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Lineto [Cornel Windlin]

Since 1993, Swiss type designer Cornel Windlin (b. 1964, Küssnacht am Rigi) heads "lineto" in Zürich, with Stephan "Pronto" Mueller. Lineto is based in Zürich, Switzerland. The foundry has grown in size and influence and includes work by many type designers. Windlin himself made these typefaces:

  • The old typewriter family FF Magda (1995) and its smooth versions, FF Magda Clean (1995) and FF Magda Clean Mono (1995). Noteworthy is the white-on-black FF Magda Cameo. See also Mono (2003, Lineto).
  • Airport (FontFont).
  • Dot Matrix (FontFont).
  • Experimental typefaces: In FUSE 10, Windlin designed the symbol font Robotnik, and at FUSE 7, he made Mogadishu. He alsi created FUSE Classic 1.
  • FF Watertower (1998-1999, stencil font).
  • Screen Matrix (1995, with Stephan Mueller, FontFont).
  • ThermoNuclear (1999).
  • Mono-book (1998).
  • Autoscape-Regular (1998).
  • LL Alpha Headline (1997, based on the British license plates). This initial caps-only headline font in a Bold cut was redrawn and extended to a full character set in 2002, also adding an italic style, and additional Regular and Italic weights. The resulting fonts as exclusively licensed as corporate typeface for Mitsubishi Motors across Europe between 2002 and 2012. Since then, Alpha Headline was extended to Cyrillic, and two Stencil cuts were introduced. A new, revised and entirely redrawn version of Alpha Headline will be published by Lineto in 2019.
  • LL Lutz Headline (1997, derived from the lettering on British license plates).
  • Luggage Tag.
  • LL Gravur Condensed (1999, with Gilles Gavillet). This initial version of LL Gravur Condensed has been replaced by an entirely redrawn version, with additional Italic cuts (2010–2012, in collaboration with Radek Sidun).
  • Cobra: a phenomenal geometric font combining ideas of kitchen tile and stencil fonts, made in 1996.
  • FF Moonbase Alpha (1991, part of FUSE 3).
  • With Gilles Gavillet, dated 1999: Pixel Crude, Pixel World, Vectrex (1999), Vectrex World (skyline dingbats), Liquid Crystal (1999), Supermax (1999). Pixel World and Vectrex World are free.
  • VFutura (2004). Used as a corporate typeface by, e.g., Vitra Internatonal AG.

FontFont write-up. Fonts by designers. The Lineto collection has many beautiful trend-setting digital-look typewriter typefaces. From other designers:

  • Stephan Mueller: Regular (typewriter family), Valentine (typewriter family), Aveugle (Braille font, 1995), Parking, FF Gateway (1997), Grid (1996), Paragon, Batarde Coulee, Shuttle, FE Mittelschrift and FE Engschrift (1997), 104 (nice geometric font), FF Chernobyl (1998, from stenciled letters on the Chernobyl plant), FF Container, Bitmap-Condensed and Bitmap-Regular (1998), Office (Eurostile-like monospace, 1999).
  • Norm: Normetica (1999, now retired), Prima (1999, now retired), LL Simple (1999-2000), LL Replica and LL Replica Mono (2008), LL Riforma (2012-2017).
  • James Goggin, Rafael Koch, Mauro Paolozzi, Alex Rich and Arve Båtevik: LL Prismaset (2003-2014).
  • Elektrosmog/Pierre Miedinger: LL Storno (1999, an interpretation of the numerals of an old Sharp cash register; by Marco Walser & Valentin Hindermann), LL Brauer. Brauer was Marco Walser's digital revival of Pierre Miedinger's original design for a mid-1970s corporate typeface for the Zurich-based Hürlimann brewery. This was later developed into the six weights of LL Brauer Neue (1999-2006) by Marco Walser and Philippe Desarzens, and has since been extended further (publication pending, scheduled for early 2019). The copyright for LL Brauer Neue is held by Lineto, the author's rights are held by Marco Walser/Elektrosmog.
  • Marco Walser and Philippe Desarzens: Le Corbusier Oldface (2004).
  • Nico Schweizer: Albroni (1992), Hoboken-High (1998, a US sports jersey font), LeCorbusier (great stencil font, 1999), Le Corbusier Condensed (1999), Typ1451 (1999, sans family), Gigaflop (1999), Ultrateens (1999).
  • Martha Stutteregger: Number Two (1996), Lord (1996).
  • Jonas Williamsson: Biff (1999).
  • Urs and Juerg Lehni and Rafael Koch: Lego (1999).
  • Laurent Benner: Pez (1999), renamed Tablettenschrift.
  • Hansjakob Fehr: Deadtype (dingbats consisting of metal parts of a typewriter, 1999).
  • Masahiko Nakamura: Terminal One (1999).
  • James Goggin: Courier Sans (2001).
  • Laurenz Brunner: LL Akkurat and LL Akkurat Mono (2004), LL Circular (2011), LL Bradford and LL Bradford Mono (2018).
  • Aurèle Sack: LL Purple (2006, together with NORM), LL Brown (2011), LL Grey (2004-2016).
  • Christian Mengelt/Team77: LL Unica77 (2012-2014).
  • Kobi Benezri: LL Lettera (2008), LL Lettera Text (2012).
  • Robert Huber: LL Moderne (2017).
  • Nazareno Crea: LL Gulliver (2008-2018), renamed LL Catalogue in 2019.

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file name: Cornel Windlin F F Magda Clean Mono 1995

file name: Cornel Windlin Henning Krause Critzler F F Magda Clean Mono 820206

file name: Cornel Windlin Henning Krause Critzler F F Magda Clean Mono

file name: Cornel Windlin F F Magda Mono 1995

file name: Cornel Windlin F F Magda Mono 1995b

file name: Cornel Windlin F F Moonbase Alpha 1991

file name: Cornel Windlin Mono 2003

file name: Elektrosmog L L Storno 1999

file name: Lineto V Futura Medium 2004

file name: Cornel Windlinand Stephan Muller F F Luggage Tag

file name: Cornel Windlin F F Water Tower 1998 1999

file name: Cornel Windlin F F Watertower 1998 1999

file name: Gravur Condensed Scanby Fontasm 2010

file name: Cornel Windlin Alpha Headline 1993 1996

file name: Stephan Muller Cornel Windlin Gateway 1997

file name: Stephan Muller Cornel Windlin Gateway 1997b

file name: Laurent Benner Tablettenschrift 1999

file name: Laurent Benner Tablettenschrift 1999

file name: Laurent Benner Tablettenschrift 1999

file name: Laurenz Brunner L L Akkurat 2004

file name: Laurenz Brunner L L Bradford 2018

file name: Laurenz Brunner L L Bradford Mono 2018

file name: Marco Walserand Philippe Desarzens L L Brauer Neue 1999 2006

file name: Philippe Desarzens Elektrosmog L L Brauer Neue Black 1999 2006

file name: Philippe Desarzens Elektrosmog L L Brauer Neue Black 1999 2006

file name: Marco Walser Philippe Desarzens Le Corbusier Oldface 2004

file name: F F Chernobyl

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