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Summary: .mf files are font outlines that you can use with mf to generate pk or gf format TeX bitmap fonts. Supersedes: Reply-To: (Liam R. E. Quin) Organization: SoftQuad Inc., Toronto, Canada Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 22:06:33 GMT Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.EDU Expires: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 02:49:16 GMT Lines: 931 Xref: comp.text.tex:99991 comp.fonts:58922 comp.answers:26361 news.answers:104046 Archive-name: fonts-faq/metafont-list Last-Modified: Mar 20 12:37 Summary of Metafont Fonts Available (Approximate Digest Format) This list includes all known fonts available in metafont format, whether public domain or not. Archive sites for ftp are listed where known. There is also a BITNET archive at LISTSERV@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU. Please note that I don't use TeX, and can't answer questions about it. Many of the files are listed as being on a ctan archive. The CTAN servers are (, and ( These are mirrored at various places, although I don't have a list; README.mirrors in CTAN:/tex-archive is a good source. South African Mirror: Please tell me ( about others. There is no North American CTAN archive right now. Robin Fairbairns sent me the following note on behalf of the CTAN team: I suggest you try instead; the CTAN root there is /pub/tex/ctan; quote site index there doesn't work -- you'll have to use or for that. Rest assured that the CTAN team is trying very hard to find an alternative CTAN site in N America. Note on BLACKBOX: The blackbox archive has gone, but is trying to replace it, so try that machine. Finally, too many people have helped with this list to give individual acknowledgements -- or the file would be twice as large! -- but please do know that people's help is really appreciated. I always welcome additions to this list, although it may take me a while to add them to the list, I'm afraid. If you don't see your addition after a couple of months, please feel free to send it again!

Subject: Contents About Metafont International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) AMS Irish APL Japanese Arabic Klingon Armenian Korean ASCII Malayam Astrological Malvern Bar Code Mongolian Blackboard Bold Music Calligraphic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Chess Old English Chinese Oriya Cirth Pandora Committee Pica Computer Modern Pointing Hands Concrete Punk Courier Ransom Croatian Glagolitic Recycle Symbol Cyrillic Romanized Indic Duerer Sanskrit Devanagari Sauter Dingbats Script Euler Soyombo Fraktur Symbol Genealogy Tamil Georgian Telegu Greek Tengwar Hebrew Thai Helvetica Times Hershey Unitary Beginners' Script Hindi Vietnamese Hieroglyphic Waldi Symbol Font

Subject: About Metafont Metafont is a programming language for describing fonts. It was written by Donald Knuth and is documented in Computers & Typesetting/C: The METAFONTbook Knuth, Donald E. Addison Wesley, 1986 ISBN 0-201-13445-4, or 0-201-13444-6 (soft cover) Library access: Z250.8.M46K58, or 686.2'24, or 85-28675. A font written in Metafont is actually a computer program which, when run, will generate a bitmap (`raster') for a given typeface at a given size, for some particular device. In order to use a metafont format font, you'll need to have metafont, or a program such as mf2ps. See the comp.fonts FAQ for more information.

Subject: AMS The American Mathematical Society collection of Metafont fonts contains: [1] AMS Euler -- a calligraphic font, designed by Herman Zapf for the AMS. It is designed for mathematical use, not as a text face. The fonts are Fraktur, Script, Cursive (an upright italic), Math extension. (see TUGboat Vol.10, No. 1) Most of the Euler fonts use the plain base, not the cm base. You should build these using virmf, or at least with a version of Metafont that does not have cmbase pre-loaded. Any Errors reported when building some of the samller sizes can be ignored. (see also under Euler) [2] AMS extra maths symbols (msam, msbm) [3] AMS computer modern extensions -- providing some of the CM fonts at extra point-sizes. [4] AMS Cyrillic (this is the same as University of Washington Cyrillic) There is also some documentation. You can get them from the AMS directly: ftp: /pub/tex/amsfonts/sources ftp: /pub/tex/amsfonts/doc Any (infrequent) changes to these fonts happen on e-math first. ftp: CTAN in tex-archive/fonts/amsfonts

