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Digital typefaces: News Gothic

Written by Luc Devroye
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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News Gothic [Bitstream]

News Gothic [ParaType]

News Gothic [URW++]

News Gothic [Linotype]

News Gothic [Tilde]

News Gothic [Adobe]

Monotype News Gothic [Monotype ]

News Gothic No. 2 [Linotype]

News Gothic SB [Scangraphic Digital Type Collection]

News Gothic SH [Scangraphic Digital Type Collection]

News Gothic EF [Elsner+Flake]

Franklin Gothic [URW++]

Dharma Gothic [Flat-it]

Press Gothic [Canada Type]

Toronto Gothic [E-phemera]

Directors Gothic [Lettering Inc]

Social Gothic [Canada Type]

Raleigh Gothic [GroupType]

Gothic 13 [Linotype]

Franklin Gothic [Bitstream]

Franklin Gothic [Linotype]

Gothic Medium [Wooden Type Fonts]

Gothic 720 [Bitstream]

Gothic Narrow [Wooden Type Fonts]

Gothic 13 [Adobe]

Raleigh Gothic [Red Rooster Collection]

Franklin Gothic [Monotype ]

Swank Gothic [BA Graphics]

Mechanic Gothic [T-26]

Gothic 720 [Tilde]

Generation Gothic [ABC Types]

Triumph Gothic [BA Graphics]

Chamfer Gothic [Red Rooster Collection]

Yeoman Gothic [Red Rooster Collection]

Franklin Gothic [Tilde]

Lexon Gothic [Storm]

Paladium Gothic [BA Graphics]

News Gothic No 2 [URW++]

Dharma Gothic P [Flat-it]

Trump Gothic Pro [Canada Type]

Sweet Gothic Serif [Sweet]

FF Letter Gothic Mono [FontFont]

FF Letter Gothic Text [FontFont]

Mechanic Gothic DST [Red Rooster Collection]

EF Franklin Gothic [Elsner+Flake]

Franklin Gothic SH [Scangraphic Digital Type Collection]

FF Basic Gothic Pro [FontFont]

DTC Franklin Gothic Variants [URW++]

BF Corpa Gothic [Brass Fonts]

FF Stamp Gothic [FontFont]

TS Franklin Gothic [TypeShop Collection]

Bannock Brae Gothic [Red Rooster Collection]

Franklin Gothic SB [Scangraphic Digital Type Collection]

Wall Street Gothic [BA Graphics]

Trade Gothic [Adobe]

Alternate Gothic [Linotype]

Herald Gothic [Font Bureau]

Clearface Gothic [Linotype]

Clearface Gothic [URW++]

Clearface Gothic [Adobe]

Text Gothic [ABC Types]

OL Headline Gothic [Dennis Ortiz-Lopez]

Clear Gothic Serial [SoftMaker]

LTC Globe Gothic [Lanston Type Company]

Monotype Clearface Gothic [Monotype ]

Benton Sans [Font Bureau]

Brandon Printed [HVD Fonts]

Bureau Grot [Font Bureau]

Core Sans M [S-Core]

Americane [HVD Fonts]

Core Sans NR [S-Core]

Americane Condensed [HVD Fonts]

FF Celeste Sans [FontFont]

Core Sans N [S-Core]

Mija [Latinotype]

FF Good Pro [FontFont]

FF Dagny [FontFont]

Crique Grotesk [Stawix]

Amplitude [Font Bureau]

FF Good Headline Pro [FontFont]

Rama Slab [Flat-it]

Shelton Slab [HVD Fonts]

Trump Soft Pro [Canada Type]

FF Good Headline [FontFont]

Dharma Slab [Flat-it]

Caravel [Indian Type Foundry]

Nebbiolo [Jonahfonts]

Wagner Round [Canada Type]

Febrotesk 4F [4th february]

Fakir Pro [Underware]

Core Sans N SC [S-Core]

Voice [Hubert Jocham Type]

Filmotype Gem [Filmotype]

Soft Press [Canada Type]

Regalo [Jonahfonts]

Wagner Grotesk [Canada Type]

FF Hydra [FontFont]

Schwager Sans [Latinotype]

tdBastard [Typewerk]

Cornerstone [Jonahfonts]

Newshawk JNL [Jeff Levine]

Rave [Jonahfonts]

Secca Std [astype]

Palomar [Jonahfonts]

Cast [Dominique Kerber]

Bonafide [Jonahfonts]

Courant [Hanoded]

Secca [astype]

Akzentica 4F [4th february]

Waldemar 4F [4th february]

Secca Soft [astype]

LF Spiegel [LucasFonts]

Trumpet [Jonahfonts]

Stumpy [Jonahfonts]

Unico [Jonahfonts]

Clic [Jonahfonts]

Attentica 4F [4th february]

Credititle [Jonahfonts]

FF Cst Berlin East [FontFont]

Lorimer No 2 Condensed [Dunwich Type Founders]

Kilburn [Talbot Type]

Reforma Grotesk [ParaType]

Dokument Pro [Canada Type]

Lorimer No 2 [Dunwich Type Founders]

Sweet Sans Pro [Sweet]

Key West [BA Graphics]

Oksana Sans [AndrijType]

Pimento [BA Graphics]

Steletto OS Flair [Jonahfonts]

Steletto [Jonahfonts]

Steletto Oldstyle [Jonahfonts]

Cornerstone Flair [Jonahfonts]

Akazan [Typodermic]

Fonce Sans Pro [Ryan Ford]

Sorren [Reserves]

UNicod Sans [Mostardesign]

Poplar [Adobe]

Fuller Sans DT [DTP Types]

Sorren Ex [Reserves]

Dynasty [Device]

Fiscal [Hackberry]

Eveningnews [Wiescher Design]

Roslyn [Mecanorma Collection]

Vectora [Linotype]

Stratum 1 [Process Type Foundry]

Hamburg Serial [SoftMaker]

Chalfont [Alan Meeks Collection]

Bell Centennial [Bitstream]

Bell Centennial [Adobe]