Pablo Impallari

Pablo Impallari is an Argentinian designer located in Rosario. His home page has many goodies about typography, but also music.

I am hosting this minimalist web page for him. Watch this space for more hot Argentinian type.

All of Pablo's fonts in one zip file.

Lobster In 2010, Pablo embarked upon an open source font project for the connected retro script Lobster, a script in the style of the diner scripts of the fifties---cool guys would take their girlfriends to the diner and a drive-in movie in their Chevrolets, and make out in the backseat afterwards.

Lobster is also a signage face---supermarkets, take note and wake up!

To the accidental visitor: this is not an average free font---Pablo has paid a great deal of attention to the details in the design, including various OpenType features.


Luc Devroye
School of Computer Science
McGill University
Montreal, Canada H3A 2K6