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Othmar Motter

Austrian graphic and type designer (b. 1927, Austria, d. 2010, Hard, near Bregenz) who set up Vorarlberger Graphik Studio in 1951 in the town of Hard am Bodensee (Lake Constance) after graduating in 1950 from a graphic arts academy in Vienna. He specialized in poster design, and in the late 1960s, early 1970s, he turned to logo and type design. His typefaces:

  • At Berthold and Letraset, he made his first set of typefaces, all phototypes: Motter Tektura (1975; used for the original Apple logo and the corporate typeface for Reebok; see also the free FontStruct font by Gene Buban called Motternasl (2011)), Motter Ombra (1972, a famous and popular psychedelic face; for revivals or extensions, see Zombra EyeFS (2013) by Antonio J. Morata, RL Lyra (2017) by Jozef Ondrik and AT Dombra (2014) by Zhalgas Kassymkulov), Motter Alustyle (1972; revival by Steve Harrison in 2019), and Motter Femina (early 1970s, a headline face; see MotterFemD (URW, 1994)).
  • ITC: ITC Motter Sparta (1997), ITC Motter Corpus Bold. ITC Motter Corpus (1993, + Condensed) was turned by Adobe staff into a multiple master family. A free outlined typeface based on ITC Motter Corpus is Nick Curtis's Toyland NF.
  • Fontshop: FF Motter Festival (2000).
  • At Motter Design, in chronological order: Motter Danubia, Motter Ornata (psychedelic), Motter Ductus, Motter Forte, Motter Ferrum (octagonal), Motter Austriana, Motter Bodan, Motter Alustyle, Motter Sans Book, Motter Neo-Tech (fat octagonal), Motter Teak, Motter Tektura, Motter Factum (1998), Motter Air (2009, techno, by Siegmund Motter).
  • At Motter Fonts: Motter Ombra, Motter Factum, Motter Femina, ITC Motter Sparta, Motter Regatta (1999), Motter Air, ITC Motter Corpus, Motter Bregenz (1970), Motter Pretiosa (1990), and Motter Festival (2000).
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The web site Motter Fonts is managed by Othmar's grandchildren, Peter and Siegmund. An excerpt from his obituary at FontShop: Motter was the first Austrian designer who managed to establish his type designs on the international scene. In the early 70s four of his headline typefaces were produced by Berthold and Letraset: the striking ornate display sans Motter Ombra; the aforementioned Motter Tektura, a constructed sans; the striking geometric all lowercase typeface Motter Alustyle; and the curvaceous bold display script Motter Femina. In the following years the all-round graphic designer interrupted his type design activities, profiling himself through international assignments as a logo designer, winning several competitions.

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Othmar Motter
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file name: Othmar Motter I T C Motter Festival 2000

file name: Othmar Motter I T C Motter Sparta 1997

file name: Siegmund Motter Motter Air 2010

file name: Othmar Motter Motter B Factum 1998

file name: Othmar Motter Motter Bregenz 1970

file name: Othmar Motter Motter Femina 1973

file name: Othmar Motter Motter Pretiosa 1990

file name: Othmar Motter Motter Regatta 1999

file name: Steve Harrison Motter Alustyle 2019

file name: Steve Harrison Motter Alustyle 2019

file name: Nick Curtis Toyland N F after I T C Motter Corpus

file name: Othamr Motter Motter Ombra

file name: Antonio J Morata Zombra Eye F S 2013 after Othmar Motter Motter Ombra 1973

file name: Othmar Motter Motter Ombra 1973

file name: Zhalgas Kassymkulov A T Dombra 2013

file name: Zhalgas Kassymkulov A T Dombra 2013b

file name: Jozef Ondrik R L Lyra 2017 after Othmar Motter

file name: Othmar Motter motter tektura apple logo

file name: Othmar Motter Pic

file name: Othmar Motter Catalog

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