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Handwriting font archives

[Image by Milena Liutkute, 2009]


10 Handrwitten fonts you can't miss

Handwriting font archive with 10 fonts: Analgesics, BubblyFrog, GregsOtherHand, ImitationDemo, JellykaEstryasHandwriting, JoeHand, JoeHand, Rai, SketchRockwell, Two-TurtleDoves, lateron. Of these, I prefer Imitation (2003, Harold Lohner), which is in the connected script style of Rage Italic. Harald says that it was inspired by the handlettered titles of the film Imitation of Life (1959) directed by Douglas Sirk. [Google] [More]  ⦿

20 Free Handwritten Fonts And Resources
[Dainis Graveris]

Archive and annotation of handwriting fonts. By Dainis Graveris. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alaska Fonts

Archive with about 800 free fonts. And subpages on sketched typefaces, Christmas fonts, oriental simulation fonts, and handwriting fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alexander Neuber
[Free Fonts]

[More]  ⦿

Auto FX Software

A collection of about 50 handwriting fonts, including some from WSI. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Coy Dreamer

Catherine (aka Coy Dreamer, b. 1992) lives in Quebec and made the handwriting font Thirteen Candles (2008). She also runs a small script archive where one can find ALCharisma, ALHeavenly, AmazoneBT-Regular, AmbianceBTSwash-Regular, Annabelle, AriosoNormal, BrockScript, CACChampagne, CACLaskoCondensed, CACPinafore, Cheeseburger, Cheri, Cookies, DiscoMonkey, DreamLover, Elegant, Fontana, GoodGirl, GoodVibrationsScript, HappyBirthday, HoneyLight, JackieO, KristenITC-Regular, LainieDaySH, Laurell, MarketingScript, MeaCulpa, NadineScriptExtra, PassionsConflictROB, Qwigley, RivaLetPlain, Ronita, ScriptMTBold, Shimmer, SloopScriptTwoLessSlant, StereoHifi, TheNautiGalROB, Thursdoo, TwinkleStarROB, UpDock, WendyMedium, WendyMedium, akaDylanPlain. Alternate URL. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dainis Graveris
[20 Free Handwritten Fonts And Resources]

[More]  ⦿


Font archive at a Danish site. It has, as a subset, the WSI Hand Font Collection. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ellinor Maria Rapp
[YOFF (or: Your Own Font; was Font Garden)]

[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Expert Software Inc.

Handwriting Fonts (Windows/Mac). [Google] [More]  ⦿


Lin Daniel's huge free font page with useful samples of all typefaces, nicely organized. A must! Specializing also in blackletter fonts, typewriter, holiday, and handwriting fonts. Helped and supported by P.J. Evans. [Google] [More]  ⦿


Big font archive. Subpages on everything, including old typewriter fonts, and handwriting fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿


Jakob Roest Vinkel's 300+ Danish archive with handwriting fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Free Fonts
[Alexander Neuber]

Excellent free font search engine. Run by Alexander Neuber. More direct page. Handwriting archive. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hand Writing Fonts Sample

CD-ROM description. Fonts on the CD-ROM produced by MISC CARRIER/VENDOR (US$13.95). 300 Handwriting fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Handwriting Fonts

CD-ROM description. Fonts on the CD-ROM produced by EXPERT SOFTWARE INC. (US$15.67). 300 Handwriting fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Handwriting Fonts

CD-ROM description. Fonts on the CD-ROM produced by SOFTKEY JEWEL (US$14.46). Features 300 handwriting style fonts in Windows TrueType format. [Google] [More]  ⦿


Handwritten font collection. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kit graphique

