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John S. Carroll

Metal type designer who died in 1982. Mac McGrew has remarks about three typefaces cuttings and plates [all text below is quoted]:

  • Vanity Fair Capitals were adapted by Douglas C. McMurtrie in 1923, from a type of J. F. Rosart, an eighteenth-century Dutch typefounder. and were privately cast for distribution by Continental Typefounders Association. They are a set of shaded italic capitals, with tendril designs used as serifs and breaking the main stems. John S. Carroll, then operating a private r typefoundry in Miami Beach, cut much the same typeface in 1964-65; the specimens here show both cuttings. Carroll's cutting is closer to the original, and true to the Dutch originals, smaller sizes are simpler, lacking the mid-stem ornamentation.
  • Gold Rush is ATF's revival in 1933 and again in 1949 of Antique Shaded. Also known as Ornamented No. 1514, cut about 1865 with lowercase by Bruce foundry. The basic design is Egyptian, with a third-dimensional form provided by a hairline at the bottom and right of each stroke. It is sometimes also called Klondike. It was plated by Carroll in the 1950s, with his mats later going to Typefounders of Phoenix and then to Los Angeles Type Foundry.
  • Marble Heart is an ATF reissue, in 1933 and several later times, of Gothic Double Shade, an 1870s typeface of Boston Type Foundry, one of ATF's predecessors. The ATF casting was later plated and issued by John Carroll and others, and cut in smaller sizes by Los Angeles Type Foundry. [My own addition: Marble Heart seems to be done first in 1866 by Farmer, Little and Co. For a digital revival of Marble Heart, see Marmorherz NF (2014, Nick Curtis).] F

Digitizations include Gold (2011, Michael Hagemann: a multi-style slab serif font family based on the classic Gold Rush (1865, Bruce), with the shadows removed). Images: Gold Black, Gold Thin.

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file name: Nick Curtis Marmorherz N F 2014 after Farmer Little Marble Heart 1866

file name: Nick Curtis Marmorherz N F 2014 after Farmer Little Marble Heart 1866b

file name: Michael Hagemann Gold Black 2011

file name: Michael Hagemann Gold Thin 2011

file name: Michael Hagemann Gold Rush

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