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Monospaced fonts

[Headline set in Sergiy Tkachenko's Fabryka 4F (2010)]


3type [Google] [More]  ⦿

4th February [Sergiy Tkachenko] [Google] [More]  ⦿

A Is For (was: Aisforapple) [Emilie Rigaud] [Google] [More]  ⦿

A Survey of Free Math Fonts for TeX and LaTeX [Stephen G. Hartke] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Aaron Bell [Saja TypeWorks] [More]  ⦿

Abdullah Arif [Google] [More]  ⦿

Acces Design [Beate Limbach] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Adam Katyi [Hungarumlaut (was: Cila Design)] [More]  ⦿

Adam Ladd [Adam McIntyre] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Adam McIntyre [Adam Ladd] [More]  ⦿

Adrian Frutiger [Univers Typewriter] [More]  ⦿

Adrian Smith [Google] [More]  ⦿

Adrian Talbot [Talbot Type] [More]  ⦿

Adrien Menard [Edition Studio] [More]  ⦿

Adrien Zammit [Formes Vives] [More]  ⦿

Agent Demonic Ladybug [Google] [More]  ⦿

Agi Pramudiman [Loch Typography] [More]  ⦿

Airbus: B612 [Google] [More]  ⦿

A.J. Marx [Google] [More]  ⦿

Akbar Rohmanto [Harmnessless] [More]  ⦿

Akemi Aoki [Google] [More]  ⦿

Akufadhl (was: Alternatype, or: Akutype, or: Alterna Type foundry) [Fadhl Waliy Ul Haqq] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alan Mattano [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alan Rimmer [Fatchair] [More]  ⦿

Albert Coy [Google] [More]  ⦿

Albert Pinggera [Design Buero] [More]  ⦿

Alessandro Tartaglia [FF3300] [More]  ⦿

Alex Bergin [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alex Chavot [Apex Type Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Alex Nelson [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alex Wall Dujet [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alexander Aeschbach [Idealphabet] [More]  ⦿

Alexander Colby [xyz.ch] [More]  ⦿

Alexander Lubovenko [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alexander Sperl [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alexander Tarbeev [TFaces] [More]  ⦿

Alexandra De Angelis [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alexandre Saumier Demers [Coppers & Brasses] [More]  ⦿

Alexey Atapin [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alfredo Marco Pradil [Hanken Studio] [More]  ⦿

Allison James [Chequered Ink] [More]  ⦿

Alp Eren Tekin [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alphabet Innovations International -- TypeSpectra (Was: MM2000) [Phil Martin] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Amadeus Information Systems [Phil Chastney] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Amin Abedi [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ana Maria Burtea [Google] [More]  ⦿

And Repeat [Martin Grasser] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Andre Toet Design (was: SO Design) [André Toet] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Andrea Braccaloni [Leftloft] [More]  ⦿

Andrea Tinnes [Typecuts] [More]  ⦿

André Leonhardt [Google] [More]  ⦿

André Toet [Andre Toet Design (was: SO Design)] [More]  ⦿

Andreas Dauerer [Google] [More]  ⦿

Andreas Larsen [Google] [More]  ⦿

Andreas Lehmann [Katwin-Schriften] [More]  ⦿

Andree Nguyen [Nguyen Type] [More]  ⦿

Andreu Balius Planelles [Type Republic] [More]  ⦿

Andrew Bellamy [Otherwhere Collective (or: Ilott Type)] [More]  ⦿

Andrew Tindale [Tyntyp] [More]  ⦿

Andrew Vucko [Google] [More]  ⦿

Andrew Welch [Google] [More]  ⦿

Andrey Makarov [Google] [More]  ⦿

Andrey Mel'man [Google] [More]  ⦿

Andriy Konstantynov [Mint Type (was: PDesign 6.0)] [More]  ⦿

Android Open Source Project [Google] [More]  ⦿

Andy Clymer [Google] [More]  ⦿

Anna Pocius [Artmaker] [More]  ⦿

Anna-Rae Morris [Google] [More]  ⦿

Anouk Pennel [Studio Feed (or: Feedtype)] [More]  ⦿

Antenah Studio [Mariano Diez] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Anthony Damico [Google] [More]  ⦿

Anthony Sheret [The Entente] [More]  ⦿

Antoine van Waesberge [Google] [More]  ⦿

Anurag Gautam [Google] [More]  ⦿

Aparat [Domen Fras] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Apex Type Foundry [Alex Chavot] [Google] [More]  ⦿

APL fonts [Christopher H. Lee] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Aqilah Emran [Google] [More]  ⦿

Archetype Foundry [Sujan Sundareswaran] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Archetypo.xyz [Google] [More]  ⦿

Architaraz Type (or: Kassymkulov Design) [Zhalgas Kassymkulov] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ardyana Putra [Ardyana Types] [More]  ⦿

Ardyana Types [Ardyana Putra] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Arek Zajac [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ari Juanda [Line Creative (or: Line Studio)] [More]  ⦿

Arial [Google] [More]  ⦿

Aring Typeface [Måns Grebäck] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Arkpandora [Gavin Graham] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Arktype (was: Atelier René Knip) [René Knip] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Armin Brenner [Google] [More]  ⦿

Artem Velychko [Precise Creative] [More]  ⦿

Artmaker [Anna Pocius] [Google] [More]  ⦿

ascii metafont [R.W.D. Nickalls] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ashley McConnell [Google] [More]  ⦿

Aspect Type [Lukasz Szpatowicz] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Astronaut Design [Slava Kirilenko] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Atelier Olschinsky [Peter Olschinsky] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Atipo [Google] [More]  ⦿

ATK Studio [Radinal Riki] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Atlas Font Foundry [Christoph Dunst] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Atypical [George Triantafyllakos] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Autodesk [Google] [More]  ⦿

Autograph [Peter Korsman] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Axel Gustafsson [Google] [More]  ⦿

Axel Pelletanche-Thévenart [Google] [More]  ⦿

Backpacker [George Triantafyllakos] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bad Mean Good [Bjorn Johansson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Baron von Fonthausen [Jacques Le Bailly] [Google] [More]  ⦿

BARR-Courier [Google] [More]  ⦿

Baugasm [Vasjen Katro] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Beata Sosity [Google] [More]  ⦿

Beate Limbach [Acces Design] [More]  ⦿

Beatrice D'Agostino [Google] [More]  ⦿

Beau Williamson [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bela Frank [Frank Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Belleve Invis [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bellistrami [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ben Bold [Bold Studio (was: Studio BB)] [More]  ⦿

Ben Harris [Google] [More]  ⦿

ben17 [Google] [More]  ⦿

BenBenWorld (or: BB Bureau) [Benoît Bodhuin] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Benjamin Critton [Google] [More]  ⦿

Benjamin Dennel [Google] [More]  ⦿

Benjamin Posch [Google] [More]  ⦿

Benoît Bodhuin [BenBenWorld (or: BB Bureau)] [More]  ⦿

Bera Fonts [Malte Rosenau] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Betatype [Christian Robertson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bethany Jennings [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bidi [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bigelow&Holmes [Charles Bigelow] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bitstream: Monospaced fonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bitstream Vera Fonts [Jim Lyles] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bjorn Johansson [Bad Mean Good] [More]  ⦿

