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Manfred Klein

[Manfred Klein's free font collection used to be at the Typoasis site, which shut down in July 2017. That collection is now here (the present page), thanks to Petra Heidorn. Download page. All of Manfred Klein's fonts in one big zip file.]


70th Birthday laudatio
[Manfred Klein]

On his 70th birthday, Apostrophe summarized Manfred Klain's contributions, calling him the Mark Twain of type: I have really fond memories of Manfred's earliest works, some stuff he did for Apply, Alphabets, and Fontshop. That was the early- to mid- 1990s, when type was still making the transition from photolettering and punches onto this new digital platform. Every old type and its grandfather were being scanned and digitized in all the swift intensity of serial killers, as if time were running out on us. Business concepts were being built around computer letters, territories were being marked, borders drawn... and into all this comes the work of Manfred Klein, like a breath of lake breeze to make light of everything. His Quill script and its hilarious dingbats were among the first "deviate" shockers in type originals. His Birds and Witches dingbats will in my mind always be the very first "funnybats" ever made. Also I shouldn't forget to credit him with the very first digitization I have ever seen of Gutenberg's type. There's been many attempts at it after that, but none had that same first-time effect on me. I'm having a hard time believing that the man's turning seventy now. I can't help but feel a little cheated. I've only known of him for less than 8 or 9 years. I've always thought of him as a star, so imagine if I knew him in his thirties, fourties, or fifties. Still, I was lucky enough to learn of him, learn from him, even communicate with him... all that makes me feel less cheated, and somehow much more life-wise. My one-liner about Manfred, if I were ever asked to compose one, would be this: The Mark Twain of type is a German called Manfred Klein. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Alphabets Inc
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein's fonts produced at Alphabets Inc: AlphaKid, AlphaZeta, AppleWine, BadTimes, Before The Alphabet-I, BeforeTheAlphabet II, BradOgilvy, BritishWriting, CaligulaNero, ChaoTiqua, ClassicalBPlus, ClassicCaps, ClassicIngenus, DancingEgypt, Dino, DinoSaurier, Flighty, Fragment, FraktKonstruct (1994), FraktScript, FranklySpoken, FruechtOne, Fusion, Half, Head to Heads, HeSheIt, Ideograph, JessicaPlus, JustPicts, KleinsSerif, Laufendes, MarsMen, MirrorKleinShadows (2000), NeptuneSerif, OlisEckige, Online, ParmaPetit, Quasimodo, SomeDrawings, StopperRosetten, Szene, Toskana, ToursandTravels, Uncitroncia, EthnoFont, WhyNot, Witches and Venezia. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Alphabets Inc (or: Fontsonline.com)
[Peter Fraterdeus]

Alphabets Inc was founded by type designer Peter Fraterdeus, who made AI Marlowe, AI Prospera, AI Wood (1992, interpreted from examples shown in Rob Roy Kelly's American Wood Types) and AI Quanta (1994, a multiple master face). Check here. This foundry has some of the nicest typefaces anywhere, including many gorgeous typefaces by Philip Bouwsma (example: Alexia, Juliana, BouwsmaScript, Weissenau). Other designers include Bonnie Barrett (Arbor), Brian Sooy (multiple master fonts AIVeritas and AIVeritasItalic), Ejaz Syed, Inna Gertsberg, John Pugh, Karen Ackoff (check out the Russell handwriting), Kurt Roscoe, Lester Dore, Manfred Klein, Mike Brooks, Peter Fraterdeus (Oberon, Prospera and Quanta (multiple master) families), Randall Jones (the multiple master font AIKochAntiqua), Robert McCamant, Martha Chiplis, Serge Pichii, and Steve Meek. In 2007, Peter Fraterdeus started Exquisite Letterpress for top quality printing. In 2010, he promised to release Quanta Uncial.

Dafont link [where one finds the free experimental typeface AI Fragment]. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Animal fonts
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein's first animal-inspired font was FontZoo (1990). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Apply Design Group
[Thomas Sokolowski]

German foundry (est. 1989) based in Hannover and run by Thomas Sokolowski, selling mainly display fonts. Thomas made standard ransom note fonts such as Mystery EF Mixed (1990). He also designed about ten clean old typewriter fonts such as Old Typewriter EF Regular, 1990. Other fonts include the ultra-thin Spirit EF, Imprimeur Classique (1989, a computer modern face), Scripture (1990, handwriting).

Sokolowski founded Apply Design Group in Hanover, Germany, in 1989. Apply Design Typeface Library. Overview.

Fonts and designers: DNA (by Steven Boss), CasaSeraSera (by Yanek Iontef), Nurse Ratchet (by Don Synstelien), Thordis, Amoebia (by Jens Gehlhaar), Aspera (by Harald Oehlerking), Bastard (1995, Ansgar Knipschild), BigDots (1993, Andreas Klimek-Falke), Birds (Manfred Klein), Blindfish (1992, Jens Gehlhaar), BodoniRough (1998, Thomas Sokolowski), FuturRough, GaramondRough (1997, Christian Terbeck), Rohrfeder-Rough (1997, Christian Terbeck), Bumpers, Casc Seta, Coltrane, Concept One, Concept Two, Cornwall, DamnedDingbats, DeconStruct, Electrobazar, Elside, EthnoFont, Fuzzy (1998, Jonas Gonell), Gagamond (1993, Jens Gehlhaar), Grind (1994, Ansgar Knipschild), Hansel (Catinka Keul, children's handwriting), Homeboyz (1994, Oliver Hoffmann), ImprimeurClassique (a didone font, 1993, Thomas Sokolowski), Indian Summer, Las Bonitas (1992, Thomas Sokolowski), MarieLuise (1994, Dietmar Schmidt), MedLed, Merz (1993, Thomas Sokolowski: not clear idf this is supposed to be a dada typeface), Monterrey (1993, Thomas Sokolowski), MoreKaputt, Mex (1992, Thomas Sokolowski), Mystery (1992, Thomas Sokolowski), Old Typewriter (1992, Thomas Sokolowski), Tierfreund, Thing (1993, Mathias Maassen-Pohlen), Paccer, Rio (1994, Alfred Smeets), Scripture, Spirit, Steelplate, Truck, Uhura (1993, Ansgar Knipschild), Xtronic (1995, Thomas Sokolowski), Tokay, ScreamHot, scanneZ, Fanatique, Euredice, and WhyNot. Great web presentation, and complete character sets. In grunge, Concept is as good as they come, for example.

The company also sells a CD with erotic icons. CD ROM called "typografica" with high quality display fonts in PostScript. List of fonts. Fonts sold by Faces. Other type designers: Manfred Klein, Alexander Koch, Carlo Krüger, Antje Wolf.

FontHaus link. Klingspor link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

[Manfred Klein]

Prolific German type designer, who was born in Berlin in 1932 and died near Frankfurt in 2018. He studied typesetting at the Kurier in Berlin, later in Typografische AG (a work-group). His teacher was Berthold's G. G. Lange (starting in 1951). He graduated in advertising in 1958. Until 1982, he worked as a Creative Director and then as a freelancer for several companies, including Stempel and Monotype. Between 1990 and 2010, he was a very prolific font creator, with fonts appearing at Fontshop, Fonthaus, Elsner and Flake, Alphabets Inc, Apply Design Group, and Medienwerkstatt Muehlacker (school fonts). His fonts are partly commercial and partly freeware. They are invariably stylish, original, and often funny. He looks at type as an essential part of visual communication, and that theme unifies his work. It gives his typefaces a unique cachet.

He writes about this as follows: Typografie sehe ich---anders als viele Typografen---aus dem übergeordneten Blickwinkel der Kommunikationswirkung, als Teil aller visuellen Kommunikation. / Einflüsse durch David Ogilvy, von dessen Auffassungen zu Text und Typo ich wesentlich geprägt wurde, durch G. G. Lange, Imre Reiner, Tschichold natürlich, aber auch durch Picasso oder Mies van der Rohe (less is more!). Und durch Musik, speziell den Jazz! [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Christian Heinrich Kleukens

German type designer (b. Achim, 1880, d. Darmstadt, 1954), brother of the more famous "Kleukens", Friedrich Wilhelm (1878-1956). In 1907, the two brothers started running the Ernst-Ludwig-Presse, the private printing shop of the duke Ernst Ludwig von Hessen. Burte-Fraktur by C.H. Kleukens was cut in 1928 for Mainzer Presse by Gustav Eichenauer, Rudolf Koch's favourite punchcutter. It was revived in 2003 by Manfred Klein and Petra Heidorn. He also added a handwritten freestyle version, Burtine 2003, and another interpretation, Burtinomatic (2004). Petra Heidorn revived it as Burte Fraktur in 2003.

Judith Type (1923), a hookish hellish German expressionist typeface, was at the basis of Judith Type (2007, Nick Curtis), Holofernes NF (2007, Nick Curtis) and Irrlicht (2015, Ari Hausel, Aarhaus).

Klingspor link. Klingspor link for Kleukens. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Civilité, a French cursive

A brief explanation and discussion of Civilité, the script typeface made by Robert Granjon in 1556 as a typical "French cursive". It was imitated and extended by Aimé Tavernier (1559), Hendrik van den Keere (1575), Richard Breton (1597), Philippe Danfrie (1597), Jean de Tournes (1598), Fleury Bourriquant (early 17th century: his type was called Civilité honneste), Pierre-Simon Fournier (1766), Matthias Rosart (1777, the Gros Romain Civilité), and Morris Fuller Benton (1922). Many have since created their own versions. We cite a few of the contemporary type designers: Klaus Burkhardt, Manfred Klein, Stephen Moye (CiviRegular), Ingo Zimmermann (almost a copy of Moye's version), Richard Beatty, Hans J. Zinken (civi4, 1996), Hermann Zapf (1984: Zapf Civilité), George Thomas (CivilitéMJ), and Tim Ryan (CivilitéTR). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Codex-type fonts

A list of fonts based on certain geometric proportions, as first exhibited in drawings by Da Vinci.

[Google] [More]  ⦿

CybaPeeCreations (or: Typoasis)
[Petra Heidorn]

CybaPee is the nom de plume of Petra Heidorn who lives in Hamburg. She has created many typefaces (listed below) between 1997 and 2005 and has cooperated with several type designers on interesting projects. She is undoubtedly best known for her successful web site Typoasis (discontinued in 2016), where one could download her own creations, and those of her many friends. Petra was also heavily involved in several attempts to revive blackletter fonts, in cooperation with Manfred Klein, Dieter Steffmann, Paul Lloyd and others. She organized several revivals of the typefaces of Rudolf Koch and Ernst Schneidler. She also managed the extensive web presence of Manfred Klein.

In 2016, she allowed me to host her fonts on my site. Download page. Download all her fonts in one zip file.

Her typefaces:

  • AlphanatismConHeads (2001). Stamped style.
  • ArabDancesMediumItalic (2002). An Arabic simulation typeface done with Manfred Klain's assistance.
  • Azimech (1999).
  • Bauernschrift (2004). After a 1911 typeface from Bauersche Giesserei.
  • Bayreuth (2003). A nice scan-version of Bayreuth Fraktur by Ernst Schneidler for C.E. Weber in 1932.
  • Bibelschrift (2004). Codesigned with Manfred Klein, Bibelschrift revives a Fraktur from 1926-1928 used by the Bremer Presse, est. 1911. The Bremer Presse was bombed by the Americans in 1944.
  • BirthdayGreetz (1999).
  • Brahms Gotisch (2005). A blackletter typeface co-designed with Manfred Klein. It is a revival of a 1937 Genzsch&Heyse typeface designed by Heinz Beck.
  • Burte Fraktur (2003). After Christian Heinrich Kleukens for the Mainzer Presse, 1928.
  • CalliBrush (1999).
  • Camouflage (1999). Textured.
  • Chaos-Theorie (2000). A Halloween or vampire font.
  • Charon (1999). An angry and / or scary typeface.
  • Crystopian.
  • CursedKuerbis (1999).
  • Cyclin (2000). An ironwork font.
  • DecoCaps (1999). Ornamental caps.
  • DeutscheDruckschrift (2004). A revival of Heinz König's 1888 blackletter typeface for Genzsch&Heyse.
  • DeutscherSchmuck (2004). Codesigned with Manfred Klein, this ornamental dingbat font is a revival and extension of the Schmuck für Deutsche Druckschrift by Eduard Ege, Genzsch and Heyse, 1922.
  • DiamondDreams (1999). A pearly all caps typeface.
  • Ellipsoideogram (2000). An italic headline sans.
  • Epitough (1999). A sans.
  • Extemplary (1999).
  • Funtastique (1999). An exagerrated, almost bubbkly, art nouveau typeface.
  • Gondoliere (2000). A light-hearted poster typeface.
  • Gotika (2005). After Reiner's 1933 blackletter typeface for Bauer.
  • Greex (1999). A Greek emulation typeface.
  • Hans Sachs Gotisch (2005). Based on a typeface by that name of Albert Auspurg, 1911, Genzsch&Heyse.
  • Hartwig-Schrift (2005). A blackletter typeface that revives Hartwig Poppelbaum's Hartwig Schrift from 1927-1928.
  • Hasenchartbreaker (1999). A handcrafted typeface.
  • Heimat (2005). After Wilhelm Weimar's Heimat from 1917, Genzsch&Heyse.
  • HelvAssim (1999). A naughty take on Helvetica to needle Linotype.
  • Hohenzollern (2004). Based on Carl Albert Fahrenwaldt's blackletter typeface for Bauersche Giesserei, 1902.
  • HollandGotisch (2005). Designed together with with Manfred Klein, this is a revival of the textura typeface Nederduits (aka Fleischmann Gotisch) by Johann Michael Fleischmann, ca. 1750.
  • InkyDinky (1999).
  • IsleOfTheDead (1999). An angular handcrafted typeface reminiscent of the movie titling of Dr. Caligari.
  • Jaecker-Schrift (2005). Revival of the 1912 blackletter typeface by Wilhelm Jaecker for D. Stempel.
  • Kleukens-Fraktur (2004). A Schwabacher based on a design by Friedrich Wilhelm Kleukens, 1910.
  • KrasniFellows (1999). An old Slavonic emulation typeface.
  • KuehneRevised (2003). A blackletter typeface.
  • LadyIce-Italic, LadyIce-SmallCaps, LadyIce, LadyIceRevisited, LadyIceRevisitedUpper. An organic monoline sans typeface family developed together with Apostrophe.
  • Leibniz-Fraktur (2003). A Schwabacher typeface based on a house font at Genzsch & Heyse, 1912.
  • LeontineLoew. A warm and plump informal typeface.
  • LightBats (1999). Dingbats.
  • Lupinus (1999).
  • Lurzing-Initials (1997). A decorative caps typeface based on a 1908 typeface by Karl Lürzing that depicts naked figures.
  • Manuskript Gotisch (2004). A revival of a 1514 Textura typeface by Wolfgang Hopyl, which was a house typeface at the Bauersche Giesserei in 1899.
  • ModerneSchwabacher (2005). After a ca. 1900 typeface by the Otto Weisert foundry called Moderne Halbfette Schwabacher.
  • MonkeyHouseParty (2001).
  • MothproofScript (1999). A calligraphic typeface. The name is a take on frostmoth, one of Petra Heidorn's early aliases.
  • MuseAsis (2002). Artsy fartsy.
  • Napapiiri (1999).
  • Neudeutsch (2004). After a 1900 original by Otto Hupp for Genzsch&Heyse.
  • NeueFraktur, NeueFrakturExtraBold (2004). Revivals of typefaces by Johannes Wagner Schriftgiesserei in 1927.
  • NinjaLine (2000). An outlined graffiti typeface.
  • Nordland (2005). Based on a typeface by Heinz Beck for Trennert&Sohn, 1935.
  • Oetztype (1999). German expressionist. Named after the Tyrolian Iceman, Oetzi.
  • Oktoberfest (1999).
  • Pachyderm (1999). A nice ultra-fat typeface.
  • PeesCelticItalic, PeesCelticPlain, PeesCelticOutline (1999). Ornamental Celtic caps.
  • Pegypta, Pegyptienne (1999). Hieroglyph-inspired typewriter fonts.
  • PostmoderneFraktur (1999).
  • Rammstein (1999). A tall condensed typeface.
  • ResPublica (2000).
  • RoteFlora (1999). Garffiti style typeface.
  • RoyalGothic (1999). A swashy set of initials.
  • SadLisa. A kitchen tile font designed to support Lisa Jenkins in a copyright battle.
  • Sagittarius (1999). An arrowed typeface.
  • SailingJunco (1999). A stencil typeface.
  • Scalper-Bold, Scalper, ScalperInk (2001). Grunge style.
  • SchmalfetteGotisch (2004). Codesigned with Manfred Klein, this semi-Textura typeface is based on a type of Ernst Schneidler.
  • SchneidlerInitialen (2004). After F.H.E. Schneidler.
  • Schneidler Schwabacher (2004). After F.H.E. Schneidler.
  • SchwabachDeko (2005). This is Verzierte Schwabacher by Carl Kloberg, Leipzig, 1891. In 2005, Petra co-designed a similar revival of Verzierte Schwabacher with James Arboghast, simply called Verzierte Schwabacher. Her SchwabachDeko attempted to be as close as possible to the original.
  • Scoglietto (1999). A text typeface.
  • SerpentisBlack (2004). Digitization of a typeface by E.W. Tieffenbach for Officina Serpentis, 1913. This in turn is based on a Gotico-Antiqua by Peter Schoeffers (Mainz, 1462) which was refined in the late 15th century by Creussner and Koberger.
  • SlimlinerMicro (1999).
  • Smoke-Rasterized-Medium (2001). Degraded and textured.
  • SoftAutumn (1999).
  • Stoertebeker (1999). A mediaeval typeface with a rough outline.
  • SunnySide (2000).
  • Symphonie (2005). A digitization of Imre Reiner's Symphonie from 1938 (renamed Stradivarius in 1945).
  • TaraType (1999). A lapidary typeface named after Petra's friend, Sabine Taranowski.
  • Teutonia (2004). Based on a typeface by Roos & Junge, ca. 1900.
  • TipTop (2004). Based on a typeface from Schriftgiesserei Julius Klinkhardt, Leipzig, ca. 1900. Virtually identical to Teutonia.
  • ToolTime (1999). Dingbats.
  • TypesourceFanclub (2001). A heavy semi-slab serif.
  • Urdeutsch (2004). A rounded blackletter typeface based on Urdeutsch (1924-1925, Adolf Heimberg for Genzsch&Heyse).
  • Vogeler Caps (2002). Based on Heinrich Vogeler's decorative blackletter caps typeface Jugendstil Initialen (1905).
  • Weiss-Gotisch (2004). A revival of E.R. Weiss's typeface by that name, published in 1936 at the Bauersche Giesserei.
  • WelcomeY2K (2000). A casual typeface.
  • XmasTerpiece, XmasTerpieceSwashes (2001). A Fraktur font based on Rhapsodie by Ilse Schuele.

Dafont link. Klingspor link. Fontspace link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dennis' Hall of Fame

Dennis was a major contributor to a.b.f., and managed the fontplay site. He often referred to his "Hall of Fame" sites. On February 3, 2002, he finally revealed his list of five favorite font sites, all characterized by usefulness and professional quality free fonts:

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Easter fonts

A partial summary and listing of Easter-themed fonts:

  • 101BunnyHug, 101LettersHatchin (2001, Nght).
  • ADFBEasterEgg, ADFBEasterEgg, EasterBunny, EasterCollage (2001, Perry Mason).
  • LMS Baby Egg, LMS Easter Chick (London Stokes).
  • BillyBear-Bunny, BillyBear-EasterFont (1999).
  • BunnyCaps: Jeri Ingalls (2002).
  • BunnyRabbits (1998, Graham Meade).
  • Bunnywunny (2001, Pearlygates).
  • Clb:Easter.
  • EASTER (1993, FontBank).
  • EasterBunny-Becker (1999).
  • EasterFunbyTom (2001, by AwesomeClipartforKids.com).
  • EasterTime (2000, Lime).
  • Easterdc (2000).
  • Eastereggs (2002, Manfred Klein).
  • Easter Sunrise (2002, Renn Crump).
  • Egglien (1998, Weedhopper Press).
  • Eggs.
  • EggsBlack Becker, EggsWhite-Becker (1999).
  • KGBUNBUN, KG EASTER1, kg hippity hop (2001, Katz Graphics).
  • JLR Easter Peeps (2001, Andra).
  • KR Easter Dings, KR Easter Rabbit, KR Happy Veggies!, KR Mr. Bunny, (2001, Kat).
  • PC Easter Egg (1997, Aaron Johnson).
  • Panier de Paques (1999, Claude Derieppe).
  • Pf_cad_bunny (2001, PlanckFoam).
  • RMBaskbn, RMBunny, RMEgg (2000, Renny Murray).
  • Sbaegg (2000).
  • Summer'sEasterEggs (2000, SummerNytz).
  • wmeaster1 (willymac).
  • sbunny-Regular (SheriBerry Graphics).
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Eduard Ege

München-based painter and graphic designer who designed type for Genzsch&Heyse, b. 1893, Stuttgart, d. 1978, München. He studied under Julius Dietz at the Kunstgewerbeschule München, and studied as well at the Kunstgewerbeschule Stuttgart. Eduard Ege made these typefaces:

  • Basalt (1926). A pre art deco all caps typeface.
  • Ege-Schrift (1921, Genzsch&Heyse). Jaspert, Berry and Johnson mention 1927. Seemann says 1923. Ege Schrift NF (2011, Nick Curtis) is a faithful revival of Ege-Schrift according to Curtis.
  • Ege Schmuck (1922, Genzsch&Heyse): ornaments for the Deutsche Druckschrift (Heinz König, 1888). A digitization and extension called DeutscherSchmuck was done by Manfred Klein and Petra Heidorn in 2004. Manfred added Druckschrift Initialen also in 2004.
  • Fiori Schmuck (for C.E. Weber): floral decorations.
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Eduard Wilhelm Tieffenbach
[Officina Serpentis]

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Elsner&Flake: Manfred Klein sub-collection
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein's fonts at Elsner&Flake: Birds EF (1992), EF Aliens (great tribal masks), EFBeforeTheAlphabets (primitive dings), EF Bloxx, EF Brushable, BuchZeichen EF (2001), EFDeconStruct, EF Ethno (1991), EF Flying Objects, Flying OpArt EF (1994), EF Gois, EF Gutenbergs Traces, EF Kleins Sketch (1995), EF KLTypeFaces, EF MoreKaputt, Poet Concrete EF (1994), SuetterlinEF (1992), EF RememberImreR (1995), Stars N Spirals EF (1998), EF Tokay-MK (1992, after an idea of Imre Reiner), EF WhyNot (a lovely crazy handwritten character font, oozing originality and style), EF WitchesBrood (1994). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Emil Rudolf Weiß

German typographer, graphic artist, book artist, painter, type designer, poet and teacher, b. 1875, Lahr, d. 1942, Meersburg. His typefaces include

  • Weiss Roman (1926). Digital versions include one at Adobe.
  • Weiss-Fraktur (1909). This was commercialized in 1913 by Bauersche Giesserei. Digital versions: Weiss Fraktur (2004, Petra Heidorn and Manfred Klein), Emilia Fraktur (2021, Ralph Unger).
  • Weiss-Fraktur Kursiv (1923-1924, Bauer).
  • Weiss Antiqua (1928). Digital versions: W 690 Roman (SoftMaker), Emilia (2016, Ralph Unger), Weiss Antiqua (URW). In 2019, Rutherford Craze did his own revival.
  • Weiss Lapidar mager (1931). Revived as Weiss Lapidar in 2002 by Dieter Steffmann.
  • Neue Weiss-Fraktur (1935).
  • Lichte Initialen (1935). Revived by Manfred Klein in 2005 as WeissGotnitials.
  • Weiss-Gotisch (1936). A Textura typeface at Bauer, revived by Petra Heidorn in 2004 under the same name, by Delbanco as DS-Weiss-Gotisch, and by Ralph Unger as Emilia Gotisch in 2016.
  • Weiss-Kapitale (1931).
  • Weiss-Rundgotisch (1937, Bauer). Digitized by Fraktur.de, Nick Curtis (as Garmisch Rund NF, 2009), Elsner and Flake (as Weiss Rundgotisch), and Softmaker (as Gothic).
  • Weiss Rundgotisch Inititalen (1939), at the Bauersche Giesserei.
  • Rundgotisch and Uhlen Rundgotisch (1937), at Hansestadt Letter Foundry. Uhlen Rundgotisch became a Monotype font in 1938.
  • Weiß Initials (Series I, II, II Bold, III), the 1920's. Digital versions: Wellsbrook Initials SG (2004, Spiece Graphics), URW Weiss Titling, and Quadrivium NF (Nick Curtis).

In 2011, Gerald Cinamon published E.R. Weiss: The Typography of an Artist (Oldham: Incline Press).

Bio at Linotype, and at DdS. Footnote: Many textbooks incorrectly credit Weiss with Memphis (Stempel, 1929)---these include Mac McGrew, Rookledge, and Jaspert&Berry. Memphis was made by Rudolf Wolf.