Subject: APL Fonts for the APL (A Programming Language) programming language. These were described in tugboat (Vol 8 No. 3, pp.275-278) ftp: apl-tex-font/27-Jul-90 ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/apl/* ftp: apl-tex-font/27-Jul-90

Subject: Arabic Prof. Klaus Lagally's ArabTeX is a LaTeX extension for high-quality arabic writing. ftp: ftp: ftp: ctan: pub/archive/language/arabtex/mfinput

Subject: Armenian ftp: ctan: pub/archive/fonts/armenian/*

Subject: ASCII The `ascii' font is based on the public domain Courier font donated by IBM to the X Consortium. This font contains the IBM graphics characters, which are in the first 32 positions, but covers only 7-bit ASCII. It was created by R. Ramasubramanian, R. W. D. Nickalls and M. A. Reed; see TUGboat Vol 15 No. 2. [there doesn't seem to be a .mf file for this, though] ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/ascii/*

Subject: Astrological Symbols for the planets and the signs of the zodiac. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/astro astrofonts.tar.Z contains several Metafont files from Lars Alexandersson . ftp: See also Waldi Symbols

Subject: Bar Code Dimitri Vulis's barcode font ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/barcodes/

Subject: Blackboard Bold Used for Real Numbers (R), Natural, Complex, etc. ftp: pub/tex/fonts/bbb*.mf A set of capitals is included in the AMS symbol fonts (see AMS fonts). is Alan Jeffrey's blackboard bold font, and contains both upper and lower case. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/bbold/* There are serifed Blackbord bold fonts by D. Taupin, containing the full cm character set in ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/bbm Olaf Kummer wrote another Blackboard Bold font, intended to be very close in appearance to the original Computer Modern fonts. The characters have serifs. ftp: ctan: /pub/tex/fonts/doublestroke/*

Subject: Calligraphic twcal is a calligraphic font with many ligatures and alternate letter-forms, and includes TeX macros. ftp:

Subject: Chess ftp: pub/TEX/chess.tar.Z by Piet Tutelaers; described in TUGboat. Some chess typesetting macros were posted to comp.tex.tex on July 31st 1990. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/chess/* There is also a font of pieces for chinese chess from mailto:richer@ERE.UMontreal.CA (Richer Jacques)

Subject: Chinese Poor Man's TeX generates Chinese Metafont characters ftp: BLACKBOX (see introduction); cd pub/poorman (??) Poor Man's TeX Chinese has been extended to support Big5 format; pre-generated 300dpi Simplified and Traditional GB fonts are available for ftp. ftp: ; pub/misc/pmtex-1.1.tar.Z ftp: ; pub/chinese/fonts/pmt-{300dpi,tfm} ChTeX is a set of macros and fonts for typesetting Chinese under TeX. It only supports PostScript, and requires a modivied dvi2ps. You write your article with PinYin. Included are source, fonts, VMS binary for 5.2, DOS binary, etc. There is also support for X-Windows; contact (Mark Leisher). ftp: ; pub/chinese/{dvi2ps-3.2,ChTeX-1.1}.tar.Z ftp ; ChTeX.tar.Z

Subject: Cirth This is a Tolkien font based on Anglo-Saxon `Futharc' runes. Julian Bradfield has versions of both Tengwar [q.v.] and Cirth runes. ftp: export/jcb/Elvish.tar.Z ftp: (or the individual files instead in the same directory) Janet-niftp: user=ftp pass=user80 export/jcb/Elvish.tar.Z ftp: They are also available for ftp on aston. There is also a cirth font by Jo Jaquinta, Trinity College, Dublin: ftp: jaymin/mf/cirth mail: - send a one-line mail message containing mail: HELP in the text of the message. This may be called "infoserv" now.

