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Math font recommendations by Yan Zhou

Yan Zhou summarizes his recommendations for math fonts in Math text books (the text below is his):

  • (1) Minion Pro + Minion Math (PS, OT). Yes, too many people use Minion to the point that it feels boring. However, this is the only serious high quality humanist math font out there. The rest of the list are either technically inferior (like those old PS fonts) or unpleasant design-wise (like those paired with Times (New) Roman). It lacks calligraphy capitals and blackletters. I usually take the ones from Neo Euler (OT math version of Euler) for these.
  • (2) Palatino + PA math (PS). There are numerous math fonts that claim compatibility with the venerable Palatino. But PA math from Micro-Press is the only one I would consider to be even close to harmony when paired with Palatino. Unfortunately there's no face out there that pairs with Aldus very well, which I prefer a lot to Palatino for text.
  • (3) Times New Roman + MathTime Pro II (PS). Again, numerous math fonts claim to be times-compatible. MTPro two has the best spacing/optical sizing so far. More recent additions are STIX and its derivative XITS. Both are OT. Version two of STIX has opentype math support, but there are some wired accent placing issues when used with LuaTeX. Probably an engine bug that's going to be fixed in the next release later this year. Times is the kind of face that has no personality at all. You can't get too wrong with it when setting a math document, neither can you go very far.
  • (4) Cambria Math (OT) + whatever text face that matches its weight and width. It has by far the most complete set of symbols. 7000+ glyphs vs. 2000-4000 in most OT math fonts. It's spacing and optical sizing are decent. Unfortunately, it's ugly, especially when printed. However, when pairing with a slightly darker face than Minion, or one that's more sturdy, I usually resort to Cambria if there's not too much math in it.

Math font recommendations by Yan Zhou
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