View Emil Rudolf Weiss's typefaces. Klingspor link. FontShop link. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Fonteria CD
[Manfred Klein]

"The 50 Fonteria fonts were made in the nineties when Manfred started to play with digital type. This compilation was intended to be distributed commercially, but somehow it came to nothing. So Manfred decided to distribute the collection as free fonts - for private use* only." In 2001, Fonteria CD was produced. It had these creations: Artist, BodoniTwinsCaps, Caslonia, CircusOne through CircusFour, Clown, CrazyTimes, Emmenthaler, Ermir, Erpressung, FloRaTialen, GaraNitials, GaraSans, Imre, Jockey, Jonas, KL1GridZebra, KL1MonoSansInvers, KL1MonocaseSerif, KleinsDancingSlapzerif-Light, Laurens, LernschrittABC, Mighty, MightySpecial, MirrorKleinShadows, MonoAlphabet, MonoAlphabetSerif, Monument, Mutoni, PfeileOne through PfeileThree, Pointout, RootsOfMatisse, SMHand, SaltoOne, SaltoTwo, SonnCar, Steamdecor, StonageStamp, Stoneage, WalNuss, Zoography-Normal. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Friedrich Hermann Ernst Schneidler

Type designer, teacher, publisher and calligrapher, b. Berlin (1882), d. Gundelfingen (1956). He worked initially with J.G. Schelter&Giesecke in Leipzig and C.E. Weber in Stuttgart. In the 1930s, he published his type designs with Bauer. He studied at the school for applied arts in Düsseldorf under F. H. Ehmcke and Peter Behrens. From 1920 until 1948, he was head of the graphics division of the Akademie der bildenden Künste Stuttgart, where his students included Albert Kapr, Imre Reiner and Lilo Rasch-Naegele. His oeuvre resides now in the Klingspor Museum in Offenbach. He is famous for his Amalthea, Zentenar Fraktur, Schneidler Antiqua, Schneidler Mediaeval and Legende. In general, due to his calligraphic tendencies, his types have great rhythm. In his era, he was at the top of his craft (in my view). A list and samples of his work. His typefaces, by foundry:

  • C.E. Weber: Deutsch Römisch (1923; Berry et al give the date 1926 for this old face; the A has a flat apex; the M has thin slab serif; Q has the tail outside the bowl; in the lower case the round letters are condensed; f is narrow; g has an oval-like bowl and wide tail), Kontrast (1930, an art deco collection which was revived in 15 styles in 2007 by Iza W as Schneider (sic) Kontrast and which saw another revival, RMU Kontrast, by Ralph M. Unger in 2021), Bayreuth (1932: this blackletter font was remade from a scan by Petra Heidorn in 2003 as Bayreuth-Black; for a variation, see Manfred Klein's Bayreuther-BlaXXL (2005); see also the free orphaned typeface Bayreuth), Suevia-Fraktur.
  • J.G. Schelter&Giesecke: Schneidler Schwabacher (1912-1913; revival in 2004 by Petra Heidorn and Manfred Klein), Schneidler Schwabach Initials (digitized by Manfred Klein in 2004 as SchneidlerSchwabachInitials), Buchdeutsch (1923; a blackletter revived in 2021 by Ralph Unger as Werbedeutsch), Buchdeutsch halbfett (1926), Schneidler-Deutsch [a blackletter revived in 2009 by Intellecta Design as Schneidler Halb Fette Deutsch], Schneidler Fraktur (1914-1916), Schneidler Kursiv (1921).
  • Schneidler Latein, released in 1916, the bold version in 1920 and the italics in 1921. This typeface was first revived and extended by Lena Schmidt in 2019 as Schneidler Latein. Lena writes: Schneidler Latein is a sharp and elegant Antiqua based on the ductus of the broad edged pen with a strong character. Running perfectly in paragraph text giving it something quite special and being effortlessly legible at the same time, Schneidler Latein works great in headings as well. Each glyph is a piece of art ready to be used in branding and blowup combining beauty and personality in a kick-ass blend. It is absolutely new to the digital world as it never has been digitized before.
  • Bauersche Giesserei: Ganz Grobe Gotisch (1930): this was revived by Ralph Unger as (FontForum) Ganz Grobe Gotisch (2006, URW), by Dieter Steffmann as Ganz Grobe, by Manfred Klein as TypoasisBoldGothic (2003), by Mars Attacks as Grobe Hand (2012, free), by Paulo W as Schneidler Grobe Gotisch (2008), and by Petra Heidorn as Bayreuth.
  • Bauersche Giesserei: Graphik (aka Herald, 1934).
  • Bauersche Giesserei: Schneidler Old Style (or Bauer Text), 1936.
  • Bauersche Giesserei: Zentenar Fraktur (1937). So called to honor the 100th anniversary of Bauersche, est. 1837: Peter Wiegel (CAT Zentenar Fraktur, 2014), Delbanco (DS Zentenar Fraktur), Ralph M. Unger (Zentenar Fraktur mager, halbfett, 2010), Softmaker (2016) and Dieter Steffmann each have digital versions. See also Z690 Blackletter on the SoftMaker MegaFont XXL CD, 2002. Followed by Zeichen Zentenar Fraktur (1937; see also the 2007 digitization of the caps by AR Types entitled Zentenar Initialen).
  • Bauersche Giesserei: Zentenar Buchschrift (1937-1938). Digital version by Delbanco.
  • Bauersche Giesserei: Schneidler Mediaeval (1936). See URW Schneidler Mediaeval (2011).
  • Bauersche Giesserei: Schmalfette Gotisch. Revived as SchmalfetteGotisch in 2004 by Petra Heidorn and Manfred Klein, and extended by Manfred Klein to SchmaleGotischMK, also in 2004.
  • Bauersche Giesserei: Schneidler Initials (1937, a Trajan face). See the 2004 revival by Petra Heidorn as Schneidler Initialen, and Shango (1993, Castle Type), and Shango Gothic (2007, Castle Type), the free font Au Bauer Text Initials (1990, Auras Design), OPTI Bauer Text Initials (Castcraft), and the 1994 revival by GroupType as Schneidler Initials. Schneidler Initials is in fact originally known as Schneidler-Mediaeval mit Initialen.
  • Schneidler Amalthea (1936). See A770 Roman on the SoftMaker MegaFont XXL CD (2002), OPTI Schneidler Swash by Castcraft, Stempel Schneidler by Bitstream, Amalthea SH by Scangraphic, Amalthea SB by Scangraphic, and URW Schneidler Amalthea (2011, URW).
  • Bauersche Giesserei: Legende (1937). A faux Arabic script font digitized at Profonts/URW++ by Ralph M. Unger in 2002, by Brendel (as Legend) in 1990, by SoftMaker (as Legende Script) in 2012, By SoftMaker as L690 Script, and by Ari Rafaeli in 2006. Elsner and Flake published the script font Graphis (1934, revival by Jürgen Brinckmann).
  • Bauersche Giesserei: Schneidler (1936). It was published in digital form by Bitstream, Adobe, and Elsner&Flake.

For Schneidler, the best source is the book by Max Caflisch, Albert Kapr, Antonia Weiss, and Hans Peter Willberg entitled F.H. Ernst Schneidler Schriftentwerfer Lehrer Kalligraph SchumacherGebler, München, 2002.

FontShop link. Klingspor link.

View F.H. Ernst Schneidler's typefaces. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Georg Barlösius

Type designer (b. 1864, Magdeburg, d. 1908, Berlin) who studied at Kunstgewerbeschule Berlin and Akademie in München, and worked in Berlin. He designed the blackletter typefaces Barlösius-Schrift (1906, Bauersche Giesserei; +Fett, 1907), Barlösius-Gotisch (1907, Bauerische Giesserei), Fette Barlösius-Gotisch (1907, Bauerische Giesserei), and Barlösius-Buchschrift (1907, Bauerische Giesserei), as well as Barlösius Initialen, Barlösius Einfassungen and Barlösius Vignetten.

Digital versions of some of these fonts by Peter Wiegel (Barloesius-Schrift, 2015), Manfred Klein (Barlosius Edged, 2007) and Klaus Burkhardt (Barlösius, 1999). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Günter Gerhard Lange

Known to his peers as GGL. German type designer, born in Frankfurt-an-der-Oder in 1921, d. 2008. He fought in World War II and lost his leg in a battle in France. Starting in 1941, Lange studied as apprentice of Georg Belwe at the Academy of Graphic and Book Arts in Leipzig. After graduation in 1945, until 1949, he was assistant of Professor Walter Tiemann, while also practicing painting and graphic design independently. In 1949, he continued his studies with Professors Hans Ullmann and Paul Strecker at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in West Berlin. From 1950 onwards, he worked at Berthold AG in Berlin, where he designed his first type, Arena in 1951. In 1955, he became Reader in Typography at the Meisterschule für Graphik, Druck und Werbung in West Berlin. One of his many students was Manfred Klein. He also was Advisor in Visual Communications and Reader at the U5 Academy of Graphic Design and Art Direction Munich, and Instructor at the School of Applied Art in Vienna. H. Berthold AG's artistic director from 1961 to 1990, Lange was responsible for the creation and meticulous production of many of Berthold's typefaces. According to Dieter Hofrichter, his motto was 8 point is the moment of truth (when proofing typefaces). In 1989 he received the Frederic W. Goudy Award from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Recipient of the year 2000 TDC medal. After ten years of retirement from his position as Berthold AG's artistic director, Lange resumed his design activities in 2000 at Bertholdtypes (now Berthold Direct Inc) in Chicago. Bio at ATypI.

Lange's own designs include his revivals of many classical typefaces. Here is a list, all Berthold typefaces:

Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin writes a day after his death: Dear type friends, yesterday morning, the 2nd of December 2008, Günter Gerhard Lange died, 87 years old. We lost an upright, steadfast fighter for quality in type design. Not only Berthold's artistic director, but a friend and objective adviser to many who needed personal help or an evaluation in type design. GGL was Berthold. For Berthold GGL "enhanced" many type designs of other well known type designers. His valued critizism was a great help, because it came from a positively tuned man. GGL transferred the lead heritage and its classical type typefaces into photocomposition and into the digital format on a high aesthetic and historically authentic level - as for instance Garamond or Van Dijk. Akzidenz-Grotesk is not thinkable without GGL. Bodoni Old Face one of the best contemporary text typefaces. With his sans serif Imago you can be different and yet classical. And the Americans should be pleased with the revival of Deepdene, which he also turned into a well working textface with a distinct character. But perhaps most important of all, he relentlessly encouraged the young, teaching and talking up to almost the end. Thus opening fences, eyes and hearts to art, architecture, literature and for the values of studies and love for the correct details without which the whole would not function. He was a rare communicator, because he lived his convictions and values. He became an example, a light of orientation. We lost a passionate type lover and expert---an authentic man. An era has come irreversible to its end.

Credit for some images below: Danielle West. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Hermann Delitsch

Typography professor in Leipzig, b. Leipzig, 1869, d. Leipzig, 1937. He taught at Leipzig's Akademie für Graphische Künste und Buchgewerbe. One of his students was Jan Tschichold (in 1919). His typefaces:

  • Delitsch Antiqua (1911, J. Klinkhardt). This is Antiguo Manuscrito at the Richard Gans Foundry. The latter was digitized by Paulo W (Intellecta Design) as Gans Antigua Manuscrito (2006). Other typefaces based on Delitsch Antiqua were created by Manfred Klein (Delitsch Initialen, 2004) and Petra Heidorn (Delitsch Antiqua, 2004). Both could be found here (dead link).
  • Kanzlei Fraktur, or Delitsch Kanzlei (1913, J. Klinkhardt).
  • Ramses Antiqua (1912, J. Klinkhardt). This Antiqua typeface was revived in 2012 by Chiron as TbC Ramses-Antiqua.

Author of Schribschriftnormen (1928, K.W. Hiersemann), Delitzsch-Antiqua: eine künstlerische Schriftgarnitur mit Initialen und Schmuck für zeitgemässe Buchausstattung (1915). Klingspor link. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Imre Reiner

Typographer, architect, designer and type designer, b. Versec, Hungary, 1900, d. Lugano, Switzerland, 1987. He emigrated from Hungary, and studied at the Staatliche Bildhauerschule Zalatua, the Kunstgewerbeschule Frankfurt, and the Kunstgewerbeschule in Stuttgart, where Prof. F. H. Ernst Schneidler was his teacher. After a brief stint (1923-1925) as a graphic designer in London, Paris, New York and Chicago, he returned to study with Schneidler, and from 1931 onwards, he worked in Ruvigliana near Lugano as painter, graphic designer and illustrator. His list of fonts includes:

  • Bazaar or Bazar (1956, D. Stempel; this brush typeface was revived in 2005 by Patrick Griffin, Canada Type, as Boondock).
  • The brush script Contact (Deberny&Peignot, 1952; Ludwig&Mayer, 1968 (according to Jaspert), and 1963 according to others).
  • Corvinus (Bauersche Giesserei, 1934; Swisstypedesign mentions 1932-1935). See also here. Corvinus Skyline (1934). Digital typefaces derived from this include Corvinus Skyline (1991, Group Type), Skyline (1992, Jane Patterson, Font Bureau).
  • Figaro (1940).
  • Floride or Florides Initiales (Deberny&Peignot, 1938): 3d horizontally shaded caps.
  • The Gotika fraktur font (Bauersche Giesserei, 1933), revived as Gotika by Petra Heidorn (2005, no downloads) and as Leather by Canada Type (2005). Manfred Klein created Gotika Buttons (2005) based on Petra Heidorn's Gotika. Gotika discussion on Typophile. Eric West intends to do a digitization as well, and Neufville is not cooperating.
  • London Script (1957). This was digitized twice at Canada Type, once by Phil Rutter in 2004 as Almanac, and once in 2007 by Rebecca Alaccari as Reiner Hand.
  • Matura MT (1938, Monotype), Matura Swash (1938).
  • Mercurius MT (1957).
  • Meridian (1930, Klingspor: a fat display face). Swisstypedesign says 1929.
  • Mustang (1956, D. Stempel, a brush script revived in 2005 by Canada Type as Hunter).
  • Pepita MT (1959).
  • Reiner Black (1955, Berthold, a brush script). For a digital vrsion, see Rough Script (2012, SoftMaker).
  • Reiner Script (1951, Amsterdam). Digitizations of this brush script under the same name include those of Dieter Steffmann and Tobias Frere-Jones (Font Bureau, 1993).
  • Sassa (1939).
  • Stradivarius (1945, identical to his Symphonie; Bauersche Giesserei, 1938), a formal script font with a compressed straightened lower case alphabet. [Note: Neufville copied it in its Sinfonia later, and in 2005, Petra Heidorn made a digitized version called Symphonie.] Martin Z. Schröder discusses its origins here. Also called Neue Symphony (1938). Digitizations include the free font Symphonie (2015, Peter Wiegel) and the commercial typeface by Group Type (1993) called Stradivarius.
  • Amsterdam Primula Ornaments. A digital version by Ari Rafaeli is called Ornaments 5 (2010).

In 1992, Manfred Klein made Tokay-MK after one of Reiner's ideas. In 2004, he added VariationsForImre, a playful typeface based on Reiner's lettering, and this was followed in 2005 by Magyarish.

Reiner wrote several books, including Modern and Historical Typography An Illustrated Guide (1946, Paul A. Struck, New York, and 1948, Zollikofer and Comp., St. Gallen).

Linotype page on him. FontShop link. Klingspor link.

View Imre Reiner's typefaces. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

[Manfred Klein]

Interview with Cybapee. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Interview with Manfred Klein

Interview with Manfred Klein, dating from April 2007. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Joan Miro

Surrealist Catalan painter, 1893-1983. His work spawned a lot of interest from the part of type designers, who created a number of typefaces in his unique style. The one most taken with Miro's art is undoubtedly Manfred Klein. A listing of the key typefaces influenced by Miró:

[Google] [More]  ⦿

Johann Heinrich Schoensperger

Johnann or Johannes or Hans Schoensperger or Johann Schönsperger der Älte, was an early printer in Augsburg. Born ca. 1455, d. before 1521. He started his print shop in 1481 and dominated German printing in Augsburg until 1500. For Kaiser Maximilian I, he printed the beautiful Theuerdank (1517) and the blackletter Gebetbuch für den St.-Georgs-Orden. For both these books, he designed his own type. Sample page from 1517. Sample page of Gart der Gesundheit (1487).

A font named after him, FF Schoensperger, was made by Manfred Klein as part of his package, which also includes FF Carolus Magnus, FF JohannesG, and FF Koberger. SchoenspergerCaps (2004), Hans Fraktur (2003) and Hans Schoensperger Randomish (2004) can be had for free at Manfred Klein's site. Other revivals include Theuerdank Fraktur (2000) by Dieter Steffmann ans Theuerdank Fraktur Pro by Softmaker (2016).

Schoensperger's typeface for the prayer book of Maximilian I in 1514 served as example for an 1890 metal typeface at Genzsch and for the digital font Altdeutsch (2002-2006) by Hans J. Zinken.

See also Schoensperger Der Altere (2017, Shane Brandes). [Google] [More]  ⦿

[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein's heads and feet font, free. This is a hilarious typeface. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Life Saving Fonts

As part of FontParty, free fonts offered by various type designer in memory of the New York tragedy on September 11, 2001.

  • Nght: 101 We the People, 101 American Pride by Nght, 101! Hands Across America by Nght.
  • Graham Meade provided 11S01 BlackTuesday.
  • Dingbrats made JLR Global Warming, JLR GodBlessTheUSA, and JLR Lady Liberty.
  • Manfred Klein made the somber and simple font Remember Manhattan September.
  • Frogii made the alphading font WhyOhWhy.
  • LeChefRene: the alphading fonts LCR America Prays, LCR America's Angel, LCR United We Stand, LCR We Remember, LCR America's Heart, LCR She Proudly Waves, LCR OnlyAMemory.
  • London Stokes: LMS Eagle Eyed, LMS America, Salvation Army, Secured Nation, Star Spangled.
  • Cybapee: Alphanatism.
  • Michel Bujardet: Ange Gardien.
  • David Hyatt: Spangled Mast.
  • Amuse Designz: T-BeaconForFreedom, T-FlyingProud, T-Shill Shining.
  • Fontparty: Unity.
  • Keith S. Parent: Terrorism Bytes.
  • Kat's Fun Fonts: KR America Under Attack, KR TheWorldMourns, KRStandingProud.
  • KatzGrafix: KGWorldPeace.
  • DryHeavesFonts: GodBlessAmerica.
  • Iconian: GodBlessAmerica.
  • Jester Font Studio: CloudsofHope, CloudsofDespair.
  • Jeri Ingalls: JI Manhattan.
  • West Wind Fonts: WePray.
  • Anke Art: Why?
  • House of Lime: September11.
  • Steve Deffeyes: 3-11-01.
  • Kyakirun: Tall Twin.
  • London Stokes: Heroes Among the Ashes.
  • Renn Crump: All American.
[Google] [More]  ⦿

[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein's fonts at Linotype: SketchCameoInvers (free). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein's Fonteria]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein Fonteria 2008]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein's Fonteria]

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Manfred Klein
[TypOasis 2007]

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Manfred Klein
[TypOasis 2006]

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Manfred Klein
[TypOasis 2005]

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Manfred Klein

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Manfred Klein
[70th Birthday laudatio]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: MyFonts page]

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Manfred Klein

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Manfred Klein
[Alphabets Inc]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein at Fontshop]

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Manfred Klein
[Elsner&Flake: Manfred Klein sub-collection]

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Manfred Klein

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Manfred Klein
[Medienwerkstatt Muehlacker]

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Manfred Klein
[Animal fonts]

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Manfred Klein

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Manfred Klein

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Manfred Klein
[Fonteria CD]

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Manfred Klein
[Rune fonts at TypOasis]

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Manfred Klein
[Typoasis output before 2001]

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Manfred Klein
[TypOasis, 2002]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Codex-style fonts]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Dadaism]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Egypt]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Eyes]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Blackletter, Fraktur, Rotunda]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Karla]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Fonts for children]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Laurens]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Mexico]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Monsters]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Native Americans]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Ornaments]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Painters]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Peace]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: People]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Runes]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Stencil]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Stone-age look and chiseled typefaces]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Typewriter typefaces]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Uncials]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Wood or wood cut type]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Christmas]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Sample glyphs]

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Manfred Klein
[TypOasis 2004]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: African-themed fonts]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Aliens and space]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Animals]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Geometrical type designs]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Arrows]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Astrological symbols]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Birds]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Derivatives of Bodoni]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Calligraphy]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Decorative caps and initials]

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Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Caves and prehistoric man]

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Manfred Klein
[TypOasis 2003]

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Manfred Klein: 3D typefaces

Manfred Klein's 3d typefaces: BauhausReminisce, BigShadows, BigShadowsLeftOblique, BlackTypefacesEggs, BradburysSquares, KLettresOmbrees, Kleinkeys, LeadTypesHeap, MKTypobricksRough, NeoPanSquares, OldLettresOmbrees, PrisonBricks, Qbicle1BRKMK, Qbicle1BRKMKinv, Stackcaps, Sumo-Heavy, ThreeDeeTwoBeta, ThreeDimRightwards, ThreeDimRightwardsRound, Threedimensional, ThreedimensionalRound, TypefaceEggsMedium, TypoCubes, TypoCubesTheGolem, TypoShadows, Typobricks-Bold, ZigZagOne, ZigZagThree, ZigZagTwo, Zwiebelfisch.

Download page. Download all these fonts in onze zip file. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Manfred Klein: Hand-crafted typefaces

Manfred Klein's handcrafted typefaces: AdAstra, AlphabetismHand, AnAlphaBetIsm-Medium, AnAlphaBetIsm, Anarchica, Anarchistica, AnthroPosoph-Bold, Antroposofia-Bold, AquilineTwo, ArabDancesMediumItalic, ArtNoveauDecadente, AvantiDilettanti, BetoniaFreeshapeMedium, BigCaesar-Medium, BlackIsBeauty, Blackredis, BloxxSerifBold, BonSans, BrokenLinoCut, BrushPenMK-Medium, Burgfest, CalliPsoGrafiaItalic, CalliPsoGrafiaMedium, CarolusKlein-Oblique, Caslonia, CatsAlphabet, ChaosSansLight, Chinawestern, Circulum, CirculumInvers, CorrodetClassicaps-Black, CrazyCrazySans, CrazyWritten, Croak, Current-Black, Cyrillatina, DaVincyCut, DiskO-LightInvers, Escudillers, FarmersWrite, Faustant, Faustitalic, FawnScript, FolksDecoon-Light, FolksFS-Light, FreeSchool, FrenzyWut, Furioso, GaraSans, GiveEuroFacesItalic, GrafFittyPunk, GridScribblesSwinging-Medium, HackeItBold, HandmadeTypewriter, HandwrittenSlim, HappyBirdsDay-Medium, HappyBirdsDay, HartzVier-Shadow, HartzVier, HellasDust, HerrCoolesWriting, HotsBlots, HumanABC, Hurrikanish, Imre-Bold, Imre-Normal, ImreBold, ImreNormal, InkAlphabetInvers, InkAlphabetRRings, Jugendstil-Medium, JugendstilFS, K-Neptuns-Italic, KL1Sausages, Katrins, KeilschriftOblique, Klammeraffen-Italic, KleinKallig, KleinReunionRandomized, KleinsDancingSlapzerif-Light, KleinsFirstScript, KleinsFirstScriptPark-Medium, KleinsKrempelTypes, KleinsKruschKursiv, Kleinsan-Medium, Kleinscribere-Bold, Kleinscribere, Klexalfabeta, KochRootsRoundBold, LinoLeumInvers, Linolphabet-Bold, Lipsiantiqua-Regular, Loopings, MK-reczne, MKAbelRough-random, MKBritishWriting, MKOCR, MKSchmalhands, MKlammerAffen-Medium, MKristall, MKyrill-Bold, MWaKomia, ManTiqua-BlaXX, MauMauKlein, Mercato-Bold, Mercato-Light, MonoMouse, MontePetito, MouseAlphabets, MouseCuts-Medium, MrKlein, Neptunia, NipponLatin-Bold, NonCommercial, OldNewspaperTypes, OldNewspaperTypes, OperaSemper, Pastfuturum, Petra-Medium, PetriFree-Light, Piratiqua, PiratiquaVertical, Planless-Bold, Pompeji, PopUp, Postertypes, PragRoman, PrestoWritten, PudelsKerning, QuickKleinSketches, QuickMary, QuickMax, QuickTypes, RandoMiKa, RemiDur, RemiWacom, RightSo, ScissorThree, ScrapDealer, Serpentina, ShalomMK-Oblique, ShalomMK, ShalomMKBold, SplinterMKaps, SpontanoCondenso, SprayersTypes, SteepQuickHand, StormyBold, StrangeBlackLetter, SwinginSansB-Bold, SwinginSansL-ExtraLight, TIMKIN-Regular, TheBroadWay, TheLogovals, TheTrampsTrash, TokyoFrankfurtRound, UglyQua-Italic, UglyQua-Italic, UglyQua, UglyQua, UnclassicQuill-Condensed, UnzialusLatinus, Vampyriqua, Vampyrish, Vampyrish, Visitcard, Vitalis-Bold, Wacomian-Regular, WacomicCondensed-Medium, Wacomiqua67, Wenceslas-Oblique, Wenceslas, WildQuill, WildThingShadow, WinterCoat, WritersFont, ZeroPoints.

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Manfred Klein: Slab serif typefaces

Manfred Klein's slab serif typefaces: AxelsWoodTypesMK, BigMummy, BigSlabHammer, BigSwingingSlabS-Italic, BigSwingingSlabS, BlaxSlabXXL, EgyptRund, Imprimerie-Bold, KleinSlabserif-Bold, KleinSlabserif-Light, KleinSlabserif-Light, KleinSlabserif-Medium, KleinSlabserifBlaxX, LaCittaShadow, Nilland-Black, Nilland-Bold, Nilland-ExtraBold, Nilland-SmallCaps-Bold, Nilland-SmallCaps, Nilland, OgiRemaSlabserif, RockyLight, RockyRegular, RockyXCond, RoughRockys, ShakeySlabserif, SlabRomana-Bold, SlabRomana-BoldOblique, SlabRomana-Oblique, SlabRomana, SlabSoft-Normal, SlabStick-Bold, SlabStick-Oblique, SlabStick, SlabTallX-Medium, SlabTallX, SlabserifXhigh, Slabsoft-Bold, SonnCar-Demi, SonnCar, Steamdecor-Normal, SteepSlab-Medium, SteepSlab, TheHammerSlabserif-Oblique, TheHammerSlabserif, TypoSlabserif-Light, WindyCitySlab.

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Manfred Klein: African-themed fonts
[Manfred Klein]

African theme fonts include AfricArtes, AfricEggs, AfricaArt, AfricaArtTwo, Africaans, Africaans, Africain, AfricainBatsOSix, AfricanAngelsAndSpirits, AfricanArtifacts, AfricanGhosts, AfricanQueens, AfricanSymbols, Africanissima, AfricanissimaOSix, AfriquArtes, AfriqueDrawings, AfroDesigns, Afrobats, Afroparts, ArteAfrique, BlackLiving, BlackSplinters, MotherAfrica.

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Manfred Klein: Aliens and space
[Manfred Klein]

Aliens and space exploration fonts made by Manfred Klein include Aliens2000, AliensInverse, AliensNew, Androidish, CuriousVisitors, ExtraTerrestrial, ExtraTerrestrialTwo, HumanBeingsRedesign, HumanDeformations, HumanParts, HumanPartsPoetry, HumanPartsTwo, MutanTrios, NewAliens, NextGeneration, NextOnEarthSilhou, PlanetarishBats, Planets, RunningBeings, SFAliens, SpaceAttackTwo, SpaceAttacks, SpaceBeings, SpaceBeingsTwo, SpaceCommedians, SpaceCrew, SpaceCrewRound, SpaceDreams, SpaceEggs, SpaceGarbage, SpaceLivingBTwo, SpaceMeetings, SpaceStationHokuspokus, SpaceWorkers, StrangeBeings, StrangeCharacters, StrangeFriends, StrangeFriendsFS, StrangePeople, StrangersInTheNightTwo, StrangersOnEarth.

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Manfred Klein: Animals
[Manfred Klein]

Animals have always been an important source of inspiration for Manfred, for various reasons---to satisfy his grandchildren (I guess), to make political statements, to have fun, and to design animal-inspired alphabets. Here is a partial list of his typefaces: AIDino-Heavy, AbermalsAnimals, AffigMonkeys, AnimSilhous, AnimSilhousB, AnimalComedians, AnimalShadows, AnimalShadowsDrei, AnimalShadowsTwo, AnimalTypeFaces, AnimaliSilhouetti, Animalia, AnimaliaScissored, AnimaliaTwo, Animalishmk, AnimalsAnywhere, AnimalsMeetings, AnimalsOldfashion, AnimalsPrey-2006, AnimalsTwo, Apish, AustranimalsOne, BeastlyBats, BeforeAlphabetsFour, BeforeAlphabetsThree, BugsNFriends, ButterFly, ButterflyAndCo, CatDogHorse, CatSketches, Cats, CatsCats, CatsCo, CubismCreatures, DillElefantenTwo, Dillefanten, Dillfanten, DinoSilhouettes, DinosFragments, Dinotiqua-Heavy, Djungle, DogsDogs, DogsFewCats, DomesticAnimals, DueTresQuattro, EthnoFont, Fabeltiere04, FarmAnimals, FewYearsLater, FischersFritze, FischersFritzen, Fishermans, Fishing, FlyingSwimming, FroxXMedium, Getier, GetierAnimalish, GetierTwo, GraphicAnimals, Horses, Horses, HotchPotch, HowDrawAFish, HundeDogsChiens, IhrHunde, Impossibile, Insects, Insects07, Insects, InsectsMK, InsectsTwo, KaraBenNemsi, KarawaneSilhous, Krabbeltiere, LandAnimals, LetsDance, LionsClub, LittleFriendsTwo, Lorbeer, MAnimalsK, MKDingBats, MKapish, MKapishTwo, MKartuhn, ManimalsUno, MensBestFriends, MensFriends, MesoFaunaBats, MesoFaunaTwo, MicroBeings, MicroBeingsTwo, MonkeysTheatre, MyPrivateZoo, NewDinos, OldstyleZoo, Orcas, Orcas, OurLittleDarlings-One, OurLittleFriends, OwlsAndMore, OwlsNFriends, OwlsNOtherWitches, PatternaliaMK, PatternsAnimals, PickABack, RareAnimals, RatsFatzBats, RealllyAnimalishOne, ReallyAnimalsTwo, RememberMesozoikum, Roundlings, Shamanbats, Shamanish, SilhouettesAnimalish, SportsAnimals, Stadtmusikanten, SwimmingBeautys, TangramAnimals, TaurusCowboys, TypoApish, VectorAnimals, Viecher, Wacominals, WildAnimalsOne, ZigzagAnimals, ZooBats, ZooCages, ZooWoodcutsM, Zoobats, Zoography-Normal, ZooloVectoriA, Zoological, ZoologicalGardenOne, ZoologicalGardenThree, ZoologicalGardenTwo, Zoology.

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Manfred Klein: Arrows
[Manfred Klein]

Arrows are another favorite theme in Manfred Klein's oeuvre. He has designed these typefaces: ArrowFaces, ArrowbixDown, ArrowbixOneDown, ArrowbixOneUp, ArrowbixTwoDown, ArrowbixTwoUp, Arrowbytes, ArrowsCompetition, ArrowsOSeven, Arrowy-Three, BatzBatz, DingsbumsBats, FourEarsArrows, KarrowsB, PfeileOne-Normal, PfeileThree-Normal, PfeileTwo-Normal, SomeArrows, YumiyaArrows-vsTwo, YumiyaArrowsTwoB.