Subject: Committee This was produced during a workshop tutorial given by Donald Knuth. This is said (by Don Hosek, whom I trust in such things) to be hard-wired for the APS typesetter... It is described in Tugboat Vol. 5 No. 2 (Nov. 84). ftp: ctan: tex-archive/committee/*

Subject: Computer Modern Computer Modern is Donald Knuth's font family used for his later `Art of Computer Programming' books. It contains cmr -- computer modern roman cmmi -- computer modern maths italic cmti -- computer modern text italic cmb -- computer modern bold cmss -- computer modern sans serif Cmtt -- computer modern typewriter cmvtt -- computer modern variable-spaced typewriter and several variations on each of the above (e.g. bold extended...). There are also some experimental fonts, such as cmff, a `funny' font, and cmfib, a font based on Fibonacci numbers. These are all included in a standard TeX distribution. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/cm/mf/* There is also a very large and probably very complete collection in ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/cm/* If all else fails, you can try: ftp: cd pub/tex/cm Many TeX ftp archive sites also give access to the bitmaps (pk files), although you usually have to get them all at once. There is also a reparameterised version of CM by John Sauter, which makes it easy to generate fonts at desired sizes-- this is especially useful for non-TeX users. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/cm/sauter/* See also: Sauter There is also a Pica typewriter font -- italic and bold come out with straight and wavy underlines (respectively), however. This is in ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/cmpica/* Versions of these fonts suitable for use with an X Windows previewer (xtex and SeeTeX) are available from ftp: UNKNOWN [was] pub/SeeTeX A variant of CMTT with 8-bit characters for the Mac is available for US$20 from -- this is called MACTT. Mf source is included. (Note: the price might be out of date!)

Subject: Concrete This font was designed for Donald Knuth's Concrete Mathematics book. It looks a little like a cross between American Typewriter and Computer Modern Roman. There are Roman and Italic faces. See Tugboat Vol 10 No. 3, pp. 31-36, "typesetting concrete", by Don. Knuth; an erratum was published in Tugboat Vol 10 No. 3, p. 342. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/concrete/*

Subject: Courier See Fonts: ASCII

Subject: Croatian Glagolitic Darko Zubrinic described this in "The Exotic Croatian Glagolitic Alphabet" (TUGboat Vol. 13 No. 4 pp 470--471). See also Fonts: Cyrillic

Subject: Cyrillic There are several Cyrillic (Russian-Alphabet) fonts: Tom Ridgeway's Cyrillic fonts WN-Cyrillic ifve (which I'm told has better letterforms than WN but only covers Russian) the wncy* fonts are part of the amsfonts package: ftp: ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/ams/amsfonts/sources/cyrillic/* There is a mailing list, rustex-l, for discussion of typesetting Cyrilic-based languages. To subscribe, send mail to listserv@ubvm.bitnet containing the text SUBSCRIBE RUSTEX-L or mail Dimitri Vulis, Alexander Harin has put together a set of fonts using the alternative Russian font encoding, widely used on MS-DOS in Russia. This includes: [1] *.mf and *.tfm files for cmcyr fonts by A.Samarin and N.Glonti (modified); [2] Virtual fonts *.vf by A.Harin which have the standard TeX 7-bit encoding and use the top half of the 8-bit space for the cmcyr fonts in the alternative encoding, and [3] style macros. the fonts: ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/cmcyralt the LaTeX 2.09 NFSS1 style: ftp: ctan: tex-archive/macros/latex209/contrib/cmcyralt the LaTeX 2e style: ftp: ctan: tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/other/cmcyralt

Subject: Duerer Based on the 16th Century drawings of Albrecht Duerer -- see, for example, his ``The Painter's Manual'' published in Fac Simile by Abaris Books, and reprinted in part by Dover as `On the Just Formation of Letters'. Hoenig's article was in TUGboat Vol 11 No. 14. Upper case letters only. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/duerer/*

