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Esperanto fonts

[Headline set in Quiosco Bold (2006) by Cyrus Highsmith, Font Bureau]


[Juan-José Marcos García]

Juan-José Marcos García (b. Salamanca, Spain, 1963) is a professor of classics at the University of Plasencia in Spain. He has developed one of the most complete Unicode fonts named ALPHABETUM Unicode for linguistics and classical languages (classical&medieval Latin, ancient Greek, Etruscan, Oscan, Umbrian, Faliscan, Messapic, Picene, Iberic, Celtiberic, Gothic, Runic, Modern Greek, Cyrillic, Devanagari-based languages, Old&Middle English, Hebrew, Sanskrit, IPA, Ogham, Ugaritic, Old Persian, Old Church Slavonic, Brahmi, Glagolitic, Ogham, ancient Greek Avestan, Kharoshti, Old Norse, Old Icelandic, Old Danish and Old Nordic in general, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Phoenician, Cypriot, Linear B with plans for Glagolitic). This font has over 5000 glyphs, and contains most characters that concern classicists (rare symbols, signs for metrics, epigraphical symbols, "Saxon" typeface for Old English, etcetera). A demo font can be downloaded [see also Lucius Hartmann's place]. His Greek font Grammata (2002) is now called Ellenike.

He also created a package of fonts for Latin paleography (medieval handwriting on parchments): Capitalis Elegans, Capitalis Rustica, Capitalis Monumentalis, Antiqua Cursiva Romana, Nova Cursiva Romana (2014), Uncialis, Semiuncialis, Beneventana Minuscula, Visigothica Minuscula, Luxoviensis Minuscula, Insularis Minuscula, Insularis Majuscula, Carolingia Minuscula, Gothica Textura Quadrata, Gothica Textura Prescissa, Gothica Rotunda, Gothica Bastarda, Gothica Cursiva, Bastarda Anglicana (2014) and Humanistica Antiqua. PDF entitled Fonts For Latin Palaeography (2008-2014), in which Marcos gives an enjoyable historic overview.

Alphabetum is not Marcos's only excursion into type design. In 2011, he created two simulation fonts called Sefarad and Al Andalus which imitate Hebrew and Arabic calligraphy, respectively.

Cyrillic OCS (2012) is a pair of Latin fonts that emulate Old Church Slavonic (old Cyrillic).

In 2013, he created Cuneus, a cuneiform simulation typeface.

Paleographic fonts for Greek (2014) has ten fonts designed by Marcos: Angular Uncial, Biblical Uncial, Coptic Uncial, Papyrus Uncial, Round Uncial, Slavonic Uncial, Sloping Uncial, Minuscule IX, Minuscule XI and Minuscule XV. These fonts are representative of the main styles of Greek handwriting used during the Classical World and Middle Ages on papyrus and parchments. There is also a short manual of Greek Paleography (71 pages) which explains the development of Greek handwriting from the fourth century B.C. to the invention of printing with movable type in the middle of the fifteenth A.D. He wrote a text book entitled History of Greek Typography: From the Invention of Printing to the Digital Age (in Spanish; second edition, 2018). See also here and here. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Barry Schwartz
[Crud Factory]

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Crud Factory
[Barry Schwartz]

Barry Schwartz (b. 1961) is a scientist who lives in St. Paul, MN. He grew up mostly in Kendall Park, NJ, and studied electrical engineering from 1984 until 1990 at Rutgers. He is a fervent and exemplary supporter of the idea of Open Source fonts and software. He runs Crud Factory. His fonts:

  • BonvenoCF-Light (2006). A geometric OpenType format typeface for Latin scripts, having all the letters for Esperanto.
  • Fanwood Text (2011, a Venetian old style typeface). This is a free version of Fairfield (1940-1947, Rudolf Ruzicka). For a commercial version, check Bitstream's Transitional 551.
  • Goudy Bookletter 1911 (2008) is a revival of Goudy's Kennerley Old Style Roman from 1911.
  • Goudy Old Style 14-point (2009).
  • Juvelo (2009). A delicate roman serif face.
  • Linden Hill (2010, OFL). A two-style (roman, italic) revival of Goudy's Deepdene.
  • Prociono CF (2007). See also here.
  • OFL Sorts Mill Goudy (2009). A revival of Goudy Oldstyle and Italic.
  • KisStMTT (or: Sorts Mill Kis) (2010). Based a bit loosely on the early-20th-century revival of Jenson / Kis drawn by Sol Hess for Lanston Monotype.
  • He adapted some glyphs of Gentium for better display with Adobe Reader, and called the new type family Temporarium (2007-2008).
  • Valley (2009). A take on Walbaum.