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Manfred Klein: Astrological symbols
[Manfred Klein]

Astrological signs are hidden in these typefaces: AstroBats, AstroBatsFS, AstroDingbats, AstroSymbolsThree, AstrobatsInvers, AstrobatsTwo, AstrologishSymbols, AstrologyBatsOne, AstrologyCelticSymbols, MKBatsMedium, Mythical, MythologicBats, Mythological, MythologicalArts, MythologicalBats, MythologicalDisks, MythologicalFantasy, MythologicalSquares, MythologicalsOne, MythosChina, Myths, MythsK, PrivateAstroBats, ScribbledAstrobat-Medium, ZodiacsSignStars.

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Manfred Klein at Fontshop
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein's Fontshop fonts in the FontFont series: FFDouble Digits, FF Witches, FF Quill, Carolus Magnus (uncial), Johannes G (Fraktur), Koberger (Fraktur), Schoensperger (Fraktur). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Manfred Klein: Birds
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred explains his fascination with birds by his quest for freedom and the influence of cartoonist Saul Steinberg (b. Romania, 1914- d. USA, 1999): Na, erst war ich immer neidisch auf die Tierchen, weil sie so wunderbar fliegen. Die Tauben nervten, besonders auf dem Markusplatz. Alle Beflügelten haben den höchst möglichen Freiheitsgrad, mehr als jede Airline. Dann sah ich mal, wie Saul Steinberg Piepmätze zeichnet. ER ist der MAESTRO genialer Vögel, ich bin nur sein Nachmacher. His aviary: AsABird, AssociationsBirds, BirdSymbols, Birds-Relaunch, BirdsAndFriends, BirdsAndOtherBeings, BirdsBirds, BirdsCuts, BirdsEleven, BirdsEtcetera, BirdsInHeaven, BirdsInfluenced, BirdsNFishes, BirdsNPlants, BirdsOSeven, BirdsOThree, BirdsSinging, BirdsToolbox, BirdsWithTypes, BirdsXtreme, Birrrdds, Blackbirds, BubbleToBird, CorneredBirds, Feathered-MK, FlyBirdFly, FlyWithMe, KleinsBirdsNoTen, KritzelBirds, LateBirds, LateBirdsFS, LateBirdsThree, MouseBirds-Light, OldBirdsDesignTwo, OldBirdsDesigns, OldBirdsTwo, OrnithoLogics, Piepmaetze2006, QuickBirds, SaulsRandomBirds, StrokeToBirds, UpUpAndAway, VampyrBats, VeryOldBirds, WhereIsTheBirdsDealer, WildBirds.

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Manfred Klein: Blackletter, Fraktur, Rotunda
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred's fascination with blackletter and its German roots is apparent from the tens of typefaces he designed that are either revivals of historic typefaces or playful and not so playful extensions. Here we go:

  • ArthritishSpringtime
  • BarlosRandom, BarlosRandomRings
  • BarlosiusEdged (2007)
  • Bastarda-K, BastardaButtonsBeta, BastardaMajuskel1300, BastardusSans
  • BauernFraktur (2004, after the 1911 original by Bauersche)
  • BayreuthFraktur, Bayreuther-BlaXXL (2005, a variation of Schneidler's Bayreuth)
  • BigBroken, BigBrokenTwo
  • BigElla
  • Brahms-Gotisch (2005, with Petra Heidorn: a revival of Heinz Beck's 1937 typeface at Genzsch&Heyse)
  • BrokenAlphabetTradition, BrokenBrainsFrax, BrokenCapsJumperB, BrokenHand-Bold, BrokenHand, BrokenHandLight, BrokenRoman-Bold, BrokenSansCaps, BrokenSansCapsJumper, BrokenWoodtypes, BrokentTraditionRound
  • BruchRund
  • BruchschriftMK
  • Burte-Fraktur
  • Burtine (2003: handwritten freestyle version of Burte Fraktur, 1928), Burte-Fraktur, Burtinomatic, Burtinomatic-DemiBold
  • Burtinomatic-DemiBold, Burtinomatic
  • CancellerescA
  • CantaraGotica
  • Cantzley Inverse Caps (2007), CantzleyAD1600 (2005)
  • CaslonishFraxx
  • ClaudiusImperator
  • Clausewitz-Fraktur (2005). Designed in memory of Klaus Burkhardt.
  • CaslonishFraxx
  • ClaudiusImperator
  • CowboyCaxton
  • Cuxhaven Initials Round (2006), CuxhavenFraktur (2006), CuxhavenInitials (2006), CuxhavenTimes (2002). All named in honor of Petra Heidorn, who is from Cuxhaven.
  • DecadentaFrax (2007)
  • DirtyThinkwitz (2003). In honor of his good friend Klaus Burkhardt.
  • DizzyBrokenWritten
  • DolbyFraxCaps (2005)
  • DornspitzGrotesk
  • DoubleBrokenTextura
  • Druckschrift-Initialen
  • DrunkenSailor (2006)
  • DuerersMinuskeln
  • ElectrUnciale (2005)
  • ElephantaBlack (2006)
  • FatFreeFrax
  • FlyingHollander (2005)
  • FracturiaSketched, FracturiaSketchedCaps
  • FraktKonstruct, FraktSketch, FraktSketchFS, FraktalConPablos, FrakturInRings (2007), FrakturInitials07 (2007), FrakturNitials (2006), FrakturaFonteria, FrakturaFonteriaSlim (2006)
  • FrakturCondensedHeadline, FrakturCondensedHeadlineExtra
  • FraxBoxes, FraxBricKs, FraxBrix, FraxHandwritten-RoundCaps, FraxHandwritten, FraxHandwrittenXtrem-Medium, FraxInCage, FraxInCageLeftOblique, FraxInCageRightOblique, FraxInitials, FraxMouseSketches, FraxxSketchQuill
  • FrungturaFS
  • GGothiqueMK
  • GermanFatman (2006)
  • GingkoFraktur (2006)
  • GoldenSwing
  • GotenborgFraktur (2007)
  • GothicLetters (2007)
  • Gotic Caps (2006), GoticaBastard, GotischeMajuskel, GothicMajuscles
  • GotikaButtons (2005, after Imre Reiner's Gotika from 1933)
  • GutenbergsGhostypes, GutenbergsTraces
  • HamletOrNot, HamletTobeornot
  • HansFraktur
  • HansSachsCaps (2007)
  • HansSchoenspergerRandomish
  • HappyFrax (2006)
  • Haunted-Normal, HauntedBricks
  • Heimat
  • Holland Gotisch (with Petra Heidorn; a revival of Nederduits by Johann Michael Fleischmann, ca. 1750)
  • ImresFraktur, ImresFraxCaps (2007)
  • Incunitials
  • IronFraktur
  • JessicaPlus
  • JoeCaxton
  • JohannesBricks, JohannesButtons-02, JohannesGDiamonds, JohannesGLastTraces (2007), JohannesTraces
  • Jugendstil (2006)
  • KaiserRotbartCaps (2007)
  • KL1CiviliteEdges
  • Kl1RheumaticFraktur
  • KleinSchwabach (2005)
  • KleinsBrokenGotik (2006)
  • KlungerCaps (2006)
  • Leibniz-Regular
  • LombardPlattfuss, Lombardic
  • LookBrokenTypes
  • LuFraktorsoBroad
  • LudwigHohlwein (2006)
  • LufrakturBricks (2006)
  • LutherDuemille, LutherMousedrawn-Bold, LutherMousedrawn
  • MKBritishWriting
  • MK Broken Types (2006)
  • MKFraxConstr (2007)
  • MKImresTshirtsA
  • MKalligFrax, MKalligFrax-MediumItalic
  • MKancellerescaCaps (2005)
  • MKantzley (2005), MKanzleiCaps-One (2006)
  • MKapitalisRusticaMedium
  • MKaslonTextura
  • MoKsford, MoKsfordBold, MoKsfordDemiBold, MoKsfordExtraLight, MoKsfordLight
  • MonAmourCaps (2006), MonAmourFraktur-Broken (2006), MonAmourFrakturRegular
  • MonksWriting
  • MorbusParcinsonFraxx
  • MorscheKnochen
  • MountFirtree
  • MousefraKtur
  • Münchner-Fraktur (2005). A revival of Renaissance Fraktur by Heinz König, 1885, Genzsch&Heyse.
  • MyElectronicSchwabach
  • NeuGothic-Bold
  • Neudoerffer, NeudoerfferScribbleQuality. Both codex style typefaces are from 2003. Manfred writes that Neudoerffer is an unaltered version of the original Neudoerffer Initialen from 1660.
  • OKsfordBadFat, OKsfordItalic
  • OldTypographicSymphony-Regular, OldTypographicSymphony-Round
  • PopFraxFrankfurt (2007), PopFraxFrankfurtCondensed (2007)
  • PrinzEugen
  • Potsdam (2005, a revival of a 1934 typeface by Robert Golpon)
  • Prothesis-Black, Prothesis-Caribiqu, Prothesis-Caripix
  • RandomFrax
  • ReadableGothic
  • RememberReinerFS
  • RotundaEspagna
  • Schaftstiefel Kaputt (2003)
  • SchmaleGotischMK, SchmalfetteGotisch
  • SchneidlerSchwabacher, SchneidlerSolitaires, SchneidlerSolitairesRound
  • Schwabach, SchwabachDuemille, SchwabachScribbels, SchwabachScribbelsSecond
  • ScribbledFrakturX-Heavy (2006)
  • SketchedCassiusBroken
  • SmallEdgedFrax (2006)
  • Snoutlike (2003)
  • SpaceWinningFrax (2007)
  • TizonaDance
  • TshirtsForFrax
  • TypoasisBoldGothic (2003)
  • VanDoesburgBrokenFS
  • VeryBrokenFrax
  • WaldarbeiterGotisch
  • WeimarInline
  • WeissGotischRandom
  • Weissgotnitials (2005, based on Weiss's Lichte Initialen, 1935)
  • WittewittMajuscles-Flourish, WittewittMajuscles-FlourishBricks
  • WrittenFrax (2007)

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Manfred Klein: Calligraphy
[Manfred Klein]

Some typefaces ny Manfred Klein have a calligraphic influence: AstroCalligraphsOne, AstroCalligraphsTwo, CalliPsoGrafia, CalliPsoGrafiaItalic, CalliPsoGrafiaMedium, Callimundial, FatGrafCalliklein, HenryMorganHand, KaraBenNemsi, KleinKallig, MKalligFrax-MediumItalic, MKalligFrax, PetitixThreeCallig-Bold, PetitixThreeCallig-Light, PetitixThreeCallig-Normal, RustiCalligraphia, ScribblesCalligraphique.

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Manfred Klein: Caves and prehistoric man
[Manfred Klein]

On the theme of caves and prehistoric man, Manfred Klein designed these typefaces: ArteCave, AustralBats, CaveAB, CaveBatsFour, CaveBatsTwo, CaveBatsTwoB, CaveBeings, CaveDreams, CaveDreamsXtreme, CaveLife, CaveMeetings, CaveNTribalArt, CaveOSeven, CavePaint, CavePaintings, CavePaintings, CavePeople-Painting, CavePeople2002FS, CavePeopleTraces, CavePopart, CaveStars, CavebatsOne, CavebatsOneA, CavebatsThree, EtruskRough, NewCaveDrawings, NewCaveDrawingsDrei, NewCaveDrawingsZwei, OetzisTimesWillCome, PetroGlyphs07, PetroglyphMarks, Petrographs, PetrographsInverse, PrehistFantasies, StoneAgeAgain-Normal, StoneAgeFeelings.

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Manfred Klein: Christmas
[Manfred Klein]

On the theme of Christmas, Manfred Klein created Christmas05, ClassiCapsXmas, ClassiCapsXmas2002-Inverted, HallelujaEngelandMedium, HallelujaLosAngeles, Xmas2002, XmasBalls, XmasBatzz, XmasCaps, XmasCapsRound, XmasGinger2005, XmasGingerbread, XmasGsuffa, XmasImprovisations, XmasOnMoon, XmasOne, XmasPromotionsSymbols, XmasSketches.

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Manfred Klein: Codex-style fonts
[Manfred Klein]

The geometrical overlays reminiscent of Duerer are another recurrent theme in Manfred's work. To wit: DancingVampyrish, GrafBoldBold, GrafCirculum, GrafCirculumBricks, GrafObliqueItalic, GrafRoundishMedium, GridConcreteDue, GridConcreteLogoable, OldConstructedCaps, RodauButtons, RodauButtonsInverse, RodgauHeads, RodgauerFisheyes, RodgauerOne, RodgauerOneRoundMedium, RodgauerThree, RodgauerThreeRoundedMedium, RodgauerTwo, RodgauerTwoRounded-Medium, RomanGridCaps, SketchesByDuerer-Inverse, SketchesByDuerer, TheRoots, XPCrazy-Light, XPFourTwoContourMedium, XperimentypoFS, XperimentypoFSBlack, XperimentypoFSWhite, XperimentypoFourBRound, XperimentypoFourCRoundInvers, XperimentypoFourRound, XperimentypoNr1, XperimentypoNr1Oblique, XperimentypoStripes-One, XperimentypoStripes-Two, XperimentypoThree-B-Square, XperimentypoThree-C-Square, XperimentypoThree-Crazy, XperimentypoThreeSquares, XperimentypoTwo, XperimentypoTwoCrazy, XperimentypoTwoStripes.

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Manfred Klein: Dadaism
[Manfred Klein]

Dada typefaces by Manfred Klein: CaslonDadaesque, CaslonDadaesqueLeft, CookinDada-Italic, DadaDa, DadaDaSerif, DadaGridB, DadaGridD, DadaMeetsStoneage, DadaPeopleOne, DadaSays, DadaSchwitters, Dadada, DadasAngie-Bold, DadasAngie-Oblique, DadasDreams, DadasStoneageTwo, DadasTraces-Bold, DadasTraces, DadasTracesFreeshapes-BoldItalic, DadasTracesFreeshapes-Italic, GridDadaA, GridDadaC, ReadItOrDada.

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Manfred Klein: Decorative caps and initials
[Manfred Klein]

Capitals are a favoritre playground for illustrators, drawers, and artists. They go beyond just mere type. So, to no one's surprise, Manfred Klein has created well over one hundred initial caps typefaces: AlkoInitials, AlkoInitialsFramed, AnarchoCaps, Arabuttons, Archeologicaps, ArtNouveauCaps, BreezedCapsBoldOblique, BrokenSansCaps, CapitalisTypOasisMedium, CapsMKS, CapsRandomish, CapsRandomishBricks, CassandraTwo, ChaosStripesCaps, ChristianInitials, CircleInitialsFreeshape, ClassiCapsBricksBlack, ClassiCapsC, ClassiCapsShields, ClassiCapsXmas, ClassicRomanCaps, ClassicaCaps, ClownNormal, ConstrAccident, ConstruCaps, CorrodetClassicaps, CorrodetInitials, CrazyConstructor, CuneateCaps, CuxInitials, CuxhavenInitialsRound, DeKonitials, DeconstructionCaps, DelitschInitialen, DelitzschCaps, DevilsAlphabets, DirtyHatchCaps, DodgesCaps, DolbyFraxCaps, DotCapsMK, DotsCapsTwo, DrunkenConstructor, DuodezInitialen, EaglesButtons, ErikGCapsSkInvers, ErikGCapsSketches, Ermir-Normal, FatFloralphabetXperimental, FifthCenturyCaps, FilledABC, FloRaTialen, FlorAlphabet-Bold, Florabetic, FloralOne, FloralTwo, FloralalphaLight, FloraliaCaps, FlowerPower, FlowerPowerRound-Medium, ForJeffTwo, FragmentCaps-Cross, FragmentCapsRound-Medium, FrakturInitials07, GaraNitials, GaraNitialsFramed, GaranitialRings, Glitter, GlitterOblique, GoticCaps, GoticaCaps, GotikaButtonsDrei, GotikaButtonsOne, GotikaButtonsTwo, GoudamentBricks, GriffosSCapsFont, HansSachsCaps, HansSachsCapsTwo, HansSchoensCapsInGrid, ImresCorrodetCaps, ImresCorrodetCapsInvers, Incunitials, InitialenFramedMK, JahnsCaps, JahnsCapsRound50, JugendstilCaps, JuliusCaesarBlack, KaiserRotbartOneCaps, KaiserRotbartTwoCaps, KleinFeodoraCaps, KleinsWrittenCaps, KlungerCaps, KochsLongCapsSquares, LambordicCaps, LeiterplattenSans, LetterBuildings, LetterBuildingsTHREE, LettersAnimales, LettersBats, LinoCapsA, LinoCapsAR, LinocapsB, LinocapsBR, LombardInitials, LombardiCaps-Round, LombardiCaps, LucaPacioliCaps, LucaPacioliRough, MKapitalisRusticaMedium, MKapsMixed, MKidge, Magyarish, MammothishCaps, ManFont, MaximilianAntiquaSmallCaps, Mighty-Normal, MightyContour-Black, MightyShadowBlack, MightySpecial-Normal, MightyWindyBlack, MonAmourCapsAprilFraktur, MultiCapsOne, MultiCapsTwo, NeoPanFrames, NeudoerfferScribbleQuality, NoisyButtons, OldConstructedCaps, OldiesButGoodies, OrnamentalInitial, OrnamentalInitialButtons, OszillCapsSecond, OszilloCapsFirst, ParmaInitialenMK, PetitFleurLight, PetitFleurNormal, PixCaps, PixCapsRound, PixCapsShadow, PixCapsWinding, PreRomanCaps, QuaNauticale_Initials_No1, QuaNauticale_Initials_No2, QuaNauticale_Initials_No3, QuadratZiffernNegativ, QuadrataRoma-MediumOblique, QuasimodoCaps, ReliefCaps-Italic, ReliefCaps, RememberCassandre, RememberManhattanBolkd, RememberManhattanSeptember, RememberScribbledTypes, RodGauApesInitials, RodgauCaps, RomanGridCaps, RomanaCapsClassicSquares, SaltoOne-Normal, SaltoTwo-Normal, SchneidlerSchwabachInitials, SchnoerkelCaps, SchoenspergerCaps, Schraffura, SerifsCaps, SilvestreInitials, SilvestreInitialsSquares, SnowCupsCaps, Solitaire, Solitaires, SomeCapsStories, StoneCapsIngrid, TangoMacabre, Tangoasis, TokayMK, TokayOSeven, ToleCaps, TornielloInitials, Torynitialen, TorynitialenInversed, TorysToolsFS, ToscanButtons, ToskanaCapsRound, TrajanSmallCaps, TrajanusBriX-Invers, TrajanusBricks, TrajanusBricksXtra, TwilightCaps, TypOasisInitials, TypoGhosts, VForVictory, VariationsForImre, VaticanianInitials, VenetianBlind, VenetianBlindInverse, VespasianCaps, VespasiansFlorials, VictorianInitialsOne, WalNussCaps, WeimarCaps, WieynkCapsRound, WindyCityCaps, ZagzagCaps, ZebralCaps, ZebralSketchedCapsItalic, ZierCaps.

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Manfred Klein: Derivatives of Bodoni
[Manfred Klein]

Even though Manfred has dabbled in the creation of most styles of text type, he is at his best when he lets his creativity loose on a great classical type design. Of the hundreds he could have chosen to play with, Manfred always returns to Bodoni, the most rational of all text typefaces, and therefore the easiest to draw a moustache on. Just enjoy these designs: AirdriedParmaFont, BaumWell, BigBrotherClassizism, Bodidota, BodoblackSquares, BodoblackSquaresInvers, Bododisks, BodoniFlying, BodoniTwinsCaps, BodoniXT, BodonisBulemy, Bodonitown, BohrDonni, BradbOGilvy, BradburysShadowPaseo, Brandomi-Medium, Centuriqua-Ultra, CheerioFatItalic, ClassizismAntiquaBook, CybaPeeTX-height, CybaPeeTX-heightOblique, GiambattistaDueMille-Oblique, GiambattistaDueMille, GiambattistaVsPetit, Handiqua, HasBodoniScribbled, HelpUsGiambattista-SmallCaps, HelpUsGiambattista, KaterRino, Katrina-Normal, LimesCondensed, Mutoni-Bold, Mutoni-Normal, Mutoni-Normal, Napoleodoni-Bold, Napoleodoni, Napoleon-Bold, Napoleon-Light, ObliquaRomana, ParmaPetit-HeavySwinging, ParmaPetit-Italic, ParmaPetit-Normal, ParmaPetitFlyingRound, ParmaPetitNormal, ParmaPetitOutline, ParmaPetitSCItalic, Practiqua, ScrapTiqua, ScribbleDoni, Steepiqua, SteepodoniRoman, SwingingPetidoni-Heavy, SwingingPetidoni, Tangodoni, ThinManGiambattista, VivaBodoni, WalbaumTorsoThree-Regular, WaldoniNewTorsi, WildBradoni.

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Manfred Klein: Dingbats

Manfred Klein's dingbat typefaces: 160MKSDKT, 20thCenturyArt01, 20thCenturyTwo, AbstractFaces, AbstractFaces, AbstractFacesThree, AbstractOrnamentBatsTwo, AbstractToConcrete, Abstractions, AgroFont, AlwaysBigEatsSmallers, AmericanBeforeColumbusDue, Archaeological, ArmadaPirata, AroundTheClock, Associations, AtHome, AtLastATshirt, AufmBauConstructions, BauhausOSix, BeautyWorks, BigCats, BirthdayDigits, BlackBats, BlackWhiteMinimalism, BlackWhiteSigns, BlaxArties, BlindReading, BlowinTwo, BoatsShipsAhoi, BoatsTraces, BookBeings, Books, BooksBats, Botanicals, BotanishAndRelatives, BrailleHeadline, BrailleLatin, BrickToBrick, BuildYourSecond, CalendarDigits, CarpetPartsCFS, CarpetPartsFS, Caviarbats, CentreClimbers, CircleFaces, CircleMixes, CircledHeads, ColtecsBats, CompositLetters, CoolDrawings, CrazyDingdingsOne, CreaturesShadows, Crosses, CrossesCirclesEtc, CryArgentina, CurvedBeings, DaddyGrid, DancingTraces, DeepSwimmers, DenkMal, DeutscherSchmuck, DigitsCarpet, DingsbumsBats, DingsbumsPlus, DuploSketchesPlus, DynamicBeings, EasterAnimalsFour, EasterIslandsPopart, EasterIslandsToday, Eastereggs, EiDesKolumbus-Improvisations, EierEggsOvo, EighteenMayanMonths, EinsteinsWorlds, ElectricFacesOne, Emkabats, EveryPictureTellsAntique, ExcuseMe, Exhumations, FabCreaturesInverted, Fabulous, FaceToolsbox, Farmfont, FiftyYearsAgo, FineArts, FingerSigning, FlagsAndTemplates, FlagsMaritime, FlagsToolbox, Floranimals, FlyingCarpetsOSeven, FlyingHistory, FlyingOne, FlyingOpArts, FlyingPioneers, FontBetaOne, FoodnDrinksOne, Forbidden, FromTheMoon, FunBats, GeldRegiertDieWelt, GeoFacesBold, Geobatz, GeometricConstructs, GeometricStructuresTwo, Geoplays, GerManishTwo, GiveEuroAFace-Etudes, GloriaVectoria, GreeceArtDesign, GreekArt, GreekMythes, HabSpassHaveFun, HallelujaEngelandMedium, HallelujaLosAngeles, HalloWien, HalloweenTwo, HappyNewYear, HappyXmasBats, Hardware, Haringe, HelloCleoPetra, HelmbuschCrestSymbols, HeraldryPartsOne, HiddenSigns, HiddenSignsRings, HistoricMedicineBats, HistoricMoments, HuMunKuli, HumanInside, HumorixOne, HypocriSymbols, IAmSailing, ImprovisatedBats, ImprovisationsAboutK, ImprovisationsOne, InCrossFires, InGarden, InTwilight, IndustrialBats, InternationalSigns, JeffsLittleHelpers, KLArtIFacts, KLabyrinths, Karlchens, KassandrasMonogramme, KleeriKaleRRound, Kleinigkeiten, KleinsElectronicJokes, KleinsLittleDings, KleinsTypen, Kringel, KringelPlus, KritzelOneItalic, KritzelThree, Krizzeleyn, LArtPourLArtOne, LMKidFrames, LandAndTownScapes, Landscapes, LandscapesFS, LandscapesToolbox, LaughOrNot, LeftClimbers, LessIsMoreOne, Letterly, LettersSnakesAndMore, LineArtVectoria, LiveStyle, LivingYesterday, LogoPhantasies, LogoSketchesMK, LogosExercises, LogosLogo, LucPlantsGrowinAgain, LucsPlantsComeUp, LucsPlantsInWind, LucsPlantsWestwind, M-sKetches, MArteFact, MBats, MKBats, MKBatsMedium, MKBatsMedium, MKSkulls, MKSymbols, MKaos-Regular, MKaosSpirals, MKomicsVers2, MKonstrukTshirts-Medium, MKsketches, MPictures, MammotishSquares, MangaManjana, ManiaK, MarineBats, MaritimK, Maritime, MaritimeSquares, MasereelThree, MasereelTwo, MatisseTraces2007, MayaKowski-Discs, Mdoodled, Medalh?o, MedibatsOne, MeteoSat, MiscellenDecO4-Zwo, MobileSquares, ModernArtBats, ModernGarbage, MoreSilhousFrame, MotherAfricaArchetypo, MotionTools, MourningTrauer, MourningTrauerInverse, MouseArt, MouseBits, MouseFruitFaces, MouseScribblesKTwo, MouseScribblesMK, MouseToons, MouseToonsTwo, MouseTraces, Movieboards, MrVector, MsKetches, MusicInstruments, MusicMuseal, Musicelements, MusiciansFriends, Musicus, MyFreudsWorld, MyHouse, MyRobots, NanaBallett, NastyHorrorShow, NewsFromAbsurdistan, NewsRoar, NipponBats, NipponFlorales, Nipponia, NipponsMonsBats, NonSense, NowTheWeather, Occasiones, Offbeat, OldAdPosters, OldAmericanSymbols, OldArtGallery, OldArtTools, OldBoysToys, OldCastles, OldFriends, OldRomaUno, OldScissorCuts, OldScissorCuts, OldSignArtsOne, OldStyleTravel, OldTestament, OlderTypographicTraces, OliKleinBats, OlisWebButtonsInvers, OlympicToys-Framed, OlympicToys, OnStreet, OsterinselPlus, Othermil, PadBats, Panique, PatternArt, Peculiar, PescesBizarri, PescesBizarriFS, PetitButtoni, PetitSketches, PetrasBauhausXmas, PhantasyDolls, Pharaonica2007, PhotosToVectors, PickUpBats, Picollection, Pifont, Piratical, PiratsSymbolsArtefacts, PlantenNBlomen, PoesieConcreteRound, PointToPoint, Polygonish, PrimaryBats, Proportions, PrositBats, Pumpkins2006, PuzzleParts, QuadrigAlphabetTwo, RainmansWeatherreport, ReadersBats, RefuelStation, ReligSymbols, ReligionSpirituality, Religionen, ReligiousSymbols, ReligiousSymbols, RememberBauhausFaces, RememberZwartDeStjl-Inverse, RememberZwartDeStjl, RenaissanceWoodcuts, RightClimbers, RoaringTwentieNine, RockFontsOne, RohrschachEtcetera, RomansAntePortas, RoundBats, RoundMouseBats-Medium, RunningZigzags, RunningZigzagsTwo, Sagenwelt, ScienceBats, ScissorCuts, Scissoria, SecretWriting, Seefahrer, ShadowPlaying, ShipsNBoats, Signals, SignalsTypoTwo, SimPlexBats, SimplyDrawings, SketchBatsMedium, SketchBatsinvers, SketcheriaTwo, SmileAndTrain-ExtraLight, SomeImprosBats, SomeSketches, SomeSymbols, SometimesDocCanHelp, SpiralTraces, SportsCartoons, StadtLandFont, Stages, StagesAfterEarthquake, StandingButtonS, StarsStripesBullets, StillLebenFourKinds, StreetGraffArts, StrongEuro, SuchLife, SunAndFriends, SundriesBats, SuprematismFour, SuprematismThree, Swinging, TafelrundeKnights, TangramBam, TangramBlack, TangramWhiteBlack, Tattoolike, Taucher, Taucher, TaxTaxation, TestRoom, TestroomThree, TextEmptyStickers, TheIkeaUniform, TheManyMKFaces, TheManyMKFacesVersionTwo, ToolsInstrumentsGadgets, ToolsMK, ToolsSymbols, Traffic, Traffic, TrafficTransportations, TrafficVehicles, TravelEtc, TreesAndCo, TrialNError, Trivialiartes, TshirtsSpringtimeFS, TwoToTeaBlues, TypeBoxesRoundedTwo, TypicalFaces, TypoAlphabetReaders, TypoPieces, TypoSignals, TypogrBanners, TypologicalAccidents, Typomolecule, UmDieEckePlus, UpUpAndAway, UpUpAndAway, Users, VIPVeryImportantPersons, VampyrBats, VariationsInGeoDur, VectorDrawingsOne, Vehicles, Viechereien, VignettSketches, VignettesNFrames, VikingDesigns, VikingsArt, VisionMKGDev-Light, VisionMKGKan, VisionMKGTam, VisionMKGTellight, VisualObsessions, WappneDich-Now, WaterFrontAndFriends, WeLoveAmericasWisdom, WeatherBats, WebArtSigns, WetWorld, WinterSports, ZagzagHeadsTwo, imperativestables.