Black Foundry [Jérémie Hornus] [Google] [More]  ⦿

BNF Type Foundry [Dogu Kaya] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bo Berndal [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bold Decisions [Mads Wildgaard] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bold Monday [Pieter van Rosmalen] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bold Studio (was: Studio BB) [Ben Bold] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bonjour Monde [Lucas Descroix] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Boris Brumnjak [Google] [More]  ⦿

Botio Nikoltchev [Lettersoup] [More]  ⦿

Boulevard Lab [Samuel Glen Hughes] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Brae Savva [Google] [More]  ⦿

Brandon Shields [Google] [More]  ⦿

Brian Dunn [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bridge Postcard Collector's [Google] [More]  ⦿

British APL Association [Google] [More]  ⦿

Brownfox [Gayaneh Bagdasaryan] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Browsers and fonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bruno Maag [Dalton Maag] [More]  ⦿

Bryce Wilner [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bureau Brut (was: Extra Brut) [Yoann Minet] [Google] [More]  ⦿

burodestruct (or: Typedifferent.com) [Lorenz Lopetz Gianfreda] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Büro Dunst [Christoph Dunst] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Cahya Sofyan [Studio Sun (or: Sun Brand Co)] [More]  ⦿

Caio Kondo [Google] [More]  ⦿

Caleb Newberg [Google] [More]  ⦿

Cameron Bagwell [Google] [More]  ⦿

Canonical Design [Dalton Maag] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Carl Osterwald [Google] [More]  ⦿

Carlo Krüger [Fontkingz] [More]  ⦿

Carrois Type Design [Ralph du Carrois] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Catalin [Google] [More]  ⦿

Chang Ki Han [Ckhans] [More]  ⦿

Charles Bigelow [Bigelow&Holmes] [More]  ⦿

Chequered Ink [Allison James] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Chmela Studio [Peter Chmela] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Chris Corbett [Pixelscript] [More]  ⦿

Chris Dickinson [More Type] [More]  ⦿

Christian Munk [Google] [More]  ⦿

Christian Robertson [Roboto (or: Google Android Design)] [More]  ⦿

Christian Robertson [Betatype] [More]  ⦿

Christian Schwartz [Google] [More]  ⦿

Christoph Dunst [Atlas Font Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Christoph Dunst [Büro Dunst] [More]  ⦿

Christoph Koeberlin [Google] [More]  ⦿

Christopher H. Lee [APL fonts] [More]  ⦿

Christopher Simpkins [Google] [More]  ⦿

Christopher Widdowson [Monospace fonts: Christopher Widdowson] [More]  ⦿

Ckhans [Chang Ki Han] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Clio Chaffardon [Google] [More]  ⦿

Club 21 [Julian Morey] [Google] [More]  ⦿

cmbright: Computer Modern Bright [Walter Schmidt] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Code Saver [Ryoichi Tsunekawa] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Codeluxe [Hugo Goeldner] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Codesign (or: Aviation Partners, or AVP) [Nicholas Garner] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Coji Morishita [M+ Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Collectif MBC (was: MBC Graph) [Google] [More]  ⦿

Colophon Foundry [Edd Harrington] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Comicraft (was: Active Images) [Richard Starkings] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Computer Modern fonts [Donald E. Knuth] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Computer Modern PostScript Fonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Computer Modern TT fonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Connary Fagen [Google] [More]  ⦿

Contrafonts (was: Sindicato de la Imagen, or: Cooperativa de Fundicion Tipografica) [Joaquín (jko) Contreras] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Coppers & Brasses [Alexandre Saumier Demers] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Corentin Noyer [Corentin Noyer] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Corentin Noyer [Corentin Noyer] [More]  ⦿

Cornel Windlin [Lineto] [More]  ⦿

Corwin Watts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini [Google] [More]  ⦿

Courier Thai [Google] [More]  ⦿

Crestaco [Javier Cos] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Cristiano Sobral [Google] [More]  ⦿

Critzler [Thomas Bierschenk] [Google] [More]  ⦿

CSDN [Google] [More]  ⦿

culiner.com [Google] [More]  ⦿

Cuong Lu [Google] [More]  ⦿

Cyn Fonts [Petros Vasiadis] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Cyrillic Fonts Plus [Google] [More]  ⦿

Daan Jesper Kars [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dalton Maag [Canonical Design] [More]  ⦿

Dalton Maag [Bruno Maag] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Damien Guard [Envy Technologies Ltd] [More]  ⦿

Dan Mecklenburg [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dan Schechner [Google] [More]  ⦿

Daniel Amor [Google] [More]  ⦿

Daniel Domonkos [Google] [More]  ⦿

Daniel Feldt [Great Scott] [More]  ⦿

Daniel Gamage [Google] [More]  ⦿

Daniel Gamage [Google] [More]  ⦿

Daniel Rebman [Google] [More]  ⦿

Daniel Reed [DR Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Daniel Sims [Google] [More]  ⦿

Daniel Uzquiano [Google] [More]  ⦿

Darren Embry [Darren Embry's list of monospaced fonts] [More]  ⦿

Darren Embry's list of monospaced fonts [Darren Embry] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Darren Rigby [Darren Rigby] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Darren Rigby [Darren Rigby] [More]  ⦿

Dave Rowland [Schizotype] [More]  ⦿

David B. Lamkins [Google] [More]  ⦿

David Fleming Nalle [Scriptorium (Ragnarok Press, Fontcraft)] [More]  ⦿

David Jonathan Ross [DJR Type] [More]  ⦿

David Kovalchik [Typography by Vid the Kid] [More]  ⦿

David Szebenyi [Google] [More]  ⦿

David Waschbüsch [Fontom Type] [More]  ⦿

Davide Molinari [Google] [More]  ⦿

Daymarius (or: Vasily Daymarius) [Vasily Draigo] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Debian xfonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Degarism Studio [Deni Anggara] [Google] [More]  ⦿

DejaVu Fonts [Stepan Roh] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Delve Fonts (was: Delve Media Arts) [Delve Withrington] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Delve Withrington [Delve Fonts (was: Delve Media Arts)] [More]  ⦿

Demonics [Mateo Mok] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Deni Anggara [Degarism Studio] [More]  ⦿

Denis Gorohovskiy [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dennis Michaelis [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dennis Palumbo [Google] [More]  ⦿

Design Buero [Albert Pinggera] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Device Fonts [Rian Hughes] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dial N for Ninja [Google] [More]  ⦿

Diederik Corvers [Ogentroost] [More]  ⦿

Dimitar Toshkov Zhekov [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dimitre Lima [HiType (was: DMTR.ORG)] [More]  ⦿

Dimitri Bruni [Norm] [More]  ⦿

Dino dos Santos [dstype] [More]  ⦿

Diogene's monospace list [Google] [More]  ⦿

Displaay [Martin Vacha] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Distributed Proofreaders [Google] [More]  ⦿

DJR Type [David Jonathan Ross] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Doc Iacobus [Dociacobus] [More]  ⦿

Dociacobus [Doc Iacobus] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dogu Kaya [BNF Type Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Domen Fras [Aparat] [More]  ⦿

Domenico Catapano [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dominic Huber [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dominik Szabo [Google] [More]  ⦿

Donald E. Knuth [Computer Modern fonts] [More]  ⦿

Doni Sukma [Letter Omega] [More]  ⦿

Dr. Anirban Mitra [Google] [More]  ⦿

DR Foundry [Daniel Reed] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dratsum [Google] [More]  ⦿

