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George Williams

Written by Luc Devroye
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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George Williams's site (now defunct) site was a discovery! George Williams (b. 1959) wrote spline-generating code and then went on to produce several fonts with his software between 1987 and 1998:

  • Art nouveau style: Carmen, Ambrosia (1989), Fantaisie Artistique, Baldur, Monopol, Parisian, Peignot, Bocklin, Edda.
  • Lombardic: Lombardic.
  • Victorian: Caprice, Ringlet.
  • Uncial: Uncial Animals, Roman Uncial Modern.
  • Ornamental caps: Versal, Decorative, Square Caps, Extravagant Capitals, Floral Caps, Morris, Andrade.
  • Display faces: Crystal, Flash, Cupola, Santa Barbara Streets (2013-2014; after the street signs in Santa Barbara, CA).
  • Blackletter: Rotunda (1998), Bastarda, Textura Modern, Fractur (a remake of Wittenbach).
  • Art deco: Piccadilly, Mirage (1999, prismatic).
  • Calligraphic: Humanistic.
  • Text: Caslon.
  • Slab: Monospace.
  • Sans: Caliban.
  • Bamboo Gothic (2007).
  • TIS620-2529 (a Thai font).

George Williams writes: I have been slowly working to provide free unicode postscript fonts for the three major groupings of styles used by European (Latin, Greek and Cyrillic anyway) type designs: serif, sans-serif and typewriter (or Times, Helvetica and Courier). Monospace is my approximation to Courier. Close examination will reveal that it is a bad copy of courier. Caslon Roman (1992-2001) is a serif font (designed by William Caslon in 1734), it's not a bad copy of Times, it's a bad copy of something else. Caliban is a bad copy of Helvetica. If Microsoft can call their version of Helvetica Arial, then Caliban seems appropriate for mine. Alternate URL. Yet another URL.

George Williams is best known as the inventor and creator of FontForge, the bigest and best free font editor today. It made him the darling of the Open Software community. Interview with OSP.

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George Williams
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file name: George Williams Peignot 2000

file name: George Williams Peignot 2000

file name: George Williams Parisian 2000

file name: George Williams Santa Barbara Streets 2013 2014

file name: George Williams Square Caps

file name: George Williams Bastarda 1998

file name: George Williams Carmen 1997

file name: George Williams Decorative 1998

file name: George Williams Edda 1998

file name: George Williams Caslon Roman 1992 2001

file name: George Williams Fantaisie Artistique 1998

file name: George Williams Flash 2000

file name: George Williams Ambrosia Medium 1989

file name: George Williams Fractur 1998

file name: George Williams Lombardic 1998

file name: George Williams Mirage 1999

file name: George Williams Ringlet 1998

file name: George Williams Rotunda 1998

file name: George Williams Versal 1998

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