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Manfred Klein: Display typefaces

Manfred Klein's display typefaces: ABCLogosXYZ-Bold, ABCLogosXYZCrazy-Oblique, AIFragment, AZFusioneTwo, AbcariCircleKursivItalic, AbcariCircleWide, AbcariFond, AdonisGreekSquares, AeroGapBricks, AftermathB, AftermathManhattan, AgainstRules, AidaOops, AidaOopsXtra, Amputata, Amputation, AnarchoSquares, AntiKwa-Bold, AntikAlphaBeta-Bold, AntikWaCom, AntiquaInGrid, AntiquaInGridBalloons, AreHalfsEnough, AxeBlack, BabelfishContour, BabelfishDancing, BabelfishZebral, BalloonDigits, Balloons, BarMKode-Inverse, BauAHaus-Black, BauHouse, BerloosComix, BigCheese, BlackMailK, BlaxBloxx, BlaxxConPersona, BlaxxOnGrid, BlaxxerifaBeta, Blowing, Bloxxy, Bloxxy, BorisBlackBloxx, BorisBlackBloxxDirty, Bredda, BreddaFS-Medium, BreezeAntipodes, BreezeDangerous-Italic, BreezeStarboards, BreezeStarboardsStormy-Medium, BreezesBatsMK, BrixRoundMK, BrixRoundMKPositive, BullerBuPapercut-BoldOblique, BullerBuPapercut, CactusBlossom, Chiseled, CircleSigns-Medium, CircusBoldSquares, CircusBoldSquaresInvers, CircusFour-Normal, CircusFourNormal, CircusKlein, CircusOne-Normal, CircusOneNormal, CircusStars, CircusThree-Normal, CircusThreeNormal, CircusTwo-Normal, ComicNumerals, ConstrxiaBlackInline, CorrosClassicClimbers, Crass, CrazyNessWide-Medium, Creepy, Cuban, Cuneate, CyclopsBlax4Dirk, DancingVampyrish, Segmentation fault (core dumped), Segmentation fault (core dumped), Segmentation fault (core dumped), Declared, Decollagena, DeconStruct-Black, DeconStruct-BlackOblique, DeconStruct-LightOblique, DeconStruct, DeconstructaWide-ExpandedUltra, Desastra-Bold, DigitalisHistory, DistroyA, DoodlesWritten, DornspitzGrotesk, Draculas, DreideeSketches, DreiDreiDrei-Black, DymoFontInvers, Dyonisius, EagleKonfetti, EatMyHat, EgyptianFreehand, EleFontissimo, ElefontitisXtreme, Emmenthaler-Normal, EmmenthalerNormal, Erpressung-Normal, ErpressungNormal, EveryLetterTellsAStory, FSFunkturm, FamousPix-Circles, FamousPix, FatFineFree, FiftyTwoLetters, FishHooks, FolksCircleNegative, FolksCirclePositive, FolksInCube, FolksShades, FolksTwins, FragmentAZ, FragmentBO4, FragmentF, Fragmenta, FragmentuM, FrancofortePunk, FrancoforteSerifus, Frankophil-Bold, FreeBradbury, FreeBradburySansMedium, FriendlyFire, FriendlyFireBullets, FriendlyFireDust, FriendlyFireMagic, FriendlyFirePower, FromageCondOblique, Gastronom, Gearing-ZahnradABC, GersansItalic, GlyptographsMedium, GridRiding, HalfEnough-Bold, HalfsAreEnoughLatin, HandsAndFeet-Two, Haunted-Normal, HauntedBricks, HeidEcker, HerdeckeSans, ILikeOffenbach, ILikeOffenbachXtra, IllustratedAlphabet, ImresDiscs, IntourisTiqua, Italienne, JamboRound, JessieMKingDemo, JoaoImprovisations, JohannesGLastTraces, JonasFragmentsRound, JonasMajuscles-Bold2007, JonasMinuscles, JonasSplint-Normal, JuliusCaesarDisks, JuniusIrish, KL1BinAerfabet, KL1MonoCase-Krux, KleidosChaplina, KleinBricksNegative, KleinsAmazon, KleinsFirstBricksBold, KleinsHeraldryBox, KleinsThreeFS, KleinsTypesoup, KletterABC, KlillMonograms, KochsRootsFat, LatinChina, LetterSoupMainz, Letterbeings, Lettersoup, LinoleuMK, LogoHalfnHalf, Logomatique, LogomatiqueBold, LogomatiqueShadow, LuziFer, MAntiKwa, MCapitals, MKCuer, MKFTiler, MKFraktConstruct, MKGreco-Bold, MKGreco-ExtraBold, MKLogoSketches, MKSzene, MKUltra, MKUltraCondensedItalicSWFTE, MKUltraCondensedRegularSWFTE, MKUltraItalicSWFTE, MKUltraOutlineItalicSWFTE, MKUltraOutlineRegularSWFTE, MKUltraRegularSWFTE, MKaputt-Expanded, MKidge, MendelsohnsTochter, MicroTypes, MirrorKleinShadowBold, MirrorKleinShadows, MirrorblacK, MirrorblacKOutline, MonogramsToolbox, Monument-Normal, MonumentA, MotherAndChild, MovingLetters, Multistrokes, MutantA-MediumOblique, MyNippon, MyNipponContur, NearAldus, NeoPanButtons, NeoPanRings, NewCountry, Newspaper, NightHawk, NipponToonItalic, Nippontoon, Nonsensiqua, NonsensiquaTwo, Odoaker, OggiAngular, OldAntique, OldRomanKlein, OnKochsRoots, PalatinosTypeSoup, ParmaPetit-HeavySwinging, ParmaPetit-Italic, ParmaPetit-Normal, ParmaPetitOutline, ParmaPetitSCItalic, PetitSan, Petitscript-Italic, Petitscript, PittoresqJugendstil, PixelNonsens-Medium, Pixfabet, Planless, PlantsLetters, Pointersisters-Bold, Pointout-Normal, PompejiMK, Primeval, QuakeRoman, QuasiModoButtons, RainyDay, RainyNightMedium, ReadingRailroad, ReadingRailroad3D, Reclamare, Reduce2Max, Reduce2MaxItalic, Reduce2MaxShadowItalic, ReinersImOval, RememberScribbledInvers, Renaiss-Italic, RoaringTwentiesTwo-Oblique, RoaringTwentiesTwo, RococoCoquete, RootsKochThree, RottenScriptTight, RoundAbout, RupturedSans, Russian, SMoKeScreen, SaiGon, SatanicAlphabet, Schonan-Black, SegmentaSans, Serena, SharkJockey, SigismundoDiFanti, SketchCameosInversA, SketchCameosRound-Bold, SketchRoundPositive, SketchiquaA, SketchiquaC, SktchBatsInversTwo, Smoke-Black-Black, Smoke-Contour-Italic, Smoke-Disturbed-Light, Smoke-Rasterized-Medium, Smoke-ScreenObl-Italic, SmokeShadow-Medium, SomeBrixMK, SpikyBrush, StageGlyphs, StageGlyphsTwo, Stampede, SteinAntik-Bold, SteinAntik-Light, SteinAntik, StoerungDisturbance, StonageStamp-Normal, StonageStampNormal, Stoneage-Normal, Stoneage, StormyStarboards, StripedSansBlack, SuddenFall, SuperSansMKringel, SuperSansStrange, SzeneInFrames, TechnoMK, TechnoOSix, Tequila, TiefeDepthVertigo, Toscanienne-Bold, TotalKrass, TreeLike, TwilightDisks, TypoDisturbances, TypoTracesOne, TypomaniacsSpecial, Typotraces-Four, Typotraces-Three, Typotraces-Zwo, UltraCondensedSansSerif, UnderlineMonospace, ValentineFlies, VampyrishABC-Oblique, VampyrsMK, VanDoesburgBrokenFS, VenetianBlind, VenetianBlindInverse, Venezia, VeryOblique, VisionMKG, WalNuss, WeekdaysRomanSlant, WhatsHappened, WhatsHappened, WhyMar, WirewalkersVertigo, WoodPecker, WoodTypesMK, WrongTypesShadows, ZagzagGoosePimples, Zebraesq, ZebralSketched, ZeitGeisterbahn, ZigzagDisplays, Zwiebelfisch.

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Manfred Klein: Egypt
[Manfred Klein]

Egyptian (not slab serif!) and hieroglyphic typefaces by Manfred include AncientBats, Egypt, EgyptAxt, EgyptChildren, EgyptHieros, EgyptMythOne, EgyptSilhous, EgyptianSilhouettes, EgyptianSilhouettes, EgyptianSilhouettes, Egypticons, EgypticonsToday, EuroGyptians, HelloCleoPetra, HelloMrPharao, HierobatsSketches, KL1-Pharaos, KL1-PharaosTwo, OldEgyptGlyphs, OldEgyptOne, OldEgyptTwo, PhaistosAlphabet, PhaistosFingers, PhaistosToday, VisitTheNil.

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Manfred Klein: Eyes
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred's life story is also being told through tens of typefaces that pay special attention to the eyes. They include some his best and most original contributions as they come straight from the heart. A partial list: AftermathDings, AllesNurGeklaut, AmorEmoticons, AndBullets, ApishOne, Aprilapril, Assoziazione, AugenEyes, AugenWappen, Beardfaces, BlaxBloxxEyes, BulletsMK-Thin, Coincidences, ConfusEyecons2005, Confuseyecons, ConstructionAgainstFreehand, CrazyWorld, Decreations, DingsUndDas, EverypictTellsaStory, Exercises, Expressiones, EyeBeings, EyeBeings, EyeCatching, EyeEye, EyeEyeOnBlack, EyeNStrokeThree, EyeSee, Eyeballs, EyelecBats, Eyemen, Eyes, EyesAlphabet, EyesAndSoOn, EyesAugenMouth, EyesGallery, EyesNStrokes, EyesNoseMouth, EyesTests, FaceLaboratory, FaceToFace, Faces, FacesAlphabetBeta, Facialish, FishFaces, FisheyeButtonsTwo, Florenius, ForAlchemistsOnly, Frontal-Buttons, Frontal, GenesisSketches, GeoEyesOne, GeometricFaces, GeometricFeelings, GesturesMK, Gipfelkoepfe, GoodOldEyeCatchers, GutenbergGoesAbstract, HeadImprovisations, HeadImprovisationsTwo, HeadfeeterOTwo, IdenOfMarch, LaughBajazzo, LifeEyecons, LogoModaRoma, LogoModels, LogoModelsBowToBoss, Look, LookForLeonardo, MKDingBats, MKEyeMinals, MKSymbols, MSkizzen, MansPartsPlaying, MathEmoticonsInverse, MathEmoticonsOne, MiszCinque, MiszellMay, Miszellen-Eight, MiszellenJuly, MiszellenK-Zwo, MiszellenK, MiszellenKOne, MiszellenQuattro, MiszellenTwo, MkDrawings, Morphes, MouseTraps, MouseVectorarts, Nasenbear, NewTechnoFaces, NiceMurders, OldEyeCatchers, Olisillus, OtherEyes, OverHeads, PhantasticBeings, PhantasticSketches, RodgauerFisheyes, RomiPetito, RoundFacesTwo, RoylichBats, RuebenNosesFour, Scannings, SchauSchau, SchiessScheibeUndAuge, SeeAndAct, Strokemen, SuprematismOne, SuprematismTwo, TherapeuticApplications, TheyWasNiceMurdersAlways, TwelveYearsAfter, TypoAnarchycalEyes, VectorFaces, VectorImprovisations, VectorPaintigs, Vectories, Vectorism, VectorizedSignets, WacoGraphireSketches, Wacollection, Wacomusish, WaxworksImprovisations, WaxworksTwo, WildHeads, WithALittleHelp, WysiwygBats, Zettelkasten15.

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Manfred Klein: Fists

Manfred Klein's fists: AllHands, DingsUndDasRunde, Hands, HandsAreClaws, HandsAreHands, HandsDown, HandsOnly, HandsUp, HandsUpHandsDown, SpeakingHands.

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Manfred Klein: Font Hosting

In July 2017, Typoasis / Moorstation shut down. Run by Petra Heidorn out of Hamburg, Germany, it hosted her own fonts, as well as those of the popular and talented type designer and artist Manfred Klein (Frankfurt, Germany). Manfred, who was an active type designer from the late 1990s until about 2007, created over 3600 fonts in that period. Those fonts are now hosted at my site, thanks to Petra Heidorn. Manfred's oeuvre is too large to consume and analyze in one sitting or even one month.

This zip file contains all his fonts. For those interested in particular styles, please visit this web page for downloads of individual fonts, or fonts grouped by these themes: 3d, Africa, aliens, animals, architecture, arrows, astrology, birds, calligraphy, cave style, codex, Christmas, dada, decorative caps, didone style, dingbats, display style, Egypt, eyes, fists, Fraktur, handcrafted typefaces, Karla, kids, Laurens, masks, medieval styles, Mexico, monsters, native themes, ornaments, painters, peace, people, pixel fonts, runes, Sans, serif, slab, stencil, stone age, typewriter, uncial, wood and woodcuts. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Manfred Klein Fonteria 2008
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein's releases in 2008: Artfacts, BatzBats, BatzBatsTwo, BirdsInHeaven, BreezedCapsBoldOblique, CrazyBeings, DreiDeeSketches, MouseBits, OldFriends, RastaManOblique, SansBetween, SketchBatsMedium, SketchBatsinvers, SketchBatsInversTwo, TypographicHeadPaintings, VectorPaintigs, ZebralSketched, pHANTabats Regular and Bold, SkurileNonAlphabetiques. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Manfred Klein: Fonts for children
[Manfred Klein]

Fonts of children's handwriting or with dingbats specially made for or by kids: AnAlphaBetIsm-Medium, AnAlphaBetIsm, AnAlphaBetIsmXtreme, Batmania, BatsDa, ChildrenAnimalsFriends, ChildrenBats, ChildrensAlphabet, ChildrensAlphabetInvers, ChildrensDarlings, Cucumbers, ForKids, GirlsGirls, HappyBirthday, Hingehudelt-Bold, Hingehudelt, HingehudeltMedium, HingeschludertBlack, Jockey-Black, Jockey-Bold, JockeyBlack, JockeyBold, JockeyOblique, KidSignsThree, KiddiesR, KidsArt, KidsDrawingsTwo, KidsFirstPrintFont, KidsKids, KidsStuff, Kidsfontone, KinderKinderAbsurdo, KinderUndAndereEngel, Kinderkinder, Kinderkram, KleinsKrempelTypes, KleinsTypen, KleinsTypesoup, Krakelfabet, MKritzeleien, MinimumWageincomplete, MoreMonK, MouseGrafitty, MousePen, MouseScribbles, MrKlein, PlayingChildren, SchoolStuff, SchoolTime, Schoolish, ScribbleABit, ScribbleDichFrei, SketchBatsMedium, Sketched, SketchedAlphabet, SomeKidsThings, SometimesSmiley, Spontifex, SternenHimmel, TixBats, ToyToy, XamStern.

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Manfred Klein: Geometrical type designs
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred is always keenly aware of the geometrical nature of objects and things. Sometimes he is seduced by geometry for the sake of geometry. His Archimedean perversions have led him to a number of superb experimental type designs: AbstractConcretLogo, ArchitectsDreams, ArchitectsDreamsDwa, Architypo, ArchitypoOblique, Architypogra, ArchitypograPsychodeliqu, FamousBuildings, GalleriaGeometricaA, GalleriaGeometricaB, GeometricWanderlust, Graphis, GridPix, RomanArchitectura, TechnoMK, Typotraces-Cinque, WorkWithGridsStageC.

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Manfred Klein: Karla
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred's granddaughter is called Karla. For her, he drew many typefaces. I can just picture him doodling crazy creatures to amuse her. The typefaces: Children, ChildrenBats, ChildrenDingbats, ChildrenSketchings, ChildrensWorld, ChildWritten-Bold, ChildWritten, Children, ChildrenBats, ChildrenDingbats, ChildrenSketchings, ChildrensWorld, ForKiddies, ForKids, FromKarlasIdeas, Karlas1B, Karlas704, KarlasABCStart, KarlasAnarchists, KarlasAndManfreds, KarlasBats, KarlasBats, KarlasFirstFont, KarlasInterpreted, KarlasMiszellen, KarlasNrThree, KarlasNrThreeSeven, KarlasSketches, KarlasStrokemen, KarlasUndOpas, KarlasWelt, KidgeBoxes-Medium, Kidpicts, KidsArt, KidsDrawings, KidsFirstABC, KidsFirstPrintFont, KidsKas, KidsPhantasies, KidsStuff, KidsStuffAdded, MKarla, MKarlasBats, TheKiddiesRound.

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Manfred Klein: Laurens
[Manfred Klein]

Laurens is one of Manfred's two grandchildren. Some of his typefaces are dedicated to him: Laurens-Normal, LaurensErste, LaurensNormal, OhLauri.

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Manfred Klein: Masks

Manfred Klein's masks:DramaAndCo, ItsAllTheater, KleinHollywood, MasKs, MasKsMKTwo, Maskenball04, MaskenballDrei, MaskenballOne, MaskenballTwo, MasksK, MasksMKThree, MasqueradesK, StrandgutC, VariationsForPablo.

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Manfred Klein: Medieval typefaces

Manfred Klein's medieval typefaces: Ancestors, AncestorsMK07, Biblical, Biblicals, BiblishPictures, CowboyCaxton, DiscoverBats, Eulenspiegel, FineArts, GoodOldTimes, Goudament, HistoricPeople, KL1CiviliteEdges, LightUnciale, LombarDuerer, MKarolingish, MediaevalBats, MediaevalItalique, MiddleAgers, MinidoMinvers, Minidom-07, Minidom, MissalUncialeBricks, MissalUncialeMaster, Mittelalter, MyMedieval, NewDarkTimes, Oldtimers, OurLeadersArms, RenaissanceBeingsShow, RenaissancePeople, Vectortrials, WeissGotnitials.

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Manfred Klein: Mexico
[Manfred Klein]

On the subject of Mexico, the Mayas and the Aztecs, Manfred Klein made these typefaces: AmericanBeforeColumbus, Aztecish, Aztekbats, BienMaya, EarlyAmericans, MayanMexicanSymbols, MexiKOrnaments, OpenButtons, OpenButtonsSquare, OpenButtonsThree, PreColumBats, PreColumbus.

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Manfred Klein: Monsters
[Manfred Klein]

Either Manfred dreams of monsters and ghosts, or else he is trying to entertain his grandchildren, a more likely option. His output here includes AmoebaTs, ArtMonsters, BlackStrokeBeings, Climbats, CyberDinxx, Cyclop, Cyclopish, Devils, FabCreatures, FantasticCreationsTwo, FantasticCreatures, FantasyBats, FantasyBeings, FantasyPix, FantasyPixTwo, Gargoyle, GargoyleRings, GenManipulated, GenManipulatedRounded, GnomesTwo, HalloWien, HalloWienTheTramps, HalloweenTwo, HalloweensUfos, HelloweeniA, HouseGhosts, MKreatures, Monstrous, NewEarthCitizens, NewEarthResidents, PotatoMonsters, RoofSpotters, SpiderishFS-Bold.

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Manfred Klein: MyFonts page
[Manfred Klein]

Some of Manfred Klein's early typefaces can be bought at MyFonts. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Manfred Klein: Native Americans
[Manfred Klein]

On the theme of native Americans: AmNativeTwo, AmericanInhabitants, AmericanNatives, ColumbusAntePortas, FirstTypoManiaks, NativeAmericans, NativeAmericans, NativeDesigns, OldTribalSymbols, PuebloBirdsTwo, PuebloSigns, PueblosFour, Tomahawked-Bold, Tomahawked-Regular, TribalBats, TribalBirdsTheMissingGap, TribalDesignsCinque, TribalDesignsDue, TribalDesignsOtto, TribalDesignsQuattro, TribalDesignsSei, TribalDesignsUno, TribalDesigns_Tre, TribalFigTwo, TribalisM-K, TribalisticaFigures.

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Manfred Klein: Oriental Simulation Typefaces

Manfred Klein's oriental siumulation typefaces include Nippon Latin (2013). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Manfred Klein: Ornaments
[Manfred Klein]

Most of Manfred Klein's typefaces are loaded with ornaments. The ones I list here just have higher concentrations than usual: AbstractBats, AggressorsBatsRound, AppleWine, AppleWineTwoMedium, BackgroundBricks, BackgroundBricks, BackgroundersItalic, BauhausFragments, BlueMoonsByDay, BlueMoonsInverse, BorderElements, BreezesBatsMK, BrushapesRoundItalic, BulletsOne, BulletsTwo, Circularium, CloseUp, ConcretePoets, DesignBasics, DesignElemente, DesignElementsTwo, DesignElementsTwo, DesignPartsOne, DesignPartsSix, DesignersWeAll, EggsOne, EggsTwo, EggsnPills, Floralia, FlyingCarpets, Frames, Frames, Frames, FramesAnd, FramesMklein, GeoGraphics, GeometricGlyphs, Griddies, Helixal, KL1MoonsTwo, KLOrnaments, KLOrnamentsRoundItalic, KaleidWieynckFrax, KaleidoBats, KaleidoQuattroInvers, KaleidoTypesCinque, KaleidoTypesDrei, KaleidoTypesQuattro, Klats, LifeIcons, MBats, MKBats, MKLogoSketches, MKaos-Regular, MKaosSpirals, MangaMaterial, MathRosetts, MonsTheFifth, MonsTheFourth, MonsTheSecondA, MonsTheSecondB, MonsTheThirdbeta, MouseScribblesK, MouseScribblesKL, MouseScribblesM, MouseScribblesMK, NautilusOne, NautilusTwo, OhRosetta, OhRosettaDiscus, OhRosettaMedium, OldFramesSymbols, OldTypoElementsThree, OldTypoPiecesOne, OrnaRosettes, OrnamElements, OrnamFacesMK, OrnamHeads, Ornamen, OrnamentalInitialButtons, OrnataUno, OtherShapes, PoetC2ARound, PoetCDiamond, PoeticRoundsDue, PoeticRoundsOne, PoeticRoundsThree, PointGallery, PointGalleryInverse, PointsNDotsImprovisations, RosettKlung, RosettaCalligraphiaOne, RosettaMutanta, RoundMarks, RoundOpArt, RoundPieces-06, RudolfsBats, Schneesterne, ShapesA, ShapesAOneB, ShapesAThree, ShapesAThreeB, ShapesATwo, ShapesATwoB, ShapesFour, ShapesOne, ShapesPopart, ShapesStrokebrushes, ShapesStrokebrushesPlus, ShapesTwo, SomeParts, SomePartsAlphabet, Spiralicus, SpiralishTwo, SpiralnauticsTwo, SpiralusKrux, Symbolica, SymbolicaThree, Thinkbats, TotalFloral, TypesettersTV, TypoBackgrounds, TypoElements, TypoGraphicEdges, TypoJewelsOne, TypoJewelsSquares, TypoJewelsSquaresInvers, TypoJewelsTwo, TypoOrnaments, TypoSigns, TypoSymbolsRound, TypoSymbolsTwo, TypographicHeadPaintings, TypographicRosettas, TypographicSignals, TypographicTangos, UseBats, VectoryStarFrames, VierfachRund, WacbatsItalic, ZebraShapes.

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Manfred Klein: Painters
[Manfred Klein]

This group of Manfred Klein's typefaces draws its inspiration from paintings by Picasso, Miro and others: ArtDekoParts, ArtElements, ArtEtcetera, ArtFound, ArtGoesPixeled, ArtParticles, ArteFS, ArteFactsTwo, ArteFakte2007, ArteNero, ArteStuff, ArteVectoria, Artefakte, ArtesBats, ArtesCocktail, Artests, Artfacts, Artist-Medium, ArtistMedium, ArtistSketches, ArtistTracesTwo, ArtistTracesTwo, Artistiques-Bricks, ArtistsOne, ArtistsOr, ArtistsTraces, ArtistsTwo, ArtsBeforeComputer, BlackArt, BlackBeckMan, BulletsMK-Thin, CowBats, Drawings, DuererUnd, ForgottenArtOne, ForgottenArtTwo, FromOldArtists, GernKleinThree, Guernica38Remember, GuernicaMemories, KFirstBricksMirored, KleinKarpets, KleinsMouseTraps, KlitschKOtiqua, KlitschKOtiquaRound, KlitschKOtiquaShadow, MankBalloons, MankSans-Medium, MankSans-MediumOblique, MankSans-Oblique, MankSans, MankZieglers, MatisseThree, MatisseTraces, Mirobattz, Mirodish, MirosWitchesMedium, MontagesSurrealistiques, MouseAsPainter, MouseLearnMiro, OnKleesTraces, OpArtCarpets, OpticalArt, PabloInTownA, PabloSansCaps, Pabloesque2005, Pabloesques, PablosChildren, Pointilism-Toolbox, Pointilism, PopArtes, PopIcons, PopNonsens, PostConstructivism, PostConstructivismInvers, Precassos, Relative, RootsOfMatisse, Sammelsuriart, Sasurium, ScrapArt, Sculptures, SculpturesMKRL, Sculpturs, SketchesOfSpain, SurReal, Surrealbats, SurRealisM, SurrealisMK, SurrealsmKTwo, TracesOfKandinsky, VasarelyWasHere, VectorPaintingOne, VectorPaintings, WacObats, WhoWasTheArtist.

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Manfred Klein: Peace
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein does not hide his political opinions. He is downright cynical when it comes to politicians, and of course, he detests war in general and bellicose regimes in particular. Just check these typefaces for hidden political messages: AfterAtomWar, DemocraticPeaceWarriors, FlyOnYou, GuantanamoHumanism, ModernPeace, ModernPeace, PeaceAndNightmares, PeaceBats, PeaceDamaged, PeaceFightersOne, PeaceFightersTwo, PeaceOnEarth, PeaceThruGuns, PeaceTools, PeaceWeapons, Peacetiqua, PreventiveWarQuestion, WantedTerrorists, Warlord, Warum2001-Medium, Weapons, WhoIsTheTerrorist.