Drawwwn Studio [Ryan Thomas] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Droid font collection [Steve Matteson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

dstype [Dino dos Santos] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Duncan Keith [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dunwich Type Founders [James Walker Puckett] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dutchfonts.com [Ko Sliggers] [Google] [More]  ⦿

DX4WIN Software [Google] [More]  ⦿

Eben Sorkin [Sorkin Type (was: Eyebytes)] [More]  ⦿

EBS Design [Google] [More]  ⦿

Edd Harrington [Colophon Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Edition Studio [Adrien Menard] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Eduardo Manso [Emtype] [More]  ⦿

ekips.com [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ekke Wolf [Typic] [More]  ⦿

Elementalist [Google] [More]  ⦿

Eli Heuer [Google] [More]  ⦿

Elia Salvisberg [Google] [More]  ⦿

Elsner&Flake [Google] [More]  ⦿

Elvire Volk Leonovitch [Google] [More]  ⦿

Elwin Berlips [FontMeister] [More]  ⦿

Emil Kozole [Google] [More]  ⦿

Emilie Rigaud [A Is For (was: Aisforapple)] [More]  ⦿

Emilio Macchia [Google] [More]  ⦿

Emraan Mayow [Google] [More]  ⦿

Emre Parlak [Google] [More]  ⦿

Emtype [Eduardo Manso] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Enclo [Google] [More]  ⦿

Enrico Baldetti [Google] [More]  ⦿

Envy Technologies Ltd [Damien Guard] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Enzos [Google] [More]  ⦿

Eralp Gullep [Google] [More]  ⦿

Eric Djengué [Google] [More]  ⦿

Eric Olson [Process Type Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Eric Shao-yu Cheng [Google] [More]  ⦿

Erik Adigard [M-A-D] [More]  ⦿

Erik Bertell [Erik Jarl Bertell] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Erik Jarl Bertell [Erik Bertell] [More]  ⦿

Erik Spiekermann [Google] [More]  ⦿

Erwin Koch [Google] [More]  ⦿

Etcetera Type Company (or: ETC; was: Finck Font Co) [Tyler Finck] [Google] [More]  ⦿

ETH Productions [Google] [More]  ⦿

Etienne Aubert-Bonn [Google] [More]  ⦿

Europa Type [Fabian Leuenberger] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Evertype (was: Everson Typography) [Michael Everson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Extratype (was: Textaxis) [Iñigo Jerez Quintana] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fábio Duarte Martins [Scannerlicker (was: Loligo Vulgaris)] [More]  ⦿

Fabian Fohrer [Tightype] [More]  ⦿

Fabian Leuenberger [Europa Type] [More]  ⦿

Fabian Monod [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fabrizio Schiavi [Fabrizio Schiavi Design (or: FSD)] [More]  ⦿

Fabrizio Schiavi Design (or: FSD) [Fabrizio Schiavi] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fadhl Waliy Ul Haqq [Akufadhl (was: Alternatype, or: Akutype, or: Alterna Type foundry)] [More]  ⦿

Fatchair [Alan Rimmer] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fateh Lab [Wisnu Cipto Wibowo] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Felix Bonge [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fernando Haro [Google] [More]  ⦿

FF3300 [Alessandro Tartaglia] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fidan Aslanova [Fidan Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Fidan Fonts [Fidan Aslanova] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Filip Kraus [Google] [More]  ⦿

Filip Piasecki [Google] [More]  ⦿

Filippo Dalla Villa [Google] [More]  ⦿

Finaltype [Hans Heitmann] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Firebelly Design [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fixed width fonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fixedsys [Travis Owens] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Flanker (or: Studio di Lena) [Leonardo Di Lena] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Flat-It [Ryoichi Tsunekawa] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Florian Karsten [Google] [More]  ⦿

Florian Klauer [Fonts With Love (was: Heimat Design)] [More]  ⦿

Font Catalog Monospaced [Google] [More]  ⦿

FontFabrik [Lucas de Groot] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fontkingz [Carlo Krüger] [Google] [More]  ⦿

FontMeister [Elwin Berlips] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fontmenu.com [Michel Bujardet] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fontom Type [David Waschbüsch] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fonts Are Meant To Be FreeFontLab Studio [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fonts With Love (was: Heimat Design) [Florian Klauer] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fonty PL [Grzegorz Klimczewski] [Google] [More]  ⦿

For Personal Gain [Matthew Lew] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Forma & Co [Joel Lozano] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Formes Vives [Adrien Zammit] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Formist Foundry [Mark Gowing] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Fort Foundry [Mattox Shuler] [Google] [More]  ⦿

François Rappo [Google] [More]  ⦿

Francesco Franciosi [High Peak] [More]  ⦿

Francesco Mistico Canovaro [Zetafonts (or: Studio Kmzero, or: ZeroFont)] [More]  ⦿

Franck Jalleau [Google] [More]  ⦿

Frank Adebiaye [Velvetyne Type Foundry (or: VTF)] [More]  ⦿

Frank Fonts [Bela Frank] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Frantisek Storm [Storm Type Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Frederik Ueberschär [Google] [More]  ⦿

Free Typewriter Fonts [Johan Holmdahl] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Freefonts Space [Google] [More]  ⦿

Gabrielle Ery Higa [Google] [More]  ⦿

Galiad Computers [Shmuel Guttman] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ganlo R. Ithsm [Xenophilius] [More]  ⦿

Gavin Graham [Arkpandora] [More]  ⦿

Gayaneh Bagdasaryan [Brownfox] [More]  ⦿

Geen Bitter [Thom Janssen] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Generic [Google] [More]  ⦿

Geoffrey Pellet [Large Projects] [More]  ⦿

Georg J. Schubert [Google] [More]  ⦿

Georg Seifert [Schriftgestaltung] [More]  ⦿

George Rogers [Google] [More]  ⦿

George Strouzas [KEIK Design Bureau] [More]  ⦿

George Triantafyllakos [Atypical] [More]  ⦿

George Triantafyllakos [Backpacker] [More]  ⦿

George Williams [Google] [More]  ⦿

Georgia Tech Research Corporation: 3270 [Google] [More]  ⦿

Geri Osgyan [Google] [More]  ⦿

Gestalten [Google] [More]  ⦿

Gianluca Cassioli Qassjo [Google] [More]  ⦿

Gino Manicone [Google] [More]  ⦿

Giovanni Pensa [Google] [More]  ⦿

Giuseppe Errico [Google] [More]  ⦿

GNU Freefont (or: Free UCS Outline Fonts) [Steve White] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Good Programmer Typeface [Google] [More]  ⦿

Good Type Foundry [Kenneth Knutsen] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Göran Söderström [Letters from Sweden] [More]  ⦿

Gradient (was: Mindburger Studio) [Milos Mitrovic] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Graham Savage [Google] [More]  ⦿

Grazil Ltd [Google] [More]  ⦿

Great Scott [Daniel Feldt] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Greg Ponchak [SINDSINDSIND] [More]  ⦿

Griffin Moore [Monolith Foundry (was: Pilgrim Fonts)] [More]  ⦿

Grzegorz Klimczewski [Fonty PL] [More]  ⦿

guentersen [Google] [More]  ⦿

Gunnlaugur S.E. Briem [Google] [More]  ⦿

Günther Flake [Google] [More]  ⦿

Haäfe&Haph [Kyle Jones] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Haley Fiege [Kingdom of Awesome] [More]  ⦿

