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A site with over one hundred free Armenian fonts: Aramian Expanded Bold, Aramian Expanded Italic, Aramian Expanded Italic Bold, Aramian Normal, Aramian Normal Bold, Aramian Normal Italic, Aramian Normal Italic Bold, Aramian Outline, Aramian Outline Italic, Aramian Reversed, Aramian Reversed Italic, Araratn, ArialArmST, ArialArmST Bold, ArialArmST Bold Italic, ArialArmST Italic, Arial AM, Arial AM Bold, Arial Armenian, Arial ArmenianNew, Arial ArmenianNew Bold, Arial ArmenianNew Bold Italic, Arial ArmenianNew Italic, Arial LatArm, Arik Armenian, Arm+Times, ArmAdver, ArmAdver Bold, ArmAllegro, ArmAria, ArmArial, Armarialbold, ArmArt Black, ArmBahamas, ArmBernhard, ArmBoloragir Bold Italic, ArmBoloragir Italic, Armbrag, Armbrush, Armcaps, ArmChance, ArmChess, ArmChess New Bold, ArmColon, ArmColonna Bold, ArmCoronet, ArmCottage, ArmCourierNew, ArmCupertino, ArmDauph, ArmDecorative Italic, ArmDesign Bold, ArmDzeragir Italic, Armenian Decorative Italic, Armenian Garamond, Armenian Normal, Armenian Olive Bold, Armenian Round, Armenian SchoolScript Normal, Armenian Vernatun Bold, Armenian Vernatun Bold talic, ArmErkatatarST Italic, Armfrankenstein, Armguard, ArmHarpoon, ArmHelvetica, armhelvetica Bold, armhelvetica Italic, ArmKars Bold, ArmKatil, ArmLincoln, ArmLombard, ArmLongTytle Bold, Armmarigold, Armmatura, ArmMetsatar Bold, ArmModern, Armplaybill, ArmScool, ArmScool Bold, ArmScool Bold Italic, ArmScool Italic, ArmScript, ArmSport Bold, ArmTeg Bold, ArmTertayin, ArmTertayinTytle Bold, ArmTertayin Bold, ArmTertayin Bold Italic, ArmTertayin Italic, ArmText, ArmText Bold, ArmText Bold Italic, ArmText Italic, ArmTimesST, ArmTimesST Bold, ArmTimesST Bold Italic, ArmTimesST Italic, ArmTimesTytleST Bold, ArmTimesTytleST Bold Italic, ArmTitle, ArmTytle Nor Bold, ArmVernagrayinST Bold, ArmVineta Bold, ArMystica, Arm artur, Arm Book, Arm Garamond, Arm Helvetica, Arm Helv etica, Arm Italic, Arm Times, Arm Times Italic, Arm Times Italic Bold, Arm Times Regular Bold, ArshaluyseArt Bold, ArTarumianAfrickian, ArTarumianAnpuit, ArTarumianBakhum, ArTarumianBarak, ArTarumianBarak Bold, ArTarumianErevan, ArTarumianGovazd Italic, ArTarumianGrig, ArTarumianGrqiDasakan, ArTarumianGrqiNor, ArTarumianGrqiNor BoldItalic, ArTarumianGrqiNor Bold, ArTarumianGrqiNor Italic, ArTarumianHamagumar, ArTarumianHandes, ArTarumianHarvats, ArTarumianHeghnar, ArTarumianHeghnar Bold, ArTarumianHelvetica, ArTarumianHelvetica ExtraBold, ArTarumianHelvetica Light, ArTarumianHelvetica Bold, ArTarumianIshxan, ArTarumianKamar, ArTarumianMatenagir Italic, ArTarumianMHarvats, ArTarumianNorMatenagir, ArTarumianPastar, ArTarumianTimes, ArTarumianTimes Bold, ArTarumianTimes Bold Italic, ArTarumianTimes Italic, ArT Heghnar, Art Vernagrayin Bold, Ar SV Versus, Ashot Erkat Bold, ATN, Avetik Mkrtchyan, Avetik Mkrtchyan Bold, Avetik Mkrtchyan Bold Italic, Avetik Mkrtchyan Italic, Barz Condensed, Barz, Barz Condensed Bold, Barz Condensed Italic, Barz Condensed Italic Bold, Barz Expanded, Barz Expanded Bold, Barz Expanded Italic, Barz Expanded Italic Bold, Barz Normal, Barz Normal Bold, Barz Normal Italic, Barz Normal Italic Bold, Barz Outline, Barz Outline Italic, Barz Reversed, Barz Reversed Italic, BazumNew Bold, Bazum Bold, Boloragir Vernagrayin Bold, Brabion Medium, Cakout Tytle Bold, Courier AM, Courier AM Bold, Courier LatArm, Dallak Helv, Dallak Helv Bold, Dallak Time, Dallak Time Bold, Dallak Time Bold Italic, DAL HEADI, DAL TIME, DAL TIME BOLD, DAL TIME BOLD ITALIC, DAL TIME ITALIC, DALL TITLE.

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Armenian fonts ⦿

file name: Bytec Aramian Expanded Bold 1986 1993

file name: Bytec Aramian Outline 1986 1993

Luc Devroye ⦿ School of Computer Science ⦿ McGill University Montreal, Canada H3A 2K6 ⦿ lucdevroye@gmail.com ⦿ http://luc.devroye.org ⦿ http://luc.devroye.org/fonts.html