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Koch Neuland [Rudolf Koch]

A listing and comparison of various digital implementations of Koch's German expresionist Neuland typeface from 1923. Rudolf Koch chiseled an all caps typeface directly from metal and called it Neuland (Gebr. Klingspor). This experimental typeface has been copied and revived over and over again. It was even used as the typeface for Jurassic Park. A non-exhaustive list includes

  • Neuland and Neuland Star (Linotype). Linotype owns the trademark to Neuland. This typeface is possibly identical to Adobe's Neuland Std.
  • Othello MT (Pierpont at Monotype, 1928-1929). The digital version is by Carl Crossgrove and Steve Matteson.
  • URW Neuland.
  • Albertus MT (Berthold Wolpe at Monotype, 1932).
  • Informal 011 Roman and Black (Bitstream).
  • Newfish (PrimaFonts).
  • ITC Outback (based on Bob Alonso's interpretation at Photo-Lettering).
  • FFD Neuland (Doug Olena, Keystrokes, 1995).
  • Culpepper (George Ryan, Galapagos): a family with lower cases added and glyphs freely interpreted.
  • Newfoundland (Corel).
  • N691 Deco (Softmaker).
  • AINeuland (Lester Dore at Alphabets Inc).
  • Tribeca (David Rakowski), an outline version, as in the Jurassic Park movie font. Others in this category include BD Jurassic Black (Streetwise Software), Jurassic (Computer Support Corporation, 1996), Jurassic (COSMI, 1993), Jurassic (WSI, 1993), JurassicNormal (Elfring, 1993), JurassicPark (Sierra On-Line, Inc), Jurassic (Allen R. Walden), Tambor-Inline (Casteletype), FFD Neuland Inline (Keystrokes).
  • Tambor (Light, Black, Inline and Adornado) (Jason Castle, Castletype).
  • Rudolf (Jason Castle, Castletype).
  • BrideOfTheMonster (Harold Lohner, 1998).
  • Newland Black (Andrey Mel'man).
  • P22 Koch Nueland (sic) (Richard Kegler, P22, 2000).
  • Jungle Fever NF (Nick Curtis) and Blandford Woodland NF (2005, Nick Curtis).
  • On Kochs Roots (Manfred Klein, 2002): a lower case and hair-serifed extension.
  • KochNeu-ExtraBlack (Manfred Klein, 2003). Now called New Country.
  • Neuerland (2010, Ian Lynam).
  • OPTI Neuland (by Castcraft).
  • (Metal typefaces by Baltimore Type). Mac McGrew: Neuland and Neuland lnline were originally handcut by Rudolf Koch for Klingspor foundry in Germany, about 1923. Being handcut, each size differed somewhat from others, and the lnline differed from the regular. The copies cast by Baltimore Type were recut by pantagraph from one size of the regular. and thus are uniform from one size to another. The white inline was added to this same recutting, and is slightly wider than in the German version.

Shown are some of the versions of Koch's Neuland. Indeed, there is no true "original", because each of Koch's type sizes comes with its own peculiarities (recall that each was cut directly in metal). The Linotype version, which is supposed to be the digital counterpart of the "original", is a bit too "clean". The Softmaker face, N691 Deco, is probably closer to Koch's original cuts, as most of Softmaker's historical typefaces aspire to be true revivals. However, only AI Neuland and FFD Neuland have the pointy M's that we find in the "Encyclopedia of Typefaces" of Jasper, Berry and Johnson, so go figure. The P22 typeface and Klein's typeface have K's with horizontal right upper arms and U's that hang together similarly, so they are in a category by themselves and one may well have inspired the other.

View and compare some digital versions and extensions of Koch Neuland.

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file name: Rudolf Koch Neuland 1923

file name: Rudolf Koch Neuland 1923

file name: Rudolf Koch Koch Neuland 1923 Poster by Joan Gooderham 2000

file name: Rudolf Koch Koch Neuland 1923

file name: Rudolf Koch Koch Neuland Comparison

file name: Rudolf Koch Neuland Klingspor 1923

file name: Manfred Klein On Kochs Roots 2002

file name: Manfred Klein On Kochs Roots 2002b

file name: George Ryan Culpepper Extra Bold 2002

file name: Monotype Berthold Wolpe Albertus M T Std Light

file name: U R W Neuland U R W0

file name: Richard Kegler P22 Koch Nueland 2000

file name: Richard Kegler P22 Koch Nueland 2000b

file name: Richard Kegler P22 Koch Nueland 2000c

file name: Ian Lynam Neuerland 2010b

file name: Ian Lynam Neuerland 2010bb

file name: Nick Curtis Blandford Woodland N F 2005

file name: Nick Curtis Blandford Woodland N F 2005b

file name: Carl Crossgrove Steve Matteson Othello 2002

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