Free package with 84 handwriting fonts: A.D.-MONO, ActionIs, Aftermath-(BRK), AiR, Air-Millhouse-Italic, Air-Millhouse-Outline, Akbar, Ala-Carte, Alien-MarksmanRegular, Alphabeta, Anhedonia, Annifont, AntPile, a-picture-alphabet, Apocalypse, Arcitectura, augie, Axaxax-light, BALL-bold, BASEHEAD, BERNARD, BIGARIALLEFT, BIGARIAL-UltraBold, BabOonjaZzbaSsoOn, Back-to-Bay-6, Bad-Films, BadDogSCapsSSK-Bold, Bailey'sCar, BallTack, BalletEngraved, Balls-on-the-rampage, Bard, Bat-Ben, Batmos-Regular, Battered-Cooper, Battlestar, Baumarkt, Baumarkt-Bold, Baumarkt-BoldItalic, Baumarkt-Italic, Beach-House, Beach-House-Italic, Beach-House-Stars-Heavy, Beach-House-Stars-Italic, Beach-House-stars, Beebop, Beehive, BeetleJ, Benjamin-Regular, Berliner, Bert-Regular, Big-Fish-Ensemble, Big-Plain, BigHeadMofo, Big-Truck, Binner-Gothic, Birdland-Aeroplane, Bitchin, Bizarre, Bizarre-Black, Bizarro-Regular, BjBj, Brigitte, Backfire-Medium, GINETTE, Georges, JAMI, Jean-Claude's-hand, JIMMY1, KARINE, Lalex-Big-Badaboum, Michelle, Miss-Claude, Mutter-LVS, Philing, Philippe, Sehnsucht-Font, Sophie, Valerie, Virginie, airbrush-MC.Creative, Bamboo. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ladda hem typsnitt

The script font Helmsley (WSI). [Google] [More]  ⦿


Dead link. We used to have here a 9MB gunzip file with about 500 fonts. Included were the Roger White font collection (1993-1994, about 100 fonts in all), most David Rakowski fonts, many fonts by Reasonable Solutions (a cheap CD maker?), as well as the following fonts by individuals: AlexAntiquaBook (Carlos Alexandre, 1992), Alexandria (Hank Gillette, 1990), Alpine (Bill Horton, 1989), ArenskiLengyar (A. Mendoza, modified by M. Kloczewiak), Artlookin (Stephen Moye, 1991), Ashley (Peter Jensen, 1991), BlackChancery (Douglas Miles Jnr, not be confused with the famous Black Chancery font), Blockboys (Robert Schenk, 1994), Brassfield (Sterling Court Publishing, 1991), Charlie Chan (Ronnie R. Higgins Jnr), Chesslaer (Tom C. Lai, 1991), ChopinOpenFace (A. Mendoza), Cló Gaelach (Colum Twomey, 1993), Crystal (Jerry Fitzpatrick, 1995), Debussy (A. Mendoza), Deusex (Francis X. Mahoney Jnr), DominoEffect (David Rakowski, 1989), Faktos (Cory Maylett, 1992), FletcherGothic (Alan Carr), Fleurons (Stephen Moye, 1991, based on A Suite of Fleurons by John Ryder), Goethe (Allen R. Walden, 1993), GoodCityModernPlain (A.S.Meit, 1991, a Fraktur font based on J. Gutenburg's 42 line Bible), GraphicLight (Richard Mitchell), Greenowic-Narrow (Jim Fordyce, 1993), Gregorian-HTNormal (Ronnie R. Higgins, Jr, 1989), Gregorian-HollowNormal (Ronnie R. Higgins, Jr, 1994), HTEBasicCyrillicNormal (Ted Holden, 1991), HandwriteInkblot (Icon Design, 1991), Kellnear (Stephen Moye, 1991), KennonItalic (Sterling Court Publishing, 1991), KhachaturianCapitals (A. Mendoza), LED-FontHC (Peter S. Bryant, 1994), LSCScriptMedium (Leroy Chen, 1992), Lichtner (Stephen Moye, 1991), Lightpainter Richard Mitchell, 1994), LiquidCrystal (Peter Jensen, 1991), LombardoBeneventan (George Williams, 1988), LombardocMedium (A.S. Meit, 1991), Musgrave (Futhark runes by Michael Everson, 1994), Neon-Lights (Allen R. Walden, 1994), Old-Bold (Sterling Court Publishing, 1991), Paganini Lengyar (A. Mendoza, modified by M. Kloczewiak), Palladam (a Tamil font by T. Govindaraj, 1990), ParsZiba (Tooraj Enayati, 1993), Partridge-Thin (Sam Wang, 1994), Pheasant (Neil R. Manausa, 1992), PsychedelicSmoke (Walter Kafton-Minkel, 1990), RunesOfPower (Tarry A. Higgins), Sapir (Eric Schiller, 1991), Schneller (Tom C. Lai, 1991), ShalomScript (Jonathan Brecher, 1992), Silicon-Valley (Jim Ratliff, 1991). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mojo's Place

