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Jill Bells's Cyberstudio [Jill Bell]

A graduate of UCLA and Otis/Parsons, Jill worked as a graphic artist, primarily creating letter forms, logotypes, signage, calligraphic elements, icons, and handwriting pieces. She worked as sign painter in a shop and as a production artist for Saul Bass. She was based in Los Angeles and was active from circa 1980 until today.

Original fonts and artwork by Jill Bell include It's A Breeze, ITC Clover (1997), ITC Gigi (1995), ITC Hollyweird (1995), ITC Carumba (1995), ITC Caribbean (1996), ITC Smack (1995, ink-stain typeface), ITC Stranger (1997), Jill's Miro, Bruno (handwriting font), Swank (2000, Agfa: a fuzzy-edged calligraphic font).

At TypeCon 2016 in Seattle, she had a timely talk: The Best of Clients at the Craziest Time: Hand-lettering & Font Design for the Trump Hotels. The abstract: It began with creating a logotype for The Spa by Ivanka Trump. The lettering was so well received by Ivanka, their ad agency and others running the Trump hotel empire that Bell's lettering quickly became the de facto style for their current advertising and branding: from hand-lettered headlines to a font to be used throughout the Trump hotels.

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Jill Bells's Cyberstudio
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file name: Jill Bell I T C Smack

file name: Jill Bell I T C Caribbean 1996

file name: Jill Bell I T C Carumba 1995

file name: Jill Bell I T C Carumba 1995b

file name: Jill Bell I T C Gigi 1995

file name: Jill Bell I T C Hollyweird 1995

file name: Jill Bell I T C Stranger 1997b

file name: Jill Bell I T C Stranger 1997

file name: Jill Bell Type Con 2016

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