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Nick Curtis

Nick Curtis (b. Chicago, 1948) lived in Texas from 1952-1997, and lives since 1997 in Gaithersburg, MD and Alexandria, MD. From ca. 1990 onwards, he has been designing fonts, first for free, and then commercially. He had a great reputation as a "revivalist" type designer, with a particular interest in retro fonts and art deco types. In 2003, his site had become too popular and too expensive to maintain, and thus he went commercial as Nick's Fonts. In 2013, he stopped making fonts, and donated his collection of rare books and type material to the University of Virginia. Interview. Complete list of names and other info, maintained by Sander de Voogt. Interview in which we learn about his fondness for Corel Draw as a type design tool.

Near the end of 2012, he posted this comment on his web site: Fifteen years ago, I embarked on a wonderful voyage of discovery, when I created my very first font with Fontographer 3.15. My maiden voyages were, frankly, rather clunky and amateurish, but I have been told that they showed promise. Well, sure enough, thanks to the diligent (and patient) efforts of Ilene Strizver, I polished up my craft enough to sell my humble efforts---first as a sideline business and, since 2006, as my full-time job. In total, I have produced over eleven hundred fonts---almost five hundred of them freeware fonts, which I conservatively estimate have been downloaded and enjoyed by over three million people worldwide. Unfortunately, this past year has brought a series of unanticipated setbacks, culminating in the loss of my wife's beautiful mind and soul to the scourge of alcoholism. In an effort to generate extra income to cover the expenses for her long-term care, I have proposed a number of, I believe, innovative ways to revamp the online font business; unfortunately, those efforts have fallen flat, primarily due to the professional font community's abject fear of crossing the $165 million Elephant in the Room. I even offered a special discount rate of 75% off retail price for full-time students of Typohile Forum. To date, there have been zero takers. Hell: even the webfont kit of one of my own fonts which I purchased from myfonts.com turned out to be an empty folder. Talk about a run of bad luck. Which leaves my with you, dear readers. If you or someone you know has had fun or made a buck from my humble efforts throughout the years, please donate whatever you can---even a lousy dollar would help---to help me out. I would greatly appreciate it.

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Nick Curtis
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file name: Nick Curtis Dundee Castle N F 2007 after Harvey Hopkins Dunn

file name: Nick Curtis Dundee Castle N F 2007 after Harvey Hopkins Dunn

file name: Nick Curtis Diosa Rubia N F 2009

file name: Nick Curtis Rinky Dink N F 2007

file name: Nick Curtis Sabrina Zaftig N F 2002

file name: Nick Curtis Sabrina Zaftig N F 2002

file name: Nick Curtis W H G Simpatico N F 2002

file name: Nick Curtis Kudos Kaps Five N F 2006

file name: Nicks Fonts Jumbo Mumbo N F 2011

file name: Nick Curtis Tulpe Fraktur X N F 2006

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