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Venetian or antiqua typefaces

[Headline set in Hightower (1994, Tobias Frere-Jones), a typical Venetian typeface]


Abrams Legacy [George Abrams] [Google] [More]  ⦿

AJPT [Alan Jay Prescott] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alan Jay Prescott [AJPT] [More]  ⦿

Aldus [Google] [More]  ⦿

Aleksandra Gundorova [Google] [More]  ⦿

Alexandra Dmitrieva [Google] [More]  ⦿

Andreas Dauerer [Google] [More]  ⦿

Andreas Stötzner [SIAS (or: Signographical Institute Andreas Stötzner)] [More]  ⦿

Andy Stockley [Google] [More]  ⦿

Anna Raven [Google] [More]  ⦿

Antiqua (or: Venetian) typefaces [Google] [More]  ⦿

Antoine Vérard [Google] [More]  ⦿

ATF 1923 Catalog: Cloister Series [Google] [More]  ⦿

Barry Schwartz [Crud Factory] [More]  ⦿

Ben Whitmore [The Briar (was: Alphabets Magical, or: Fuzzypeg's Homepage)] [More]  ⦿

Berkeley Oldstyle versus FB Californian versus LTC Californian [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bernardd William Nadall [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bitstream [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bo Berndal [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bruce Rogers [Bruce Rogers: Italian Printers in Venice] [More]  ⦿

Bruce Rogers [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bruce Rogers: Italian Printers in Venice [Bruce Rogers] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Carson Evans [Google] [More]  ⦿

Christian Mengelt [Google] [More]  ⦿

Christian Schwartz [Google] [More]  ⦿

Colin Brignall [Google] [More]  ⦿

Coulton Thomas [Recognizing a Bembo] [More]  ⦿

Crud Factory [Barry Schwartz] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Daniel Benjamin Miller [Google] [More]  ⦿

David Engelby [David Engelby Foundry] [More]  ⦿

David Engelby Foundry [David Engelby] [Google] [More]  ⦿

David Jonathan Ross [DJR Type] [More]  ⦿

David Thometz's top 10 favorite text typefaces [Google] [More]  ⦿

D.C. Scarpelli [The Ampersand Forest] [More]  ⦿

Deka Design [Dmitry Krasny] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dieter Hofrichter [Hoftype] [More]  ⦿

DJR Type [David Jonathan Ross] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dmitry Kirsanov [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dmitry Krasny [Deka Design] [More]  ⦿

Doves Type [Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Edward Philip Prince [Google] [More]  ⦿

Edward Tufte [Google] [More]  ⦿

Emery Walker [Google] [More]  ⦿

Eric de Berranger [Google] [More]  ⦿

Eric J. Siry [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ernst Frederic Detterer [Google] [More]  ⦿

Eugen Sudak [WDC Fonts] [More]  ⦿

Expert Alphabets [George Abrams] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Forum Capitals [Google] [More]  ⦿

Francesco Griffo [Google] [More]  ⦿

Franck Jalleau [Google] [More]  ⦿

Frank Hinman Pierpont [Google] [More]  ⦿

Franziska Weitgruber [Google] [More]  ⦿

Frederic Goudy [GoudyFonts.Com] [More]  ⦿

Frederic Warde [Google] [More]  ⦿

Frederic William Goudy [Google] [More]  ⦿

Frere Jones Type [Tobias Frere-Jones] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Friedrich Hermann Ernst Schneidler [Google] [More]  ⦿

Gebr. Klingspor: Schriftkartei [Google] [More]  ⦿

Genzsch&Heyse [Google] [More]  ⦿

George Abrams [Abrams Legacy] [More]  ⦿

George Abrams [Expert Alphabets] [More]  ⦿

Gerald Giampa [Lanston Type Co] [More]  ⦿

Goudy Antique / Goudy Lanston [Google] [More]  ⦿

Goudy Newstyle [Google] [More]  ⦿

GoudyFonts.Com [Frederic Goudy] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Graham David Blakelock [Grummedia] [More]  ⦿

Grummedia [Graham David Blakelock] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Guillaume Jean-Mairet [Wraith Types (or: Fantomas Types)] [More]  ⦿

HiH (Hand in Hand) [Tom Wallace] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Histoire de l'imprimerie à Venise [Google] [More]  ⦿

Hoftype [Dieter Hofrichter] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Italian Old Style [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ivan Louette [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jerry Kelly [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jesús Eladio Barrientos Mora [Talavera Type Workshop] [More]  ⦿

Jim Spiece [Spiece Graphics] [More]  ⦿

J.M. Dent [Google] [More]  ⦿

Joana Maria Correia da Silva [Nova Type Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Joe Graham [Typespec] [More]  ⦿

Joel Friedlander [The story of Bembo] [More]  ⦿

Johannes Steil [Stabenfonts] [More]  ⦿

John Downer [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jonathan Hoefler's Type Styles 101 [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jong Beom Kim [Google] [More]  ⦿

Joop H. Moesman [Google] [More]  ⦿

Joseph Warren Phinney [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jovica Veljovic [Google] [More]  ⦿

