No commitment to fight for free education. One reason why foreign students should avoid McGill University (and the University of Toronto, UBC and the University of Waterloo in even stronger terms) is that McGill University increased the foreign student fees by 67% during the COVID year, precisely at the time that its costs went down because of virtual classes. In a caring and forward-looking society, university fees should be zero. Interestingly, this university is going in a different direction, catering to rich kids, and widening the societal gap. My colleagues do not care. Not one McGill professor---not one---, has ever told me that (s)he is fighting for free universal education. Just a handful (of 1,500) joined me and almost 300 thousand Quebeckers a decade ago to protest against a planned student fee increase---the government resigned a few days later over this issue. It was a small step towards the abolishment of fees altogether.

Anti-Chinese? The cherry on the cake is the administration's drive to discourage research exchanges with China. The top brass has held seminars telling us (the professors) of the dangers of dealing with the Chinese. Following a classical nationalist or Trumpian philosophy, McGill is towing the conservative line---define "enemies", create an atmosphere of "us versus them". But there is no enemy. China, and all other nations, are our friends. We should encourage international cooperation. Prospective Chinese and international students in general should know that most professors at McGill will receive them with open arms, despite our administration's efforts to scare them away. For many of us, borders do not exist.