Subject: Devanagari (this is a font for use with Sanskrit, Hindi, etc.) Created by Frans Velthuis in 1987/88: ftp: ctan: tex-archive/language/devanagari/* Also available as part of his Devanagari transliteration package: ftp: tex/devnag.tar.Z, or You could also try, these, although I don't know if they are the same: ftp: BLACKBOX (see introduction):/pub/indic/outlines/vnagari.* Charles Wikner SKT Sanskrit font: This is a complete Sanskrit font with accents, Vedic anusvaara, jihvaamuuliiya etc.; i-hooks connect to consonants correctly. Indic languages other than Sanskrit are not supported. The skt-series of fonts are written in METAFONT and include feint, normal and bold weights, together with slant and upright styles. It uses an ANSI-C pre-processor to convert the encoded input; the same encoding scheme is also used to provide two types of transliterated output, normal and technical. The font and supporting files are designed for use with LaTeX2e. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/language/sanskrit/* PostSript documentation is available together with samples: ftp: See Also: Fonts: Tamil, Romanized Indic

Subject: Dingbats By Doug Henderson. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/dingbat/* See Also: Washington Symbol Font Eberhard Matthes' TeX for MSDOS (emTeX) has an additional font emsy, which contains a few (5 or so) Dingbats-type characters (e.g. a lock). Fonts: Ethiopian (Amharic, Geez) There is an Amharic font in Metafont. See TUGboat vol 10(3), p.352; You can find it in /tex-archive/lanaguges/ethiopia/ethtex/disk8. EthTeX is a package that enable users to typeset documents in Ethiopian Script and Ge'ez in additon to the standard features. ftp:; cd tex-archive/languages/ethiopia/ethtex; cd tex-archive/languages/ethiopia/ethtex; cd tex-archive/languages/ethiopia/ethtex

Subject: Euler Designed by Herman Zapf for the American Mathematical Society (the AMS). ftp: /pub/tex/amsfonts/sources/euler See also: AMS

Subject: Fraktur Yannis Haralambous' Gothic Fonts (described in TUGBoat 12.1) are in the following directories: ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/gothic/yfrak ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/gothic/ygoth ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/gothic/yinit ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/gothic/yinitas ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/gothic/yswab See Also: Old English

Subject: Genealogy `gen' : genealogy symbols, by Don Knuth ftp: CTAN systems/knuth/local/cm/ `drgen' : genealogy symbols, by Denis B. Roegel drgen has no original drawings, but gathers in one font the symbols from Knuth's `gen' font, plus some symbols from the `wasy' font (male and female). ftp: CTAN: fonts/genealogy

Subject: Georgian Alan Stanier has written what he describes as a `rough version' of the mxedruli alphabet, as used in the Georgian Republic. ftp:; pub/archive/fonts/georgian A more plsished version was written by Johannes Heinecke and is in the same directory (?).

Subject: Greek Brian Hamilton Kelly's Greek font: ftp: greek* Sylvio Levy's Greek font: ftp: CTAN tex-archives/fonts/greek/levy ftp: CTAN tex-archives/fonts/greek/yannis ftp: CTAN tex-archives/fonts/greek/kd (KD is the most comprehensive and is derived from Levy.) Also the Sylvio Levy `gr' greek family, for both Modern and Classical Greek. This includes roman, typewriter and bold, plus TeX macros. Brian Hamilton Kelly's cmgr family Yannis Haramboulos' rgr family ftp: UNKNOWN; James K. Tauber's Greek Metafont `MELANOS' Melanos differs from other Greek Metafonts in that the diacritics are placed after the letter they apply to, making it easier to use Greek texts based on the CATSS/CCAT/TLG system of transliteration. CATSS/CCAT/TLG files can be made compatible with MELANOS by changing "\" to "`" and "|" to "!" This (0.2) is still an early release with a simple mono-width sans serif style. ftp:; cd /pub/jtauber/melanos see also Malvern

