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Modern Cyrillic 2014

An international type design competition, Modern Cyrillic 2014, organizers by ParaType, the main Russian digital type foundry, and Type, the online typographic journal, both located in Moscow. Modern Cyrillic 2014 is a sequel to Kyrillitsa99 and Modern Cyrillic 2009, which were organised by Vladimir Yefimov (1949-2012), the art director and one of the founding fathers of ParaType, and Emil Yakupov (1957-2014), ParaType's CEO. Cyrillic single-style typefaces, multiple-style type families and type systems developed for body text and/or display composition, and created and/or released after September 15, 2009 were eligible. The judges were Dmitry Aronov (Russia), Gayaneh Bagdasaryan (Russia), Konstantin Golovchenko (Ukraine), Yuri Gordon (Russia), John Hudson (Canada), Alexandra Korolkova (Russia), Natalia Vasilyeva (Russia), Jovica Veljovic (Germany), Danila Vorobiev (Russia). The jury was chaired by Maxim Zhukov. Judging took place in Moscow on November 25, 2014.

The Emil Yakupov prize from ParaType and a lifetime licence certificate from FontLab were awarded to Yana Kutyina and Andrey Belonogov. While it is not always easy to achieve, I would have liked a somewhat bigger distance between jury and winners---Hudson assisted Carter with Sitka, and Zhukov was consulted for Slimbach's Trajan Sans, for example. The list of 29 winners:

  • Adobe Hand B: Robert Slimbach
  • Adobe Text: Robert Slimbach
  • Amalta: Vera Evstafieva
  • Artcity: Artem Yakovlev
  • Bickham Script Pro 3: Richard Lipton
  • Capline: Jeremy Tankard
  • Checkpoint: Michael Parson
  • Chetwerg: Andrey Belonogov
  • Chiavettieri: Nikola Kostic
  • Delgado: Roman Shukin
  • FF Meta Condensed: Erik Spiekermann
  • Glober: Ivan Petrov and Svetoslav Simov
  • Input: David Jonathan Ross
  • Lenta: Irina Krivosheeva
  • Mamontov Grotesk: Oleg Matsuev
  • Manicotti: David Jonathan Ross
  • Marco: Toshi Omagari
  • Napoleon: Yana Kutyina
  • Oktjabrskaja: Iraida Chepil (1966) and Nadezda Geringer
  • Permian: Ilya Ruderman
  • RIA Typeface: Yury Ostromentsky
  • Sapiens: Elena Alexeeva
  • Siberian: Oleg Matsuev
  • Sitka: Matthew Carter
  • Sloop: Richard Lipton
  • Suisse Intl Condensed Cyrillic: Alexei Vanyashin
  • Trajan Sans: Robert Slimbach
  • Wary: Valery Zaveryaev
  • Woodkit: Ondrej Job

Modern Cyrillic 2014
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file name: Modern Cyrillic2014 Winners

file name: Alexei Vanyashin Suisse International Condensed Cyrillic 2013

file name: Andrey Belonogov Chetwerg 2014

file name: Artem Yakovlev Artcity 2014

file name: David Jonathan Ross Input Cyrillic 2014

file name: David Jonathan Ross Manicotti Cyrillic 2014

file name: Elena Alexeeva Sapiens 2014

file name: Erik Spiekermann F F Meta Condensed Cyrillic 2010

file name: Ilya Ruderman Permian 2009

file name: Irina Krivosheeva Lenta 2014

file name: Ivan Petrov Svetoslav Simov Glober Cyrillic 2014

file name: Jeremy Tankard Capline 2013

file name: Matthew Carter Sitka Cyrillic 2013

file name: Michael Parson Checkpoint 2010

file name: Nadezda Geringer Oktjabrskaja 2014 after Iraida Chepil 1966

file name: Nikola Kostic Chiavettieri 2014

file name: Oleg Matsuev Mamontov Grotesk 2014

file name: Oleg Matsuev Siberian 2013

file name: Ondrej Job Woodkit A Typ I2015 Sao Paulo 511.34.07

file name: Ondrej Job Woodkit Cyrillic 2014

file name: Richard Lipton Sloop Cyrillic

file name: Richard Lipton Bickham Script Pro3

file name: Richard Lipton Bickham Script 1997 Poster by Stephen Coles 2013

file name: Robert Slimbach Adobe Hand B 2012

file name: Robert Slimbach Adobe Text Cyrillic 2010

file name: Robert Slimbach Trajan Sans 2011

file name: Roman Shukin Delgado 2012

file name: Toshi Omagari Marco

file name: Valery Zaveryaev Wary 2012

file name: Vera Evstafieva Amalta 2011

file name: Yana Kutyina Napoleon 2013 2014

file name: Yury Ostromentsky Custom Fonts R I A 2013

file name: Modern Cyrillic2014 Deadline

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