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Beta Field [Michael Leighton Beaman]

Here is what Beta Field is, in their own words: Beta-field is an interdisciplinary design/research office with a multimodal approach to practice. Our work includes buildings, landscapes, environments, installations, exhibitions, texts, design workshops and research projects. With backgrounds in architecture, industrial design, landscape architecture, and exhibition design, along with experience working as researchers, designers, and educators, we developed a view of design practice that operates through various modes of inquiry, development, and production. We focus not only on the built environment, but also on the effects of design on knowledge, technology and culture.

The principals are Michael Leighton Beaman and Zaneta Hong. Michael holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from North Carolina State University and a Master's degree in Architecture from the Harvard University. He teaches at the University of Virginia and is associated with the Rhode Island School of Design. His research covers speculative future of technology in architecture. Zaneta is a professor in landscape archirecture at the University of Virginia, where she teaches courses in information-based digital practices and materials systems and technology.

One of Beta Field's projects is the decorative didone typeface Pistilli Mutatio (2017). It is a parametric digitization of John Pistilli's 1964 phototype typeface Pistilli Roman.

Beta Field
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