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Manfred Klein: People
[Manfred Klein]

Among Manfred Klein's dingbat typefaces, the ones that deal with people and activities of people are most frequent. Many have political undertones, a lot of them are plain funny. The list: 20thCentury-Three, AbsoluteImprovisations, AbstractFragments, Actions, AfterLastWar, AllDaysJokes, AllOverTypo, AllThatStress, AllWeathers, AlwaysPeople, AnalphabetismBats, Angelinos, AngelsOrDevils, AthletenEins, Back2School, BadCircumstances, BallerinasNPartners, BalletSketches, BalletliAbsurdo, BatsStuff, BatzBats, BatzBatsTwo, BeFit, BeachBats, BeachnWater, BeautyFaces, BeautyMaking, BeforeAlphabetsGallery, BeforeEmailAndTV, BellaMusica, Bewitched, BienMayaInvers, BigFrameTiefeConPeople, Bikers, BirthdaySurprises, Bitsbats, BlackHeads, BonFood, BookHeads, Bowing, BowingInverse, BraveOldWorld, BuddhasBigArmy, Buddhism, BuddhismTwo, BuildYourOwnPeople, Burlesque, BuschButGerman, BusinessAsUsual, BusinessPeople, BusyPeople, BusyPeople01, BuyMe, CIAThePeaceWatchers, CalligrSketches, CarToonsOSix, CaricaturesHeads, CarneVale, CarneVale, CarnevaleConCarne, CartoonHeads, Casting, ChaoticHeads, Characters-C, Characters-C, Characters, CharactersA, CharactersB, Cherubians, Chicken, ChiefCook, Circus, CircusAir, CircusClownsCompany, CircusEarth, ClassicBats, ClassicoAntiqua, Climbers, Climbers2005, ClimbersPhantasies, Clowns, ClownsAlphaBeta, ComicChars, ComicFaces, ComicHeadsBeings, Comicontemporary, CountryLife, Couples, CrazyBeings, CrazyWeather, Crazygrams, CuteFaces, Cycling, Damaged, DancingLetters, DancingPeople, DinkPatz, DirtyVectors, DiskJockeys, DongbutsBeings-Oblique, DongbutsBeings, DoubleFaces, DramaticArts, DrawingTraces, DrawingWithTypefaces07, Drivers, DueMillePix, EMotions, EarlyMidage, EarlySurrealism1, Easteria, EclectHeads, EdgedFaces, EdgedFacesKantig, Education, EggheadsCrying, ElectronicFaces, EmastEtcetera, Emkabats, EmotionDrawings, EnFace, Engel, EthnicReconstructions, EtudenEnFace, Faces, FacesAndCaps, FacesFaces, FacesTypes, FamilyLifeBats, Farmers, FarmersLife, FemalesNMales, FigaroFigaro, FightersForFreedom, Figures, FirstLove, FitnessSilhouettes, FlagHolder, FlightDreamsTwo, FlightsDreams, FlyingWomen, FolksTypo, FoolOnTheHill, FoolsThree, ForCongratulations, ForefathersSketches, Fourfeeters, FranKleinFaces, FreeLife, FreePeople-Forafreeworld, FreePeopleForafreeworld, FreudsFreeWorld, FrogsAndMen, FunnyCharacters, FunnyFaces, GangsMembers, Gestalten, GoGo, Goblins, GodsAndHeroes, GourmetIcons, GrandParents, GrandfathersDesigns, GrandfathersDesignsTwo, Gymnastics, Hanswurste, HarpersBizarre, HeadFeeterThree, HeadSketchesMK, HeadSketchesTwo, HeadToHeadFive, Headbirth, HeadbirthesTwoFS, HeadfeetersPartialDisturbed, HeadsAndHandsTwo, HeadsBackgrounders, HeadsCallSketches, HeadsConstructed, HeadsConstructedTwo, HeadsForYourAds, HeadsGallery, HeadsHandsSketches, HeadsLogoTorsi, HeadsNBirds, HeadsTorsiButtons, HeadsVectorAttempt, HelloDoc, HelloSirPeter, HelloVienna2005, HelloViennaMacabre, HinduismK, Hispaniola, Hispanish, HistoricPeople, HistoricPeople, Hobbies, HolySimplicity, Homunculus, HonorisCausaM, HorosCopies, Horoscopish, HotHatsFS, HotelPrisoner, HouseWorks, HumanDrawingsA, HumanFollowUps, HumanHeads, HumanLandscapes, HumanMirror, HumanPartsStore, HumanRelations, Humans, HumoricaPartOne, HumoricaTwo, Hybride-Between, ILikeBlacknWhite, IndiansToday, Jokers, KL1DrunkenTypefaces-DemiBold, Kampfsport, Kleerikale, KleerikaleConBlack, KlonesParents, KlonesResults, Koepp, KoeppHeads, KopfFuessler, Kopffuessler, LadiesGentlemen, LastWit, LeuteHeute, LifeIsACabaret, LifeIsAMovie, Lifestyle, LogoFacesArtists, LogoFacesToolbox, Logotrainer, LookingMasreel, LosAngeles-Bold, LosAngeles, LosAngelesBatzz, LucSanFaces, MK-Signatures, MKDoodles, MKHeads, MKImprovisations, MKMouseworx, MKMouseworxTwo, MKSilhouettaRound, MKartoonHeads, MKartoonKoepfe, MKartoonPeople, MKartoons, MKartoonsB, MKartuhn, MKlothes, MKoepfeBold, MKreatures, MKritzeleien, Madhubania, Maenneken, MaennekinTwo, MagicActs, MagicBats, MagicHelloWien, MagicMoments, Malheur, MangaTypes, ManneKen, MannesHeads, MardiKrass, MartialOne, MasKs, MechanicsActors, MediCartoons, MedicalBats, MedicalCasesFirst, Medicobats, Meeting, MenFiftyTwo, Menschen, Menschenskinder, MiszellenThree, MkDrawingsPeople, ModernArts, ModernHeros, ModernTimesMrChaplin, Moneymoney, MoreBusy, MoreClimbing, MoreClowns, MoreDancing, MoreHaringe, MouseAsBrush, MouseDroodels, MouseImprovisations, MoveU, Musicians, Musicians, MusiciansOne, MusiciansTwo, Musikantenstadel, MyMaestroMrMiro, NearModernArt, Neighbours, Neighbours, Neighbours, NewKoeppes, NewNeighbours, NewYorkNewYork, NewYorkNewYork, NextGeneration, NiceBoys, NiceNeighbours, NiceNeighbours02, NiceNeighboursCondensed, NightlifeRoaringTwenties, NudesOne, NudesTwo, Offbeats, OldArts, OldCrows, OldDrawingsOne, OldFashionPeople, OldFashionedClichees, OldfashionPeopleTwo, OnStage, OpenParlament, OtherPeople, OurPoliticians, OutdoorSports, Outside, PardonAgain, PardonThankYou, PassengersFun, People, PeopleAndOthers, PeopleButtons, PeopleSketches, PeopleSketches, PeopleSurreal, PeoplesParts, PerformTwo, PersonaRondo, PetriFreeFaces, PhantaToons, PiCaSolitaires, PictoGramma-Sketches, PicturesA, Pinocchionish, PiratesOne, PiratesThree, PiratesTwo, PoliticiansOrArtists, PoliticiansWorking, Poppenspeeler, PosterFrames, PowerWoman, PrettyPeople, PrivateLuck, ProBeauty, Professions, Profils, Protectors, QuickBats, RareClothes, RememberStoneage, RememberWinter, Risky, RockNRollTime, RoundHeads, Runners, RunningGnomes, SIlhouettes02, Scherenschnitt, ScherenschnittOSeven, Scherenschnitte, Scherenschnitte, ScienceFictions, SciencesBats, SecurityPeople, SeeItInMuseum, Semaphore-Italic, Semaphore, Services, SheAndHe, Shopping, ShoppingBats, SilhouFaces, SilhouOtto, SilhouPeopleTwo, SilhouettA, SilhouettSketches, SilhouetteSquaresInvers, SilhouettenPeople, Silhouettes03, SilhouettesABZ, SilhouettesInGrids, SilhouettesSocled, SilhouettesSocledTwo, Silhous, Silhous1900, SilhousForJeff, SilhousKette, SilhousOldfashion, SilhousSimplex, SilhousTwo, SimpleSilhouettes, SketchAsScatchCan, SketchBookOne, SketchbookTwo, SketchedMen, SketchesInTypoasis, SketchesSelection, SketchesX, SketchingDiaryOne, Sleeeeep, SomeArtistsOne, SomeArtistsSquares, SomeNewSilhouettes, SomeSilhouBatsOne, SomeSilhouettesPlus, SomeSilhouettesTwo, SomeSilhous, SomeTypesSilhous, SpiralusFaces, Spontcomic, SportSatyre-Medium, Sportive, Sportive, SportiveOne, Sportler, Sports, SportsTraining, SprayersFriends, SprayersSujets, SquareHeadsMedium, Squaredances, SteubenHelpsPresident, StrangeTypes, Swimming, SwimmingHotelTitanic, Tanzbar, TechnicFreaks, TeleCom, TestroomTwo, TheManyMKFacesVersionTwo, TheMuscleFetish, TheaterSymbols, ThingsAndSomethings, ThingsFoundOne, ToonCharsOne, ToonCharsTwo, TopNotches, Tourism, Tourists, Traffic, TrainWhatVectorMeans, TributToWarhol, TrustYourDentist, TypesAntiques, Typos-FaceToolSet, TyposSoftItalic, UnknownHeads, Unlucky, VariousPeople, VectorAnimalsOrPeople, VertigoComic, VertigoPeople, VeryBusy, Voelkerfreundschaft, VoteMe, WYSIWYG, WaComToonFS, WaPicts, WacoFaces, Wacofaces04, WacoheadsTwo, Wacomedians, Wanted, WeInside, WebFolks, WebTubbies, WebWideWorld, Webmasters, Webmasters, Webmasters, WeddingPicts, Weihnacht2006, WellnessBoom, Western, WesternPastHeroes, WetterKapriolen, WildFaces, WillkommenLeute, Winners, WinterSports, WintersAbstract, WitchesStuff, WoMan, WomanWithDoveTwo, Women, Wonderlanders, Working, WorkingClassHero-One, WreckageCuttings, WritersReaders, Yogaism, YouAndMe, YoungMusicians, YoungScene, ZagzagHeads, ZockersHomeland.

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Manfred Klein: Pixel typefaces

Manfred Klein's pixel typefaces:Abstracta-Bold, AbstractaGrid, ArcheTypoBricks, ArcheTypoBricksInvers, BigDots, BigSquareDots, BlackWhiteGridsA, BlackWhiteGridsB, CaroMio, Damagedpixfont, DottyShadow, GenotypiPrototype, GiveMeFive, GiveMeFiveB, GonzalesSans, GridExGallery, KL1GridZebra, KleinHeadline-BoldOblique, KleinsThreePixel, Kleintenna, LipoDVectorized, MKPixelProject, MKSquares-Black, MKSquares-Bold, MKSquaresHatch-Heavy, MKSquaresHatch45-Black, MKSquaresHatchBricks, MKZodnigSquare, MatrixbuK-Medium, PerforationStrip, Petitinho-Normal, PixelBats, PixelFifties, PixelSplitter-Bold, PixelsDream-DemiBold, Pixelsoup, PointerSisters-Freeformed, PointerSistersSeparated, Punktum, RastaManOblique, SketchiquaB, SketchiquaD, StarryTypeLA, StrongDots, SuprematismK, TechnicalAlphabetExtraBlack, UnscreenMK, WasAScreenfont.

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Manfred Klein: Runes
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein retraced the roots of writing in central Europe before the middle ages. There was indeed a Germanic hookish style of writing that I will group under "runes". Some of his typefaces: ArmsIdeasNParts, CalligImprovis-Bold, CalligImprovis-BoldPlus, GerManishTwo, GermanishOne, LatinLoversRunes, MKRunes, MKRunes-Light, MKRunes-Light, MKRunes, ModernRunes, PetitexBut-Bold, PetitexBut-Light, PetitixBut-Normal, PetitixThreeCallig-Bold, PetitixThreeCallig-Light, PetitixThreeCallig-Normal, ReadableGothic, RuneStones, RunesWritten-Bold, RunesWritten, RuniK100-Bold, RuniK50-Normal, RuniKleinFreeform, RunishMKMedium, RunishQuill-BlackSquares, RunishQuillMK-Medium, RunishQuillMK, TheRomanRunesAlliance, TodayRunes, Twiggy-Bold, Twiggy-Light.

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Manfred Klein: Sample glyphs
[Manfred Klein]

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Manfred Klein: Sans typefaces

Manfred Klein's sans typefaces: 078MKSDMediumCondensed, 096MKSDSynapse, 096MKSDSynapseAl, 160MKSDAL, 176MKSDAL, 232MKSDRoundBold, 232MKSDRoundLight, 232MKSDRoundMedium, 235MKSDUltraLightAl, ABC-LongLegs, AmorE-Regular, AmorEatPersia, Aparta, BabelSans-Bold, BabelSans-BoldOblique, BabelSans-Oblique, BabelSans, BellySansCondensed, BerlinSmallCaps, BoringSansBold, BorisBlackBloxx, BorisBlackBloxxDirty, Bradbury-Oblique, BradburySans-Light, BradburysBoldShadow, CondensansPaneurope-Medium, CondensansPaneurope-MediumOblique, CondensansPaneurope-Oblique, CondensansPaneurope, Confusica, DisProp-Bold, DisPropSans, DisProporz, DisProporzBold.-Bold, Diversitia, DoesburgCondFS, DoradoHeadline, EmkaSansCondensed-Bold, EmkaSansCondensed, FatSansRound, Fatsans, FatsansContur, FatsansRotated, FatsansShadow, Folks-Bold, Folks-Heavy, Folks-Light, Folks-Normal, FolksBlack, FolksShades, FolksXXHeavy, FranKleinBold, FranKleinBook, FranKleinFaces, FranKleinMedium, FrancophilSans-Bold, FrancophilSans, FranklySpokenFS, FranklySpokenTwo, FullsizeSans, GeosansLight-Oblique, GeosansLight, GoetheGothic, GoetheGothicBold, GoetheGothicOblique, GridExercise-Bold, GridExercise, GridExerciseSerif, GridExerif, Grotesk, GrotesqueBoldTallX, ImperiumCond, Jonas-Bold, Jonas-Light, Jonas-Normal, JonasBold, KL1MonoSansInvers, KleinsSansCondBold, Kleinsan, KleinsanBold, Klill-Light, Klill-LightTallX, KlillForTypesetters, KlillLightCondensed, MK-HelvArmenian, MK-HelvArmenianBold, MKAbel, MKAbelRough-random, MKGrotesque, MKHelvArmenian, MKHelvArmenianBold, MKSansTallX, MKSansserifLightTallX, MKSansserifMediumTallX, MankSans-Medium, MankSans-MediumOblique, MankSans-Oblique, MankSans, MonaKo, MonoAlphabet-Normal, MonoAlphabetMultiSized, MonoSpatial, Monofred-UltraLight, MonospaceTypewriter, NearJanTschich, Nonserif-Regular, Ogirema, OgiremaBold, OgiremaItalic, OldSansBlack, OldSansBlackUnderline, OliJo-Bold, OliJoCondensed, OliJoSansItalic, Oliver, OliverJoKursiv, OliverMK, Olivia-Normal, PetitaBold, PetitaLight, PetitaMedium, PhonebookFont, RoundSans, SansBetween, SansBlack, SansBlackSmall, SansBroadway, SansFat, SansSerifVarying-Black, SansThirteenBlack, SansXHigh, Sansumi-Bold, Sansumi-DemiBold, Sansumi-ExtraBold, Sansumi-Regular, Sansumi-UltraLight, Santana-Black, Santana-BlackCondensed, Santana-Bold, Santana-RegularCondensed, Santana, SantanaXtraCondensed, SchulVokalDotless, SchulVokalDots, SkiCargo, SlimSans, StDinah-Bold, StDinah, SteepKlill, SuperSansCondLight, TraditionSansXLight, TraditionellSans-Bold, TraditionellSans-Normal, Tschich, TschichFS-Black, TschichLight-Light, TschichLightFS, TschicholdsShades, Ubahn-Light, Ubahn, Vollkegel-Typewriter, VollkegelSerif, WinterthurCondensed, WinterthurCondensedOblique.

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Manfred Klein: Stencil
[Manfred Klein]

Creations and revivals of stencil typefaces by Manfred Klein include ABCThru, AeroSans, BlackGapSans, CasualStencil-Medium, Chaplone, Eatyourheartout, FutstencilSerif, Kenzotiqua, KenzotiquaSwinging, LeArchitect, Linearus, LinearusCentSix, MKStencilsansBlack, MKlungerFS-Medium, MKlungerFS-Medium, MissingLinks, MoKsfordStencilDemiBold, MoKsfordStencilExtraLight, SailingStrongBreeze, SansKleinCut, SanstencilBend, SchabLonski, Schablonski-LessFat, Schablonski, StencilBricksMK, StencilBricksMK, StencilBricksNineSeven, StencilBricksRandom, StencilStamps, Stencilia-A, Stencilia-Bold.

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Manfred Klein: Stone-age look and chiseled typefaces
[Manfred Klein]

Adonis-Bold, Athena, AthenaHandwritten, Cuneate, CuneyChars, Diogenes, GreeKish, HellasDust, JuliusCTwo, MCapitals, MouseStrokes3D, MouseStrokesCont, MouseStrokesInverseShadow, OldGreekButtons, Papercuts, PetitexBut-Bold, PetitexBut-Light, PetitixBut-Normal, Pompeji-Black, PompejiMK, PompejiPetit, Prehistoric, Prehistorish, QuickGreekBold, QuickJuliusC, RandomUnciale-Bold, Rehacles-Light, Rehacles-Medium, RomaCesare-Normal, RomaMonumentalBC, SteinAntik-Bold, SteinAntik-Light, SteinAntik, StoneAgeBatsBold, StonesAgeButtons, StrokeBorn-Bold, StrokeBorn, StrokesFonds, StrokesNBullets, Strokey-Bold, Strokey-VeryBold, Strokey-VeryVeryBold, StrokeyHand, Tremolo-DemiBold, Tremolo, Twiggy-Bold, Twiggy-Light, Zyprian.

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Manfred Klein: Text typefaces

Manfred Klein's text typefaces: AidaSerifObliqueMedium, AidaSerifa-Condensed, AidaSerifaShadow, Bamboo, Barnard-Oblique, Barnard, BemBolz, Berolina-Light, Berolina-Oblique, Burklein-Oblique, Burklein, Carissma, Cock-Bold, Cock-Italic, Cock, CrazyCrazy, CrazyTimes-Bold, CrazyTimes, CrazyTimesObliqueBold, Cybatiqua, CyberCaligraphic, DancingSuperserif, GriffosFont, HoffmanFL-Oblique, HoffmanFL, HollaMediaeval-Bold, HollaMediaeval-BoldOblique, HollaMediaeval-Oblique, HollaMediaeval, HopeRound, HopeRoundMedium, ImperiumLatineSerif, ImperiumSerif, Imprimerie, JoaoCond-Light, JustOldFashion-Condensed, JustOldFashion, KL1MonocaseSerif, KleinSlabSerif, KleinSlabSerifBold, KleinsForgottenRoman, Klimes, KyrillaSansSerif-Black, KyrillaSansSerif-Bold, LatinCondensed-SemiBold, LatinRCond, LatinSmall, Latine, Latinia-Normal, LatiniaBlack, LatinumTallX, LittleRock, MK-GoudArmenian, MK-TimesArmenian, MKGoudArmenian, MKLatin-Bold, MKLatin-BoldOblique, MKLatinLight, MKNork, MKNorkBold, MKSerifTallX, MKSerifTallXMedium, MKTimesArmenian, MKlimesCondensed, MKorsair, MannohKSerif, MarinumBreezed, MkLatinLight-Oblique, MkLatinoPlain, MoldauQua, MonoAlphabetSerif-Normal, MonoSerifBased70, OldTypefaces, OliJo-Regular, OptimusPrinceps, OptimusPrincepsSemiBold, PetitLatin, RomanSerif-Oblique, RomanSerif, RoundslabSerif, Serifsketchia, SlabRoundSerif-Light, SlabSerifWritten, SlabSerifWrittenBold, SlabSerifWrittenItalic, SlabSerifWrittenOutlineBold, SlimSansSerif-Bold, SlimSansSerif, SteepOldstyle, Steepidien, Steepimbo, Steeprump, Timeless-Bold, Timeless-Normal, TypoLatinserif-Bold, WeekdaysRomanSlant, WellrockSlab, WellrockSlabBold.

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Manfred Klein: Typewriter typefaces
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein's typewriter typefaces include CairotiquaFSFreestyle-Italic, CairotiquaLight, EarthquakeTypewriter, EscapeTypewriterCMedium, EscapeTypewriterSans-Light, EscapeTypewriterSansBold, EuropeanTypewriter, MonospaceTypewriter, ReadingHelperInvers, SMHand, SmallTypeWriting-Medium, SmallTypeWriting, SteepTypewriter-Medium, SteepTypewriter, SteepTypewriterMedium, TypeWritersSubstitute (2001; +Italic, +Bold), TypewriterCondensed, TypewriterScribbled.

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Manfred Klein: Uncials
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred has tried to dabble in many of the important phases of type history. The uncials are just one of his more favorite styles: AngloSaxonItalic, AnglosaxOblique, Callimundial, CeltishParts, ElectrUnciale, HassianUncial, IrishHalfUncialisBricks, IrishSketchesFS-Italic, IrishUnciAlphabet, IrishUncialfabeta-Bold, KL1Unciale, KL1UncialeBasisLight, KL1UncialeBasisLight, KL1UncialeLightWaving, LightUnciale, MKUnCiale-Pen, MKUnCialeFS, MKUnCialeObliqueFS, MKarolingish, MKwadrata, MonkeyUncialica, SoluncialeMK-Medium, SoluncialeMKItalic, TypoasisUncial, TypoasisUncialFS-Medium, UnZialish, UncialButtonsA, UncialButtonsB, UncialCondensedFifty, UncialCondensedSoft-Medium, UncialFifty, UncialFiftySoft-Bold, UncialFiftySoft-Medium, UncialHundred, UncialHundredSoft-Bold, UncialeOrnamentale, UncialeXpress-Light, UncitronSwinging-Bold, Uncitronica-Medium, VirtualUncialQuill, VirtualUncialQuillSoft.

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Manfred Klein: Wood or wood cut type
[Manfred Klein]

The wood type look is caught in these typefaces: AbstractClassicCuts, BlacKlinoleumBats, CutAwayOne, HolzSchnitte, LinolCuts, RomanWoodcut, VirtualWoodcuts, WasWoodcuts, WebWoodCuts, WoodCutted, WoodTypesMK, WoodcutAnimals, WoodcutBats, WoodcutFurnitures, WoodcutMeetings, WoodcutSix, Woodcuts2007, WoodcutsAgain, WoodcutsFive, WoodcutsFontissimo, WoodcutsFound, WoodcutsOne, WoodcutsOne, WoodcutsTwo, WoodcuttedCaps, WoodcuttedCapsBlack, WoodcuttedCapsBlackFS, WoodcuttedCapsFS, WoodcuttedCapsInvers, WoodcuttedCapsInversFS, Woodcutter.

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Manfred Klein's Fonteria
[Manfred Klein]

Prolific Frankfurt-based designer, born in Berlin in 1932, who studied typesetting at the Kurier in Berlin, later in Typografische AG (a work-group). His teacher was Berthold's G. G. Lange. He worked as a Creative Director and then as a freelancer for several companies, including Stempel and Monotype. Since 1990, prolific font creator, with fonts appearing at Fontshop, Fonthaus, Elsner and Flake, Alphabets Inc, Apply Design Group, and Medienwerkstatt Muehlacker (school fonts). His fonts are partly commercial and partly freeware. They are invariably stylish, original, and often funny. He looks at type as an essential part of visual communication, and that theme unifies his work, giving his typefaces a unique cachet. Manfred Klein died on November 17, 2018.

MyFonts page. MyFonts catalog. List of his commercial typefaces. His fonts can be found here:

  • Alphabets Inc: AlphaKid, AlphaZeta, AppleWine, BadTimes, Before The Alphabet-I, BeforeTheAlphabet II, BradOgilvy, BritishWriting, CaligulaNero, ChaoTiqua, ClassicalBPlus, ClassicCaps, ClassicIngenus, DancingEgypt, Dino, DinoSaurier, Flighty, Fragment, FraktKonstruct (1994), FraktScript, FranklySpoken, FruechtOne, Fusion, Half, Head to Heads, HeSheIt, Ideograph, JessicaPlus, JustPicts, KleinsSerif, Laufendes, MarsMen, MirrorKleinShadows (2000), NeptuneSerif, OlisEckige, Online, ParmaPetit, Quasimodo, SomeDrawings, StopperRosetten, Szene, Toskana, ToursandTravels, Uncitroncia, EthnoFont, WhyNot, Witches and Venezia.
  • At Fontshop: FF Carolus Magnus (uncial), FF Double Digits, FF JohannesG (blackletter), FF Koberger (blackletter), FF Quill, FF Schoensperger (blackletter), FF Spontan, FF Witches.
  • Fonthaus:
  • Elsner&Flake: EF Aliens (great tribal masks), EF BeforeTheAlphabets (primitive dings), EF Birds (1992), EF Bloxx, EF Brushable, EF BuchZeichen, EF DeconStruct, EF Ethno Font, EF Flying Objects, EF Flying OpArt, EF Gois, EF Gutenbergs Traces, EF KLTypeFaces, EF Kleins Sketch (1995), EF More Kaputt, EF PoetConcrete, EF Remember Irme R (1995), EF StarsN Spirals, EF Suetterlin, EF Tokay (1992, after an idea of Imre Reiner), EF WhyNot (a lovely crazy handwritten character font, oozing originality and style), EF Witches Brood.
  • Apply Design.
  • Linotype: SketchCameoInvers (free).
  • Medienwerkstatt Muehlacker: KreuzWort, Norddruck, Sdfett, Vahalb, Veraus, Verfett.
  • His first animal-inspired font, Font Zoo (1990).
  • Tons of experimental typefaces, such as MoKsford Fraktur (based roughly on a bitmap font that came with the early Macs), Unciale Experimental, Jahn Caps Round (named after Klein's friend Joachim Jahn, who studied type with him in the fifties under G. G. Lange), Moksford BetaTest and Moksford Stencil.
  • Kopffuessler: heads and feet font, free. This is a hilarious face.
  • Fonteria CD (2001, from his own foundry): Aliens2000 (masks), Artist, BodoniTwinsCaps, Caslonia, CircusOne through CircusFour, Clown, CrazyTimes, Emmenthaler, Ermir, Erpressung, FloRaTialen, GaraNitials, GaraSans, Imre, Jockey, Jonas, KL1GridZebra, KL1MonoSansInvers, KL1MonocaseSerif, Kl1RheumaticFraktur (2001), KleinsDancingSlapzerif-Light, Laurens, LernschrittABC, Mighty, MightySpecial, MirrorKleinShadows, MonoAlphabet, MonoAlphabetSerif, Monument, Mutoni, PfeileOne through PfeileThree, Pointout, RootsOfMatisse, SMHand, SaltoOne, SaltoTwo, SonnCar, Steamdecor, StonageStamp, Stoneage, WalNuss, Zoography-Normal.
  • Progothics (a Fraktur web site run by Steffmann and Cybapee; free downloads): Broken Brains, Frax Initials, MKaslon Textura, Civilité Edges, Very Broken Frax, Fraxx Sketch Quill (inspired by the work of Imre Reiner), Cowboy Caxton, TShirts for Frax.
  • Manfred Klein @ typOasis (free creations). The first batch of free fonts: Aftermath Manhattan, Aida Oops, Airdried Parma Font, Aliens, Amazon, AnthroPosoph, Architypo, Bullets 1+2, Casual Stencil, Cats, Circle Initials Freestyle, ClassiCaps, Claudius Imperator, Creepy, DisProporz, Dizzy, Eagle Konfetti, Feathered, First TypoManiacs, Flying Carpets, Furioso, Glitter, Glyptographs, Grid Exercise, Grid Scribbles, Headbirth (a great font with caricatures of men composed of deformed letters only), Headfeeter, Headfeeter 3, Hello Mr Pharao, IntourisTiqua, Kenzotiqua, Kidge&KidgeBoxes, Kleins BinAerfabet, Kleins First Bricks, Kleins Moons, Kleins Pharao I+II, Kleins Round Fragments, Kleins Sausages, Kleinsan (Japanese letterform simulation), Klill For Typesetters, Linoleu, Mannes Heads, MK Bats, MKonstrukTshirts, MutanTrios, My Nippon, Neu Gothic, Old Roman Klein, Oli Klein Bats (drawing by Manfred's son, 2001), Papercuts, Petra Font, Pointilism, Pompeji, Rainy Day, Remember Manhattan, Remember Scribbled Type?, Roots Koch Three, Rosett Klung, Sailing Strong Breeze, Sanstencil, Scribbled Astrobats, ScribbleDoni, SternenHimmel, Total Floral, Uncial Virtual, Uncitron Swinging Bold, Xmas Gingerbread, Grid Zebra, RuniK100-Bold, RuniKleinFreeform (2001, great simulated runes), Brix Round, AZ-Fusione, ClassiCaps Xmas, AngloSaxon, Betonia, Was A Screenfont, Kleins First Script, PetriFree, Aida Serif, Roaring Twenties, RoaringTwenties 2, TypeWriters Substitute, Free Bradbury, Twiggy, Arrowbix, Solunciale, Dada's Traces, AppleWine, Sumo Heavy, Petit San, Sketch Cameos Round, NipponToon (2001), CrazyTimes (2001), Give Euro A Face (2001), Kids Kas (2001), DymoFontInvers (2001), K-Neptuns (2001), Smile And Train (2001), Free Bradbury Sans, Funny Faces, PointerSisters (2001), Kritzel One (2001), Quick Greek (2001), Kleins Heraldry Box (2001), Mercato Light+Bold (2001), Silhous (2001), Vertigo (2001), CircleSigns (2001), Warum 2001 (2001), MKlammeraffen (2001), Dillefanten (2001), Hallelujah (2001), OhRosetta (2001), Backgrounders (2001), Cave AB (2001), Broken ABC (2001), XPFourTwoContour Medium, Karlas 1st Font (2001), Frogs And Men, Pixel Nonsens (2001), Latin Lovers Runes, Roundheads (2001), Wacbats (2001), CalliPsoGrafia, Typeface Eggs (2001), Gourmet Icons, Hacke It!, Square Heads, FroxXMedium, FirstBricksMirored, Sportive, WacbatsItalic (2001), MKartuhns (2001), Typos (2001), Free People, OliJo Sans Italic (2001), FlyingSwimming (2001), Clone Products (2001), OliJo (2001), Gutenbergs Traces (2001), Bauhouse (2002), ClassiCaps Xmas 2002 (2002), GGothique MK (2002), Lombardic (2002), Mouse Traces (2002), Music Elements (2002), DreiDreiDreiBlack (2002), Griffo's Font (2002), Noisy Buttons (2002), Hamlet ToBeOrNot, Oszillo Caps (2002), Cave Paintings (2002), Rodgauer (2002), Prinz Eugen (medieval font, 2002), DreiDee Sketches, Typo Cubes (2002), AustralBats, RoundMouseBats (2002), Torynitialen, Wood Cutted (2002), FlowerPower, Graf Typo, Solitaire (2002), Breeze, Eyes, Lead Types Heap, Petit Fleur (2002), ABCari, Floralalpha (2002), Karlas ABC-Start, OliJo Bold (2002), Athena Handwritten, The BroadWay (2002), MK Squares (2002), Incunitials (2002), Luc's Plants (2002), Monte Petito (2002), Before Alphabets 4, Threedimensional (2002), Blind Reading, Zebral Caps (2002), Before Alphabets 3, Braille Latin, Tangoasis (2002), Katrins (handwriting of Katrin Dillmann, Manfred's daughter), Laurens Erste (handwriting of Laurens Dillmann, Manfred's grandson), Tangodoni (2002), Typesetters TV, Unscreen (2002), Caps MKS (2002), Haunted, Mouse Scribbles (2002), RunishMK (2002), Fatsans (2002), Rotten Script, Stormy, Strong Dots (2002), Caro Mio, Reduce 2 Max (2002), Pudels Kerning (2002), Cheerio, Gersans (2002), ArabDances (2002, Arabic simulation font, with Cybapee), Slab Serif Written (2002), Shalom (2002, Hebrew simulation), Bloxx Serif, Kara Ben Nemsi, Remember Cassandre, Wieynk Caps Round (2002), Fragment Caps, Golden Swing, Tango Macabre (a gorgeous font in which letters are made with skeletons: 2002), Eye Beings, Frax Handwritten (2002), HotsBlots, Latin China (2002, oriental lettering), Dinos Fragments, HotchPotch (2002), SketchBats (2002), AmorE (2002), Chinawestern (2002, oriental simulation), Valentine Flies (2002), AmorEatPersia, AmorEmoticons (2002), Artfacts, The Kiddies (2002), ConstrAccident, Kochs Roots (2002), AnimSilhous (2002), Framed Frax Caps, K-Arrows (2002), GridEx Gallery, K-Arrows B, Swinging Petidoni (2002), Big Swinging SlabS, Relief Caps, Shapes 1-3 (2002), Petitscript, Shapes Four (2002), Fullsize Sans, Petitscript Italic, Shapes A 1-3 (2002), Imperium Serif (2002), Big Broken, Semaphore (2002), MKalligFrax, Pix Caps (2002), Slabsoft, Windy City (2002), Slabsoft, Windy City (2002), Timeless (2002), Against Rules, Berolina (2002), FabCreatures (2002), CookinDada (2002), FoodnDrinks One, HabSpass-HaveFun (2002), Mighty (2002), Klammeraffen Italic (2002), Elefontitis Xtreme (2002), Cairotiqua Freestyle, Eastereggs (2002), Cave People, RandoMiKa (2002), Big Ella, Hands Subversive 1+2 (2002), Build Your Own People (2002), Antroposofia, EasterChicken, GridRiding (2002), rish Sketches, KidPicts, MatrixbuK (2002), Dornspitz Grotesk, PeaceBats (2002), Arte FS, Eagles Buttons (2002), BlowinInWind, Cave Popart, Karla 1B (2002), Crosses, SharkJockey, Toscanienne (2002).
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Manfred Klein's Fonteria
[Manfred Klein]