Hamish Muir [MuirMcNeil Design Systems] [More]  ⦿

Hanken Studio [Alfredo Marco Pradil] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hans Heitmann [Finaltype] [More]  ⦿

Harmnessless [Akbar Rohmanto] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Harold Lohner [Harold's Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Harold's Fonts [Harold Lohner] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hasklig [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hederae Creative (or: Hederae Type Foundry) [Valerio Dell'Edera] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Helen Rice [Pretend Foundry (or: Fuzzco)] [More]  ⦿

Hellmut G. Bomm [HGB] [More]  ⦿

Heloisa Pedroso [Google] [More]  ⦿

Helsinki Type Studio [Niklas Ekholm] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Henning Koch [Google] [More]  ⦿

Henning Krause [Google] [More]  ⦿

Henning von Vogelsang [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hetasvi Bhatt [Google] [More]  ⦿

HGB [Hellmut G. Bomm] [Google] [More]  ⦿

High Peak [Francesco Franciosi] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hilgraeve Inc [Google] [More]  ⦿

HiType (was: DMTR.ORG) [Dimitre Lima] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Holy Black Cat [Google] [More]  ⦿

House of Burvo [Matthew Burvill] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Howard G. Bud Kettler [Google] [More]  ⦿

HP FontSmart Fonts Section [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hrefna Sigurðardóttir [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hubert and Fischer [Sebastian Fischer] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hugo Goeldner [Codeluxe] [More]  ⦿

Hungarumlaut (was: Cila Design) [Adam Katyi] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hurme Design [Toni Hurme] [Google] [More]  ⦿

HV Font [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hylton Adam Revell [Google] [More]  ⦿

iA Writer Duospace [Oliver Reichenstein] [Google] [More]  ⦿

IBM Plex [Mike Abbink] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Idealphabet [Alexander Aeschbach] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ignacio Casco [Google] [More]  ⦿

Intaglio [Google] [More]  ⦿

International Standards Organisation [Google] [More]  ⦿

Iñigo Jerez Quintana [Extratype (was: Textaxis)] [More]  ⦿

Iordanis Passas [IP Art] [More]  ⦿

IP Art [Iordanis Passas] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ipanema Gráfica [Rubén Prol] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Irfan Nur Fadhilah [Google] [More]  ⦿

ISIA Urbino [Luciano Perondi] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Izhar Fathurrohim [Google] [More]  ⦿

J. K. Tuttle [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jack Halten Fahnestock [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jack Usine [SMeltery Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Jackson Watkins [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jacob Ritt [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jacques Le Bailly [Baron von Fonthausen] [More]  ⦿

Jacques Paris [MapInfo related programs] [More]  ⦿

Jake Sherwood [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jakub Samek [Makes Type] [More]  ⦿

James E. Murphy [Google] [More]  ⦿

James Goggin [Practise] [More]  ⦿

James Grieshaber [Typeco] [More]  ⦿

James Kilfiger [The Difficult Type] [More]  ⦿

James Walker Puckett [Dunwich Type Founders] [More]  ⦿

Jan Fromm [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jan Gerner [Yanone] [More]  ⦿

Jan Skrzypek [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jany Belluz [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jason Aitcheson [Google] [More]  ⦿

Javier Cos [Crestaco] [More]  ⦿

Jérémie Hornus [Black Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Jérémie Nuel [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jean Böhm [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jean-François Porchez [Typofonderie (was: Porchez Typofonderie)] [More]  ⦿

Jeff Kellem [Slanted Hall] [More]  ⦿

Jeremy Mickel [MCKL (was: Mickel Design)] [More]  ⦿

Jerry Fitzpatrick [Software Renovation Corporation] [More]  ⦿

Jerz Stach [Spinefonts] [More]  ⦿

Jesse M. Ragan [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jesse Merrell [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jetbrains [Konstantin Bulenkov] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jim Lyles [Bitstream Vera Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Jim Lyles [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jim Marcus [Google] [More]  ⦿

Joachim Müller-Lancé [kame Design (was: kametype)] [More]  ⦿

Joan A. Alegret [Tipomnatica (was: La Tipomatika)] [More]  ⦿

Joaquín (jko) Contreras [Contrafonts (was: Sindicato de la Imagen, or: Cooperativa de Fundicion Tipografica)] [More]  ⦿

Joe Treacy [Treacyfaces] [More]  ⦿

Joel Lozano [Forma & Co] [More]  ⦿

Joern Oelsner [Google] [More]  ⦿

Johan Holmdahl [Free Typewriter Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Johan Montenegro [Google] [More]  ⦿

Johan Winge [Google] [More]  ⦿

Johannes Ammon [Google] [More]  ⦿

Johannes Hoffmann [Johannes Hoffmann] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Johannes Hoffmann [Johannes Hoffmann] [More]  ⦿

Johannes Schnatmann [Google] [More]  ⦿

John H. Isles [Google] [More]  ⦿

Johnny Martz [Robot Johnny (was: Robotic Attack Fonts)] [More]  ⦿

Jonathan Hill [The Northern Block (TNB)] [More]  ⦿

Jorge Moron [Google] [More]  ⦿

José Scaglione [Google] [More]  ⦿

Josefin Steding Selander [Google] [More]  ⦿

Joseph Kral [Kral Typefaces] [More]  ⦿

Joshua Deakin [Google] [More]  ⦿

Joshua Distler [Shift Font Library (was: Shiftype)] [More]  ⦿

Josue Acevedo Maldonado [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jörg Schmitt [Google] [More]  ⦿

Judith Jöhren [Yokkmokk] [More]  ⦿

Juho Hiilivirta [Google] [More]  ⦿

Julia Hanft [Google] [More]  ⦿

Julian Morey [Club 21] [More]  ⦿

Julie Antczak [Google] [More]  ⦿

Juri Zaech [Google] [More]  ⦿

Justin Thomas Kay [Version Type Foundry (was: Industrial-Organic.Net)] [More]  ⦿

Juuso Salakka [No Bad Type] [More]  ⦿

K. Pensaya [Google] [More]  ⦿

K Projects [Simone Giorgio] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ka Wa [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kafa Studio [Google] [More]  ⦿

kame Design (was: kametype) [Joachim Müller-Lancé] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kamil Kurzajewski [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kanda Euatham [Paramajan] [More]  ⦿

Kara Zichittella [Zeitype] [More]  ⦿

Karsten [Google] [More]  ⦿

Katwin-Schriften [Andreas Lehmann] [Google] [More]  ⦿

KEIK Design Bureau [George Strouzas] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kelli Mosher [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kenneth Knutsen [Good Type Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Kevin Magelhaes [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kevin Richey [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kingdom of Awesome [Haley Fiege] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kiwari Kolektiv Studio [Google] [More]  ⦿

KLIM (or: Klim Type Foundry) [Kris Sowersby] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ko Sliggers [Dutchfonts.com] [More]  ⦿

Kolektiv Studio [Lukas Kijonka] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Konstantin Bulenkov [Jetbrains] [More]  ⦿

Kostic Type Foundry [Nikola Kostic] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kral Typefaces [Joseph Kral] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kreative Korporation (was: Relay Fonts, or: Kreative Software) [Rebecca Bettencourt] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kris Holmes [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kris Sowersby [KLIM (or: Klim Type Foundry)] [More]  ⦿