Smash and Treefrog fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Prince TrueType fonts

Camille's font (cursive handwriting), Graffite Bridge (styled handwriting) and Prince font. All for the Mac. Archive by Steve Hammer. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rendered Obscure: atrium

Sixteen WSI handwriting fonts. [Google] [More]  ⦿


Some WSI truetype fonts such as Comix, Elmore, FostersHand, ArchiesHand, Jurassic. [Google] [More]  ⦿


Small predominantly handwriting font archive. Has Brooklyn Kid (Mike Cosentino) and 123and (MGM Designs, 1998). [Google] [More]  ⦿

WSI handwriting font collection

The WSI handwriting font collection, also found here: AbigailsHand-Regular, AcaciasHand-Regular, AdamsHand-Regular, AlainasHand-Regular, AlexsHand-Regular, AlinasHand-Regular, AlisonsHand-Regular, AllensHand-Regular, AlvinsHand-Regular, AmandasHand-Regular, AmbersHand-Regular, AngelasHand-Regular, AnniesHand-Regular, ArchiesHand-Regular, ArdleysHand-Regular, ArronsHand-Regular, AshtonsHand-Regular, AstersHand-Regular, AubreysHand-Regular, AudreysHand-Regular, AustinsHand-Regular, AverysHand-Regular, BabcocksHand-Regular, BarrysHand-Regular, BartsHand-Regular, BerniesHand-Regular, BerrysHand-Regular, BerylsHand-Regular, BethanysHand-Regular, BettysHand-Regular, BinghamsHand-Regular, BobbiesHand-Regular, BrandysHand-Regular, BrendasHand-Regular, BrendensHand-Regular, BrettsHand-Regular, BrodysHand-Regular, BrooksHand-Regular, BrucesHand-Regular, BudsHand-Regular, BurkesHand-Regular, BurtonsHand-Regular, CalvinsHand-Regular, CamdensHand-Regular, CandysHand-Regular, CarlysHand-Regular, CarolinesHand-Regular, CartersHand-Regular, CathysHand-Regular, CattsHand-Regular, ChasesHand-Regular, ChelsiesHand-Regular, CherylsHand-Regular, ChicksHand-Regular, ChristinesHand-Regular, CidsHand-Regular, ClaytonsHand-Regular, CodysHand-Regular, ColemansHand-Regular, CoreysHand-Regular, CormicksHand-Regular, CrosbysHand-Regular, CrystalsHand-Regular, CutiesHand-Regular, DarbysHand-Regular, DarinsHand-Regular, DarlenesHand-Regular, DavesHand-Regular, DeannasHand-Regular, DebbiesHand-Regular, DentonsHand-Regular, DereksHand-Regular, DianasHand-Regular, DonaldsHand-Regular, DonnysHand-Regular, DorothysHand-Regular, DunleysHand-Regular, DunnsHand-Regular, EddiesHand-Regular, EdgertonsHand-Regular, EdmondsHand-Regular, EliottsHand-Regular, ElliesHand-Regular, EmilysHand-Regular, EmmettsHand-Regular, EricasHand-Regular, EricsHand-Regular, ErinsHand-Regular, EvansHand-Regular, EvelynsHand-Regular, EverlysHand-Regular, EwingsHand-Regular, FannysHand-Regular, FarinasHand-Regular, FarrahsHand-Regular, FentonsHand-Regular, FiniansHand-Regular, FletchersHand-Regular, FlintsHand-Regular, FlorasHand-Regular, ForrestsHand-Regular, FostersHand-Regular, FranklinsHand-Regular, FranksHand-Regular, FrasiersHand-Regular, FrostysHand-Regular, FultonsHand-Regular, GailsHand-Regular, GarthsHand-Regular, GarysHand-Regular, GavinsHand-Regular, GemmasHand-Regular, GeorgesHand-Regular, GiffordsHand-Regular, GinasHand-Regular, GinnysHand-Regular, GinosHand-Regular, GlennsHand-Regular, GradysHand-Regular, GrantsHand-Regular, GreersHand-Regular, HaleysHand-Regular, HanfordsHand-Regular, HanksHand-Regular, HansonsHand-Regular, HarmonsHand-Regular, HenrysHand-Regular, HerricksHand-Regular, HershelsHand-Regular, HigginsHand-Regular, HodgesHand-Regular, HuntersHand-Regular, IrvingsHand-Regular, IvysHand-Regular, JackiesHand-Regular, JacksHand-Regular, JamesHand-Regular, JanicesHand-Regular, JasonsHand-Regular, JeffreysHand-Regular, JeninesHand-Regular, JenkinsHand-Regular, JeremysHand-Regular, JessiesHand-Regular, JilliansHand-Regular, JodysHand-Regular, JohnsHand-Regular, JolenesHand-Regular, JoshsHand-Regular, JulianasHand-Regular, JuliesHand-Regular, JustinsHand-Regular, KanesHand-Regular, KarensHand-Regular, KarinsHand-Regular, KarlsHand-Regular, KaspersHand-Regular, KathrynsHand-Regular, KeithsHand-Regular, KellysHand-Regular, KelseysHand-Regular, KennethsHand-Regular, KianasHand-Regular, KimballsHand-Regular, KimsHand-Regular, KingsHand-Regular, KirbysHand-Regular, KitsHand-Regular, KorasHand-Regular, KramersHand-Regular, KylesHand-Regular, LannysHand-Regular, LarkinsHand-Regular, LarriesHand-Regular, LaurensHand-Regular, LauriesHand-Regular, LawfordsHand-Regular, LeesHand-Regular, LeonardsHand-Regular, LeroysHand-Regular, LesleysHand-Regular, LestersHand-Regular, LibertysHand-Regular, LinfordsHand-Regular, LisasHand-Regular, LloydsHand-Regular, LuanasHand-Regular, LydiasHand-Regular, MandysHand-Regular, MannysHand-Regular, MarcelsHand-Regular, MarciesHand-Regular, MarcosHand-Regular, MargosHand-Regular, MarionsHand-Regular, MattsHand-Regular, MerylsHand-Regular, MichaelsHand-Regular, MiriamsHand-Regular, MonicasHand-Regular, MontysHand-Regular, MorgansHand-Regular, MyrasHand-Regular, NancysHand-Regular, NappysHand-Regular, NatsHand-Regular, NedsHand-Regular, NellysHand-Regular, NettiesHand-Regular, NewellsHand-Regular, NicholesHand-Regular, NickysHand-Regular, NicolasHand-Regular, NolansHand-Regular, NortonsHand-Regular, NoviasHand-Regular, OlliesHand-Regular, OpalsHand-Regular, OrsonsHand-Regular, OscarsHand-Regular, ParkersHand-Regular, PatriciasHand-Regular, PaulasHand-Regular, PennysHand-Regular, PerkinsHand-Regular, PerrysHand-Regular, PetersHand-Regular, PrincesHand-Regular, QueeniesHand-Regular, QuentinsHand-Regular, QuestsHand-Regular, QuinnsHand-Regular, RachelsHand-Regular, RalphsHand-Regular, RamseysHand-Regular, RaysHand-Regular, ReardonsHand-Regular, ReedsHand-Regular, RickysHand-Regular, RobinsHand-Regular, RogersHand-Regular, RonaldsHand-Regular, RonniesHand-Regular, RoscoesHand-Regular, RoslinsHand-Regular, RossysHand-Regular, RoydensHand-Regular, RubysHand-Regular, RustysHand-Regular, RyansHand-Regular, SaffronsHand-Regular, SammysHand-Regular, SandysHand-Regular, SashasHand-Regular, SawyersHand-Regular, ScottsHand-Regular, SeftonsHand-Regular, SergesHand-Regular, SherylsHand-Regular, SkylersHand-Regular, StacysHand-Regular, StanleysHand-Regular, StewartsHand-Regular, SusansHand-Regular, TanyasHand-Regular, TashasHand-Regular, TaylorsHand-Regular, TerrysHand-Regular, ThelmasHand-Regular, TobysHand-Regular, ToddsHand-Regular, TracysHand-Regular, TrasksHand-Regular, TriciasHand-Regular, TrixiesHand-Regular, TullysHand-Regular, TylersHand-Regular, UrsasHand-Regular, ValeriesHand-Regular, VanessasHand-Regular, VansHand-Regular, VeronicasHand-Regular, VictorsHand-Regular, VincentsHand-Regular, WalkersHand-Regular, WallysHand-Regular, WangleysHand-Regular, WaynesHand-Regular, WebstersHand-Regular, WeldonsHand-Regular, WendysHand-Regular, WillysHand-Regular, WilsonsHand-Regular, WiltonsHand-Regular, WinstonsHand-Regular, YancysHand-Regular, YanksHand-Regular, YoungsHand-Regular, ZacksHand-Regular, ZonkersHand-Regular. [Google] [More]  ⦿

