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P. Moreau -- Veuve Hérissant [Pierre Moreau]

The print shop and foundry of Pierre Moreau was operational in Paris from 1640 until 1792. It had various directors, listed here in chronological order:

  • Pierre Moreau ran the business from 1640 until his death in Paris in 1649. In 1643 he became imprimeur ordinaire du roi. In 1640, he created (Marius Audin even says invented) a set of ronde and bastarda typefaces called Financières. There is a publication from 1643 until 1644 entitled Les saintes métamorphoses ov les changemens iraculeux de quelques grands saints tirez de leurs vies. Paris, en 'Imprimerie des nouueaux caracthères de P. Moreau...1643-1644. This book was selling for 15,000 Euros in 2013.
  • Denis Thierry (d. 1657) and Denis Thierry II (d. 1712, Paris) were in charge from 1648 until 1712. Only Lottin mentions that the business of Moreau went to Thierery, and that Thierry in 1712 passed it to Collombat.
  • Jacques Collombat (b. 1668, Grenoble, d. 1744, Paris) ran the business from 1712 until 1744. In 1714 he was imprimeur du roi.
  • Jacques François Collombat (b. 1701, Paris, d. 1751, Paris) was the son of Jacques. He continued the operation from 1744 until 1751. He too was imprimeur du roi. His early death and the early death of his wife Jacqueline Tarlé in 1752 [Veuve Collombat thus ran the foundry from 1751 until 1752] meant that his son Jean Jacques Etienne Collombat was not old enough to continue the foundry. In 1763, Jean Jacques Etienne passed the foundry to Jean Thomas Hérissant.
  • Jean Thomas Hérissant continued the foundry from 1763 until 1772. Born in Paris in 1704, he died there in 1772. He too was imprimeur du roi.
  • Veuve Hérissant, ran the business from 1772 until 1788. Her maiden name was Marie Nicole Estienne. She published, e.g., Epreuves des Caractères Samartains provenant de l'Imprimerie de la Veuve Hérissant (1772), and Epreuves des Caractères de la Fonderie de la Veuve Hérissant (1772). She was an imprimeur ordinaire du roi. In 1788, she passed the foundry on to Anisson.
  • Etienne Alexandre Jacques Anisson-Dupéron (b. 1749, Paris, d. 1794, Paris) was the son of Louis Laurent II Anisson. In 1788, when he took over the foundry, he was the director of the Imprimerie Royale.

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P. Moreau -- Veuve Hérissant
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file name: Veuve Herissant Epreuves 1772

file name: Pierre Moreau Portrait 1644

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