Kseniya Karataeva [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kumar Mallikarjunan [Tamil.net] [More]  ⦿

Küng Design Bureau [Valdemar Lamego] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kyle Jones [Haäfe&Haph] [More]  ⦿

L503 [Google] [More]  ⦿

Laetitia Brun [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lafonts [Marc Rudin] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Large Projects [Geoffrey Pellet] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lars Harmsen [Volcano Type (MAGMA)] [More]  ⦿

Lars Pryds [Tolstrup Pryds Graphics] [More]  ⦿

Laura Dreßler [Schauschau] [More]  ⦿

Laurenz Brunner [Studio Brunner] [More]  ⦿

Leftloft [Andrea Braccaloni] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Leon Sam Hugues [Google] [More]  ⦿

Leona Vertus [Google] [More]  ⦿

Leonardo Di Lena [Flanker (or: Studio di Lena)] [More]  ⦿

Letter Omega [Doni Sukma] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Letterhead Studio VG Fonts [Valery Golyzhenkov] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Letterhead Studio YG [Yuri Gordon] [Google] [More]  ⦿

LetterMaker [Teo Tuominen] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Letters from Sweden [Göran Söderström] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lettersoup [Botio Nikoltchev] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Levi Bunyan [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lewis McDonald [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lewis McGuffie [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lewis Wilson [Google] [More]  ⦿

Li Zhiqian [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lica Eugen [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lila Kozdra [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lina Bolt [Google] [More]  ⦿

Line Creative (or: Line Studio) [Ari Juanda] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lineto [Cornel Windlin] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Liquitype [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lisa Müller [Google] [More]  ⦿

Little Fonts [Max Little] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lizy Gershenzon [Scribble Tone] [More]  ⦿

Loch Typography [Agi Pramudiman] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lo-ol Type foundry [Loris Olivier] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lorenz Lopetz Gianfreda [burodestruct (or: Typedifferent.com)] [More]  ⦿

Lorenzo Geiger [Lorenzo Geiger Typewerk] [More]  ⦿

Lorenzo Geiger Typewerk [Lorenzo Geiger] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Loris Olivier [Lo-ol Type foundry] [More]  ⦿

Lowing.org [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lucas de Groot [FontFabrik] [More]  ⦿

Lucas Descroix [Bonjour Monde] [More]  ⦿

Luciano Perondi [Molotro] [More]  ⦿

Luciano Perondi [ISIA Urbino] [More]  ⦿

Ludovic Balland [Google] [More]  ⦿

Luis Siquot [Siquot Design] [More]  ⦿

Luise Thoma [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lujis B6 [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lukas Kijonka [Kolektiv Studio] [More]  ⦿

Lukas Krakora [Typewriterfonts.net] [More]  ⦿

Lukasz Szpatowicz [Aspect Type] [More]  ⦿

Luke Graham Powell [Google] [More]  ⦿

Luke Woodward [Google] [More]  ⦿

LuxiMono [Google] [More]  ⦿

Luzi Gantenbein [Luzi Type] [More]  ⦿

Luzi Type [Luzi Gantenbein] [Google] [More]  ⦿

M+ Fonts [Coji Morishita] [Google] [More]  ⦿

M-A-D [Erik Adigard] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mads Wildgaard [Bold Decisions] [More]  ⦿

Mage Type [Setiadi Karya Pertiwi] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Makes Type [Jakub Samek] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Malte Rosenau [Bera Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Manfred Klein [Manfred Klein's Fonteria] [More]  ⦿

Manfred Klein's Fonteria [Manfred Klein] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Manuel Krebs [Google] [More]  ⦿

MapInfo related programs [Jacques Paris] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Marc Kappeler [Moiré] [More]  ⦿

Marc Rudin [Lafonts] [More]  ⦿

Marcelo Magalhães Pereira [Tipos Pereira Type Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Marco Condello [Google] [More]  ⦿

Marco Galtarossa [Google] [More]  ⦿

Marcus Kelman [Google] [More]  ⦿

Marek Pistora [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mariano Diez [Antenah Studio] [More]  ⦿

Måns Grebäck [Aring Typeface] [More]  ⦿

Mårten Nettelbladt [Omkrets arkitektur] [More]  ⦿

Mark Frömberg [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mark Gowing [Formist Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Mark Simonson [Mark Simonson Studio] [More]  ⦿

Mark Simonson Studio [Mark Simonson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mark van Bronkhorst [MvB Design] [More]  ⦿

Markus John [New Letters] [More]  ⦿

Martin Gnadt [Google] [More]  ⦿

Martin Grasser [And Repeat] [More]  ⦿

Martin Lorenz [TwoPoints.net] [More]  ⦿

Martin P. Pfeiffer [Scooter Graphics (Fonts by Marty Pfeiffer)] [More]  ⦿

Martin Vacha [Displaay] [More]  ⦿

Marton Kabai [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mass Driver [Rutherford Craze] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Match Fonts [Michel Bujardet] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mateo Mok [Demonics] [More]  ⦿

Mathieu Desjardins [Pangram Pangram Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Matt Balmer [Google] [More]  ⦿

Matt Cole Wilson [Google] [More]  ⦿

Matthew Anderson [Google] [More]  ⦿

Matthew Burvill [House of Burvo] [More]  ⦿

Matthew Butterick [MB Type] [More]  ⦿

Matthew Lew [For Personal Gain] [More]  ⦿

Matthew O'Rourke [Google] [More]  ⦿

Matthias Luh [Google] [More]  ⦿

Matthias Tellen [Google] [More]  ⦿

Matthieu Cordier [Google] [More]  ⦿

Matthieu Cortat [Nonpareille (was: Chastellun.net)] [More]  ⦿

Mattox Shuler [Fort Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Maud van Gool [Google] [More]  ⦿

Max Little [Little Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Maxwell Guest [Google] [More]  ⦿

MB Type [Matthew Butterick] [Google] [More]  ⦿

MCKL (was: Mickel Design) [Jeremy Mickel] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mediumextrabold (or: M XB Foundry) [Philip Cronerud] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Michael Abbink [Google] [More]  ⦿

Michael Cina [You Work For Them (or YWFT; formerly Cinahaus or TrueIsTrue)] [More]  ⦿

Michael Evcerson [Royal] [More]  ⦿

Michael Everson [Evertype (was: Everson Typography)] [More]  ⦿

Michael Hoffmann [Google] [More]  ⦿

Michael Jarboe [Reserves (or: AE Type)] [More]  ⦿

Michael Lassiter [Google] [More]  ⦿

Michel Bujardet [Fontmenu.com] [More]  ⦿

Michel Bujardet [Match Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Michel Troy [Urban Pixel (or: UP Font Studio)] [More]  ⦿

Microscan [Google] [More]  ⦿

Microsoft [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mika LaGattuta [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mika Mischler [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mike Abbink [IBM Plex] [More]  ⦿

Mikko Nuuttila [Google] [More]  ⦿

Milieu Grotesque [Timo Gaessner] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Milos Mitrovic [Gradient (was: Mindburger Studio)] [More]  ⦿

Mindaugas Strockis [Google] [More]  ⦿

Minor Praxis [Rully Prayogi] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mint Type (was: PDesign 6.0) [Andriy Konstantynov] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Misha Panfilov [Russian Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Missy Meyer [Google] [More]  ⦿

