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Type design in Suriname


Afrikan Alphabets
[Saki Mafundikwa]

Saki Mafundikwa (Harare, Zimbabwe) gives a synposis of his book Afrikan Alphabets, the story of writing in Afrika (Mark Batty Publ., 2003). He covers all south of the Sahara, and divides things as follows:
A. Liberia and Sierra Leone:
a. The Vai syllabary---212 characters 1883
b. The Mende syllabary---195 characters 1921
c. The Loma syllabary---185 characters 1930
d. The Kpelle syllabary---88 characters 1930
e. The Bassa 'Vah' alphabet---30 characters, 5 diacritics 1920
f. The Gola alphabet---30 characters 1930

B. Guinea, Senegal and Mali,
a. The Mandingo alphabet---25 characters, 8 diacritics 1950
b. Bambara "Ma-sa-ba" script 1930
c. The Wolof alphabet---25 characters, 7 diacritics 1960
d. The Fula (Dita) alphabet---39 characters 1958
e. The Fula (Ba) alphabet
f. The Gerze script

C. Cote d'Ivoire
a. The Bete syllabary---401 characters 1956
b. The Guro script

D. Cameroon and Nigeria
a. The Bamum syllabary---80 characters 1895
b. The Bagam or Eghap syllabary---100 plus characters 1917
c. The Ibibio-Efik alphabet---34 characters 1930
d. The Yoruba holy alphabet
e. Nsibidi
f. A syllabary found among the Djuka of Suriname

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Boudewijn Rempt
[Constructed Languages]

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Constructed Languages
[Boudewijn Rempt]

Boudewijn Rempt's fonts for imaginary and not-so-imaginary languages: Afaka-Roman (from Suriname, with the help of Rob Nierse), Bugis-Makassar, DendenChancelleresca, Eqalar3 (for Pablo Flores' language Draseleq), goidel, gothic-1, Keiaans-(Kayenian), Mandeville-Hebreeuws, Meroitic-boldItalic, Mandeville-Chaldeeuws, Mandeville-Grieks, Mandeville-koptisch, Mandeville-Saracen, Nosjhe-standard (with Christophe Grandsire), hPhags-pa-(rotated), selang, selang-cursief, Ü-chan, ValdyaansKlerkenschrift, 2ValdyaansKlerkenschrift. He created Gothic after the alphabet devised by the Visigothic Bishop Wulfila (Lat. Ulfilas), 311-383 AD. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ravi Rajcoomar

Paramaribo, Suriname-based designer of the vintage / Western typeface Westa (2018). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Saki Mafundikwa
[Afrikan Alphabets]

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Studio for Transcultural Design-Creative Solutions

Foundry in Vienna that makes gorgeous commercial fonts for African languages. These pictograms are so nice that I will list each of them. The complete font set retails for about 1000 USD.

  • Akelouke1: cave writing from the Sahara, 5000BC.
  • Bete: symbols from Cote d'Ivoire, 1956.
  • Mezzouliet: cave writing from the Sahara, 5000BC.
  • Indalag: cave writing from the Sahara, 5000BC.
  • Adinkra: modern symbols from Ghana.
  • Meroitic: Egyptian hieroglyphs.
  • Celto-Iberic: Spanish and North-African runes.
  • Canary: runes from the Canary Islands.
  • Bamum: pictograms from Liberia, 1890 and 1894.
  • Loma: Liberian script, 1930.
  • Vai: Liberian script, 1894. The Vai script was devised by Momulu Duwalu Bukele in about 1833 (Near Cape Mount, Liberia).
  • Nsibidi: a complex Nigerian system of pictograms and ideograms, known as Nsibidi (or Nsiberi) has been used traditionally in the cross river area of Nigeria, especially among the Ekoi, Igbo and Ibibio.
  • Nubian: Ethiopian script.
  • Amharic: Another Ethiopian script.
  • Ibo Geneva Style: Geneva with proper diacritics for Ibo.
  • Nigerian Times.
  • Pan African Arial Style.
  • Orisha Arial Style.
  • Djuka: A pictogram language from Suriname, 1910.
  • Voodoo (Veve): A particularly elegant set of pictograms found in Haiti.
  • Abakuá: Pictograms from Cuba, 1980.
  • Cabbal: Pictograms from Tobago, 1990.
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