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Turkish lira symbol

Written by Luc Devroye
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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Turkey selects a new symbol for its currency on March 1, 2012. However, there already exists a lira sign. Andreas Stötzner hits the nail on the head with this remark: It is NOT a new character. (!) There is the Lira sign existing at codepoint 20A4, typographically a variant of the sterling glyph. End of story. (Note that by annotation it is specified just as LIRA, not as Italian or Turkish Lira per se.) Everything else is just nonsense. If you wish now to tune the design of 20A4 according to the new Turkish briefing, feel free to do so. But I won't, because it's rubbish. And if ever our Turkish friends come to raise the request of a new character before ISO, I will say: 20A4.

Discussion by Turkish designers (in Turkish).

Turkish lira symbol
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Type design in Turkey ⦿

file name: Old Turkish Lira Sign Unicode20 A4

file name: Turkish Lira 2012

file name: Turkish Lira Specs

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