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Globe Gothic: Benton versus Goudy?

Globe Gothic is a typeface that came to ATF via Central Type Foundry's Quentell. Its career path is described by Mac McGrew: Globe Gothic is a refinement of Taylor Gothic, designed about 1897 by ATF at the suggestion of Charles H. Taylor of the Boston Globe, and used extensively by that paper. But Taylor Gothic has mostly the same lowercase as Quentell, though with hairlines heavied a bit. ATF's Central Type Foundry branch in St. Louis claims to have originated Quentell (q.v.) in 1895 or earlier. The conversion to Taylor Gothic was designed by Joseph W. Phinney, while the redesign as Globe Gothic in about 1900 is credited to Morris Benton. It is a serifless, thick-and-thin face, distinguished by the high crossbar on E, F, and H. The angular end on the stems of V, W, and most lowercase letters.

But there is a slight controversy as to whom designed Globe Gothic Bold, Benton, or Goudy, or others/ McGrew: Globe Gothic Condensed, Extra Condensed, and Extended were designed by Benton about 1900. Globe Gothic Bold and its italic are also credited to Benton, in 1907 and 1908 respectively. But Frederic W. Goudy, in the book on his typefaces, says, "This type (Globe Gothic Bold), drawn at the suggestion of Joseph Phinney, followed in the main certain points which he wished brought out. It never had much vogue and is the least satisfactory (to me) of all my types." This is puzzling, as the bold departs somewhat from the style of the lighter weights, but is not at all characteristic of Goudy's work-nor of Benton's, for that matter. Studley of Inland Type Foundry was similar. Compare Ryerson Condensed, Radiant, Matthews, Pontiac, World Gothic.

In the digital era, we find Globe Gothic MN by Mecanorma and a more extensive family at Lanston Monotype called LTC Globe Gothic (2005). Colin M. Ford also created a digital typeface called Globe Gothic.

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Morris Fuller Benton ⦿ Frederic William Goudy ⦿ Typography ⦿

file name: Morris Fuller Benton Globe Gothic 1900

file name: Morris Fuller Benton Globe Gothic Condensed 1900

file name: Morris Fuller Benton Globe Gothic Extended 1900

file name: Morris Fuller Benton Globe Gothic Extra Condensed 1900

file name: Lanston Type Company L T C Globe Gothic 2005 123207

file name: L T C Globe Gothic Bold 2005 based on Frederic Goudy Globe Gothic Bold 1905

file name: L T C Globe Gothic Regular 2005

file name: Mecanorma Globe Gothic M N

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