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Dmitry Kirsanov

Type designer Dmitry Kirsanov (b. Orenburg, Russia, 1965) graduated from the Orenburg Art School in 1987. He worked freelance for Yuzhnyi Ural publishing company in Orenburg. After attending the Moscow State University of Printing (1996), he joined its Department of Print Design in 1997 as an instructor of typographic design and computer graphics. From 1996 on he worked at ParaGraph International, designing typefaces. Since April 1998 Kirsanov works for ParaType. His page has essays on the history of serif and sans serif, and on font matching. Would be great for an introductory course. He designed a Cyrillic version of ITC Bodoni 72 (2000, called PT ITC Bodoni, Paratype) and ITC Bodoni 72 Swash (2001). PT Mas d'Azil (Paratype, 2002) and PT Mas d'Azil Symbols are prehistoric lettering and pictorial fonrs based on images discovered in a prehistoric cave of Mas-d'Azil, France. He created Magistral (1997, based on a clean look sans display typeface of Andrey Kryukov), Venetian 301 (2003, Paratype; a Cyrillic version of Bitstream's Venetian 301, which in turn was based on Bruce Rogers' Centaur, which in turn goes back to the 1470s alphabets of Nicolas Jenson), News Gothic (2005, a Cyrillic family based on the perennial News Gothic sans family), and Mag Mixer (2005, an industrial-look mechanical typeface based on Magistral).

His talk at ATypI 2008 in St. Petersburg is on the first didones in Russia.

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Dmitry Kirsanov
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file name: Dmitry Kirsanov Mag Mixer 2006

file name: Dmitry Kirsanov Magistral Book 1997 after Andrey Kryukov

file name: Dmitry Kirsanov Venetian301 Paratype 2006

file name: Dmitry Kirsanov Venetian301 Paratype 2006b

file name: Dmitry Kirsanov Venetian301 Paratype 2003

file name: Dmitry Kirsanov Venetian301 Paratype 2003b

file name: Dmitry Kirsanov Venetian301 Paratype 2003c

file name: Dmitry Kirsanov Venetian301 Paratype 2003d

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