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David Farey

Type designer who was born in London in 1943. Dave Farey runs Housestyle Graphics with Richard Dawson in London. He was well-known for running the successful auctions at many ATypI meetings. His typefaces for various foundries:

  • Panache Typography: the artsy typeface Cupid, Azbuka (sans family).
  • ITC: ITC Beesknees (1991), the sans-serif family ITC Highlander (1993), ITC Ozwald (1992, a beautiful fat face), ITC Johnston, and ITC Golden Cockerel family (1996, with Richard Dawson, an Eric Gill revival). The former three are part of the Linotype library. ITC Beesknees has been remade and extended by Nick Curtis as Arbuckle Remix (2008).
  • Agfa: Zemestro (2003, a 4-weight sans tapped as a typeface for television). His Creative Alliance typefaces: Abacus (art nouveau), Blackfriar, Bodoni Unique, Breadline Normal, Cachet, Cavalier, Classic, Cupid, Font Outline, Gabardine, ITC Golden Cockerel, Greyhound Script, ITC Johnston, Little Louis, Longfellow, Maigret (art nouveau), Revolution Normal, Stanley, Stellar, Virgin Roman Normal (art nouveau), Warlock.
  • Galapagos: Ersatz (2002, with Richard Dawson, at Galapagos, originally done at Panache).
  • HouseStyle Graphics: ClassicFranklin family (2000-2001).
  • FontHaus: Aries (1995), a font designed by Eric Gill (1932).
  • Monotype: Azbuka (2008-2009): a 20-style sans family by Richard Dawson and David Farey.
  • Elsner&Flake: Caslon EF Black.
  • OEM work: TimesClassic (2000-2001) for The London Times.
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David Farey
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file name: I T C I T C Johnston 2011

file name: Dave Farey Capone 1990s

file name: Dave Farey Azbuka

file name: David Farey Abacus

file name: David Farey Maigret.

file name: David Farey Maigret

file name: Golden Cockerel Init Orn I T C 1996

file name: Dave Farey Richard Dawson I T C Golden Cockerel 1996

file name: Dave Farey Monotype Zemestro 2003

file name: Dave Farey Zemestro 2003e

file name: Dave Farey Monotype Zemestro 2003b

file name: Dave Farey Monotype Zemestro Bold 2003

file name: David Farey Virgin Roman

file name: David Farey Virgin Roman

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