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Chris Costello

Chris Costello (b. 1959, Poughkeepsie, NY) graduated from Northeastern University in Boston. Since 1989, he works as a graphic, web and font designer and illustrator from his base in watertown, MA. From 2002 onwards, he has worked as a creative director and senior graphic designer for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Woburn, MA. Since 2010, hae also creates artistic designs and renderings for United States coinage and medal programs for the U.S. Department of the Treasury. He runs Costello Art, and is involved in graphic design and handlettering. His typefaces:

  • The simultaneously gorgeous and overused Papyrus (1983, Letraset). One variant is sold by Elsner&Flake as Papyrus EF Regular, and another is in the Linotype library. The Avatar 2009 movie poster features Papyrus, and many are getting tired of the ubiquity.
  • Letterpress Text. An antiqued rough outline family based on Caslon.
  • Mirage (2001).
  • Blackstone (2001). A medieval (blackletter) typeface. Winner of the Chartpak typeface design competition in 1988.
  • Virus (2001).
  • In the planning stage: Driftwood (great lettering!), Sheriden's Letters (writing by a 5-year old), Costello (text font).

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Chris Costello
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file name: Papyrus Avatar poster 2009

file name: 2000px Papyrus Font

file name: Chris Costello Papyrus 1983 Poster by Mariana Camacho 2015

file name: Chris Costello Papyrus 1983

file name: Chris Costello Papyrus

file name: Chris Costello Papyrus 1983 Poster by Turhan Aygun 2017

file name: Papyrus

file name: Chris Costello Blackstone 2001

file name: Costello Blackstone

file name: Chris Costello Letterpress Text

file name: Chris Costello Letterpress Text

file name: Chris Costello Mirage 2001

file name: Chris Costello Virus 2001

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