This list of VGC (Visual Graphics Corporation) typefaces was originally drawn up by Tim Ryan. It was managed by Grant Hutchinson for a while, but some oddities were noted by some typophiles. Freddy Nader pointed out many omissions. This list is dynamic. I will add corrections, question marks, notes, and so on. Please email me (google Luc) with suggestions and corrections so that we can set the historical record straight.
AaseA. Bihari1977
AcapulcoLookalikes: SoftKey SSi "Cute Crate", SoftMaker "Mexico".
AccantMurray Fuchs1978
AgraphicusLookalikes: SoftKey SSi "Corruga Display", Canon/Greenstreet/Summitsoft "Rosita", Fontbank "Acropolis".
AkenatonJean Allessandrini1975
AmeliaStan Davis1966
Andrich Minerva (+Italic)Vladimir Andrich1965Second Prize in the 1965 National Type Face Design Competition
AndromedaAldo Novarese1978
AngularGeorg Salden1975
AnthemLookalikes: Fontbank "Antic", WSI "Stars & Stripes".
Antikva MargaretZoltan Nagy1966
Aquarius (2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Outline)Ronald Arnholm1967Possibly 1972, date unclear. Digitized in 2007 by Steve Jackaman as Aquarius.
Arnholm Sans (+Medium, +Bold)Ronald Arnholm1965
ArpadA. Mailay1971
ArrowWalter J. Diethelm1966
Baker Argentina No 1Arthur Baker1976
Baker Danmark OneArthur Baker1976
Baker Sans (12 weights)Arthur Baker1973
Baker SignetArthur Baker1965
BarryJ.B. Jones1975Medium and Bold
BasileaMarkus J. Low1965First Prize in the 1965 National Type Face Design Competition
BeadsSpyros DellaPortas1975
Bernhard Tango
Billy Beck System 1, 2, 3 and 4W. Beck
BisqueR. Schneider1975
BlocAldo Novarese1974
Book JacketU. Suess1972
Bookman (+Italic)A VGC/ATF face
Burgondy RightR. Asselineau1974
Burmese BlackG. Homann1973
Cactus BoldPaul Jaccottet1973
CartierCarl Dair1967
Caslon 641A VGC/ATF face
Chester Cursive
ChinaM. Mitchell1975
Collins Bicentennial OpenPat Collins1975
ColumbusA VGC/McKellar, Smiths &Jordan face
Continental (Regular, Italic, Black)?1973
Copperplate Gothic
CornballW. Seifert1972
Corvina BlackA. Bihari1973
Davida (+Bold)L. Minott1965
Delta Medium Italic (+Bold)
Deutsch BlackBarry Deutsch1966
DingalingR. Jensen1977
Domning AntiquaKarl-Heinz Domning1966
DoublePipeA. Bihari1975
Eastern Souvenir (3 wts)Martin Solomon?
Egyptian 505André Gürtler (+students)1966First Prize in the 1966 National Type Face Design Competition.
Eight Ball (Regular, Open)1971Not Phil Martin. Arthur Baker thinks that it may have been designed by Ursula Seuss. Digitized by Fontbank as Egbert.
ElektrikCalvin Valensi1977
EmphasisRobert S. Maile Jr.1965
EnigmaLookalikes: Fontbank "Enliven", SSi "Partite Display" may be a match for Enigma.
ExemplaAldo Novarese1966Third Prize in the 1966 National Type Face Design Competition
Flyer Bold (+Condensed)Lifted from Filmotype C4 and C2. Later updated to Chicago Sans Serif and Toronto Sans Serif
Florentine & Florentine LightLookalikes: Arts & Letters "Wright," Canon/GST/Summitsoft "Florentine," Dover/Solo "Foster," SoftKey SSi "Toque Display," FontBank "Flourish," Swfte "Gabriel," Prima "Florida," SoftMaker "F761Deco," and Opti "Florentine".
FoveaRonald Arnholm1977Ten weights: Extra Light + Italic, Light + Italic, Medium + Italic, Bold + Italic, and Extra Bold + Italic.
Friz QuadrataErnst Friz1965
Frozen AlaskaH. Sackman1977
Garamond Old Style (+Italic, Bold)A VGC/ATF face
Gerstner Program (13 weights/styles)?1973
GiorgioGiorgio Giaiotto1966
GlobalAldo Novarese1978
Glyphic SeriesR. Schlatter1972
Governale Tempo (Plain, Open, Open & Shade)Sandi Governale1972
GutsDoyald Young1976
HairpinJ. Stone1975
Harry Thin, Plain, Heavy, Fat, Obese, Obese SqueezedMarty Goldstein/ C.B. Smith1970
Heigemeir Bold and Bold OpenF. Heigemeir
Hiberniamaybe Ronald ArnholmHas 15 weights
Huit (Light, Medium, Medium Italic, Bold) Michel and Roselyne Besnard1973
Informal GothicTom Hollingsworth1965
Ivy LeagueG. Diamond1975
JanaRichard D. Juenger1965Third Prize in the 1965 National Type Face Design Competition
Jaget DoronA. Jaget
Jaget RinaA. Jaget
JanaRichard D. Juenger1965
Jay Gothic (+Bold)Jay H. Schechter1965
Jiminy Cricket
Kap AntiquaKarl Pausch1970sSee here
Karolys (Romain, Italique)Alain Simon1973
Karnac Ornate??A VGC/Dickinson face
L&C HairlineHerb Lubalin and Tom Carnase1973Peter Bain thinks this was ca. 1966
L&C Stymie HairlineHerb Lubalin and Tom Carnase1973
Led16R. Vero1975
LeeLeo Weisz1974Lee Bold used in Charlie's Angels. Other weights: Lee, Lee Italic
Lincoln GothicThomas W. Lincoln1965
LitzenburgLookalikes: Canon/Greenstreet/Summitsoft "Pelikan", SoftKey SSi "Woogie Display Caps" (a "contour" outlined version), and Expressiv/Novel "Limousine".
