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Gor Jihanian

Type and graphic designer from Armenia who graduated first from the University of Colorado in Boulder (2012) and later from the MATD program in Type Design at the University of Reading in 2016. His graduation typeface is Byron, a text typeface family for Latin, Greek and Armenian. Interview at Future Fonts.

In 2020, he released Spindle, a symbiotic script typeface for Latin and Armenian, and explains: After the MATD program, I spent late nights digging through medieval Armenian manuscripts. Though not a strict revival, Spindle began as a study of three styles. The basis stems from the Notrgir style, a notary script invented for speed and efficiency, but not always legibility. In contrast, the earlier Bolorgir style is built up from a steady rhythm of vertical strokes and counters. While the later Slagir style is a chaos of cursive flourishes. I began trying to replicate the strokes, and as I transferred the letters into digital, I noticed characteristics from each style synthesizing into surprising and fluid shapes that would later become Spindle. The project was shelved for months until one day David Jonathan Ross asked to see my work. I showed those rough yet-unnamed letters of Spindle, and to my surprise he liked them and was curious if there were plans of adding Latin...there was not. With a little encouragement and constructive feedback, I dusted off the files and began drafting the Latin. The addition was more of a revision, a swinging pendulum constantly going between the two scripts.

Gor Jihanian
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