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STIX Fonts [Ross Mills]

Non-profit free font project, which started in 2001. The (free) fonts were released in May 2010. The designer is Ross Mills, Tiro Typeworks Ltd, with portions copyright of MicroPress Inc., and with final additions and corrections provided by Coen Hoffman, Elsevier (retired). From the web page: The mission of the Scientific and Technical Information Exchange (STIX) font creation project is the preparation of a comprehensive set of fonts that serve the scientific and engineering community in the process from manuscript creation through final publication, both in electronic and print formats. Toward this purpose, the STIX fonts will be made available, under royalty-free license, to anyone, including publishers, software developers, scientists, students, and the general public.

The project is supported by six publishers, the American Chemical Society (ACS), the American Institute of Physics (AIP), the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the American Physical Society (APS), Elsevier Science, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

The fonts are unicode-compatible. They are designed to be useful for mathematical documents in XML pages on all browsers. They say that they have awarded the font development contract to a respected font development company. Press release. Chairman: T.C. Ingoldsby, American Institute of Physics, Melville, NY. AMS page on STIX. CTAN page on Stix.

In 2016, STIX Two, a major update, became available at CTAN. The letterspacing and kerning of the text fonts have been significantly improved. True small capital variants (Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek), accessible via the OpenType font feature smcp, have been added for all text fonts. Text (lowercase or oldstyle) numerals, available via the font features pnum and onum, have been added, in addition to natural-spacing figures. Alphabetic superscripts and numeric sub- and superscripts, accessible via the subs and sups font features, have been added. Fractions are available via the frac feature, as well as numerators (numr) and denominators (dnom). The STIX Two fonts consist of one Math font, two variable text fonts (STIXTwoTextVF-Roman and STIXTwoTextVF-Italic), and eight static text fonts (Regular, Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, SemiBold, SemiBold Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic) derived from the variable fonts.

Truetype versions of the family (2007) by Oleguer Huguet Ibars: STIXGeneral-Bold, STIXGeneral-BoldItalic, STIXGeneral-Italic, STIXGeneral, STIXIntegralsDisplay-Bold, STIXIntegralsDisplay, STIXIntegralsSmall-Bold, STIXIntegralsSmall, STIXIntegralsUp-Bold, STIXIntegralsUp, STIXIntegralsUpDisplay-Bold, STIXIntegralsUpDisplay, STIXIntegralsUpSmall-Bold, STIXIntegralsUpSmall, STIXNonUnicode-Bold, STIXNonUnicode-BoldItalic, STIXNonUnicode-Italic, STIXNonUnicode, STIXSize1Symbols-Bold, STIXSize1Symbols, STIXSize2Symbols-Bold, STIXSize2Symbols, STIXSize3Symbols-Bold, STIXSize3Symbols, STIXSize4Symbols-Bold, STIXSize4Symbols, STIXSize5Symbols, STIXVariants-Bold, STIXVariants.

OpenType versions at the official site: STIXGeneral-Regular, STIXGeneral-Bold, STIXGeneral-BoldItalic, STIXGeneral-Italic, STIXIntegralsD-Bold, STIXIntegralsD-Regular, STIXIntegralsSm-Bold, STIXIntegralsSm-Regular, STIXIntegralsUp-Bold, STIXIntegralsUpD-Bold, STIXIntegralsUpD-Regular, STIXIntegralsUp-Regular, STIXIntegralsUpSm-Bold, STIXIntegralsUpSm-Regular, STIXNonUnicode-Regular, STIXNonUnicode-Bold, STIXNonUnicode-BoldItalic, STIXNonUnicode-Italic, STIXSizeFiveSym-Regular, STIXSizeFourSym-Bold, STIXSizeFourSym-Regular, STIXSizeOneSym-Bold, STIXSizeOneSym-Regular, STIXSizeThreeSym-Bold, STIXSizeThreeSym-Regular, STIXSizeTwoSym-Bold, STIXSizeTwoSym-Regular, STIXVariants-Regular, STIXVariants-Bold. Not all unicode ranges are covered, but math symbols, Greek and Cyrillic are. There are also monospace, blackletter, calligraphic scipt, informal script, and sans styles. But small caps are still missing. The general look is that of a Times font. The fact that any publisher can use these fonts free of charge (after signing a license though) is positive. The main negative is that the style chosen is slightly boring, but that is not unexpected for scientific publications.

In 2018, Paul Hanslow, Ross Mills and John Hudson co-designed the free STIX Two family, which is based on Times Roman.

At this CTAN site, one can download the entire STIX collection. Designer URL: MicroPress Inc. STIX Two (type 1) at the CTAN site. STIX Two (OpenType) at the CTAN site.

Also worth pointing out is the free 163-font collection Schticks (2017) by Adam Twardoch, which is based on STIX Two.

Google Fonts link for STIX Two Math. Github link for the STIX fonts.

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file name: Adam Twardoch Schticks 2017

file name: Adam Twardoch Schticks 2017

file name: Adam Twardoch Schticks 2017

file name: Tiro Typeworks Stix Two Math 2021

file name: Tiro Typeworks Stix Two Math 2021

file name: Tiro Typeworks Stix Two Math 2021

file name: Tiro Typeworks Stix Two Math 2021

file name: Ross Mills Stix Two Math 2016

file name: Ross Mills Stix Two Math 2016b

file name: Ross Mills Stix Two Math 2016c

file name: Ross Mills Stix Two Text Bold 2016

file name: Micro Press Inc Stix Bold 2013

file name: Micro Press Inc Stix Bold 2013b

file name: Micro Press Inc Stix Bold 2013c

file name: Micro Press Inc Stix Bold 2013d

file name: Micro Press Inc Stix 2013 poster by Ines Iragui 2019

file name: Micro Press Inc Stix 2013 poster by Ines Iragui 2019

file name: Micro Press Inc Stix Regular 2013

file name: Micro Press Inc Stix Regular 2013b

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