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Céline Hurka

Céline Hurka (b. 1995) grew up in Karlsruhe, Germany, and moved to the Netherlands to study graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. Besides her studies she works on freelance projects in the cultural field, where she combines an interest in editorial design with emphasis on type design and photography. She is based in 's Gravenhage.

Graduate of the TypeMedia program at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in Den Haag, The Netherlands, class of 2020. During her studies at the KABK in Den Haag, Céline Hurka designed the poster sans typeface Alfarn (2018) as part of the Adobe Originals collection. This typeface is based on poster lettering in 1923 by Bauhaus student Alfred Arndt (1898-1976). Her KABK graduation typeface was the intestinal / stone age / graffiti family Version.

In 2019, Nora Bekes and Celine Hurka published Reviving Type. The book as described by them: One study tells the story of the Renaissance letters of Garamont and Granjon. The other is about the Baroque types of Nicholas Kis. Reviving Type guides the reader from finding original sources in archives, through historical investigation and the design process, to a finished typeface. The first, theoretically grounded part of the book provides insight into historical changes in type design through visual examples of printed matter. The second part offers a thorough explanation of the production process of the revival typefaces. Here, two different approaches are placed side by side, creating a dialogue about different working methods in type design. Technical details, design decisions, and difficulties arising during the design process are thoroughly discussed. Rich imagery of original archival material and technical illustrations visually buttress the texts. Taken as a whole, the publication becomes a cookbook for anyone wanting to dive into revival type design.

Speaker at ATypI 2019 in Tokyo.

Céline Hurka
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file name: Celine Hurka Version 2020

file name: Celine Hurka Version 2020

file name: Celine Hurka Version 2020

file name: Celine Hurka Version 2020 2

file name: Celine Hurka Version 2020

file name: Celine Hurka Version 2020

file name: Nora Bekes Celine Hurka Reviving Type 2019

file name: Celine Hurka Alfarn 2018 after Alfred Arndt

file name: Adobe Alfarn 2021

file name: Celine Hurka Typeface 2018 after Alfred Arndt

file name: Celine Hurka photo by Frank Griesshammer

file name: Celine Hurka Pic by Melissa Schriek

file name: Celine Hurka Pic

file name: Celine Hurka Pic

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