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Christ Trek Fonts [Tim Larson]

Tim Larson (Christ Trek Fonts) is the Minnesota-based creator of the Open Font License fonts Marapfhont (2009, inspired by the logo font of the classic 1990s game Marathon) and Squarish Sans CT (2011, in Bank Gothic style). Both fonts are free and have tons of glyphs that cover many unicode pages, including mathematical symbols, Greek, Coptic and Hebrew. It is quite possible---but I am not sure of that--that this Bank Gothic family member is the only one that has such a coverage.

Tim is working on Brampton.

He writes about Squarish Sans: Squarish Sans is not a direct clone of any Bank Gothic. I have made conscious choices to deviate from existing designs. Yet it is strongly inspired by them, of course, particularly Michael Doret's DeLuxe Gothic, in that Squarish Sans has a true lower case as well as small caps. It should fit the bill should you have need of a Bank Gothic face.

Motivation for Marapfhont came from the Marathon Trilogy game: Remember the Marathon Trilogy by Bungie Games back in the mid-1990s? If you do, you remember it's iconic logo font, Modula Tall. There are no free alternatives to Modula Tall, and the few similar fonts miss important aspects of its character. I wanted to create a typeface inspired by the appearance of Modula Tall in Marathon. The lowercase of Modula Tall didn't fit the Marathon "feel" at all, for me, so I have redesigned the miniscules, to carry the signature look throughout. Thus, Marapfhont is not a clone of Modula Tall, but may nonetheless be used to generate the "MARATHON" title.

In 2013, he finished the pixelish typeface Looks Like Spht. In 2014, Tim Larson published the free Hebrew simulation font Hananiah (2014, OFL), which is based on Ezra SIL. It also includes regular Hebrew. In 2015, he published the German expressionist typeface Abibas [Abibas is a fork/extension of Gamaliel, a blackletter by Rafael Ferran i Peralta].

Typefaces from 2016: Politics As Usual (political dingbats for the United States), Horta (an angular sci-fi typeface). Open Font Library link. Home page. Aka Christ Trekker.

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file name: Tim Larson Maraphont 2009

file name: Tim Larson Maraphont 2009 2015

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