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Type scene in North Dakota

[Headline set in Reina Engraved Pro (2011, Maximiliano Sproviero)]


AB Foundry

AB Foundry is located in Cleveland, ND. In 2016, it designed the sans typeface family Atto. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Adam Anderson

Based in North Dakota, Adam Anderson is the designer of Garden of Eden (2007, a casual display face). No downloads. Alternate URL. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Aleisha Samek

During her studies at MSUM, Fargo, ND-based Aleisha Samek created the display typeface Tri Typeography (2015). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bruno Aloy

Bruno Aloy is located in Versailles, Argentina. His creations include Typorama (2014, at FADU / UBA). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Cory Angen

Graphic designer in Minneapolis, MN, who started life in North Dakota. He created the (free) tall sans display typeface Insanability (2010). He also made a Didot specimen poster. Home page. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hannah M. Shilling

Graduate of the University of North Dakota. Dickinson, ND-based designer of the sci-fi typeface ORC Underbite (2019). [Google] [More]  ⦿


Creator of the Western fonts North Dakota and South Dakota (2006). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jared Froeber

Based in Fargo, ND, Jared Froeber created the dot matrix typeface Press Start (2014) and an untitled set of icons (also in 2014). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jeff Johnson
[Spunk (or: Photophonts)]

[More]  ⦿

Keith Darnay

Designer of the free octagonal typeface Daily News 1915 (2013). It is based on the newspaper headline style used on the front page of the Minot Daily News in 1915. Minot is in North Dakota. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kyle Weik

Kyle graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Now based in Fargo, North Dakota, he designed Al-Azhar (2013), a typeface named after the Al Azhar mosque in Cairo, whose shapes influenced the pointy typeface. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nicole Smestad

Grand Forks, ND-based designer of the handcrafted typefaces Brazilbean (2017) and AddieMarie (2017). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sarah Geiger

During her graphic design studies in Fargo, ND, Sarah Geiger designed Batllo (2013), a typeface inspired by Gaudi's architecture. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sean Thorenson
[Studio Works]

[MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Shawn Blaufuss

Shawns font is an elementary dingbat font by North Dakota-based Shawn Blaufuss. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Siouan Fonts

Standard Siouan truetype fonts: includes Dakotanist fonts (orthographies of Riggs, Williamson, Boas&Deloria, and Buechel), BAE fonts (orthographies of Dorsey, LaFlesche, and Swanton), Siouan phonetic fonts, Siouan ANSI fonts. Free. Page by John Koontz. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Spunk (or: Photophonts)
[Jeff Johnson]

Spunk is Jeff Johnson's Minneapolis-based (or Fargo, ND-based?) design studio. His fonts are available through Chank's place. With John Morris, Jeff designed Blow Me, Gary's Kids and Guts, graffiti fonts. With Jason Walzer and Jack Wilcox, he designed Spunkflakes (2002). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Stuart Carter

North Dakota-based designer of Tengwar Feonor (2019). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Studio Works
[Sean Thorenson]

Illustrator located in Bismarck, ND. Designer of these typefaces:

  • The free handcrafted typeface Chasic New (2016).
  • The baseball-inspired Killebrew (2018).
  • Typefaces from 2019: Festivus (a retro party font).
  • Typefaces from 2020: Maxner (a sturdy sans family), Orpheum (art deco), Parkland (a typeface family for outdoors signage), Killebrew Homer (for athletics), Bachman (robust), Bluto (a 10-style sans family), Snifter (a wedge serif retro party font).
  • Typefaces from 2021: Clerk (old typewriter), Stepside, Comicon (a cartoon font), Powell, Bandbox (a baseball script), Thoren Sans (a 12-style condensed sans), Blather (an informal comic book typeface).
[Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿


Commercial Mac and PC fonts from Linguist's Software. These are useful for most European languages, as well as for these African languages: Acholi, Afrikaans, Anyi, Ashanti, Bantu (Zulu, Xosa), Bobangi, Buluba-Lulua, Chikaranga, Fulani-Adamawa, Ga, Kanuri, Kongo, Lu-Ganda, Masai, Mashona (Chiswina), Mole, Namaquah-Hottentot, Nyika, Shuna, Swahili, Tebele, Temne, Umbundu, Wolof, Yao, Yoruba, and Zulu-Kafir. And also for these native American languages: Caddoan, Chippewa (Ojibway and Otchipwe), Choctaw, Cree, Dakota (Sioux), Eskimo, Hupa, Iroquoian, Kalispel, Kwakiutl, Maidu, Muskokee (Creek), Navaho, Osage, Tsimshian, Zuñi. [Google] [More]  ⦿