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Bruce Type Foundry [George Bruce]

Founded in New York in 1813, and acquired by ATF in 1901, this foundry made fonts such as Bruce Old Style (now Bitstream), Madisonian (now available from Présence Typo), Ornamented No. 1007 (Mac McGrew: Old Bowery is an ATF revival, in 1933 and again in 1949, of Round Shade No.2, originated by Bruce, one of its predecessor companies, about 1854, as Ornamented No. 1007.), and Old Style 7 (Linotype, Adobe). Also called D.&G. Bruce, George Bruce, George Bruce&Co., George Bruce's Son, George Bruce's Son&Co., and V.B. Munson. They published a 592-page specimen book in 1901: Bruce Type Foundry: Our Handy Book of Types, Borders, Brass Rule and Cuts, Printing Machinery&General Supplies.. In 1869, George Bruce (b. 1791, Edinburgh, Scotland; d. 1866, New York) published An abridged specimen book Bruce's New York Type-Foundry (1869), now available as a free Google book. Page with specimen of Great Primer Ornamented No. 5, Meridian Black Open (blackletter), Canon Teutonic Ornamented, Small Pica No. 2, Double Pica Graphotype, all taken from An Abridged Specimen of Printing Types Made at Bruce's New-York Type-Foundry (1868) and stolen from Luc Devroye's web site. Fists by the Bruce Foundry.

Revivals: Bruce Ornamented No. 6 was digitized by Iza W from Intellecta Design in 2006 as GeodecBruceOrnamented. Gold Rush (2008, FontMesa) is a family of Western style typefaces based on a Bruce type family from 1865. FontMesa also made Belgian (2008) based on a Bruce Type Foundry design from the 1860s. Bruce 532 Blackletter (2011, Paulo W, Intellecta Design) is an excessively ornamental blackletter face. Michael Hagemann's slab serif family Gold (2011) is based on Bruce's Gold Rush (1865) after removing the shadows. RMU Bowery (2019, Ralph M. Unger revives Old Bowery).

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Bruce Type Foundry
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file name: Paulo W Bruce532 Blackletter 2011 after George Bruce

file name: Intellecta Bruce532 Blackletter

file name: George Bruce Bruce Copperplace Script No2003 1857

file name: Madisonian

file name: Bruce Type Foundry Fists

file name: George Bruce Bruce Script Bruce Copprplate Script 1842 1858

file name: George Bruce Bruce Italian Scrip No2007 1858

file name: Ralph M Unger R M U Bowery 2019 304093 002

file name: Ralph M Unger R M U Bowery 2019 304096

file name: Ralph M Unger R M U Bowery 2019

file name: George Bruce Pic

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