Frankfurt-based designer (b. 1932, d. 2018) whose creative output is so large that he deserves a separate web page. His URL at Moorstation from 2000-2007. New page on him by Florian Rochler. Font squirrel link. Dafont link. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Manfred Klein's fonts: a personal list

The file kleinfonts.txt contains an alphabetical list of Manfred Klein's fonts. It is a first iteration, and may contain errors and omissions. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Manfred Klein's fonts: License

Manfred Klein created many commercial fonts, and even more free fonts. The free fonts are available from my web site. They were accompanied by this statement: Manfred's fonts are free for private and charity use. They are even free for commercial use but if there is any profit, please make a donation to organizations like Doctors Without Borders. These fonts can not be included in any compilation CDs, disks or products, either commercial or shareware unless prior permission granted. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Medienwerkstatt Muehlacker
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein's typefaces at Medienstatt Muehlacker: KreuzWort, Norddruck, Sdfett, Vahalb, Veraus, Verfett. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Medienwerkstatt Mühlacker
[Ralf Lohuis]

German commercial school font outfit based in Mühlacker. Free demo fonts. The categories: Lateinische Ausgangsschrift, Vereinfachte Ausgangsschrift, Schulausgangsschrift, Druckschriften, Druckschriften Bayern, Pädagogische Zeichensätze, Zeichensätze für die Mathematik, Weihnachtsfonts, Sekundarfonts. There are subpages for Swiss and Austrian school fonts. Of the many fonts, here are some made by Manfred Klein: KreuzWort, Norddruck, Sdfett, Vahalb, Veraus, Verfett. Ralf Lohuis (from Hünxe) made these fonts: Adam, Atlas, Bausteine, Blackwhite, Boxquestion, Domino, Eisenbahn, FlaggenABC, Geheim, Guitar, KreuzWort, Lapunkt, Lineatur, MatheRechner, MatheTangram, Meteo, Musik, Norddruck, Nordspur, Saspunkt, Sdfett, Sport, Telegraf, Trainee, Vahalb, VeenPikto, Veraus, Verfett, ZahlenABC. Subpage on school fonts. Christmas fonts made between 1999 and 2002, also by Lohuis: Fichten, Lichterglanz, Osterei, Schnee, Tannen, Verschneit, Weihnacht. Sub-page on Swiss school fonts where one finds CH Schrift 1 through 4, and Stein and Stein 1-Linie, Stein 2-Linie and Stein 4-Linie. At the Austrian school font sub-page, we find Druckschrift and Schulschrift 95. There is also a set of Suetterlin fonts.

An alphabetic list: ABCKIDS, Abgedeckt, Animalabc, Anlaut, Anlautbilder 1, Anlautbilder 2, Astro, Atlas, Ausdruck, Babylon Keilschrift, Baerchen, Bausteine, BayernOutline, BayernSpur, Bayernband, Bayerndruck, Bayernf, Bayernfine, Bayernline, Bayernmiba, Bayernpunkt, Bayernpunktliniert, Bayernunter, Blackfoot, Blackwhite, Boxquestion, Braille, Briefmarken, CH-1_B, CH-1_L1, CH-1_L2, CH-1_L4, CH-1_R, CH-1_SPF, CH-1_Um, CH-1_ouL, CH-1_out, CH-1_pt, CH-1_ptL, CH-2_B, CH-2_L1, CH-2_L2, CH-2_L4, CH-2_R, CH-2_SPF, CH-2_Um, CH-2_ouL, CH-2_out, CH-2_pt, CH-2_ptL, CH-3_B, CH-3_L1, CH-3_L2, CH-3_L4, CH-3_R, CH-3_SPF, CH-3_Um, CH-3_ouL, CH-3_out, CH-3_pt, CH-3_ptL, CH-4_B, CH-4_L1, CH-4_L2, CH-4_L4, CH-4_R, CH-4_SPF, CH-4_Um, CH-4_ouL, CH-4_out, CH-4_pt, CH-4_ptL, Clocktime, DIN-Schrift Kapitalien, DIN-Schrift bold, DIN-Schrift capitals, DIN-Schrift italic, DIN-Schrift outline, DIN-Schrift shadow, DIN-Schrift, Dinosabc, Dontworry, Dontworry, Druck Au, Eisenbahn, Faces, Faraline, Fichten, First, FlaggenABC, Geheim, Gotisch unicial, Guitar, Gutenberg Druckschrift, Halloween Bilder, Halloween Schrift, Handschrift, Hieroglyphen Monumental, Hieroglyphen Papyrus, Hieroglyphen hieratisch, Isis, Kanzlei kursiv, Keys, Kontur, KreuzWort, Lahalb, Lapunkt, Lapunktliniert, Lateinaus, Latf, Latline, Latmiba, Latout, Lauflos, Launter, Lautgebueden, Lichterglanz, Lineatur, Linequestion, Lokos, Luftballon, Maps, Maramo, Math.Soma, Mathe.Adam, Mathe.Domino, Mathe.Euklid, Mathe.Euler, Mathe.EuroAdam, Mathe.Gaus, Mathe.Geobr, Mathe.Rechner, Mathe.Riese, Mathe.Tangram, Mathematik Bilder 1, Mathematik Bilder 2, Meteo, Mixed, Musik Notensatz, Musik, Noline, Nomiba, NordFaraFu, Norddruck, Nordf, Nordfine, Nordout, Nordpunkt, Nordpunktliniert, Nordspur, Nounter, Novokal, Osterei, Phoenizisch, Phonetic, Phonetic, Puzzle, Rounded bold Bold, Roemer, Saspunkt, Saspunktliniert, Schnee, Schuf, Schul 95, Schulaus, Schuline, Schulout, Schulunter, Schumiba, Schwunguebungen 1 Bilder, Schwunguebungen 2 Bilder, Schwunguebungen 3 Bilder, Schwunguebungen 4 Zeichen, Spiegel, Sport, Ste-1_1L, Ste-1_2L, Ste-1_4L, Ste-1_PL, Ste-1_Pt, Ste-1_SP, Ste-1_Um, Ste-1_bo, Ste-1_no, Ste-1_oL, Ste-1_ou, Ste-2_1L, Ste-2_2L, Ste-2_4L, Ste-2_PL, Ste-2_Pt, Ste-2_SP, Ste-2_Um, Ste-2_bo, Ste-2_no, Ste-2_oL, Ste-2_ou, Ste-3_1L, Ste-3_2L, Ste-3_4L, Ste-3_PL, Ste-3_Pt, Ste-3_SP, Ste-3_Um, Ste-3_bo, Ste-3_no, Ste-3_oL, Ste-3_ou, Suetterlin L2 outline, Suetterlin L4 outline, Suetterlin Lineatur 2, Suetterlin Lineatur 4, Suetterlin bold, Suetterlin normal, Suetterlin outline, Suetterlin, Suedout, Sueline, Suemiba, Sueddruck, Sueddrne, Sueddrnkt, Sueddrnktliniert, Sueddrur, Sueddrter, Tannen, Telegraf, Tiere, Tierspuren, Traffic, Trainee, Uhrzeit, Unterlinie, Vahalb, Valine, Vamiba, Vapuli, Vaunter, VeenPikto, Veraus, Veraus, Verbig, Verf, Verout, Verpunkt, Verpunktliniert, Verschneit, Weihnacht, WinkerABC, Xschrift, Zahlen.ABC, Zahlen.XYZ, Zetadrei, Zetaeins, Zetazwei. [Google] [More]  ⦿

[Manfred Klein]

MoKsford Fraktur was roughly based on a bitmap font that came with the early Macs. Manfred made versions like Moksford BetaTest and Moksford Stencil. Other experimental typefaces of that era include Unciale Experimental, Jahn Caps Round (named after Klein's friend Joachim Jahn, who studied type with him in the fifties under G. G. Lange). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Officina Serpentis
[Eduard Wilhelm Tieffenbach]

Eduard Wilhelm Tieffenbach was born in Königsberg (1883) and died in Berlin (1948). He ran a private letterpress in Berlin around 1900 called Officina Serpentis. His typeface (now dubbed) Officina Serpentis (1913, digitized by Petra Heidorn under the name SerpentisBlack in 2004; also, see the extension Serpentina (2004) by Manfred Klein) is a gotico-antiqua type reminiscent of the 15th century types. It is in fact based on typeforms by Peter Schoeffer (Mainz, 1462) which in turn were refined a few years later by Creussner and Koberger. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Paul James Lloyd

About 100 free TrueType fonts by University of Western Australia lecturer Paul Lloyd (b. UK), many of them elaborate caps fonts: Larkin Capitals (2004), QuaNauticale Initials (2004, with Manfred Klein), Blavicke Capitals (2002), FoliarInitials (2002, Caps), Halftone (2003, blackletter), UltraBlack (2003, blackletter), Saraband (2002, an ornamental ribbon font after Karl Klimsch, 1869), Infula (2002, Caps), Strelsau (2002, Fraktur), Dampfplatz-DemiBold (2002, Fraktur), DampfplatzShadow-Black (2002, Fraktur), DampfplatzSolid-Black (2002, Fraktur), GenzschEtHeyse (2002, Fraktur), GenzschEtHeyseAlternate (2002, Fraktur), Moderna (2002, Fraktur), Lightfoot (2002), Nuffield Initials (2002), Cantebriggia (2002, Fraktur), Charterwell (2002, Fraktur), Portcullion (2002, blackletter), Portculliard Initials (2003, blackletter), Proclamate (2002, blackletter), Zenda (2002, blackletter), Teutonic (2002, blackletter), Medieval Victoriana (2002, caps), Portland Roman (2002), Wolnough (2002, caps), Landsdowne (2002, + Shadow: Victorian typefaces), Grimeswade (2002, caps), Orotund-Heavy, OrotundCapitals-Heavy (2002), Minster (2002, a 6-font Fraktur family), Killigrew (2002, Fraktur), Minim (2002, Fraktur), Coltaine (2002), Emporium Capitals (2002), Penshurst (2002), Cherubim Initials (2002), Pompadour Initials (2002), Casua (2002), Wadsworth's Industria (2002), Radaern Script (2002), Queen Empress (2002), Lisburne Initials (2002), Dundalk (2002), Claritty (2002, handprinting), Mysterious Voyage (2002), Arborial (2002), Deepwoods (2002), Florana (2002), Springtime (2002), Topiary (2002), Woodland (2002), Bertham, Camelot Initials, Chocolate Box (2002), Altea, Mosaic (2002, caps), Burgoyne (2002, caps), Hentzau Initials (2002), Engravier (2002, caps), Rustick Capitals (2002), Louvaine (2002), Chipperfield&Bailey (2002), Boister Black (2002, blackletter; the commercial Boister Black Pro was done in 2009 at CheapProFonts), Quill (2002), Erasmus (2002), Birmingham, Bolton, Brassett (2001), Chancera, Glastonbury, Grantham, E-Caps, CleaversJuvena, CoronationScot, Chronos, Brodgnorth, Draughtsman (2002), Duvall, Helena, Hominis (1997), Imperator, Lewisham, Newstyle, Noir-et-Blanc, Peake, Priory, Ruritania, Shrewsbury, Simplicity, Sylph, Ubiqita_Europa, Woodcut Capitals, Watson, Wrenn, Imperator, Trefoil Capitals (2002), TinplateTitling, Freame, Graphis, Dutch I, Festival, Festival Flourish, d'Spenser, Sylvan-Capitals, Helena, Bridgnorth and Paladin Caps. In his Black Jewels series (as in "blackletter"), he published Black (2002), Germanica (2002), and is working on Minim and Killigrew. Most typefaces come in many weights, and are carefully manicured products. Other Lloyd creations may be found here, here, here, here, or here in Russia. In 2008, he started a commercial foundry, Greater Albion Typefounders. Font Squirrel link. Behance link. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Peter Fraterdeus
[Alphabets Inc (or: Fontsonline.com)]

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Petra Heidorn
[CybaPeeCreations (or: Typoasis)]

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Pirates and Fonts

Dead link. Type designer group which just published a number of new type designs under the pirate theme. We find Manfred Klein (Armada Pirata, Pirates 1+2, Pirates 3, PiratesSymbols, ProthesisCaribiqu, UglyQua, Delitsch Initialen, all made in 2004), Petra Heidorn (Delitsch Antiqua, 2004), Paul Lloyd (Clerica, Qua Nauticale, all made in 2004), Manfred Klein and Petra Heidorn (Aquiline Two, SailorsKnots, all made in 2004), Graham Meade (TreasuremapDeadhand, 2000, and Freebooter Script, 2001), Manfred Klein and Paul Lloyd (HenryMorganHand, 2004, based on Canzlei VandenVelde from 1605), Nate Piekos (Arr Matey, 2003), Redruth (Black Sam's Gold, 2001). Also found are Windlass (formerly known as Quasimodo from Scriptorium). [Google] [More]  ⦿


Fraktur site run by Petra Heidorn and Dieter Steffmann (in German). Books on Fraktur. Tons of history. The fonts:

  • Fontsmith et.al.: Crusades Alternate
  • Petra Heidorn: Semper Idem (2001)
  • James Fordyce: Deutsch Gothic
  • Richard Gast: LeeBee Schwarz, Swedie Cruel
  • Iconian Fonts: Uberhölme
  • Manfred Klein: Broken Brains, Frax Initials, MKaslon Textura, Civilité Edges, Very Broken Frax, Fraxx Sketch Quill (2001, inspired by the work of Imre Reiner), Cowboy Caxton (2001), TShirts for Frax.
  • Graham Meade: Heidorn Hill, Labrit
  • Darren Rigby: Bayern
  • Mickey Rossi: Bongo Fraktur
  • Dieter Steffmann: Lautenbach
  • Tepid Monkey: Benegraphic
  • Derek Vogelpohl: Gothican, Iron Gothic, Ironsides
  • Matthew Welch: Fraktur Modern
  • Sara: Hilda Sonnenschein (2001)
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Ralf Lohuis
[Medienwerkstatt Mühlacker]

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Cybapee's new initiative: an informative page on Roman writing, its history, its influence, and the present day fonts that attempt to recreate it. Contributed fonts include Alfabetix (by Apostrophe), Etruscan Script (by Gabor), Roma Cesare, MKapitalis Rustica, MKwadrata, and Odoaker (by Manfred Klein). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rudolf Koch

Great German type designer (b. Nürnberg, 1876; d. Frankfurt, 1934) who worked mainly at the Klingspor foundry. He founded the Offenbach Werkstatt in 1921.

Many of his typefaces can be classified as German expressionist. These include Kabel (a sans), and Neuland (an angular poster face). An early Nazi sympathizer and supporter, Koch's fonts were heavily used by the Nazi regime.

This page lists 158 royalty-free Christian symbols drawn by Rudolf Koch, a religious Lutheran, with the collaboration of Fritz Kredel (1900-1973) (see also here).

His typefaces, with notes on digitizations:

  • Claudius (1931-1934, 1937, D. Stempel AG). His son Paul Koch followed Rudolf's instructions to make one weight in 1931-1934. Klingspor completed it in 1937. Delbanco (as DS-Claudius) and Klaus Burkhardt (1991) digitized it. Based on the latter, Manfred Klein made ClaudiusImperator (2001). Dieter Steffmann made Claudius, ClaudiusAlternate, and ClaudiusHeadline in 2003. Ralph M. Unger published Claudius in 2010.
  • Deutsche Anzeigenschrift (1913-1914), Deutsche Anzeigenschrift schmal (1916-1923, D. Stempel AG). revivals include SchmaleAnzeigenschrift (2002) and SchmaleAnzeigenschriftZier (2002) by Dieter Steffmann, and Schmale Anzeigenfraktur (2009) by Ralph Unger. Later weights by Koch: Deutsche Anzeigenschrift eng (1923) , Deutsche Anzeigenschrift breit (1923, D. Stempel AG) , Deutsche Anzeigen. schmalhf. (1934, D. Stempel AG).
  • Deutsche Schrift (1908-1921), consisting of Deutsche Schrift schmal (1913, Gebr. Klingspor), Deutsche Schrift fett (1910, Gebr. Klingspor), Deutsche Schrift mager (1918, Gebr. Klingspor) and Deutsche Schrift halbfett (1912, Gebr. Klingspor). Also known as Koch Fraktur. Revived by Gerhard Helzel as KochFrakturSchmaleHalbfette (2000), by Christian Richter as Rudolf Koch (2003), and by Delbanco as DS Koch Fraktur. It was a popular family, known in England as Oxford. For comparison, here is a phototype version. Deutsche Schrift fett, aka Fette Deutsche Schrift, was revived by Dieter Steffmann in 2002 (as Fette Deutsche Schrift) and by Alter Littera in 2012 as Deutsche Schrift.
  • Deutsche Schrägschrift (1912, Gebr. Klingspor).
  • Deutsche Werkschrift (1934, D. Stempel AG) and Deutsche Werkschrift hablfett (1934, D. Stempel AG): This is really the "mager" version of Deutsche Anzeigenschrift. Delbanco revived it digitally as DS Deutsche Werkschrift.
  • Deutsche Zierschrift (1919-1921, Gebr. Klingspor). Revived as Dutesche Zierschrift (2002) and Zierinitialen> (2002) by Dieter Steffmann. See also Delbanco's DS Deutsche Zierschrift.
  • Frühling (1913-1917, Gebr. Klingspor). A blackletter that seems to have been executed with a shaky hand---it is definitely one of Koch's weakest and ugliest designs. Incredibly, the revival gang was still eager to spring into action: it was revived and interpreted by Frantisek Storm in Monarchia. See also Delbanco's DS Frühling. For another revival, see Next Stringtime by Manfred Klein (2003). Frühling is sometimes called Kartenschrift.
  • Geschriebene Initialen zur Grotesk (1930, Gebr. Klingspor).
  • Grotesk Initialen (1933, Gebr. Klingspor). Paul Hayden Duensing made Koch Initials (metal).
  • Holla (1932, Gebr. Klingspor). Digitized by Dieter Steffmann in 2001.
  • Jessen Schrift (1924-1930) is a hybrid of gothic (blackletter) minuscules and roman capitals (including the characteristic Basque capital A) designed and cut without preliminary drawings in Offenbach am Main by Rudolf Koch for The Four Gospels, which was printed at the Klingspor press in 1926 and published by Koch himself. Formerly named Bibel-Gotisch, the type was developed between 1924 and 1929 as Peter Jessen Schrift and released as Jessen in several sizes by the Klingspor foundry in 1930. See DS-Jessen-Schrift (1998, Christian Spremberg), Peter Jessen Schrift (Delbanco), Jessica Plus (2002) and JessicaSerif (2003) by Manfred Klein, Peter Jessen Schrift Pro (Softmaker, 2016), and Jessen Schrift (2004, Ralph M. Unger). Jessen Mittel 14 and Jessen Cicero 12 were developed by Alexis Faudot and Rafael Ribas in 2016 during an ANRT workshop in Valence, France.
  • Kabel (1927, Gebr. Klingspor), Klingspor's competing design for Paul Renner's Futura. The most famous digitization of this Koch Sans family is by Victor Caruso in ITC Kabel (1976), and with its exaggerated x-height, much larger than the original, it is a poor bastard. The modern Bitstream version is called Geometric 231. Softmaker calls it Koblenz. Poster by Jorge Martinez. At Linotype, Marc Schütz designed the large family Neue Kabel (2016) that revives Kabel by making it more consistent. This version overshadows all previous digital versions or extensions of Kabel. Dates of the various weights: Kabel Kursiv (1929, Gebr. Klingspor), Kabel groß (1928, Gebr. Klingspor), Kabel Kursiv groß (1930, Gebr. Klingspor), Norm Kabel (1930, Gebr. Klingspor): LinotypeLibrary, Kabel fett (1929, Gebr. Klingspor): LinotypeLibrary, Kabel schmal (1930, Gebr. Klingspor), Kabel schmalhalbfett (1929, Gebr. Klingspor).
  • Koch Antiqua (or: Locarno) (1920-1922, Gebr. Klingspor). It was sold by Continental Type in the United States as Eve. This gorgeous tall-legged and flared typeface was designed in 1917, but cut in 1922. Koch Kursiv (1923, Gebr. Klingspor) is the Kursiv version of Koch Antiqua. See also Koch Kursiv groß (1929, Gebr. Klingspor) and Koch Antiqua fett (1926, Gebr. Klingspor: some give the date 1923-1924). Rivoli is a similar metal typeface. Digital versions include Rudolf Antiqua (2018, Now Type), Eva Antiqua, Eva SG (Spiece Graphics), Eva (Monotype), AIKochAntiqua (a multiple master font by Randall Jones for Alphabets Inc), Astaire Pro (2004, Bergslund Design, or Hackberry), Koch Altschrift (2004, Moorstation crew), Locarno (1985, Alan Meeks for Letraset), Kuenstler 165 (Bitstream), Koch Antiqua (Adobe, Linotype), Evadare (David Nalle), Hellen (2019, Genilson Lima Santos).
  • Koch Kurrent (1933, Gebr. Klingspor). This is Koch's version of school scripts, a variant of his earlier proposal, Offenbacher Schrift (1927). It was only cut in 1935. See Rudolf Koch Kurrent at Delbanco .
  • Koch Schrift (1909) is a Schwabacher first known as Neudeutsch and later as Koch Schrift. It was used by the Deutsche Reichsbahn, ca. 1930. For a digital revival, see, e.g., Koch Schrift (1998-2021) by Ingo Zimmermann.
  • Marathon (1930-1938, Gebr. Klingspor). Digitized by Linotype in 2003 as Marathon LT (by Ute Harder, aka Frau Jenson), and by Softmaker a bit earlier. The best digital version is by the Koch Memorial team of Petra Heidorn under the name Romantha (a permutation of the letters) in 2003 (it preserves the original x-height better, for example).
  • Maximilian Antiqua (1913-1917, Gebr. Klingspor). Digitization by Manfred Klein, who made Maximilian Antiqua (2003) and MaximilianAntiquaSmallCaps (2003). For an initial caps extension, see Typograf's Maximilian Antiqua Initialen (2015).
  • Maximilian (Gotisch) (1914-1917, Gebr. Klingspor). Walden Font has a revival. See also Maximilian at Delbanco. Castletype made MaximilianCS. In 1995, Doug Olena revived it as Maximilian. Dieter Steffmann made Maximilian (2002) and Maximilian Zier (2002). Maximilian (2012) is due to Alter Littera. Drawings for Maximilian-Gotisch. Gerhard Helzel's revival from 1995. Stephen Miggas's revival is called Gothicus (2006).
  • Neu Fraktur (1933-1934, Gebr. Klingspor): Koch's last Fraktur.
  • Neuland (1923, Gebr. Klingspor) and Neuland licht (1928, Gebr. Klingspor), an outline version of Neuland. Neuland is all caps German expressionist typeface chiseled directly by Koch from metal. Copied by Monotype in 1929 as OthelloMT. Digitized by Linotype Library. Also digitized as Newland Black by Andrey Mel'man. In 1995, Doug Olena (Keystrokes) revived it as FFD Neuland (1995). A lower case and hair-serifed extension was created by Manfred Klein as On Kochs Roots (2002) and KochNeu-ExtraBlack (2003). Nick Curtis made Jungle Fever and Jungle Fever Shaded (2008) after Neuland. In 2010, Ian Lynam published yet another update, Neuerland. In 2013, Lazar Dimitrijevic created Cal Neuland Bold.
  • Offenbach (1928-1934, Gebr. Klingspor). Made for display in church windows, Koch designed the "mager" weight (1931) and an uncial version. His student Hans Kühne finished the "halbfett" and the gothic after his death.
  • Prisma (1928-1931, Gebr. Klingspor): A four-lined art deco face. Revived by Dieter Steffmann (2003-2004) as Prisma, and by Ralph Unger as Prisma Pro (2011). See also the 10-style typeface family LL Prismaset at Lineto (2003-2017, Mauro Paolozzi, James Goggin, Alex Rich, Arve Båtevik, and Raphael Koch).
  • Stahl (1933-1939): Done with H. Kühne. Revived by J.F.Y.Daniel Gauthier (GautFonts) as StahlSteel (2003) and StahlSteelRiveted (2003).
  • Wallau (1924-1932, Gebr. Klingspor), Wallau halbfett (1930, Gebr. Klingspor), Wallau fett (1935, Gebr. Klingspor), Wallau schmal (1934, Gebr. Klingspor). See Wallaby on the SoftMaker MegaFont XXL CD, 2002, or Wallau by Fraktur.de or DS Wallau by Delbanco, or Wallau (2012) by Alter Littera. Pictures by Dan Reynolds about Klingspor's Wallau speciman book (1939). Wallau, which comes in rotunda (Rundgotisch) and uncial, was named after Heinrich Wallau (1852-1925), a printer from Mainz. Originally, the typeface was going to be called Missale. Also revived by Dieter Steffmann (as WallauDeutsch-Bold (2002), Wallau Rundgotisch Heavy (2002), Wallau Rundgotisch OsF Heavy (2002), WallauUnzial-Bold (2002) and WallauZierBold (2002)) iand by PrimaFont.
  • Wilhelm-Klingspor-Schrift. (1920-1926, Gebr. Klingspor): This was originally called Missal. To commemorate Wilhelm Klingspor, who died in 1925 from a war injury, it was renamed Wilhelm-Klingspor-Gotisch. Paul Hayden Duensing made a metal version under the latter name. Digitizations by Fraktur.de and Delbanco. See also Wilhelm-Klingspor-Schrift at LinotypeLibary, Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift (2012) by Alter Littera, Wilhelmschrift (2006) by Stephen Miggas, and Missal by Dieter Steffmann (2003). Matching decorative caps were made in 2004 by Paul Lloyd under the name Holzschnitt-Initialen.
  • Zeppelin (1929, Gebr. Klingspor). This is a decorative (inline) version of Kabel. Revived as Zeppelin (2003, Dieter Steffmann) and Evadare (1993, David Nalle).