M.J. Cowan [Google] [More]  ⦿

Moiré [Marc Kappeler] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Molotro [Luciano Perondi] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mono Lisa [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mono Studio [Google] [More]  ⦿

Monofonts [Valentino Coppi] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Monolith Foundry (was: Pilgrim Fonts) [Griffin Moore] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Monomania [Google] [More]  ⦿

Monospac821 Hebrew BT [Google] [More]  ⦿

Monospace fonts: Christopher Widdowson [Christopher Widdowson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Monospaced Fonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Monospaced typefaces: Wikipedia [Google] [More]  ⦿

monospacifier.py [Google] [More]  ⦿

Monotype's Monospaced Fonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

More Type [Chris Dickinson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mota Italic [Rob Keller] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Muhammad Iqbal Firdaus [Tegami Type] [More]  ⦿

Muhittin Günes [Google] [More]  ⦿

MuirMcNeil Design Systems [Hamish Muir] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Muizzah Khirul [Google] [More]  ⦿

Murat Yüksel [Google] [More]  ⦿

MvB Design [Mark van Bronkhorst] [Google] [More]  ⦿

MyFonts: Monospace [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nathan Rutzky [Google] [More]  ⦿

Naum Type [Pyotr Bushuev] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Neal Fletcher [Google] [More]  ⦿

Neale Davidson [Pixel Sagas (was: Protoform Project, and Fontshack)] [More]  ⦿

Ned Bunnel [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nepfont Digital Foundry [Oszkár Boskovitz] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nerd Fonts [Ryan L. McIntyre] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Netlabs [Google] [More]  ⦿

Neubau Berlin (or: NB Typography, or: Neubau Laden) [Stefan Gandl] [Google] [More]  ⦿

New Letters [Markus John] [Google] [More]  ⦿

New Typography [Vernon Adams] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nguyen Type [Andree Nguyen] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nicholas Carvan [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nicholas Garner [Codesign (or: Aviation Partners, or AVP)] [More]  ⦿

Nick Shinn [Shinn Type] [More]  ⦿

Nicolas Griffe [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nicole Kercado [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nicolien van der Keur [VanderKeur] [More]  ⦿

Niels Toftegaard [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nikita Prokopov [Google] [More]  ⦿

Niklas Ekholm [Helsinki Type Studio] [More]  ⦿

Nikola Kostic [Kostic Type Foundry] [More]  ⦿

No Bad Type [Juuso Salakka] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Noah PostScript Type 1 Font Editor [Yeah Noah] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Noah Ross [Google] [More]  ⦿

Noël Leu [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nolan Paparelli [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nonpareille (was: Chastellun.net) [Matthieu Cortat] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Norm [Dimitri Bruni] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nur Afiqah Ht [Google] [More]  ⦿

Odd Number of Eyes [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ogentroost [Diederik Corvers] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ole Schäfer [Primetype] [More]  ⦿

Oleg Agafonov [Yoursdesign] [More]  ⦿

Oleg Macujev [Omtype] [More]  ⦿

Oleh Lishchuk [Pepper Type] [More]  ⦿

Oleksandr Parkhomovskyy [Google] [More]  ⦿

Oliver Reichenstein [iA Writer Duospace] [More]  ⦿

OLM [Google] [More]  ⦿

Olof Lindqvist [Google] [More]  ⦿

Omkrets arkitektur [Mårten Nettelbladt] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Omniflair [Google] [More]  ⦿

Omse Type [Google] [More]  ⦿

Omtype [Oleg Macujev] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ondrej Jób [Setup (was: Urtd)] [More]  ⦿

opipik [Google] [More]  ⦿

Optional Is [Google] [More]  ⦿

Oszkár Boskovitz [Nepfont Digital Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Otherwhere Collective (or: Ilott Type) [Andrew Bellamy] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Our Polite Society [Radek Sidun] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pablo Moreno [Google] [More]  ⦿

Paddy And Stuff [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pangram Pangram Foundry [Mathieu Desjardins] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Panos Nikolakakis [Google] [More]  ⦿

Paramajan [Kanda Euatham] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Patricia Stocheci [Google] [More]  ⦿

Patrick Hubbuch [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pau Lamuà [Google] [More]  ⦿

Paul D. Hunt [Pilcrow Type] [More]  ⦿

Paul McNeil [Google] [More]  ⦿

Paula Nazal Selaive [Google] [More]  ⦿

Paulina Koziel [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pedro Baños [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pedro Leal [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pedro Munhoz [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pellvetica [Steve Pell] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pepper Type [Oleh Lishchuk] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Peter Bilak [Typotheque] [More]  ⦿

Peter Bilak [Google] [More]  ⦿

Peter Chmela [Chmela Studio] [More]  ⦿

Peter Fischer [Google] [More]  ⦿

Peter Fonseca [Google] [More]  ⦿

Peter Korsman [Autograph] [More]  ⦿

Peter Olschinsky [Atelier Olschinsky] [More]  ⦿

Petros Vasiadis [Cyn Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Phil Chastney [Amadeus Information Systems] [More]  ⦿

Phil Martin [Alphabet Innovations International -- TypeSpectra (Was: MM2000)] [More]  ⦿

Philip Cronerud [Mediumextrabold (or: M XB Foundry)] [More]  ⦿

Philip Krayna [Google] [More]  ⦿

Philipp Bartholomaeus Neumeyer [Rüdiger] [More]  ⦿

Philipp Nurullin [Google] [More]  ⦿

Piero Di Biase [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pieter van Rosmalen [Bold Monday] [More]  ⦿

Pilcrow Type [Paul D. Hunt] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Piotr Grochowski [Type Design] [More]  ⦿

Pixel Sagas (was: Protoform Project, and Fontshack) [Neale Davidson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pixelscript [Chris Corbett] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Plau (was: Niramekko) [Rodrigo Rocha Saiani] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Practise [James Goggin] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Precise Creative [Artem Velychko] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pretend Foundry (or: Fuzzco) [Helen Rice] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Primetype [Ole Schäfer] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Process Type Foundry [Eric Olson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Produce [Tap Vorathit Kruavanichkit] [Google] [More]  ⦿

ProFont [Google] [More]  ⦿

Proggy Fonts [Tristan Grimmer] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Programmer Fonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Prosa GmbH [Ulrich Proeller] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Pyotr Bushuev [Naum Type] [More]  ⦿

Qimplef [Google] [More]  ⦿

Quan Ika [Google] [More]  ⦿

QuickType [Google] [More]  ⦿

R9 Type Design [Tana Kosiyabong] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Radek Sidun [Our Polite Society] [More]  ⦿

Radim Pesko [RP Digital Type Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Radinal Riki [ATK Studio] [More]  ⦿

Rafa Goicoechea [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rahman Yerli [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ralph du Carrois [Carrois Type Design] [More]  ⦿

Ralph Oliver du Carrois [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ramiz Guseynov [TipografiaRamis] [More]  ⦿

Raph Levien [Google] [More]  ⦿

Raphaël Daudelin [Google] [More]  ⦿

Raphël Bastide [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ray Buetens [Slub Design (was: Lawn Dart Fonts)] [More]  ⦿

Ray Larabie [Typodermic] [More]  ⦿

Régis Tosetti [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rebecca Bettencourt [Kreative Korporation (was: Relay Fonts, or: Kreative Software)] [More]  ⦿

