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Delve Fonts (was: Delve Media Arts) [Delve Withrington]

Delve Withrington (Alameda, CA; b. 1970, Asheville, NC) studied at Savannah College of Art and Design, designed signage, print projects and web pages in addition to designing custom typefaces, worked for Fontshop, and in 2004, joined the type team at Agfa Monotype, which morphed into Monotype Imaging, Redwood City, CA. From Asheville, NC, he moved around and ended up in San Francisco. In 1996, he founded Delve Fonts in Berkeley, CA (in fact, Delve Media Arts, and later renamed Delve Fonts). He has collected a virtually complete list of books on typography. Author index. MyFonts link. Designer of these typefaces:

  • Beleren (2015). A custom typeface for the trading card game Magic: The Gathering (Hasbro).
  • Blasphemy Initials: a free (and also commercial...) spooky font.
  • Blot Test (1999): a dingbat font inspired by the work of noted German psychologist Hermann Rorschach [1885-1922].
  • Cody (1999): an informal comic book face.
  • Continuo (1996): an all caps bilined outline face.
  • Cortina (2011). A futuristic family by Joachim Müller-Lancé.
  • Delve Hand (1996-2003).
  • Eucalyptus Regular.
  • Eulipia (1997-2003): organic.
  • Helfa (2011). Delve writes: Readability is baked in with a generous x-height, fine proportions that have a medium height to width ratio, and reasonable contrast in stroke weight variation.
  • Oktal Mono (2012, a rounded octagonal modular typeface by Joachim Müller-Lancé and Erik Adigard of MAD studio in Sausalito).
  • Peso (1999): an octagonal family inspired by a parking sign discovered in Guanajuato, Mexico.
  • Quara (2009): a techno sans.
  • Tilden Sans (2004-2009): low contrast, large x-height.
  • Uppercut Angle (2011). A signage typeface by Joachim Müller-Lancé. It was originally developed for the Krav Maga training center of San Francisco.
  • Ysobel (2009; winner of an award at TDC2 2010). Delve co-designed the newspaper type family Ysobel (Monotype) with type designers Robin Nicholas, head of type design at Monotype, and Alice Savoie (Frenchtype, Monotype). The sales pitch: According to Nicholas, the idea for the Ysobel typefaces started when he was asked to create a custom, updated version of the classic Century Schoolbook typeface, which was designed to be an extremely readable typeface - one that made its appearance in school textbooks beginning in the early 1900s. See also Ysobel eText Pro (2013).
His Art work often involves type. Bitstream's Type Odyssey 2 (2002) has Continuo, Blot Test, Peso, Peso Negative. In 2009, Steven Skaggs designed Rieven Uncial and Rieven Italic at Delve Fonts. Pic.

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Delve Fonts (was: Delve Media Arts)
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file name: Delve Withrington Blasphemy Initials 2009

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file name: Delve Withrington Rieven Uncial

file name: Delve Withrington Peso 1999

file name: Delve Withrington Peso 1999

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file name: Delve Withrington Pic

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