Subject: Hebrew A number of Hebrew fonts are available, with and without vowels. Those include the fonts Jerusalem, TelAviv, OldJaffa and DeadSea, Joel M. Hoffman's HCLASSIC (, Jacques Goldberg's REDIS, Shalom fonts and more. Some or all of the fonts are available in an 8-bit encoding; the Metafont files have names ending in "". These are: Jerusalem, TelAviv, OldJaffa, DeadSea, redis{8,9,10,12,17}, rediss{8,9,10}. Jerusalem, TelAviv, OldJaffa and DeadSea are the "regular" fonts in most applications. Jerusalem is the default; DeadSea is a darker font; TelAviv is a sort of sans-serif font; OldJaffa is a narrow font. REDIS (redis*) contains a full set of Hebrew letters in a "sans-serif" style, and selected punctuation. Hclassic, dclassic, hcaption and dcaption have a companion slanted form, and provide Biblical-style letters along with full vocalization capabilities (i.e. vowels, called in Hebrew NIKUD). The fonts dclassic and dcaption are a modified version of hclassic and hcaption, in that they contain, apart from the original characters and vowels, also digits and special symbols copied from the font DeadSea. Usage is described in the guide classic_guide (available in in tex/tex_guides). ShalomScript10, ShalomStick10 and ShalomOldStyle10 are three variations of a Hebrew font with "vowels". Three fonts + vowels are available:, and Usage is described in Shalom.readme. Carmel and carmel slanted (crml10, crmlsl10) are bold fonts written by Dr. Samy Zafrany of the Technion, Haifa, for headers and for emphasized text. All of the Hebrew fonts can be found at the archive for Hebrew TeX files: ftp:; cd tex/fonts

Subject: Helvetica Produced by the Metafoundry and sold commercially. The Metafoundry is no longer extant, and the sources to these and their other fonts are not available. Email me if you need more information; Rick Tobin is on the net, but the connection is unreliable.

Subject: Hershey The Hershey fonts were designed for use by plotters, and published in 1972. These fonts are of relatively low typographic quality, but are useful on devices with lower resolution. ftp: ftp: There may be a Hershey to MF converter at called xhershey. Ken Yap wrote it and `played around with a few novelty fonts before deciding the Hershey quality wasn't worth it,' he tells me.

Subject: Hindi See Also: Fonts: Devanagari, Sanskrit, Tamil

Subject: Hieroglyphic Created by Serge Rosmorduc ( ftp:; directory /tex-archive/fonts/hieroglyph

Subject: International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Used by linguists, and also in some dictionaries. It's designed to go with Computer Modern. From WSU. The csli version has been extended by Emma Pease ( to include hooked D, B and K, and probably more. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/tsipa/doc/* ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/wsuipa/* ftp:; directory: text1.wsuipa ftp:; file: Phonetic.tar.Z There is a mailing list for linguists who use TeX:

Subject: Irish Ivan A Derzhanski's Irish fonts: ftp: in /soft/tex/fonts/eiad; read file Leigh_me first. Jo Jaquinta's (half-?) Uncial ftp: in CLR/multiling/gaelic/fonts/half-uncial.tar.gZ ftp: in source/tex/fonts/uncial

Subject: Japanese Metafont for 61 Japanese fonts is available from many sources, including: ftp: SIMTEL (tenex) tex/ ftp: wuarchive (binary) file mirrors/msdos/tex/ ftp: utsun (binary) file TeX/jawatex/* Pregenerated Kanji fonts at 300dpi are available -- ftp: ; pub/japanese/fonts/pmt-{tfm,300dpi}/* See Also: Fonts, Chinese

Subject: Klingon This is a font from the television series `Star Trek', metafonted by Khoros sutai-Makpai c/o Karl Guenter Wuensch (this account is shared with Micaela "Stayka" Pantke, so don't be alarmed if the mailer inserts her address) ftp: /pub/soft/tex/fonts/klinz/*