Red Hat Inc [Steve Matteson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

regular one [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rehan Ahmad [Google] [More]  ⦿

Remi Rechtman [Google] [More]  ⦿

Renaud Futterer [Google] [More]  ⦿

Renaud Giuliano [Google] [More]  ⦿

René Knip [Arktype (was: Atelier René Knip)] [More]  ⦿

Reserves (or: AE Type) [Michael Jarboe] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rian Hughes [Device Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Ricard Garcia [Google] [More]  ⦿

Riccardo Sabatini [Google] [More]  ⦿

Richard Alexander Hall [Google] [More]  ⦿

Richard Redfern [Google] [More]  ⦿

Richard Starkings [Comicraft (was: Active Images)] [More]  ⦿

Rikke Wehner Hein [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rob Keller [Mota Italic] [More]  ⦿

Rob Kellett [Google] [More]  ⦿

Robbie de Villiers [Wilton Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Robert Crooks' Fixed Width Font Page [Google] [More]  ⦿

Robert Norton [s.a.x.] [More]  ⦿

Robert Steinmüller [Google] [More]  ⦿

Robey Pointer [Google] [More]  ⦿

Robot Johnny (was: Robotic Attack Fonts) [Johnny Martz] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Roboto (or: Google Android Design) [Christian Robertson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rodrigo Rocha Saiani [Plau (was: Niramekko)] [More]  ⦿

Roger Robertson [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rogier van der Sluis [Google] [More]  ⦿

Roman Gornitsky [Temporary State (was: Abstrkt)] [More]  ⦿

Romulo Gobira [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ross Burwell [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ross Mills [STIX Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Rowan J. Lewis [Google] [More]  ⦿

Royal [Michael Evcerson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

RP Digital Type Foundry [Radim Pesko] [Google] [More]  ⦿

rQuadrat [Siegfried Rückel] [Google] [More]  ⦿

R-Type (or: Rui Abreu) [Rui Abreu] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rubén Prol [Ipanema Gráfica] [More]  ⦿

Rui Abreu [R-Type (or: Rui Abreu)] [More]  ⦿

Rully Prayogi [Minor Praxis] [More]  ⦿

Russian Fonts [Misha Panfilov] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rutherford Craze [Mass Driver] [More]  ⦿

Rüdiger [Philipp Bartholomaeus Neumeyer] [Google] [More]  ⦿

R.W.D. Nickalls [ascii metafont] [More]  ⦿

Ryan Corey [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ryan L. McIntyre [Nerd Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Ryan Thomas [Drawwwn Studio] [More]  ⦿

Ryoichi Tsunekawa [Sometype Mono] [More]  ⦿

Ryoichi Tsunekawa [Code Saver] [More]  ⦿

Ryoichi Tsunekawa [Flat-It] [More]  ⦿

Saja TypeWorks [Aaron Bell] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sam Radian [Google] [More]  ⦿

Samuel Glen Hughes [Boulevard Lab] [More]  ⦿

Samuel Reynolds [Google] [More]  ⦿

Santiago Uribe [Google] [More]  ⦿

s.a.x. [Robert Norton] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Scannerlicker (was: Loligo Vulgaris) [Fábio Duarte Martins] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Schauschau [Laura Dreßler] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Schick Toikka [Google] [More]  ⦿

Schizotype [Dave Rowland] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Schriftgestaltung [Georg Seifert] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Scooter Graphics (Fonts by Marty Pfeiffer) [Martin P. Pfeiffer] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Scott Fial [Google] [More]  ⦿

Scribble Tone [Lizy Gershenzon] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Scriptorium (Ragnarok Press, Fontcraft) [David Fleming Nalle] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sébastien Delobel [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sébastien Hayez [Google] [More]  ⦿

seagate.com [Google] [More]  ⦿

Seagull Scientific Corporation [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sean Juarez [Google] [More]  ⦿

Seb McLauchlan [Sebastian McLauchlan] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sebastian Cabaj [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sebastian Fischer [Hubert and Fischer] [More]  ⦿

Sebastian McLauchlan [Seb McLauchlan] [More]  ⦿

Sebastian Wadsted [Google] [More]  ⦿

Serge Rhéaume [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sergiy Tkachenko [4th February] [More]  ⦿

Setiadi Karya Pertiwi [Mage Type] [More]  ⦿

Setup (was: Urtd) [Ondrej Jób] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Shadya Emery [Google] [More]  ⦿

Shapes for Cash [Timothy Donaldson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Shift Font Library (was: Shiftype) [Joshua Distler] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Shinn Type [Nick Shinn] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Shmuel Guttman [Galiad Computers] [More]  ⦿

Siegfried Rückel [rQuadrat] [More]  ⦿

Simon Schubert [Google] [More]  ⦿

Simone Giorgio [K Projects] [More]  ⦿

SINDSINDSIND [Greg Ponchak] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Siquot Design [Luis Siquot] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Slanted Hall [Jeff Kellem] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Slashed Zero Fonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Slava Kirilenko [Astronaut Design] [More]  ⦿

Slub Design (was: Lawn Dart Fonts) [Ray Buetens] [Google] [More]  ⦿

SMeltery Fonts [Jack Usine] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Snailrider [Google] [More]  ⦿

Software Renovation Corporation [Jerry Fitzpatrick] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sometype Mono [Ryoichi Tsunekawa] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sorkin Type (was: Eyebytes) [Eben Sorkin] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Spinefonts [Jerz Stach] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Stefan Gandl [Neubau Berlin (or: NB Typography, or: Neubau Laden)] [More]  ⦿

Stelios Ypsilantis [Google] [More]  ⦿

Stepan Roh [DejaVu Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Stephan Mueller [Google] [More]  ⦿

Stephen G. Hartke [A Survey of Free Math Fonts for TeX and LaTeX] [More]  ⦿

Steve Gilardi [Google] [More]  ⦿

Steve Matteson [Red Hat Inc] [More]  ⦿

Steve Matteson [Droid font collection] [More]  ⦿

Steve Matteson [Google] [More]  ⦿

Steve Pell [Google] [More]  ⦿

Steve Pell [Pellvetica] [More]  ⦿

Steve White [GNU Freefont (or: Free UCS Outline Fonts)] [More]  ⦿

Stewart C. Russell [Google] [More]  ⦿

STIX Fonts [Ross Mills] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Storm Type Foundry [Frantisek Storm] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Studio Brunner [Laurenz Brunner] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Studio Feed (or: Feedtype) [Anouk Pennel] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Studio Sun (or: Sun Brand Co) [Cahya Sofyan] [Google] [More]  ⦿

SubConArt [Google] [More]  ⦿

Suffix Works [Google] [More]  ⦿

Suitcase Type Foundry [Tomás Brousil] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sujan Sundareswaran [Archetype Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Sulki and Min [Sulki Choi] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sulki Choi [Sulki and Min] [More]  ⦿

Sumpatha Jadee [Google] [More]  ⦿

Susannah Brinkley [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sveinn Þorri Daviðsson [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sven Fuchs [Google] [More]  ⦿

System fonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tabular Type [Toshi Omagari] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Talbot Type [Adrian Talbot] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tamil.net [Kumar Mallikarjunan] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tana Kosiyabong [R9 Type Design] [More]  ⦿

