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Morisawa Type Design Competition 2016

Biannual type design competition held in Japan, first started in 1984. The jury for Latin typefaces consisted of Matthew Carter, Cyrus Highsmith, Sara Soskolne, and Fred Smeijers. The kanji competition was judged by Kenya Hara, Yasuhito Nagahara, Osamu Torinoumi and Taro Yamamoto. A total of 205 kanji fonts and 534 Latin fonts were submitted. In many Morisawa competitions, the Latin category winners are relatively unknown, and a lot of attention is given to daring, even revolutionary, designs. Other type competitions are often weighed down by commercial interests, but Morisawa is a jewel. Here are the results:

  • Kanji category: Shimanami by Junko Matsumura (Gold, and Akashi award), Tsukibae by Naoko Ozawa (Silver), Natsume M / B by Aki Toyoshima (Bronze). Honorable mentions: Gan Kaisho by Miki Ooba, Tgk02 by Yokokaku, Kuretonbo by Ryotaro Tada.
  • Latin category: Vonk by Bart Vollebregt (Gold, and Akashi award), Rododendron by Jitka Janeckova (Silver), Abelha by Michel Derre and Julien Priez (Bronze). Honorable mentions: Edna by Reymund Schroeder, Newline by Christian Mengelt, and TroisMille by Marc Rouault.
  • Kanji category, people's choice: Madori font by Sayaka Takegami (First), Ruitai by Chung Lieh Yang (Second).
  • Latin category, people's choice: Legilux by Antonia Cornelius (First), Untitled by Desmond Wong (Second).

Morisawa Type Design Competition 2016
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file name: Aki Toyoshima Natsume 2016

file name: Antonia Cornelius Legilux 2016

file name: Bart Vollebregt Vonk 2016

file name: Christian Mengelt Newline 2016

file name: Chung Lieh Yan Ruitai 2016

file name: Desmond Wong Untitled 2016

file name: Jitka Janeckova Rododendron 2016

file name: Junko Matsumura Shimanami 2016

file name: Marc Rouault Troismille 2016

file name: Michel Derre Julien Priez Abelha 2016

file name: Miki Ooba Gan Kaisho 2016

file name: Morisawa Kanji Judging 2016

file name: Morisawa Latin Judging 2016

file name: Naoko Ozawa Tsukibae 2016

file name: Reymund Schroeder Edna 2016

file name: Ryotaro Tada Kuretonbo 2016

file name: Sayaka Takegami Madori 2016

file name: Yokokaku Tgk02 2016

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