Subject: Korean Poor Man's TeX (see under Fonts: Chinese) has been extended to support Hangul. Pregenerated fonts only are available: ftp: ; pub/korean/pmtex-korean-fonts.tar.Z See Also: Fonts, Chinese

Subject: Malayam Malayalam-TeX is a package to typeset Malayalam with TeX (*), in both the traditional and reformed script. There's a free and a commercial version. The demo includes pk fonts at 300dpi, but not the .mf files. The commercial package costs DFL 75, which doesn't sound very much. ftp:

Subject: Malvern A sans-serif font by P. Damian Cugley ( The latest version is 1.2 (October 1994). This family contains a sans-serif Greek alphabet, using conventions based on Levy's original Greek fonts and Dryllerakis' GreekTeX. The package includes support files for LaTeX 2e, LaTeX 2.09 and plain TeX. ftp: CTAN: tex-archive/fonts/malvern

Subject: Mongolian Infosystem Mongolei distributes "Soyombo for LaTeX", together with an introduction to the Soyombo script still sometimes used in Mongolia.

Subject: Music MuTeX is a basic music package for TeX. It seems to be the same as mtex, but with documentation in English rather than (or as well as) German. ftp: /pub/MuTeX.tar.Z /pub/MuTeX_doc.Z ftp: [128.36.21] ftp: src/MuTeX/MuTeX.tar.Z (slow) ftp: /mirrors/msdos/tex/mutex.arc In Europe, ftp: in subdirectory pub/TEX ftp: mtex.tar.Z (sources, including metafont sources and documentation) ftp: mtexfonts.tar.Z (300dpi pk files) These are also available in Europe by mail-server. Send mail to with HELP in the subject and the body and probably the .signature as well :-) MUSICTEX is another package with some more fonts, but French documentation ftp: username-MUSICTEX password=ANY [I don't think this archive exists anymore..... -- Lee] This may or may not be the same as MusicTeX: ftp: pub/musictex.tar.Z

Subject: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) OCR A (this is not the font for printing on cheques) ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/ocr-a/*

Subject: Old English Note On Terminology: Old English is a language spoken by the Anglo-Saxons in Britain up until the first half or so of the 12th century. It is used to refer to fonts used for setting the Old English language. The term `Old English' is also used to mean the Black Letter fonts used by mediaeval scribes, and called Gothic. Unfortunately, some American typefounding companies use `Gothic' to mean `sans-serif'. Both the Anglo-Saxon character sets and the ornamental Black Letter fonts are listed here. Julian Bradfield's font for typesetting Old English in TeX -- this supplies extra characters for Computer Modern. The extra characters are eth, Eth, Thorn, thorn, yogh, Yogh and Polish ogonek. There are two styles of thorn, but I note that there is no wynn. You may have to create an empty file, or rename a file -- I forget exactly what I had to do. Some of these characters can also be found in the International Phonetic Alphabet font as well, but Julian's are much more convenient for working with Old English. Yannis' Fraktur fonts include ygoth, which can be used as an Old English Black Letter. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/gothic/ygoth

Subject: Oriya Sabita Panigrahi is working on Oriya (one of the modern Indian scripts), but this is not yet available.

Subject: Pandora This is a little like Palatino, annd includes a sans-serif variant. It is not yet of production quality, unfortunately. ftp:; cd tex82/MFcontrib/metafonts/pandora ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/pandora/* mail: (N. N. Billawa) sun!metamarks!nm mail: (Tom Tatlow) or

Subject: Pica There is also a Pica typewriter font -- italic and bold come out with straight and wavy underlines (respectively), however. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/cmpica/*

Subject: Pointing Hands Various manual extremities, designed by Georgia Tobin ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/hands/*

Subject: Punk A punK hAndWritten fOnT... For writing on walls, perhaps. The lower case is simply a smaller version of the upper case. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/punk/*