Kennerley [Google] [More]  ⦿

Klaus-Peter Schaeffel [KPS Fonts] [More]  ⦿

KPS Fonts [Klaus-Peter Schaeffel] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lanston Type Co [Gerald Giampa] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lascaris [Rolf Noyer] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Lee-Jeff Bell [Rubicon Computer Labs Inc.] [More]  ⦿

Lucien Pissarro [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ludwig Type [Ludwig Übele] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Ludwig Übele [Ludwig Type] [More]  ⦿

Maria Cantarero Alcalde [Google] [More]  ⦿

Marina Zakynian [Google] [More]  ⦿

Martin Lowry [Google] [More]  ⦿

Matteo Bologna [Mucca Typo] [More]  ⦿

Matteson Typographics [Steve Matteson] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Matthew Carter [The Yale Typeface] [More]  ⦿

Matthew Carter [Google] [More]  ⦿

Matthieu Cortat [Nonpareille (was: Chastellun.net)] [More]  ⦿

Misha Beletsky [Google] [More]  ⦿

Morris Fuller Benton [Google] [More]  ⦿

Mucca Typo [Matteo Bologna] [Google] [More]  ⦿

MyFonts: Bembo [Google] [More]  ⦿

MyFonts: Centaur [Google] [More]  ⦿

MyFonts: Jenson [Google] [More]  ⦿

MyFonts: Venetian typefaces [Google] [More]  ⦿

MyFonts: Venetian typefaces [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nick Shinn [Shinn Type] [More]  ⦿

Nicolas Jenson [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nomad Visuals Co [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nonpareille (was: Chastellun.net) [Matthieu Cortat] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nova Type Foundry [Joana Maria Correia da Silva] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Oscar Fernando Guerrero Cañizares [Sumotype Foundry] [More]  ⦿

Pablo Alaejos Perez [Google] [More]  ⦿

Paul D. Hunt [Pilcrow Type] [More]  ⦿

Paul Zimmermann [Google] [More]  ⦿

Paula Do Souto [Google] [More]  ⦿

PB Types (was: Handmadetypes) [Peter Becker] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Peter Becker [PB Types (was: Handmadetypes)] [More]  ⦿

Pilcrow Type [Paul D. Hunt] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Poul Søgren [Google] [More]  ⦿

Randy Jones [ToadFonts (was: AquaToad)] [More]  ⦿

Raph Levien [Google] [More]  ⦿

Recognizing a Bembo [Coulton Thomas] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Reinhard Haus [Google] [More]  ⦿

Review of Adobe Jenson [Google] [More]  ⦿

Richard Beatty [UC Berkeley] [More]  ⦿

Robert Green [Google] [More]  ⦿

Robert Hunter Middleton [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rolf Noyer [Lascaris] [More]  ⦿

Ronald Arnholm [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rubicon Computer Labs Inc. [Lee-Jeff Bell] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sean Heavey [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sergei Egorov [Google] [More]  ⦿

Shinn Type [Nick Shinn] [Google] [More]  ⦿

SIAS (or: Signographical Institute Andreas Stötzner) [Andreas Stötzner] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sjoerd Hendrik de Roos [Google] [More]  ⦿

Spiece Graphics [Jim Spiece] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Stabenfonts [Johannes Steil] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Steve Matteson [Matteson Typographics] [More]  ⦿

Sumotype Foundry [Oscar Fernando Guerrero Cañizares] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Talavera Type Workshop [Jesús Eladio Barrientos Mora] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Textism: Jenson [Google] [More]  ⦿

The Ampersand Forest [D.C. Scarpelli] [Google] [More]  ⦿

The Briar (was: Alphabets Magical, or: Fuzzypeg's Homepage) [Ben Whitmore] [Google] [More]  ⦿

The story of Bembo [Joel Friedlander] [Google] [More]  ⦿

The Yale Typeface [Matthew Carter] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson [Doves Type] [More]  ⦿

Thomas Wood Stevens [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tim Rolands [Tim Rolands Digital Studio (was: TR Typographic Services, Phont Typographics, Stylus Digital Typography, Studio Renaissance)] [More]  ⦿

Tim Rolands Digital Studio (was: TR Typographic Services, Phont Typographics, Stylus Digital Typography, Studio Renaissance) [Tim Rolands] [Google] [More]  ⦿

ToadFonts (was: AquaToad) [Randy Jones] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tobias Frere-Jones [Frere Jones Type] [More]  ⦿

Tom Wallace [HiH (Hand in Hand)] [More]  ⦿

Tony Stan [Google] [More]  ⦿

Typedia: Typeface classification [Google] [More]  ⦿

Typespec [Joe Graham] [Google] [More]  ⦿

UC Berkeley [Richard Beatty] [Google] [More]  ⦿

Venezia Italic [Google] [More]  ⦿

Veronese [Google] [More]  ⦿

Victor Scholderer [Google] [More]  ⦿

Village by Frederic Goudy [Google] [More]  ⦿

Warnery Frères [Google] [More]  ⦿

Warren Chappell [Google] [More]  ⦿

WDC Fonts [Eugen Sudak] [Google] [More]  ⦿

William Graily Hewitt [Google] [More]  ⦿

William Morris [Google] [More]  ⦿

Wraith Types (or: Fantomas Types) [Guillaume Jean-Mairet] [Google] [More]  ⦿