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Fontmenu.com [Michel Bujardet]

Michel Bujardet (a Frenchman living in West Hollywood, CA) runs Matchfonts, and started Fontmenu.com in August 2001. Commercial fonts, and free demos in all formats.

A partial list of fonts:

  • Square Text (old English).
  • Block Letters (orthography for kids), Skryptaag (2001, educational).
  • Boulons (letters made from nuts and bolts).
  • Kindergarten (funny typefaces), Learning Handwriting (K2), Learning Cursive Handwriting (Grade 2-4), Japanese Hiragana-Katakana (Year 1).
  • Morse code.
  • Dictionary phonetic notation for pronunciation.
  • The calligraphic fonts Chancellerie Moderne (1998, chancery hand), Oncial, Rodolphe, Willegha.
  • The dingbat fonts Dinosotype, Matched Potato, Nahkt hieroglyphs, SilBooettes, Angelots, Sceaux, Seraphiques, Talismans.
  • The monospaced fonts Bordofixed, Dactylographe (1997), Normafixed, Oloron fixed width screen font).
  • The mathy fonts Oloron program, Hexalist and Numberslist.
  • The handwriting fonts Charlotte, Louise, Mariette, Milko, Pierre, Quinze, Raoul, and Thibault.
  • The pixel font 8-PinMatrix.
  • The Bauhaus font BabyFace.
  • The Chinese simulation font Chinoiseries.
  • The LED fonts Diode, Cristolikid and Display.
  • The Greek simulation font Grecques.
  • The display fonts Zébrures (striped letters), Venitiennes, Ruban Dis-Moi, Parador, Osselets, Octogone, Metropolitain (art nouveau), Malabars, Halloween Match, Coulures, Chapou Relief, Candy Kane, Calebasse, Bujardet Freres and Big Bacon.
  • The MICR font MICR E13B.
  • The serif typefaces Baguad, Chap Clerk, Parlante, Presse, TSF&Co (art deco; +Heavy).
  • The sans serif typefaces Bordini, Boum-Boum, Halotique (a sans family), Junien, and Normographe.

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file name: Michel Bujardet Free Font Catalog

file name: Michel Bujardet Square Text

file name: Michel Bujardet Baby Face 1996

file name: Michel Bujardet Bordini 1997

file name: Michel Bujardet Bujardet Freres 1997

file name: Michel Bujardet Cursive Handwriting Tryout 2001

file name: Michel Bujardet Chinoiseries

file name: Michael Bujardet Chinoiseries

file name: Michel Bujardet Chancellerie Moderne 1998

file name: Michel Bujardet Dactylographe 1997

file name: Matchfonts Zebrures

file name: Pic michelbujardet

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