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VGC: Digital typefaces

Written by Luc Devroye
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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Alphabet Soup Pro [Red Rooster Collection]

Alphabet Soup [Red Rooster Collection]

Amelia [Bitstream]

Amelia [Tilde]

Aquarius [Red Rooster Collection]

Baker Signet [ParaType]

Baker Signet [Adobe]

Baker Signet [Bitstream]

Baker Signet [Linotype]

Blackbarry NF [Nicks Fonts]

Brion [The Northern Block Ltd]

Broadway [Linotype]

Changeling Neo [Mark Simonson]

Chiselle NF [Nicks Fonts]

Chopper [Canada Type]

Davida [Bitstream]

Davida [URW++]

Digital Sans Now [Elsner+Flake]

Dungeon [Red Rooster Collection]

Edgewise NF [Nicks Fonts]

Egyptian 505 [Linotype]

Egyptian 505 [Bitstream]

Elephunky NF [Nicks Fonts]

Eloquent JF Pro [Jukebox Collection]

Friz Quadrata [Adobe]

Friz Quadrata [Linotype]

Gaslon [Canada Type]

Geometric 885 [Bitstream]

Geometric 885 [Tilde]

Harry Pro [Red Rooster Collection]

Huckleberry [Canada Type]

Jingo [Canada Type]

Maximus [Bitstream]

Mobley [Sudtipos]

Nevison Casual [URW++]

Nevison Casual [Linotype]

New Lincoln Gothic BT [Bitstream]

Olde Megrat NF [Nicks Fonts]

Orbit-B [Bitstream]

Orotund [Canada Type]

Pipa [Canada Type]

Player [Canada Type]

Robur [Canada Type]

Rocklidge Pro [Red Rooster Collection]

Ronsard Crystal [Red Rooster Collection]

Roslyn [Mecanorma Collection]

Russell Square [Adobe]

Russell Square [Linotype]

Ryder Gothic Pro [Red Rooster Collection]

Serpentine [Linotype]

Serpentine [Adobe]

Serpentine [URW++]

Seta Reta NF [Nicks Fonts]

Shotgun [Bitstream]

Sol Pro [Canada Type]

Spiffily NF [Nicks Fonts]

Stretto [Canada Type]

Vineta [Bitstream]

Vivaldi [URW++]