YOFF (or: Your Own Font; was Font Garden)
[Ellinor Maria Rapp]

Ellinor Rapp was born in Örebro, Sweden, in 1972. She works at Örebro University Hospital at the microbiological laboratory as a biomedical scientist. Her pages had over 1400 fonts and dingbats. Alternate dingbat URL. A 20 USD handwriting font service and 5 USD signature/logo service. Her pages were initially called Font Garden, but changed in 2011 to YOFF, or Your Own Font. Ellinor Rapp herself also made some fonts, typically based on the samples sent to her. About 70 of these handwriting fonts are stored here and here.

Listing of these initial handwriting fonts: AaronFont-Hand, Addiction, AliceWachol, Amura, AmuraMusic, Amyie-Hand, AngHand, Augustin-Hand, Bonnie'sfont, BrianneHand, CRobles, Cathie'sHand, Charyn-Hand, Chelmo, Chelsea'sHandwriting, CherFont-Hand, Cheryl-Hand, Cindywrite-Hand, Crys-Hand, David-Hand, Deanna'sHand, Deanna'sHand-Music, Delany-Hand, Derek-Hand, DeseraePlain, DesereaFancy-Hand, Diana-hand, Dulce'sFont, EdithHand, Efficient, Elisha-Hand, Ellifont, Erin-Elizabeth, FG Klara (2005, Fiona-Hand, ForgetMeNot-Girl, Frederick-Hand, Gina, GraysonFont, Gunnar-Krus, Handwriting, Ivy-Hand, Jayne-hand, JaynePrint-Hand, Jeana-Script, Jeff-Hand, JenniferHand, Jenny-Handwriting, Jessy-hand, Joe, Judy-Script, Justen-Hand, KariKatziFont, Katie-Font, Keven-Hand, KollerFont-Script, Kristen Curly (1999), KristenScript, Kristenscriptalt, LN, Larina-hand, Larua-Hand, LeafQueen, LeafQueen-scripty2, LeafQueenHand, LeafQueenScript-scripty2, LockermanHand, Maria-Hand, MarioHand, Mats-Hand, Mazgiz, Melodie, Mich, Michelle (2000), Michelle-Marker, MomsFont-Hand, Nancy-Print, Natalie'sScribble, Pam'sHand, Paulette-Hand, PiaScript, Polly, QUesneLL, REW, RingbearerRegular, Rissa'sFont, SSR-Hand, Samantha-hand, Sammy, Sandy-Script, SaraElizabeth, Schaun-Hand, Shane-Hand, Shelton, Shennette-Hand, Starlet, Steve-Hand, Steven2-Hand, Stuarty-Hand, TotallyTweetie, Traci-Hand, Valorie-Hand, VirgilGS, Whitney2, Whitney2, Wolfie-Hand, Wurth-hand, c.j-Hand.

