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Spanish art student (in 2013). FontStructor who created these typefaces in 2013: Beauvoir, Lancaster, Figaro, Abel, Cawdor (octagonal), Dilior (a didone), Harmond (blackletter), Antelopes, Godiva (blackletter), Autumn, Sasanida, Help I Need Somebody (circle-based geometric sans), Goodbye Fontstruct, Fairy Tale Vanishing, Slanton, Kyrie, Eat Me, De Stijl, Chiara, Hecate, Stancyl (piano key), Ionica, Winty's Gothica, Vintage America, El Greco, Fairy Tale, Ozawa, Donibo Display, Decade (blackletter), Donibo, Weirdy Moves (+Party), Bliss (crayon font), Ibsen (a dark copperplate style inspired by an Ikea logo), Avenzo, Avenzo Mad Serif, The Code of Honour (constructivist), Yago, Vienna Cafe Big (art nouveau), Castillian (Textura, +SmallCaps), Lumpy, Origami (3d face), Baldur2 (a lava lamp typeface), Trinity (Victorian), Patterns For Everyone, Evangelion, Scriptura, Maverick, Giralda, Freak Fraktur, Vienna Cafe (art nouveau), Sportiva (Small Caps, Deco1, Deco2 [blackboard bold], Sans, Alternates 1, Alternates 2, Alternates 3, Regular), Carmina, Hieronimus (a pixelish typeface inspired by Bauhaus: +Slab, +Stencil).

Typefaces from 2014: Bronzino, Hagia, Decodrops, Kobe Slab, Enoe (blackletter), Adagio, Nemesis (thin avant garde sans), Shalott (geometric sans), Origami, Kobe Regular, Kobe Stencil, Giovanni (textura blackletter), Decan, Thoreau (blackboard bold), Blue Requiem, Funky Business, Red Requiem, Dreamcatcher, Drastic, Retropix, Vanity Strong, Dotchild, Reya (blackletter).

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file name: Icelar Bliss 2013

file name: Icelar Cawdor 2013

file name: Icelar Chiara 2013

file name: Icelar De Stijl 2013

file name: Icelar Dilior 2013

file name: Icelar Donibo Display 2013

file name: Icelar Doniboy 2013

file name: Icelar Dreamcatcher 2013

file name: Icelar El Greco 2013

file name: Icelar Ionica 2013

file name: Icelar Ozawa Regular 2014

file name: Icelar Reya 2014

file name: Icelar Slanton 2014

file name: Icelar Thoreau 2014

file name: Icelar Vanity Strong 2014

file name: Icelar Avenzo 2013

file name: Icelar Avenzo Mad Serif 2013

file name: Icelar Carmina 2013

file name: Icelar Castillian 2013

file name: Icelar Evangelion 2013

file name: Icelar Freak Fraktur 2013

file name: Icelar Freak Fraktur 2013b

file name: Icelar Giralda 2013

file name: Icelar Hieronimus 2013

file name: Icelar Ibsen 2013

file name: Icelar Sportiva Regular 2013

file name: Icelar Sportiva Regular 2013b

file name: Icelar Sportiva Caps 2013

file name: Icelar The Code Of Honour 2013

file name: Icelar The Code Of Honour 2013b

file name: Icelar Trinity 2013

file name: Icelar Vienna Cafe Big 2013

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