file name: Max Phillips F F Spinoza 2011c

file name: Matthew Carter Carter Sans

file name: Dan Reynolds Matthew Carter Carter Sans 2010

file name: Dan Reynolds Matthew Carter Carter Sans 2010b

file name: Fernando Mello F S Pimlico 2011

file name: Martin Wenzel Realist 2011

file name: H F J Ideal Sans 2011

file name: Nicole Dotin Elena 2011

file name: Richard Miller Swagg Black 2011

file name: Hans Van Maanen Naga Naga Outline 2011

file name: Ricardo Marcin Erica Jung Changing 2010

file name: Apple Color Emoji 2011

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