She created Claudia (2003, handwriting by Claudia Lasiter). At Dafont, one can find her typefaces Cheryl Hand (2000), Jayne Print (2000), Totally Tweetie (2001, dings) and Whitney2 (2000). A list of fonts on their site in 2006: BrianneHand, FGAaron, FGAddiction, FGAmura, FGAmuraMusic, FGAmyie, FGAngHand, FGAugustin, FGBonnie'sfont, FGBunnigrrrl'shandwriting, FGCJ, FGCRobles, FGCathie'sHand, FGCharyn, FGChelsea'sHandwriting, FGCherFont, FGCheryl, FGChris, FGChristine, FGCindywrite, FGCrys, FGDavid, FGDeanna'sHand, FGDelany, FGDerek, FGDesereaFancy, FGDiana, FGDulce'sFont, FGEdith, FGEfficient, FGElisha, FGEllifont, FGErin-Elizabeth, FGFiona, FGFrederick, FGGina, FGGraysonFont, FGGunnar, FGHandwriting, FGIvy, FGJayne, FGJaynePrint, FGJeana, FGJeff, FGJennifer, FGJenny, FGJessy, FGJoe, FGJusten, FGKariKatzi, FGKatie, FGKeven, FGKollerFont, FGKristenCurly, FGKristenScript, FGLN, FGLarina, FGLaura, FGLeafQueen1, FGLeafQueen2, FGLeafQueenHand, FGLisa, FGLisaScript, FGLockerman, FGMariaHand, FGMelodie, FGMich, FGMichelle, FGMomsFont, FGNancy, FGPam'sHand, FGPaulette, FGPiaScript, FGPolly, FGQUesneLL, FGREW, FGRingbearer, FGRissa'sFont, FGSamantha, FGSammy, FGSandy, FGSaraElizabeth, FGSchaun, FGShane, FGShelton, FGStarlet, FGSteve, FGSteven, FGStuarty, FGTotallyTweetie, FGTraci, FGValorie, FGVirgil, FGWhitney1, FGWhitney2, FGWolfie, FGWurth.

Dafont link. Font Garden at MyFonts sells FG Adam, FG April, FG Camilla, FG Carola (2006), FG Caroline, FG Elias, FG Ellinor, FG Erin, FG Jasmine, FG Jennifer (2007), FG Jordan, FG Lova, FG Matilda, FG Muriel, FG Nadja, FG Nando, FG Nina, FG Petra, FG Rakel, FG Rebecca, FG Ronja, FG Saga, FG Smilla, FG Tindra, FG Traci, FG Typical, FG Rochelle, FG Emmy. Added in 2007: FG Jacky, FG Norah. Fonts in 2008: FG Abby, FG Sharon, FG Alison, FG Jason, FG Pedro, Bethany (handwriting), FG Callie (grunge blackletter), FG Noel (child's hand). Fonts from 2009: FG Kelli (connect-the-dots face), FG Liz, FG Tiffany. Additions in 2010: FG Alex, FG Audrey, FG Kristine, FG Lina, FG Well Well, FontAddicts Halloween, FG Tonya, FG Jennie, FG Swan, FG Suzanne. Additions in 2011: Charlotta (children's hand).

As YOFF, MyFonts sells Abigail YOFF (2020), Alisha YOFF, Mazi YOFF (2011, a happy hand-printed family), Jolly, Abby, Bunnigrrrls Handwriting YOFF, Nicola YOFF (2013), Stella YOFF (2013), Roger YOFF (2013).

Klingspor link. Dafont link. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