Taner Ardali [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tap Vorathit Kruavanichkit [Produce] [More]  ⦿

Tarik Kirpi [Google] [More]  ⦿

Team Tejat [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tegami Type [Muhammad Iqbal Firdaus] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Teknike [Thoma Kikis] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Temple [Google] [More]  ⦿

Temporary State (was: Abstrkt) [Roman Gornitsky] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Teo Tuominen [LetterMaker] [More]  ⦿

TFaces [Alexander Tarbeev] [Google] [More]  ⦿

The Difficult Type [James Kilfiger] [Google] [More]  ⦿

The Entente [Anthony Sheret] [Google] [More]  ⦿

The Northern Block (TNB) [Jonathan Hill] [Google] [More]  ⦿

The Zia Connection Web Font Resource [Google] [More]  ⦿

Theo Weltman [Google] [More]  ⦿

Thiago Sam [Google] [More]  ⦿

Think Work Observe (TWO) [Google] [More]  ⦿

thmbnl. [Thom Niessink] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Thom Janssen [Geen Bitter] [More]  ⦿

Thom Niessink [thmbnl.] [More]  ⦿

Thoma Kikis [Teknike] [More]  ⦿

Thomas A. Rickner [Google] [More]  ⦿

Thomas Bierschenk [Critzler] [More]  ⦿

Thomas Grzybowski [Google] [More]  ⦿

Thomas Kaeding [Google] [More]  ⦿

Thomas Schraitle [Google] [More]  ⦿

Thomas Thiemich [Google] [More]  ⦿

Thor Christopher Arisland [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ti92Pluspc [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tightype [Fabian Fohrer] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Timo Gaessner [Milieu Grotesque] [More]  ⦿

Timothy Donaldson [Shapes for Cash] [More]  ⦿

TipografiaRamis [Ramiz Guseynov] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tipomnatica (was: La Tipomatika) [Joan A. Alegret] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tipos Pereira Type Foundry [Marcelo Magalhães Pereira] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tobias Benjamin Köhler [www.uncia.de (was: uncifonts)] [More]  ⦿

Tolstrup Pryds Graphics [Lars Pryds] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tolya Dodko [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tomás Brousil [Suitcase Type Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Tomas Kindahl [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tomasz Bilak [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tommy Ettinger [Google] [More]  ⦿

Toni Hurme [Hurme Design] [More]  ⦿

Toshi Omagari [Tabular Type] [More]  ⦿

Tr4pD00r [Google] [More]  ⦿

Travis Owens [Fixedsys] [More]  ⦿

Trayan Marinov [Google] [More]  ⦿

Treacyfaces [Joe Treacy] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tristan Grimmer [Proggy Fonts] [More]  ⦿

TT Interphases (was: TT Interfaces) [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tup Wanders [Google] [More]  ⦿

TwoPoints.net [Martin Lorenz] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tyler Finck [Etcetera Type Company (or: ETC; was: Finck Font Co)] [More]  ⦿

Tyntyp [Andrew Tindale] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Type Design [Piotr Grochowski] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Type Design Credits [Google] [More]  ⦿

Type Republic [Andreu Balius Planelles] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Type Studio (was: Vial Work) [Google] [More]  ⦿

Type Together [Veronika Burian] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Typeco [James Grieshaber] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Typecuts [Andrea Tinnes] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Typewriterfonts.net [Lukas Krakora] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Typic [Ekke Wolf] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Typodermic [Ray Larabie] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Typofonderie (was: Porchez Typofonderie) [Jean-François Porchez] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Typography by Vid the Kid [David Kovalchik] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Typotheque [Peter Bilak] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ulrich Proeller [Prosa GmbH] [More]  ⦿

Univers Typewriter [Adrian Frutiger] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Upir Typo [Vaclav Krejci] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Urban Pixel (or: UP Font Studio) [Michel Troy] [Google] [More]  ⦿

V Design [Vit Smejkal] [Google] [More]  ⦿

V. Sarela [Yautja] [More]  ⦿

Vaclav Krejci [Upir Typo] [More]  ⦿

Valdemar Lamego [Küng Design Bureau] [More]  ⦿

Valentino Coppi [Monofonts] [More]  ⦿

Valerio Dell'Edera [Hederae Creative (or: Hederae Type Foundry)] [More]  ⦿

Valery Golyzhenkov [Letterhead Studio VG Fonts] [More]  ⦿

VanderKeur [Nicolien van der Keur] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Vasily Draigo [Daymarius (or: Vasily Daymarius)] [More]  ⦿

Vasjen Katro [Baugasm] [More]  ⦿

Velvetyne Type Foundry (or: VTF) [Frank Adebiaye] [More]  ⦿

Velvetyne Type Foundry Workshops: Font Fonk Fork [Google] [More]  ⦿

Vernon Adams [New Typography] [More]  ⦿

Veronica Vidal [Google] [More]  ⦿

Veronika Burian [Type Together] [More]  ⦿

Version Type Foundry (was: Industrial-Organic.Net) [Justin Thomas Kay] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Vertigo Kid [Google] [More]  ⦿

Viktor Nübel [Google] [More]  ⦿

Vishnu Sathyan [Google] [More]  ⦿

Vit Smejkal [V Design] [More]  ⦿

Volcano Type (MAGMA) [Lars Harmsen] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Walter Schmidt [cmbright: Computer Modern Bright] [More]  ⦿

Webhance Studios (or: Unbranded Design Studio) [Google] [More]  ⦿

Weknow [Wino Sutarmin Kadir] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Will Miller [Google] [More]  ⦿

William I. Johnston [Google] [More]  ⦿

Wilton Foundry [Robbie de Villiers] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Wino Sutarmin Kadir [Weknow] [More]  ⦿

Wisnu Cipto Wibowo [Fateh Lab] [More]  ⦿

Wojciech Kalinowski [Google] [More]  ⦿

Wouter Steggerda [Google] [More]  ⦿

www.sw.ru [Google] [More]  ⦿

www.uncia.de (was: uncifonts) [Tobias Benjamin Köhler] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Xavier Cervelló [Google] [More]  ⦿

Xenophilius [Ganlo R. Ithsm] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Xuming Zeng [Google] [More]  ⦿

xyz.ch [Alexander Colby] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Yanone [Jan Gerner] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Yautja [V. Sarela] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Yaw-Jen Lin [Google] [More]  ⦿

Yeah Noah [Noah PostScript Type 1 Font Editor] [More]  ⦿

Yiddish fonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Yoann Minet [Bureau Brut (was: Extra Brut)] [More]  ⦿

Yokkmokk [Judith Jöhren] [Google] [More]  ⦿

You Work For Them (or YWFT; formerly Cinahaus or TrueIsTrue) [Michael Cina] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Yoursdesign [Oleg Agafonov] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Yuri Gordon [Letterhead Studio YG] [More]  ⦿

Y&Y [Google] [More]  ⦿

Zeitype [Kara Zichittella] [Google] [More]  ⦿

ZEST Specific Formaliser [Google] [More]  ⦿

Zetafonts [Google] [More]  ⦿

Zetafonts (or: Studio Kmzero, or: ZeroFont) [Francesco Mistico Canovaro] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Zhalgas Kassymkulov [Architaraz Type (or: Kassymkulov Design)] [More]  ⦿

Zheng Chuyang [Google] [More]  ⦿