Links: Another URL. Dafont link. OFL link. Font Squirrel link. Googlecode link. Devian tart link. The League of Moveable Type. Abstract Fonts link. Kernest link. Klingspor link. Google Plus link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive - Esperanto

Four Esperanto typefaces: Boden, Kurier, Orion, Tempo (truetype). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Enciclopédia Simpozio

This Brazilian Esperanto site has these fonts for Esperanto: Esparia, TimesNewRomanEoSS, ArialEoSS, ArialEoSSBold, ArialEoSSItalic, TimesNewRomanEoSSBold, TimesNewRomanEoSSBoldItalic, TimesNewRomanEoSSItalic, ArialEoSSBoldItalic, ArialBlackEoSS, EspariaEoSS. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Esperanto fonts

Public domain Esperanto truetype fonts with ISO-Latin3 encoding include Ariel SudEuro, Ariena SudEuro, Bookman SudEuro, Courier SudEuro, Garamond SudEuro, Times SudEuro, Verena SudEuro, ArialLatin3, CaligulaA, CourierNewPSMT, Publika (Franko Luin, 1992), Lat3-Arial, Lat3-ArialBold, Lat3-ArialBoldItalic, Lat3-ArialItalic, Lat3-CourierNew, Lat3-CourierNewBold, Lat3-CourierNewBoldItalic, Lat3-CourierNewItalic, Lat3-KaufmanEsp, Lat3-TimesNewRoman, Lat3-TimesNewRomanBold, Lat3-TimesNewRomanBoldItalic, Lat3-TimesNewRomanItalic, E-Latina, EoBauhaus-Heavy, EoHelvetica, EoNewCentury, EPublika, BodenEsperanto, TempoEsperanto, KurieroEsperanto, and OrionEsperanto. [Google] [More]  ⦿

EversonMono for MacOs

Free Mac fonts in the EversonMono series for CSX, Celtic, Croatian, Cyrillic, Esperanto, Gaelic, Georgian, Greek, Icelandic, Inuktitut, Ogham, Romanian, Sami, and Turkish. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Flandra Esperanto Ligo

Esperanto, South-European fonts. Latin-3 encoding. Page run by Roland Rotsaert from Brugge. [Google] [More]  ⦿


Spanish language site for various non-Latin language fonts. A sampling: Afus Deg Wfus 2 (for Berber), AlKatib1 (2001, an Arabic typeface by Naseem Amjad), Albanian, Alice_0 (Lao typeface by by Ngakham Southichack), LAOMAY_5 CHAREUNSILP (Lao typeface by by Soupasith Bouahom), Arial AMU (1999, Armenian typeface by Ruben Tarumian), BaltFrutigerLight, BaltHelveticaMedium, BaltNewCenturySchoolbookMedium, BaltOptimaMedium, BaltTiffanyMedium, BaltUniversityMedium, CarloAtor (1997, Arabic family by Timm Erickson, Summer Institute of Linguistics), Caligraf-W, Ciula (1996, a Romanian typeface by Paul Hodor), Cursiv (Romanian), AnlongvillKhek, GabrialAtor (another Arab family by Timm Erickson), Gin, Greek (1993, by Peter J. Gentry&Andrew M. Fountain), HandSign (1993, Sam Wang), HFMassisShantNUnicode (1990-1994, an Armenian unicode typeface by BYTEC Computers and Massis Graphics), HONGKAD (1994, a family by Dr. Hongkad Souvannavong), IsmarBold, IsmarLight, Lakshmi, X000000A (1994, a lao typeface by Sith Bouahom), LAOMAY_2-CHAREUNSILP, Alice3Medium, Alice0Medium, Langagedessignes (1998, by Philippe and François Blondel), NorKirk (1997, a great Armenian typeface by Ruben Tarumian), NovaTempo (for Esperanto), Pazmaveb (for Armenian), ILPRumanianB100 (1996, by Charles J. Coker), Saysettha-Lao, Saysettha-LaoBold, SenzorgaAnhok, Timok, Tribuno, Turn-W, TimesUnicode, ArialAMU, PoliceTypeAPI (for Armenian), Cieszyn-Regular, PoojaNormal, Shibolet (1995, Hebrew), Shree-Ass-0552 (2000, by Modular InfoTech), Tudor-Semi-Lite, Webdunia, TimesNRCzech, TNRLiboriusVII (2001, a fully accented Times typeface by Libor Sztemon), GreatMoravia (2001 Libor Sztemon, Czechia), Johaansi-ye-Peyravi (2001, a full accent blackletter typeface by Libor Sztemon, Czechia), TimesNREuskaraEuransiEsperanto (2001, Libor Sztemon). [Google] [More]  ⦿


A typeface family by Bay Animation that is especially designed for Esperanto. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Journal of Biblical Studies