Subject: Ransom This isn't a Metafont font, but you can get the gf, pk and tfm files at 10.300 size from: ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/ransom/*

Subject: Recycle Symbol ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/ransom/*

Subject: Romanized Indic The font wnri by Tom Ridgeway can be found on See Also: Fonts: Devanagari

Subject: Sanskrit (see Fonts: Devanagari; Fonts: Romanized Indic)

Subject: Sauter This is a rework of Computer Modern by John Sauter. The outlines are the same, as far as I know, but it is much easier to generate the various fonts. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/cm/sauter/*

Subject: Script Ralph Smith's formal script - See TeXhax 92 #16. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/rsfs/*

Subject: Soyombo See Mongolian, above.

Subject: Symbol There are varions fonts with special symbols, including: A recycling symbol: ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/recycle/* The stmary symbol font: ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/stmary/*

Subject: Tamil (Tamil is an Indian script) An unfinished version of Washington Tamil is available from the University of Washington, and is included on their Unix TeX distribution in directory: TeX3.14/MFcontrib/metafonts/washington/tamil together with supporting software. ftp: BLACKBOX (see introduction) pub/wntml Avinash Chopde's ( ITRANS package (a pre-processor for TeX) supports Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit (Devanagari), Tamil, Telugu, Bengali. It includes a PostScript (Type 3) font for Devanagari, and a Metafont Tamil font (wntml). ftp: Unix: in dist/sources/itrans32.tar.Z ftp: MS/DOS: pub/msdos/tex/ ftp: PostScript printer ready docs are in itransps.tar.Z or T. Govindaraj ( has created a Palladam Tamil font; ftp: nights & weekends only Bala Swaminathan's Thiruppaavai files are also there. See Also: Devanagari, Oriya

Subject: Telegu (Telegu is an Indian script) Andhra Pradesh, Lakshmankumar Mukkavilli and Lakshmi Mukkavilli's TeluguTeX includes a Telugu font in MF format and also a transliteration scheme for TeX. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/languages/telugu/ ftp:

Subject: Tengwar There are at least two Tengwar fonts, Mike Urban's: ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/tengwar/* Julian Bradfield also has both Tengwar and a prototype version of Cirth runes. See Fonts: Cirth for details.

Subject: Thai There are at least three Thai fonts around. The rmit font is a little tricky to make, as it needs to be in a directory called ``thai2'', because it refers to files called "../thai2/name". USL makes easily. The third Thai font is by Dr. Robert Batzinger and associates at the United Bible Societies in Southeast Asia. I know no more than this. ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/thai/rmit/* ftp: ctan: tex-archive/fonts/thai/usl/*

Subject: Times Formerly produced by the Metafoundry, which is no longer operating. Pk (binary) files may be available commercialy; Georgina Tobin works as a Metafont consultant and has since done more work on Times. See Also: Fonts: Helvetica

Subject: Unitary Beginners' Script I know very little about this, sorry. ftp: tex-archive/fonts/va

Subject: Vietnamese This test package includes tfm and pk fonts at 10 point roman and italic. I understand that you need TeX 3.0 or later to use this, and drivers that cope with fonts containing more than 128 characters. ftp: BLACKBOX (see introduction) cd /pub/testviet Since testviet is unavailable, you should probably look at viet-std instead: A large collection of Vietnamese Mf (and PK) fonts is available; these fonts follow the Viet-Std VISCII 1.1 font encoding specification. ftp:, directory /pub/Vietnet/Viscii/Tex, files ftp: and; the encoding report is ftp: under /pub/Vietnet/Viet-std.

Subject: Waldi Symbol Font A (compatible) superset of the standard LaTeX symbol font designed by Roland Waldi, at the University of Karlruhe in Germany. ftp:; pub/unix/text/TeX/dhdurz1/wasy.zoo ftp:; ATARI-ST/tex/wasy.arc