In 1984, Wolfgang Hendlmeier discussed the blackletter typefaces in Koch's oeuvre: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Brief bio by Wolfgang Hindlmeier (1984).

Koch's involvement in handwriting education in Germany led to these Schreibschrift examples from 1930 (also called Deutsche Verkehrsschrift), and to the development by Martin Hermersdorf of the Deutsche Schreibschrift for fourth graders in Bavaria in 1950.

Wood engraving of Koch by Bernard Brussel-Smith.

Publications by Rudolf Koch:

  • Die Schriftgießerei im Schattenbild, Offenbach 1918.
  • Das Schreiben als Kunstfertigkeit, Leipzig 1921.
  • Das ABC-Büchlein, Leipzig 1934.
  • Das Schreibbüchlein, Kassel 1939.
  • Klassiche Schriften.
  • Das Zeichenbuch. This book contains 493 old-world symbols, monograms and runes and was reprinted in 1955 in the Dover Pictorial Archive Series as The Book of Signs.
  • Das Blumenbuch.


  • Gerald Cinamon: Rudolf Koch: Letterer, Type Designer, Teacher (2000, Oak Knoll Press and The British Library).
  • Georg Haupt: Rudolf Koch der Schreiber, Leipzig 1936.
  • Wilhelm H. Lange: Rudolf Koch, ein deutscher Schreibmeister, Berlin, Leipzig 1938.
  • Oskar Beyer: Rudolf Koch. Mensch, Schriftgestalter und Erneuerer des Handwerks, Berlin 1949.
  • Friedrich Friedl, Nicolaus Ott (Editor), Bernard Stein: Typography An Encyclopedic Survey of Type Design and Techniques Throughout History, Könemann Verlagsgesellschaft mbH.

Rudolf Koch's carved lettering inspired spin-offs like PGF Americas (2021, Pedro Gonzalez).

FontShop link. Klingspor link. Biography by Nicholas Fabian. Bio at Linotype. Bio in German. The Koch Memorial page [now defunct] offered historical notes and many free revivals of his typefaces.

View digital typefaces based on Rudolf Koch's work. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Rudolf Koch - Ein virtuelles Denkmal

Dead link. Extraordinary pages by Petra Heidorn and her group of type designers (Manfred Klein, Dieter Steffmann, Daniel Gauthier, Paul Lloyd, Graham Meade and Harold Lohner) to commemorate the 70th year of Koch's death (1876-1934). The free fonts, revivals and interpretations include, by designer:

  • Dieter Steffmann: Claudius, ClaudiusAlternate, ClaudiusHeadline (2003), DeutscheZierschrift (2002), FettedeutscheSchrift (2002), Holla (2001), KochAltschrift-Bold, KochAltschrift, KochAltschriftAlt, KochAltschriftInitialen, KochAltschriftKursiv-Bold, KochAltschriftKursiv (2003), Maximilian (2002), MaximilianZier (2002), Missal (2003), Prisma (2003), SchmaleAnzeigenschrift, SchmaleAnzeigenschriftZier (2002), WallauDeutsch-Bold, WallauRundgotisch-Heavy, WallauRundgotischOsF-Heavy, WallauUnzial-Bold, WallauZierBold (2002), Zeppelin (2003).
  • Manfred Klein: ClaudiusImperator (2001), JessicaPlus, JessicaSerif (2003), KochNeu-ExtraBlack (2003), KochWoodcut (2003), Kochfragments (2003), KochsBricksInvers (2004), KochsGries (2003), Kochwood-Light (2003), KochwoodQuill (2003), MaximilianAntiquaSmallCaps (2003), NextSpringtime (2003), OnKochsRoots (2002), RootsKochThree (2001), SacredOldSymbols (2003).
  • Paul Lloyd: Holzschnitt-Initialen (2004).
  • Daniel Gauthier: StahlSteel, StahlSteelRiveted (2003).
  • Graham Meade: Rudolphin (2004), Rudolphin Oblique (2004).
  • Graham Meade and Manfred Klein: ABC-LongLegs (2004).
  • Harold Lohner: KochRivoli (2000).
  • The entire team: Koch-Defrag (2003), Romantha (2003).

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Rune fonts at TypOasis
[Manfred Klein]

Rune font site where one can download Manfred's runes: EtruskRough (2005), ModernRunes (2003), Petitx (2003), PetitixButSet, PetitixCallig, ReadableGothic (2003), Runes Written (2003), TheRomanRunesAlliance (2003), Twiggy (2001), GerManish (2003), RuneStones (2003), RuniK (2002), RunishMK (2002), RunishQuill (2003), TodayRunes (2004). Other free fonts there include Gothic Love Letters (1999, Belladonna), Gothic (Petra Heidorn) and Futharken (1995, Morton Bek). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿


Dead link. Great pages on the history and background of the rune script, brought to you by CybaPee and Manfred Klein, who also contributes a few new rune fonts to the pages: ModernRunes, PetitixButSet, PetitixCallig, ReadableGothic, Runes Written, TheRomanRunesAlliance, GerManish, RuneStones. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Thomas Sokolowski
[Apply Design Group]

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TypOasis, 2002
[Manfred Klein]

The fonts produced in 2002 by Manfred Klein: Bauhouse, ClassiCaps Xmas 2002, GGothique MK, Lombardic, Mouse Traces, Music Elements, DreiDreiDreiBlack, Griffo's Font, Noisy Buttons, Hamlet ToBeOrNot, Oszillo Caps, Cave Paintings, Rodgauer (a CODEX-like font), Prinz Eugen (medieval font), DreiDee Sketches, Typo Cubes, AustralBats, RoundMouseBats, Torynitialen, Wood Cutted, FlowerPower, Graf Typo (a CODEX-like family), Solitaire, Breeze, Eyes, Lead Types Heap, Petit Fleur, ABCari, Floralalpha, Karlas ABC-Start, OliJo Bold, Athena Handwritten, The BroadWay, MK Squares, Incunitials, Luc's Plants, Monte Petito, Before Alphabets 4, Threedimensional, Blind Reading, Zebral Caps, Before Alphabets 3, Braille Latin, Tangoasis, Katrins (handwriting of Katrin Dillmann, Manfred's daughter), Laurens Erste (handwriting of Laurens Dillmann, Manfred's grandson), Tangodoni, Typesetters TV, Unscreen, Caps MKS, Haunted, Mouse Scribbles, RunishMK, Fatsans, Rotten Script, Stormy, Strong Dots, Caro Mio, Reduce 2 Max, Pudels Kerning, Cheerio, Gersans, ArabDances (Arabic simulation font, with Cybapee), Slab Serif Written, Shalom (Hebrew simulation), Bloxx Serif, Kara Ben Nemsi (an Arabic simulation font), Remember Cassandre, Wieynk Caps Round, Fragment Caps, Golden Swing, Tango Macabre (a gorgeous font in which letters are made with skeletons), Eye Beings, Frax Handwritten, HotsBlots, Latin China (oriental lettering), Dinos Fragments, HotchPotch, SketchBats, AmorE, Chinawestern (oriental simulation), Valentine Flies, AmorEatPersia, AmorEmoticons, Artfacts, The Kiddies, ConstrAccident, Kochs Roots, AnimSilhous, Framed Frax Caps, K-Arrows, GridEx Gallery, K-Arrows B, Swinging Petidoni, Big Swinging SlabS, Relief Caps, Shapes 1-3, Petitscript, Shapes Four, Fullsize Sans, Petitscript Italic, Shapes A 1-3, Imperium Serif, Big Broken, Semaphore, MKalligFrax, Pix Caps, Slabsoft, Windy City, Slabsoft, Windy City, Timeless, Against Rules, Berolina, FabCreatures, CookinDada, FoodnDrinks One, HabSpass-HaveFun, Mighty, Klammeraffen Italic, Elefontitis Xtreme, Cairotiqua Freestyle, Eastereggs, Cave People, RandoMiKa, Big Ella, Hands Subversive 1+2, Build Your Own People, Antroposofia, EasterChicken, GridRiding, Irish Sketches, KidPicts, MatrixbuK, Dornspitz Grotesk, PeaceBats, Arte FS, Eagles Buttons, BlowinInWind, Cave Popart, Karla 1B, Crosses, SharkJockey, Toscanienne, SilhousTwo, Kleins Three Pixel, Religionen, Shapes One-Popart, Shapes Two, ShapesTwo, QuickBats, QuickWritten, KidsDrawings, QuickBats 1.1, Shapes Strokebrushes, SteepQuickHand, Steepiqua, Sleepklill, Steepodoni, New Aliens, SteepTypewriter, CarpetParts, Fourfeeters, Steepidien, Yumiya Arrows, HotHats FS, Eyes Gallery, Steeprump, Zebra Shapes, GrafFitty, KidsArt, Klones, Belly Sans Condensed, Tshirts Springtime, Landscapes, Pastfuturum, typOasis Uncial, ABC Thru, Parma Petit, SpaceLiving, FS Funkturm, TorysTools, Aero Sans, MouseToons, Parma Petit Outline, KL1 MonoCaseKrux, Remember Reiner, Frungtura FS, Perforation Strip, Weimar, Gothic Caps, HumanPartsPoetry, Archetypo Bricks, Human Parts, Big Dots, Spiders Club, MirrorBlack, Mirror Chicken, MonoMouse, MousefraKtur, AmericanNatives, DaVincy Cut, Mouse Liturgic Sketches, MKlunger FS, Waldoni New Torsi, Bradburys Shadow Paseo, Horses, Jessica Plus, Farm Animals, Fat Free Frax, BugsNFriends, Gut Joe Black, People Sketches, Human Parts, Cycling, MousePen, Unknown Heads, NowTheWeather, Qbicle MK, Strange Friends, AfroBats, AmNativeTwo, Bayreuth Fraktur, FingerSinging, Cuxhaven Times, Schwabach Duemille, Balloons, MathRosetts, Folks, Frankophile, Caslonish Fraxx, Has Bodoni Scribbled, Peace Damaged, Wrong Types Shadows, AnimaliaScissored, Bredda, Variations In Geo Dur, QuarrelerPlus, Montages Surrealistiques, Twinset Sans, The Muscle Fetish, Mammothisch, Animali Silhouetti, EleFontissimo, Neopan, Animals Two, Loopings, Logovals, Spiderish FS, Jugendstil FS, LucSan Faces, Crazy Written, Luc Plants Growin Again, Klein Hollywood, For Kids, Total Krass, Pesces Bizarri, Headbirthes Two FS, Stampede, Tribut to Warhol, DadaSchwitters, Van Doesburg, KleinScribere, MK Uncilae, FranKlein, Tschich and Near Jan Tschich (unicase type suggested by Jan Tschichold in 1929), MK Logo Sketches, Something FS, Stencilia, Kritzel Three, Steep Oldstyle, Steepimbo, Cairotiqua Light, SteepSlab, Toms Beings (a great!!!! collection of critters), FraktSketch, MouseGrafitty, Luther Stencil, RudolfsBats, Blackberry Plants, Circus Klein, Klein Reunion, Squashed Random, Strokey, Uncial Buttons, WaComToon, JohannesButtons, BlackWhiteGrids, Johannes Buttons / Bricks+Traces, MAntiKwa, Vehicles, EyesNStrokes, Babelfish Children, Chaos, MKarolingish, Swiss Cheese, Archibeta, Frankly Spoken, Hardware, Neptunia, Rotunda Espagna, Hardware, Arabuttons, Bodoni Flying, Eggheads Crying, PopNonsens, ScrapTiqua, St Dinah, Confusica, Crazygrams, Human Redesign, Crazyness, MKorsair, Big Caesar, MoveU, MyMedieval, RodauButtons, RodauButtonsInverse, Owls&Friends, Obliqua Romana, Oggi Angular, JohG Diamonds, Ornamen, SlabStick, Morbus Parkinson Fraxx, FolksTypo, AidaSerifaCondensed, Big Cheese, Viecher, MKOCR, Decollagena, Concrete Poets, Swinging Sans, KlausBFraktur, Peitinho, Openbuttons, MCapitals, Cavebats 1-4, BonSans, Folks, Gotica Caps, SketchesForPainting, XmasSketches, FolksCircleNegative, FolksCirclePositive, FolksDecoon-Light, KarlasBats, KleinSlabSerif, KleinSlabSerifBold, CantaraGotica (Fraktur), Logomatique (experimental, minimalist), LogomatiqueShadow, LogomatiqueBold, WorkWithGrids1202, WorkWithGridsButtons, WorkWithGridsRandom, WorkWithGridsStageC, Living Yesterday, Xmas 2002, Schneesterne, CaveBats 1A+2B, Nautilus, LateBirds, SpiralusKrux, SpiralusFaces, Smokescreen (with Petra Heidorn). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

TypOasis 2003
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein's typefaces from 2003: FictionBeings, MK Silhouetta Round, FlyOnYou, Karlas Bats, Maenneken, Spiralish Two, WhoIsTheTerrorist, Avanti Dilettanti, Aggressors Bats, Aztecish, Corrodet, Lorbeer, BastardusSans, BaumWell, Bodonitown, WellrockSlab, Cassandra, PreventiveWarOval, Damagedpixfont, EuropeanTypewriter, KarlasStrokemen, PreventiveWarQuestion, Birds With Types, Cubism Creatures, MourningTrauer, BirdsXtreme, BirdsToolbox, WantedTerrorists, TheRoots, MK Latino Plain, AndBullets, Androidish, BirdsToolbox, BookHeads, CorrodetClassicaps, Damagedpixfont, LateBirds, LateBirdsFS, LateBirdsThree, MKStencilsansBlack, MatisseTraces, MexiKOrnaments, MkLatinoPlain, NonCommercial, PreventiveWarQuestion, QuickBirds, SpiralusFaces, SpiralusKrux, TheRoots, WantedTerrorists, WhereIsTheBirdsDealer, BlueMoonsByDay, BlueMoonsInverse, BruchschriftMK, HalfsAreEnoughLatin, Latine, RandomFrax, Solitaires, SuperSansMKringel, SuperSansStrange, WildBirds, AreHalfsEnough, GeometricWanderlust, HeadfeetersPartialDisturbed, LuziFer, MouseStrokes3D, MouseStrokesCont, MouseStrokesInverseShadow, OlisWebButtonsInvers, PeaceThruGuns, SaulsRandomBirds, Fragmenta, Remi Wacom, Crazy World, Democratic Peace Warriors, OrnithoLogics, People, HelloCleoPetra, VertigoComic, Romi Petito (Miro drawings imitated), LogoFacesToolbox, WirewalkersVertigo, AidaSerifObliqueMedium, BuddhasBigArmy, GridExerciseSerif, Guernica38Remember, LogoFacesArtists, LogoModaRoma, LogoModels, LogoModelsBowToBoss, Silhouettes03, SteepTypewriterMedium, SuddenFall, WoodTypesMK, BrokenSans, FutstencilSerif, MKTypobricks, SegmentaSans, WhyMar, Xperimentypo FS, HouseGhosts, MKEyeMinals, StrangeBeings, AlwaysBig, Old Constructed Caps, Fat Floralphabet, MannohK Serif, TheyWasNiceMurdersAlways (an anti-war font basic on Guernica), DadaDa, FrancoforteSerifus, Arrowbytes, DingsbumsBats, HeadsTorsi, VollkegelSerif, NiceMurders, Burklein, Comicontemporary, ConstrxiaBlackInline, DadasDreams, EgyptAxt, KleinBricksNegative, AntiquaInGrid, GiveMeFive, Bitsbats, SilhouettesInGrids, BigSlabHammer, BurkleinOblique, JustOldFashion, KleinsanBold, Oliver, Gipfelkoepfe, HolySimplicity, Standing Buttons, 52 Letters, FriendlyFire, Lettersoup, Manga Axt, SplinterMKaps, GiambattistaVsPetit, TypoGhosts, ZagZag, MotionTools, MouseDroodles, Topnotches, TypoAnarchycalEyes, LaCittaShadow, Venezia, ReadingHelpersInvers, RoughRockys, SchulVokalDots, Analphabetism, Circularia, HalfCircleAlphabetXP, Multistrokes, Unzialish, ChildrenDingbats, EveryPictureTellsAStory, OgiRema, CrazyCrazySans, Sketched Alphabet, HerrCoolesWriting, Julius Caesar Black, AliensNew, PadBats, WaPicts, ImperiumLatineSerif, KleinsForgottenRoman, Helixal, MKDrawings, MKDrawingsPeople, FriendlyFireBullets, BirdsAndOtherBeings, Pinocchionish, PointGallery, Spiralicus, AfroDesigns, Frontal, MangaMaterial, NiceNeighbours, HerdeckeSans, ParmaCrazy, QuadrigAlphabetTwo, HellasDust, WildBradoni, Sketchiqua, FragmentuM, LogoHalfnHalf, MKSzene, Neudoerffer, StrokesNBullets, CircusStars, Facialish, Kleerikale, Kleinkeys, OnKleesTraces, NearAldus, NearJanTschich, Climbers, Krakelfabet, Amoebats+Climbats, ClimbersPhantasies, Karlas, Anarchists, Masks, SpaceCrew, Latins, Characters, FrontalButtons, GernKleinThree, MouseScribbles, Scannings, KidsFirstPrintFont, CuneyChars, VenetianBlind, MKartoonKoepfe, MouseAsBrush, SilhouFaces, TaurusCowboys, ShakeySlabserif, BodoniXT, EyelecBats, HowDrawAFish, Klill-LightTallX, MissingLinks, SansBroadway, Serifsketchia, SprayersFriends, LetterBuildings, SpaceAttacks, MouseAsPainter, MouseLearnMiro, CybaPee, ConstrxiaBlack, LetterBuildingsRoundContrast, RunningLetters, ZenFrax, ZenFraxCondensed, Gestures, HotJuly, JulySketches, KleinsBirds10, RoundHeads, SketchedBats, CybaPeeBlack, MKSansTallX, MKSerifTallX, BlaxxerifaBeta, CyclopsBlax4Dirk, Cyclop, EclectHeads, Graphis, TheManyMKFaces2, PetitLatin, Bowing, BowingInverse, ElectronicFaces, MKSansTallXMedium, MKSerifTallXMedium, ConstruCaps, PhantasticBeings, SpaceBeings, Traffic, HopeRound, Artefakte, AstroBats, AstroBatsFS, AstrobatsTwo, BabelSans-Bold, BabelSans-BoldOblique, BabelSans-Oblique, BabelSans, CalendarDigits, Drivers, DynamicBeings, FloralOne, FloralTwo, GreekArt, JamboRound, LinoCapsA, LinoCapsAR, LinocapsB, LinocapsBR, LombardiCaps-Round, LombardiCaps, LosAngeles, OsterinselPlus, PixCaps, PixCapsRound, PixCapsShadow, SecretWriting, SlabTallX-Medium, SlabTallX, SportsCartoons, ToolsMK, TypoSlabserif-Light, WeLoveAmericasWisdom, Pixelsplitter, Gonzales Sans, Spiralanautics Two, Circulum, Handiqua, typOasis-Initials, Griddies, InCrossFires, MKreatures, Weapons, Imprimerie, FarmersWrite, MKPixelProject, VeryOblique, AgroFont, SketchedMen, Imprimerie Bold, FoolOnTheHill, FoolsThree, TeleCom, AllesNurGeklaut, MKImprovisations, ZigZagOne, ZigZagTwo, ZigzagAnimals, RunishQuill, DomesticAnimals, HappyBirthday, KLEINigkeiten, TypoLatinSerif, DoodlesWritten, PointerSisters, QuadratZiffern, TypoShadows, MonAmourFraktur, SchaftstiefelKaputt, Birds11, Impossibile, PersonaRondo, Brandomi, GeoSansLight (based on Futura), LatinCondensed, AidaOopsXtra, BodoBlackSquares, BodoDisks, ThreeDeeTwoBeta, TypoBoxesRdTwo, Let'sDance, SilhouettesSocled, StoneAgeFeelings, BorisBlackBloxx (used by Brisbane for its branding), BorisBlackBloxxDirty, Latinia, JonasFragments, WildThingShadow, BallettAbsurdo, CarneVale, CatsDogs, HalloWien, Völkerfreundschaft, OldSansBlack, SteinAntikLight, AntiquaInGrid, SteinAntik, AnimalsMeetings, ArteAfrique, BraveOldWorld, Minidom, MonsTheSecondA, MonsTheSecondB, NipponsMonsBats, SpontanoCondenso, Stadtmusikanten, WacoGraphireSketches, KlitschKOtiqua, IronFraktur, Mons03Beta, Mons04, Pointillism Toolbox, BlackGapSans, DingsUndDas, DingsUndDasRunde, Faces, ForAlchemistsOnly, HalloWienTheTramps, MediaevalBats, MonsTheFifth, Peacetiqua, PickABack, TheTrampsTrash, Abstracta-Bold, AbstractaGrid, EdgedFaces, EdgedFacesKantig, HelloViennaMacabre, Menschen, SchulVokalDotless, Tremolo-DemiBold, Tremolo, Typomolecule, WacoFaces, DirtyThinkwitz, GetierAnimalish, Katrina-Normal, KleinsTypesoup, Koepp, Movieboards, NeudoerfferScribbleQuality, NewEarthCitizens, NewsRoar, OldTypographicSymphony-Regular, OldTypographicSymphony-Round, RupturedSans, SketchesByDuerer, SketchesInTypoasis, SlimSansSerif-Bold, SlimSansSerif, Snoutlike, Squaredances, Wacollection, Wacominals, AntikWaCom, FraxBrix, MKBritishWriting, MKRunes-Light, MKRunes, PointsNDotsImprovisations, DadaGrid, ReadItOrDada, VisualImpressions, AugenEyes, DuerersMinuskeln, GothicMajuscles, KyrillaSansSerif-Black, KyrillaSansSerif-Bold (Cyrillic simulation), LombarDuerer, Mdoodled, WittewittMajuscles-Flourish, WittewittMajuscles-FlourishBricks, ScribbleABit, DadaMeetsStoneage, HarpersBizarre, KarawaneSilhous, KritzelBirds, LightUnciale, Look, Nonserif-Regular, PalatinosTypeSoup, SansXHigh, StoneAgeAgain-Normal, TypoasisBoldGothic, UnderlineMonospace, Wacomedians, AbstractConcretLogo, Animalia, AnimaliaTwo, ClassizismAntiquaBook, HansFraktur, IrishUnciAlphabet, MBats, MKBats, Olivia-Normal, SlabserifXhigh, SuprematismFour, SuprematismOne, SuprematismThree, SuprematismTwo, TypesAntiques, WasWoodcuts, AnimalShadows, ArtGoesPixeled, BellaMusica, BirdsOThree, BlaxxConPersona, CaricaturesHeads, CartoonHeads, Children, FraxInCage, FraxInCageLeftOblique, FraxInCageRightOblique, HansSchoensCapsInGrid, HollaMediaeval-Bold, HollaMediaeval-BoldOblique, HollaMediaeval-Oblique, HollaMediaeval, KleinFeodoraCaps, Leibniz-Regular, NewEarthResidents, OtherPeople, PickUpBats, VierfachRund, WacomicCondensed-Medium, WysiwygBats, XmasBalls. 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TypOasis 2004
[Manfred Klein]