Alternate URL. Archive: Altrussisch, Altrussisch-Bold, Altrussisch-BoldItalic, Altrussisch-Italic, Web-Hebrew-AD, BSTGreek, BSTHebrew, Coptic-Normal, Web-Hebrew-Monospace, Cyrillic, Cyrillic-Bold-Italic, Cyrillic-Bold, Cyrillic-Normal-Italic, DSS-Scribal-Normal, Elephantine-Aramaic, Etruscan-Epigraphic-Normal, Netextmo, Netextpro, Greek, Hebrew, IluInternet, Koine-Medium, l562-Minuscule-Normal, Lachish-Bold, Latin-Uncial-Normal, Linear-B, Nippur-Sans-Regular, Macedonian-Ancient, Meroitic---Demotic, Meroitic---Hieroglyphics, Nabataean-Aramaic, Nahkt, Paleo-Hebrew-NormalA, Phoinike, Qumran, RD-Akkadian1, RK-Ugaritic-Transscript, Rashi, SPAchmim, SPAtlantis, SPDamascus, SPEdessa, SPEzra, SPIonic, SPTiberian, Schwaben-Alt-Bold, Sinaiticus-Greek-Uncial, Sorawin-Plain, Ugarit. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Juan-José Marcos García

[More]  ⦿

Libor Sztemon

Czech site with helpful tables of all Latin and Slavic alphabets. Downloadable fonts made by Libor Sztemon in 2001 for his software, Liborsoft, include CNR-Solca, Casy-EA-Bold (a didone), Casy-EA, Darseni-e-Afshenasi, Dee-Sathairn, Euransi-e-Nauromane, FZDHTJW--GB1-0, FZHLJW--GB1-0, GaramondWLHalbfett, Havirov, Johaansi-ye-Peyravi (blackletter), Khorshide_Iran, LiborsoftInternational, LinguaLatina, Masnavi-e-Nauromane, OldMoravianGlagolitic, Ostrava (a copy of Flyer), PrydEuro-Cymraeg, Shahanshah-e-Xatt, TNRLiboriusVII, TempsEuro-Catalan, Times-NR-Czech, Times-NR-Greenlandic, Times-of-EuransiLS, Times-of-SlaviskPSMT, Times-of-Slavs, Times-of-Tajiki, Times-of-the-West, TimesNREuskaraEuransiEsperanto, TimesNewRomanHungarian, Velehrad, VelehradBold, Zemanho-ye-Darseni, Ardashir-e-Urofarsi, Daftar-e-Urofarsi, Gam-e-Urofarsi, Jahan-e-Urofarsi, BohemiaLS, BohemiaPS-BoldLS, BohemiaPS-BoldItalicLS, BohemiaPS-ItalicLS, LiborsoftCzechia, MoraviaLS, Moravia-BoldLS, Moravia-BoldItalicLS, Moravia-ItalicLS, SilesiaLS, SilesiaPS-BoldLS, SilesiaPS-BoldItalicLS, LiborsoftSilesiaPS-ItalicLS, Miyane-ye-Urofarsi (Liborsoft), Name-ye-Urofarsi, Parvane-ye-Urofarsi, Peyk-e-Urofarsi, Sadsale-ye-Urofarsi, ahpur-e-Urofarsi, Setare-ye-Urofarsi, Siyah-e-Urofarsi, Times of Tajiki, Tarik-e-Urofarsi, Zeman-e-Darseni, Zaman-e-Urofarsi, TimesNREuskaraEuransiEsperanto, Friulan Nazzi-Faggin (2001, a didone). Another directory. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Macintosh Esperanto Code Table

Mac Esperanto code table by Michael Everson. [Google] [More]  ⦿

M.C.G.V. Stack

M.C.G.V. Stack at The Eindhoven University of Technology keeps an archive with fonts, specially adapted for Esperanto. The Wulffttf file has EFuturaNormal.ttf, EFuture.ttf, EGalaxy.ttf, all Esperanto. Plus EO Chicago, Helvetica, NewYork for Mac. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Neal McBurnett

Neal McBurnett's X-Windows BDF font files for Esperanto. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Publika and Latina

Publika is an Esperanto font family made by Franko Luin (Omnibus) designed in 1992. Luin also designed Latina for Esperanto. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sergio Pokrovskij

In 1995, Sergio Pokrovskij adpated the Publika truetype family for Esperanto originally designed by Franko Luin in 1992. [Google] [More]  ⦿

SudEuro typefaces

South European (Maltese) language fonts with the suffix SudEuro in the name include ArienaSudEuro-Bold, ArienaSudEuro-Italic, ArienaSudEuro-BoldItalic, ArienaSudEuro, BookmanSudEuro-Bold, BookmanSudEuro-Italic, BookmanSudEuro-BoldItalic, BookmanSudEuro, CourierSudEuro-Bold, CourierSudEuro-Italic, CourierSudEuro-BoldItalic, CourierSudEuro, GaramondSudEuro-Bold, GaramondSudEuro-Italic, GaramondSudEuro, TimesSudEuro-Bold, TimesSudEuro-Italic, TimesSudEuro-BoldItalic, TimesSudEuro, VerenaSudEuro-Bold, VerenaSudEuro-Italic, VerenaSudEuro-BoldItalic, VerenaSudEuro. [Google] [More]  ⦿