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Greg Bland

Horsham and Cambridge, UK-based designer who proposed the Kobi Serif typeface in 2014: I found the idea of Kobigraphs whilst researching methods of communication for the blind. The website dotlessbraille.org was the sole proprietor of the Kobigraph idea and it was virtually unknown outside of that website. Researching the website further I became curious about the idea of this typographic bridge between embossed braille for the blind and visual letterforms for sighted persons to read braille more easily. Braille is becoming something of a dying form even though it is extremely important for blind people to know some form of written communication. Fewer than 1% of the two million visually impaired people in the UK are users of Braille. Yet 66% of blind or partially sighted people of working age are unemployed as a result of a lack of some form of literacy. It seemed to me that helping to make braille as accessible as possible to everyone through using the Kobigraph would help raise awareness of the issues of blind literacy and encourage everyone to try learning braille. The Kobigraphs visual form can be read by sighted persons at a glance as opposed to braille - which is usually colourless dots printed on a page. And as the Kobigraph uses the same cell structure as braille, the dots could be raised to allow blind users to read too. The links between cell dots could also be raised to help users further guide their way around a letterform more easily if they have not built up the necessary tactile abilities needed to sense individual dots.

In 2014, he made a multilingual display typeface for Latin, Devanagari and Hiragana called InterSans. Behance link.

Greg Bland
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