MagnifyHas Light, Medium, Bold
MakayHas Light, Medium, Bold, Outline
Mark IIILookalikes: Canon/Greenstreet/Summitsoft "Spirit," SoftKey SSi "Baguet Display Caps," and Expressiv/Novel "Marble".
Markus RomanMarkus Low
MaximusL. Scolnik1973
Maya Relief
Mimi SlenderLookalikes: Canon/Greenstreet/Summitsoft "Melanie" and "Walburga", WSI "Croix," FontBank "Minerva," and SoftKey SSi "Courant Display".
Mister BigLookalikes: Canon/Greenstreet/Summitsoft "Big Brother," Expressiv/Novel "Monster," Opti "Bocy," SoftKey SSi "Banta," and SoftMaker "M730 Deco".
ModulaFranz Heigemeir1972
MoonHas Light, Medium, Bold, Black
Moon MediumLookalikes: Expressiv/Novel "Moonbeam".
Moore ComputerTypehouse / david Moore1968
Moore SwashDavid Moore1973
Neil BoldWayne J. Stettler1966
Nevision Casual ScriptT. Nevison1965Some pubs list Nevision, some Nevison for the font name
OlympiadHas Black and Open
Orbit BStan Biggenden1972
OrgandaFranz Heigemeir1972
Orleans OpenLookalikes: SoftKey SSi "Saloon Display Caps," Expressiv/Novel "Old West".
Paper ClipY. Satoh1982
Patricia Bold
PatriotLookalikes: Expressiv/Novel "Patriarch," and SoftKey SSi "Fourth Display Caps".
Pistilli RomanHerb Lubalin/John Pistilli1965
Playboy Caps
PointilleAlbert Hollenstein1975
Précus SlimArthur L. Rawn1972
Project 306
ReliefW. Seifert1972
Rodin (+Cyrillic)?ca. 1974
RonaLookalikes: Canon/Greenstreet/Summitsoft "Moulin Rouge," Expressiv/Novel "Renaldo," and SoftKey SSi "Dinko".
AcapulcoLookalikes: SoftKey SSi "Cute Crate", SoftMaker "Mexico".
Roslyn Gothic (Medium, Bold, Outline)Harry Winters1972Revived in 2010 by Steve Jackaman and Ashley Muir at Red Rooster as Ryder Gothic Pro
RotalicUrsula Seuss?
Round BlackA. Bihari1977
Russell SquareJ. Russell1973
RustikalisHas Light, SemiBold, Bold, Black, Modernized Gothic
RyterHas Penline, Lighter, Light, Bold, Night, Ghost, Framed. Digital version in 2007 by Nick Curtis called Edgewise.
SargonMichel and Roselyne Besnard1974
Scotford UncialR. Scotford1965
Serpentine (Light, Medium, Bold, Bold Italic)Richard Jensen1972
ShotgunJ. Looney1972
Sintex 1Aldo Novarese1973Revived as Stretto (2008, Patrick Griffin, Canada Type).
Skin & BonesDouglas F. Jones1972
SolMarty Goldstein/ C.B. Smith1975
SolitaireJohn W. Denzler1965
Soul (Light, Medium, Bold, Open)Jerry Matejka1972
Stan Compromise (No. 1, No. 2)Stan Davis1973
Stan ConformStan Davis1973
Stan Control (No. 1, No. 2, No. 3)Stan Davis1973
Stan FreeStan Davis1973
Stark DebonairRobert Stark1975
StettlerWayne J. Stettler1965
TH Alphabet SoupTypehouse***1975
ThorMarian Jones1973
ThresholdJ. Stone1976
Too MuchW. Seifert1974
Trooper Roman (+Italic, Light, LightItalic)Dave Trooper1974 or 1976
True Cross Fire
VentureHarry L. Villhardt1972
Vero BlockHas Block, Block Medium, Tall Antiqua, New Antiqua, Fat Antiqua
VinetaErnst Volker1972
VisaRaphael Boguslav1966Second Prize in the 1966 National Type Face Design Competition
VivaldiFriedrich Peter1966Not Fritz Peters
Wexford (Light, Medium, Bold)Richard A. Sclatter1972 Or Schlatter?
Wolf AntiquaHans-Jürgen Wolf1966
WoodstockR. Jensen1978
York (+Bold, Black)Georg Salden1966