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Monotype: The Foundation Collection

In 2016, Monotype published its Foundation Collection (75 fonts for 490 dollars: see this PDF file) described as follows in its corporate promo: This carefully-curated type collection draws from the acclaimed Monotype, Linotype, ITC, Bitstream and other libraries to provide a strong foundation for any designer's type library. No Futura, Gill Sans, Times or Helvetica? No recent hot fonts? Luckily, the collection contains Litterbox ICG and Smile ICG. So, I would replace "carefully-curated" by "random", and "strong" by "rickety".

The fonts: Akko Pro-Regular, Akko Pro-Italic, Akko Pro-Bold, Akko Pro-Bold Italic, Ashley Inline MTStd, Avenir Next LTPro-Medium, Avenir Next LTPro-Medium It, Avenir Next LTPro-Bold, Avenir Next LTPro-Bold It, Ayita Pro, Ayita Pro-Italic, Ayita Pro-Bold, Ayita Pro-Bold Italic, Baskerville MTStd-Regular, Baskerville MTStd-Italic, Baskerville MTStd-Bold, Baskerville MTStd-Bold It, Bodoni LTPro, Bodoni LTPro-Italic, Bodoni LTPro-Bold, Bodoni LTPro-Bold Italic, Bodoni Std-Poster, Bodoni Std-Poster Italic, Cariola Script Std, Centaur MTPro-Regular, Centaur MTPro-Italic, Centaur MTPro-Bold, Centaur MTPro-Bold Italic, Charter ITCStd-Regular, Charter ITCStd-Italic, Charter ITCStd-Bold, Charter ITCStd-Bold Italic, Chicory, Clarendon BT Pro Light, Clarendon BT Pro Roman, Clarendon BT Pro Bold, Clarendon BT Pro Black, DINNext LTPro-Regular, DINNext LTPro-Italic, DINNext LTPro-Bold, DINNext LTPro-Bold Italic, DIN Next Slab Pro Light, DIN Next Slab Pro Black, Eclat, Litterbox ICGStd, Malabar LTPro-Regular, Malabar LTPro-Italic, Malabar LTPro-Bold, Malabar LTPro-Bold Italic, Neue Haas Unica Pro Ultra Light, Neue Haas Unica Pro, Neue Haas Unica Pro Italic, Neue Haas Unica Pro Bold, Neue Haas Unica Pro Bold Italic, Neue Haas Unica Pro Black, Pokerface, Schmutz Pro-Clogged, Scooter, Shelley Script LTPro, Smile ICG-Medium, Stempel Garamond LTPro-Roman, Stempel Garamond LTPro-Italic, Stempel Garamond LTPro-Bold, Stempel Garamond LTPro-Bold It, Titanium Motors Std-Oblique, Titanium Motors Std-Regular, Trade Gothic Next LTPro-Rg, Trade Gothic Next LTPro-It, Trade Gothic Next LTPro-Bd, Trade Gothic Next LTPro-Bd It, Unit Slab OT-Ita, Unit Slab OT-Bold, Unit Slab OT, Unit Slab OT-Bold Ita, William Lucas Std.

Monotype: The Foundation Collection
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file name: Monotype Centaur M T Pro after Bruce Rogers 1912 1914 Poster by Addalee Carter 2016

file name: Image Club Cariola Script Std 2016

file name: Bitstream Clarendon B T Pro 2015 after Edouard Hoffmann Hermann Eidenbenz 1953e

file name: Bitstream Clarendon B T Pro 2015 after Edouard Hoffmann Hermann Eidenbenz 1953f

file name: Monotype The Foundation Collection 2016 208909

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