Manfred Klein's typefaces from 2004: Bauernschrift (the original Bauernschrift, published in 1911 by Bauersche Gießerei, had a Jugendstil form and a classical gothic form), ArthritishSpringtime, Declared, DigitsCarpet, FraktKonstruct, GalleriaGeometricaA, GalleriaGeometricaB, Logotrainer, MKLatin-Bold, MKLatin-BoldOblique, MKLatinLight, MkLatinLight-Oblique, OldiesButGoodies, RomaMonumentalBC, SportSatyre-Medium, Uncitronica-Medium, Nasenbear, CircusEarth, FolksXXHeavy, PoliticiansWorking, AlkoInitialsFramed, AlkoInitials, CutAwayOne, FragmentBO4, FragmentF, LetterSoupMainz, MKaos-Regular, Menschenskinder, RodGauApesInitials, StoneCapsIngrid, TangramBlack, TangramWhiteBlack, TixBats, TypoApish, Ubahn-Light, Ubahn, UltraCondensedSansSerif, WalbaumTorsoThree-Regular, ArrowFaces, Associations, AssociationsBirds, DotCapsMK, FrakturaFonteria, GuernicaMemories, MultiCapsOne, MultiCapsTwo, Schwabach, SketchesOfSpain, DotsCapsTwo, KleerikaleConBlack, ManiaK, MonksWriting, MonospaceTypewriter, PablosChildren, RuebenNosesFour, SometimesSmiley, TherapeuticApplications, TraditionellSans-Bold, TraditionellSans-Normal, VForVictory, EuroGyptians, Fabeltiere04, GiambattistaDueMille-Oblique, GiambattistaDueMille, KlillLightCondensed, PhonebookFont, PreColumbus, StrokeBorn-Bold, StrokeBorn, TracesOfKandinsky, Amputation, EarthquakeTypewriter, HandwrittenSlim, MyPrivateZoo, PotatoMonsters, RoundOpArt, Sansumi-DemiBold, Sansumi-Regular, Sansumi-UltraLight, Santana-Black, Santana-BlackCondensed, Santana-Bold, Santana-RegularCondensed, Santana, SantanaXtraCondensed, WacObats, Warlord, AfterAtomWar, AnAlphaBetIsmXtreme, AnalphabetismBats, Eulenspiegel, FlyingWomen, FraktalConPablos, KleinsTypen, Napoleodoni, BackgroundBricks, Decreations, Faustant, Faustitalic, GeoGraphics, GuantanamoHumanism, LipoDVectorized, MKritzeleien, Napoleodoni-Bold, ReadingRailroad3D, ReadingRailroad, SchoenspergerCaps, StageGlyphs, StageGlyphsTwo, CarneVale, Cock-Bold, Cock-Italic, Cock (high ascender face), FranklySpokenTwo, GenManipulated, GenManipulatedRounded, KarlasAndManfreds, Lipsiantiqua-Regular, PostConstructivism, PostConstructivismInvers, SketchedCassiusBroken, SpaceGarbage, WinterCoat, Artistiques-Bricks, DoubleBrokenTextura, GoetheGothic, GoetheGothicBold, GoetheGothicOblique, PabloSansCaps, PreRomanCaps, RodgauHeads, ScribblesCalligraphique, SomeParts, SomePartsAlphabet, WomanWithDoveTwo, WritersFont, Russian, SpikyBrush, TechnoMK, Bastarda-K, LuFraktorso, OldGreekButtons, SchwabachScribbles, ToscanButtons, TrajanusBricks, Couples, LookForLeonardo, Morphes, NanaBallett, Rocky, BeastlyBats, ChildrenSketchings, CloseUp, IdenOfMarch, OrnaRosettes, StrangePeople, SurReal, TrajanSmallCaps, Aprilapril, Confuseyecons, Cucumbers, DuererUnd, Exhumations, MankBalloons, MankZieglers, OptimusPrinceps, OptimusPrincepsSemiBold (roman Trajan style), SlabRomana-Bold, SlabRomana-BoldOblique, SlabRomana-Oblique, SlabRomana, CapsRandomish, CapsRandomishBricks, CondensansPaneurope-Medium, CondensansPaneurope-MediumOblique, CondensansPaneurope-Oblique, CondensansPaneurope, HansSchoenspergerRandomish, HelloSirPeter, MankSans-Medium, MankSans-MediumOblique, MankSans-Oblique, MankSans, StencilBricksMK, StencilBricksRandom, AfriquArtes, EggsOne, EggsTwo, EggsnPills, FaceToFace, KarlasWelt, LookBrokenTypes, Schablonski-LessFat, Schablonski (stencil), BlaxxOnGrid, DancingVampyrish, EmkaSansCondensed-Bold, EmkaSansCondensed, Othermil, OwlsNOtherWitches, PrisonBricks, Renaiss-Italic, Runners, VignettSketches, AbsoluteImprovisations, Aparta, BlackLiving, Blowing, BullerBuPapercut-BoldOblique, BullerBuPapercut, CryArgentina, EnFace, EyeBeings, KidsPhantasies, Klats, Linearus, LinearusCentSix, Monofred-UltraLight, Pabloesques, Planless-Bold, Planless, ScribbleDichFrei, SilhouettesAnimalish, Spontifex, Spontifex, TokyoFrankfurtRound, XamStern, BlackSplinters, Linolphabet, Tomahawked, Typobricks, AmericanInhabitants, HypocriSymbols, LastWit, MK-Symbols, StrokesFonds, ThinkBats, UseBats, Klimes, MonoSpatial, Architypogra, CaslonDadaesque, Cuneate, CuneateCaps, MauMauKlein, FatGrafCalliKlein, CavePaint, Goblins, NudesSilhous, RainyDay, AidaSerifaShadow, BodonisBulemy, SuperSansCondLight, Adonis-Bold, Batmania, CactusBlossom, CrazyCrazySans, Eyeballs, FacesAndCaps, FigaroFigaro, FraxBricKs, LaughBajazzo, M-sKetches, MKGrotesque, MoreMonK, NextGeneration, Orcas, PragRoman, RomanGridCaps, StrangeCharacters, TypoTracesOne, Typotraces-Cinque, Typotraces-Four, Typotraces-Three, Typotraces-Zwo, UmDieEckePlus, Vampyrish, VespasianCaps, VespasiansFlorials, Wacofaces04, ZagzagHeads, Klexalfabeta, GotischeMajuskel, PompejiPetit, Birrrdds, Spontcomic, SprayersSujets, TypoElements, WacoMusish, BemBolz, BrokenRoman-Bold, MarinumBreezed, SansFat, Africaans, AllHands, AlwaysPeople, BauAHaus-Black, DeconstructaWide-ExpandedUltra, GrafFittyPunk, LeArchitect, MiszellenKOne, MiszellenTwo, OhLauri, Shamanbats, TrajanusBriX-Invers, TrajanusBricks, TrajanusBricksXtra, Wenceslas-Oblique, Wenceslas, Monofred Ultralight Update, GenotypiPrototype, VivaBodoni, WhatsHappened, Cancellereska, JuniusIrish, LombardPlattfuß, SketchesDuererInvers, TornielloInitials, Birds-Relaunch, KoeppHeads, MiszellenThree, ImperiumCond, KleinsWrittenCaps, SigismundoDiFanti, Zwiebelfisch, ChildWritten, KleinKallig, GoGo, FantasyBats, KarlasMiszellen, LosAngelesBold, MiszCinque, MiszellenQuattro, MouseTraps, LittleRock, Dinotiqua-Heavy, MountFirtree, FarmFont, Karlas704, MesoFaunaBats, PhaistosAlphabet, Quicktypes, AbstractBats, AztecBats, BienMaya, ForefathersSketches, HumanDeformations, MiszellenJuly, NativeAmericans, OldEgyptGlyphs, PeoplesParts, RainmansWeatherreport, SheAndHe, MKlimesCondensed, SansBlack, WinterthurCondensed, MonoSerifBased70, Rehacles, RustiCalligraphia, ScrapDealer, Vampyriqua, Zebraesq, FracturiaSketched, FracturiaSketchedCaps, OrnamentInitials, CavePeoplePainting, FontBetaOne, HierobatsSketches, PrehistFantasies, Roundlings, VampyrBats, WacoheadsTwo, Cybatiqua, HassianUncial, PittoresqJugendstil, BonFood, PoeticRound, ReligionSpirituality, Running Gnomes, WesternPastHeroes, WritersReaders, AdAstra, Practiqua, DistroyA, DottyShadow, QuickMary, QuickMax, StrokeyHand, EasterIslandsToday, EthnicReconstructions, MotherAfrica, Scherenschnitt, Napoleon, Newspaper, RoundSlabSerif, DisPropBold, FishHooks, VariationsForImre, GoticaBastarda, ImresFraktur (modeled after a blackletter by Reiner), ToskanaCapsRound, KidsStuff, MKDingBats, Offbeats, PeopleSketches, StrangeTypes, WeatherBats, MoldauQua, Postertypes, ThinManGiambattista, AnimalTypeFaces, DoubleFaces, ItalianEvolution, TodayRunes, BeachBats, MiszellenEight, PrettyPeople, ZeroPoints, Scherenschnitt, ScissorThree, Crosses, MayanMexican, MKarlasBats, LimesCondensed, SkiCargo, MonogramsToolbox, SerifCaps, SpaceDreams, TaxTaxation, ArrowsCompetition, Damaged, TypewriterCondensed, AfricanAngels, AfricanArtifacts, AfricanQueens, CaviarBats, CircusClowns, Hands, HelloDoc, MedicoBats, ModernPeace, SchoolStuff, LatinumTall-X, LucaPacioliCaps, LucaPacioliRough, UnclassicQuill-Condensed, ChildrenBats, Sketched, Egypt, SlimSans, WeekdaysRomanSlant, AbcariFond, Gastronom, HalfEnough-Bold, HelloweeniA, Mkristall, Stoerung, WildQuill, Artests, Burlesque, Exercises, FacesFaces, MenFiftyTwo, MSkizzen, BradbOGilvy, Centuriqua-Ultra, Ogirema, Africain, Angelinos, Assoziazione, BadCircumstances, FacesTypes, Gymnastics, HalloweenTwo, KidsStuffAdded, Proportions, Roaring29, ToyToy, WellnessBoom, WoodcutsOne, WoodcutsTwo, Bamboo, SansBlackSmall, FilledABC, FolksInCubes, SprayersTypes, JoeCaxton04, AfricEggs, BusinessPeople, DueMillePix, EarlyMidage, Musicus, NiceBoys, Sculpturs, SilhouettA, WildAnimalsOne, WoodcutAnimals, RomanSerif, RomanSerifOblique, DiskO-LightInverse, GreeKish, BatsDa, Djungle, E-Motions, EyesTests, HalloweensUfos, OldEgyptOne, OldEgyptTwo, RareClothes, SeeItInMuseum, SFAliens, Shamanish, TrafficVehicles, Users, Sansibar-CXCondensed, KidsFirstABC, KleinsKrempelTypes, QuasimodoCaps, VisitCard, ZigZagThree, QuadrataRomaMediumOblique, Climbers, EmkaBats, Homunculus, ReligiousSymbols, Schoolish, GrotesqueBoldTallX, RightSo, RomanWoodcut, Diogenes, HappyBirdsday, ProthesisBlack, StylosCapitale, Kinderkram, ReallyAnimalishOne, ReallyAnimalsTwo, VoteMe, JoaoCond-Light, JoaoImprovisations, LeiterplattenSans, ProthesisCaribiqu, ArmadaPirata, Bikers, DancingPeople, DeepSwimmers, Engel, MusicMuseal, PiratesOne, PiratesTwo, PiratesThree, PiratesSymbols, PreColumbats, RohrschachEtcetera, SciencesBats, Swimming Beautys, TrialNError, TwelveYearsAfter, WintersAbstract, WoodcutsAgain, YoungScene, UglyQua, SchneidlerSolitaires, Bibelschrift (with Petra Heidorn), CircusAir, FreeLife, Mirodish, Pixelsoup, PrositBats, Sports, Unlucky, WorkingClassHero, XmasOne, Zoobats, GeosansLightOblique, HoffmanFL, HamletOrNot (with Petra Heidorn), AstroCalligraphs, AstroDingbats, AtHome, BiblishPictures, BusyPeople, FamousBuildings, Landscapes, MoreDancing, Neighbours, RomansAntePortas, Seefahrer, Shopping, TheaterSymbols, Callimundial, OgiremaSlab, Delitsch Initialen, HartzVier, Hingehudelt, Hingeschludert-Black, MatisseThree, MrKlein, RemiDur, Burgfest, DelitschInitialen, UncialeOrnamentale, UncialeXpressLight, AbermalsAnimals, Buddhism, BuyMe!, LifeEyecons, LifeIcons, Tourists, Wintersports, FourEarsArrows, MensFriends, MKartoonsHeads, OetzisTimesWillCome, SportsTraining, XmasBatzz, ClassicBats, FramesAnd, HistoricMoments, OldFramesSymbols, PabloInTown, RomanArchitectura, Sleep, VeryBusy, BrokenHand, Burtinomatic (blackletter based on Burte Fraktur), MonumentA, Athena, DisPropSans, Zyprian, MiscellenDec04, MiszellenK, MoreBusy, OldTestament, ScienceFictions, Taucher, XmasOnMoon, Weiß Fraktur (with Petra Heidorn), DeutscherSchmuck (with Petra Heidorn, based on Schmuck für Deutsche Druckschrift by E. Ege, 1922), SchmaleGotischMK (after type by Ernst Schneidler), SchmalfetteGotisch (with Petra Heidorn, again based on Ernst Schneidler), SchneidlerSchwabachInitials, Serpentina, Schooltime, HistoricPeople, WYSIWYG, MK-Signatures, TheManyMKFaces. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

TypOasis 2005
[Manfred Klein]

Fonts published in 2005: Mirobattz, MK-SchmalHands, OperaSemper, BarlosRandom, BarlosRandomRings, JuliusC2, LambordicCaps, MyElectronicSchwabach, QuickJuliusC, AsABird, Climbers-2005, FunnyCharacters, MasKs, Myths, OurPoliticians, PeaceOnEarth, StadtLandFont, RandomUnciale, BirdsNFishes, Circus, GreekMythes, MK-Doodles, SomeSketches, TypoOrnaments, Zettelkasten, Draculas, MonkeyUncialica (2005, based on AI-UnciTronica (1994)), VollkegelTypewriter, AfricanissimaInvers, AfroParts, BirdsCuts, Horoscopish, KarlasUndOpas, MArteFact, Occasiones, OutdoorSports, SomeSymbols, Stages, WildFaces, Bodidota, SaiGon, ForJeffTwo, SilhousForJeff, KochRootsRoundBold, Africanissima, DirtyVectors, EgyptianSilhouettes, Egypticons, FaceToolsbox, FromTheMoon, GangsMembers, Geobatz, Overheads, GaranitialRings, ZeitGeisterbahn (nice curly face), ZigZagDisplays, AfricQuattro, CyberDinxx, FlyingOne, KiddiesR, Polygonish, SecurityPeople, Services, Signals, SundriesBats, Surrealbats, ThingsAndSomethings, MKAbel, MKAbelRough, Anarchica, FragmentAZ, PiratiquaVertical, AbstractFragments, HeadToHead, Hispaniola, MarineBats, ModernArts, NewYork, Piratical, ShadowPlaying, SomeSilhous, TafelrundeKnights, Wonderlanders, Woodcuts5, CantzleyAD1600, ChildrensWorld, ForgottenArtOne, ForgottenArtTwo, Musicians, PiCaSolitaires, Risky, Women, Blackredis, CyberCaligraphic, Desastra, EtruskRough, KleinSchwabach, Beardfaces, Hanswurste, Heads+Hands2, HumanHeads, KinderUndEngel, PlayingChildren, PoliticiansOrArtists, BohrDonni, KleinSlabBlaxx, KleinSlabserif, BlaxBloxx, BradburysBoldShadow, GridConcrete, Easteria, EyesNoseMouth, Fabulous, Getier, GetierTwo, Lifestyle, Madhubania, TheHammerSlab, Cyrillatina, Diversitia, Letterbeings, Biblical, Casting, FaceLab, Mythologicals, ZooWoodcuts, BalloonDigits, BirthdayDigits, Florabetic, MovingLetters, Piratiqua, Clausewitz-Fraktur, ArtMonsters, Jokers, MansPartsPlaying, ShipsNBoats, DoradoHeadline, Nilland, Nilland-SmallCaps, EveryLetterTellsAStory, AncientBats, Apish, CaveNTribalArt, Drawings, FarmersLife, Kampfsport, WeInside, Carissima, HelpUsGiambattista, ManTiquaBlaXX, EyesAlphabet, ArtistsTraces, FitnessSilhouettes, MusiciansFriends, Offbeat, OldBirdsDesigns, Testroom, Vectortrials, Viechereien, WebTubbies, FrancophilSans, Winterthur Condensed, Biblicals, FineArts, Karlchens, LaughOrNot, RareAnimals, RenaissanceWoodcuts, ShoppingBats, DirtyHatchCaps, FrenzyWut, ManFont, StackCaps, Vampyrs, ArtesCocktail, Blackheads, Geoplays, KarlasInterpreted, KarlasSketches, SeeAndAct, DancingSuperserif, KleinsSansCondBold, CompositLetters, VaticanianInitials, BeautyMaking, FantasticCreations2, FantasticCreatures, HelmbuschCrest, HeraldryPartsOne, Insects, Musikantenstadel, OwlsAndMore, StrangersOnEarth, Surrealism, Winners, BlackIsBeauty, WeissGotnitials, AfterLastWar, CuteFaces, Fishing, NastyHorrorShow, RenaissancePeople, TypicalFaces, VikingDesigns, ZigzagZoo, ChristianInitials, EinsteinsWorlds, Relative, HumanABC, 5thCenturyCaps, BalletSketches, Denkmal, LadiesGentlemen, Maritime, MensBestFriends, NewAliens, OldArtGallery, Sportler, WetWorld, Anarchistica, Archeologicaps, MissalUncialeBricks, MissalUncialeMaster, SnowCupsCaps, AbstractFaces, AnimalShadows2, OnStage, OrnamFaces, VisitTheNil, WhoWasTheArtist, Petita, FlyingHollander, Goudament, GoudamentBricks, 20thCenturyArt01, 20thCenturyTwo, 20thCenturyThree, AnthropolTraces, ChiefCook, Prehistorish, TheIkeaUniform, WebWideWorld, NoArtOnlyChaos, MKantzley, BatsAntiques, CelticOrnamBats, ColumbusTraces, InLandBetween, MiszellMay, Phantabats, StrangersInTheDays, StrangersTwo, MediaevalItalique, LinoLeumInvers, MouseCuts, ExcuseMe, LookingMasreel, VasarelyWasHere, VirtualWoodcuts, Senats-Antiqua, BastardaMajuskel1300, Abstractions, AfriqueDrawings, DancingTraces, Floranimals, FlyWithMe, InsectsMK, InternationalSigns, YouAndMe, ZockersHomeland, Cuban AnimalsAnywhere, ArtistSketches, Circularium, GirlsGirls, It'sAllTheater, Monstrous, MythologicBats, PuzzleParts, SteubenHelpsPresident, TangramAnimals, ToonCharsOne, ToonCharsTwo, DolbyFraxCaps, BirdsEtcetera, DadaSays, MasereelThree, MasereelTwo, RoundMarks, TangramBam, TangramBumBirds, Punktum!, ArtEtcetera, BauhausFragments, CatsCo, CreaturesShadows, MagicMoments, MPictures, Professions, SwimmingHotelTitanic, ElectrUnciale, MKancellerescaCaps, Arrowy-Three, BeautyFaces, FantasyBeings, HundeDogsChiens, MoreClimbing, MWaKomia, CorrosClassicClimbers, MKapish, MKapsMixed, MünchnerFraktur, MKapishTwo, MouseToonsTwo, OpenParlament, SchauSchau, ScienceBats, Scurile, SansKleinCut, DadadaBats, FightersForFreedom, HumanFollowUp, IndustrialBats, ClownsAlphaBeta, InkAlphabet, FlyingHistory, HumanInside, KinderKinder, KinderAbsurdo, LeuteHeute, MKarla, PeaceAndNightmares, PosterFrames, SometimesDocCanHelp, Tourism, RoundSans, AnimalComedians, ArteStuff, AthletenEins, BirthdaySurprises, Heads4Ads, MagicBats, NightlifeRoaring Twenties, Woodcuts06, Clothes, Idols, KarlasZeichnungen, Mangalia, RomanticShadows, AugenWappen, BoatsShipsAhoi, Cherubians, DesignBasics, DesignersWeAll, ILikeBW, OldEyeCatchers, OldSignArts01, OurLeadersArms, SpeakingHands, TodayArms, WappenAltNeu, Zoology, AnimalShadowsDrei, DrawingTraces, Haringe, MeteoSat, OldArts, Peculiar, PointToPoint, PrestoWritten, ToolsInstrumentsGadgets, PlantsLetters, BatzBatz, Characters-A, ConstructionFreehand, Grandparents, HelloVienna2005, Hobbies, Horses, RefuelStation, StillLeben, BlaxSlabXXL, Magyarish, GotikaButtons, FantasyPix2, From KarlasIdeas, GrandfathersDesigns, Martial01, BusinessAsUsual, CalligrSketches, CharactersB, DramaAndCo, EarlySurrealismus, GraphicAnimals, Maskenball, OldTypoPieces, Sammelsuriart, Tanzbar, Trivialiartes, Bayreuther-BlaXXL, BubbleToBird, DesignElementsTwo, Floralia, MicroBeings, MicroBeingsTwo, Outside, SansSerifVarying-Black, XmasGinger2005, LettersAnimales. BlackStrokeBeings, Coincidences, HeadsConstructed, Maskenball04, OldFashionPeople, ProBeauty, Dyonisius, ArtDekoParts, Austranimals01, ConfusEyecons2005, DesignPartsSix, DueTresQuattro, EyeEye, EyeSee, GenesisSketches, Western, AntiKwa, OldTypefaces, BrokenLinoCut, EgyptianFreehand, Hurrikanish, LettersBats, AbstractFaces03, Botanicals, BrickToBrick, EyesAugenMouth, DiskJockeys, ToolsSymbols, Back2School, BeforeE-Mail, CircledHeads, CircleFaces, CircleMixes, EyeMen, GeometricGlyphs, IAmSailing, SchiessScheibe, SchnörkelCaps, MagicHelloWien, Mittelalter, PeaceFighters, StrokeToBirds, UpUpAndAway, XmasPromotions, ArteNero, ArtFound, EighteenMayanMonths, PeaceWeapons, PopIcons, Strokemen, TypologicalAccidents, VectorPaintings, WebFolks, WoodcutBats, Zoological, ArtistsOr, Characters-C, Characters-C, ChildrenAnimalsFriends, Christmas05, DramaticArts, FlightDreamsTwo, FlightsDreams, FlyBirdFly, GeometricFaces, HeadsVectorAttempt, IhrHunde, Letterly, NewDinos, NiceNeighbours02, OldFashionedClichees, OldstyleZoo, PatternsAnimals, PeopleSurreal, QuakeRoman, SpiralTraces, Vectories, XmasCaps, XmasCapsRound, BooksBats, CountryLife, MoreSilhousFrame, PhantasticSketches, Precassos, SilhouetteSituations, SilhouetteSquaresInvers, SomeSilhous2, SpaceStationHokus, TypoPieces, WoodcutsFound, AfricanSymbols, BauhausReminisce, CeltishParts, ClassicoAntiqua, Florenius, MotherAfricaArchetypo, NewTechnoFaces, Scherenschnitte, SomeSilhouBatsOne, VectorPaintingsOne, AllThatStress, Ancestors, HorosCopies, LittleFriendsTwo, LosAngelesBatzz, OurLittleFriends, Pabloesque2005, PopArtes, SomeNewSilhous, SomeSilhousPlus, Webmasters, XmasGsuffa. 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TypOasis 2006
[Manfred Klein]

Fonts published in 2006 by Manfred Klein: Mironikas, BatsStuff, CIAThePeaceWatchers, Expressiones, Faces, FirstLove, FischersFritzen, GodsAndHeroes, Hispanish, LifeIsAMovie, NewsFromAbsurdistan, PrivateLuck, BookBeings, DaddyGrid, LineArtVectoria, AbstractToConcrete, AfricainBats, Gestalten, GloriaVectoria, ModernTimesMrChaplin, PhotosToVectors, PixelBats, SurrealismK, BlaxArties, CoolDrawings, DogsFewCats, MKBrokenTypes, NearModernArt, Piepmaetze2006, Poppenspeeler, SportsAnimals, WithALittleHelp, AllWeathers, BienMayaInvers, CarnevaleConCarne, RenaissBeings, Sagenwelt, Scissoria, Sketcheria2, StrandgutC, TrainWhatVectorMeans, CuxhavenFraktur, CuxhavenInitials, MK-Skulls, ModernHeros, MouseArt, WillkommenLeute, WreckageCuttings, CurrentBlack, AtLastATshirt, Holzschnitte, OpticalArt, Taucher, WebArtSigns, ArteVectoria, OldStyleTravel, PicturesA, Trust YourDentist, GutenbergGoesAbstract, MouseFruitFaces, Silhouettes02, SomeCapsStories, HandsDown, HandsUp, HumanPartsStore, PhantaToons, ArteFacts02, BlackBeckMan, GeoEyes01, RockFonts01, Sketchbook01, Sketchbook02, WitchesStuff, Vampyrish-ABC, AfricArtes, ArtistTracesTwo, BirdsInfluenced, KidsDrawings02, LogosLogo, MesoFauna02, MyHouse, PhaistosFingers, ReligiousSymbols, TypographicTangos, EmkaBats, GeldRegiertDie Welt, GnomesTwo, KaleidoBats, KaleidoTypes03, StrongEuro, BigShadows, BigShadowsLeftOblique, Bradbury-Oblique, BuschButGerman, DillElefantenTwo, EgyptRund, KaleidWieynckFrax, KaleidoTypesCinque, KaleidoTypesQuattro, SomeTypesSilhous, LogoPhantasies, LogoSketchesMK, MKsketches, MonAmourFraktur-Broken, PlanetarishBats, SmallTypeWriting, SmallTypeWriting-Medium, StagesAfterEarthquake, StencilStamps, WoMan, Working, ImresCorrodetCaps, OldLettresOmbrees, GingkoFraktur, LufrakturBricks, MonAmourCaps, HeadfeeterO2, MangaManjana, MangaTypes, MrVector, OnStreet, PetitButtoni, Amputata, Chaplone, KleidosChaplina, VeryBrokenFrax, AbstractClassicCuts, BauhausOSix, ComicHeadsBeings, GeoStructures2, Kaleido04Invers, MechanicsActors, SuchLifeC, BerlinCaps, BrushPenMK-Medium, LettersSnakesAndMore, ComicChars, FineArts, ForCongrats, Frames, OldfashionPeopleTwo, PeopleButtons, PiCollection, SilhousOldfashion, SomeArtists01, AntikAlphaBeta, CorrodetInitials, DrunkenSailor, MendelsohnsTochter, AnimalsOldfashion, ColumbusAntePortas, CuriousVisitors, DadaPeople01, Malheur, OldDrawingsOne, WetterKapriolen, CatsAlphabet, DigitalisHistory, Duodez, EatMyHat, FlorAlphabet, InitialenFramed-MK, ArmsIdeasNParts, BirdsNPlants, Petrographs, SomeArtistsSquares, TypoJewels, TypoJewelsSquare, ClassicRomanCaps, IllustratedAlphabet, KleinHeadline, MKGreco, ArtParticles, ChildrensDarlings, Clowns, Devils, DongbutsBeings, HistoricMedicine, K-Labyrinths, WoodcutFurniture, Nighthawk, ToleCaps, CaveBeings, DesignElemente, DinoSilhous, StreetGraffArts, TribalBats, VignettesNFrames, Reclamare (art deco), AstroSymbols3, BlacKLinoleum, CaveLife, Krabbeltiere, LandAnimals, LionsClub, OldArtTools, OldScissorCuts, ZooloVectoriA, 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TypographicRosettas, WinterSports, PopUp, Gotic Caps, Fun Bats, HappyXmasBats, MKlothes, MKomicsV2, AllDaysJokes, Blackbirds, DiscoverBats, EgyptianSilhouettes, FiftyYearsAgo, HumanRelations, MKoepfeBold, NewDarkTimes, PeaceTools, SilhouettSketches, SpaceMeetings, ComicFaces, MK-Heads, NewKoeppes, PetrasBauhausXmas, SilhousSimplex, StonesAgeButtons, ZagzagHeads02, BigMummy, CircusBoldSquaresInvers, EmastEtcetera, MKanzleiCaps-One, ReadersBats, SimPlexBats, XmasImprovisations, AnimalsPrey, Cartoons, Weihnacht2006, AxelsWoodTypesMK, CowBats, KleinsLittleDings. 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TypOasis 2007
[Manfred Klein]

Fonts published in 2007: Bloxxy, DodgesCaps, DrawingWithTypefaces, MKaputtExpanded, SuprematismK, CrossesCirclesEtc, FewYearsLater, Humunkuli, PictoGramma-Sketches, JustOldFashionedCond, TechnicalAlphabetExtraBlack, CurvedBeings, RememberWinter, VIP, DeconstructionCaps, Kater Rino, KeilschriftOblique, ZierCaps, DecadentaFrax, Lifestyle, Barnard, HandmadeTypewriter, MonaKo, BeforeAlphabetsGallery, BrailleHeadline, CaveMeetings, ClassicaCaps, CrazyDingdingsOne, FloraliaCaps, JugendstilCaps, MicroTypes, NonSense, Schraffura, WoodPecker, Serena, TokayOSeven, GotenborgFraktur, EasterIslandsPopart, EgyptIconsToday, KLArtifacts, LogosExercises, Mayakowski, NativeDesigns, OldAmericanSymbols, SomeArrows, TechnicFreaks, JonasLight, JonasMajuscles, JonasMinuscles, WrittenFrax, Actions, ArtsBeforeComputer, ButterflyAndCo, DadasStoneage02, MAnimalsK, MythologicalFantasy, NativeAmericans, NextOnEarth, Petroglyphs07, Silhous1900, Symbolica, TrafficTransportations, WebWoodcuts, DeconStruct-LightOblique, AdonisGreekSquares, ArtNoveauDecadente, BigCats, BirdSymbols, Books, Dadada, DeconStruct-Black, DeconStruct-BlackOblique, DinkPatz, ImprovisatedBats, MsKetches, NewCaveDrawingsDrei, OldNewspaperTypes, OrnamElements, QuickKleinSketches, RunishQuill-BlackSquares, Sansumi-Bold, Sansumi-ExtraBold, SpaceWinningFra, AnglosaxOblique, AstrologyBatsOne, CaveStars, EyesAndSoOn, FlyingCarpetsOSeven, GesturesMK, PixelsDream-DemiBold, SymbolicaThree, VectorizedSignets, Ballerinas, BirdsBirds, Butterfly, EgyptSilhous, Insects, JeffsLittleHelpers, LinolCuts, MythosChina, TypoSignals, FrakturInRings, ImresFraxCaps, SpaceEggs, CarolusKlein, DesignElementsTwo, HandsUpHandsDown, MinidomInvers, SignalsTypoTwo, GothicLetters, JohannesGLastTraces, MKFraktConstruct, MatisseTraces2007, Minidom-07, MouseAlphabets, MyRobots, OpArtCarpets, ReinersImOval, Swimming, AnarchoSquares, BradburySans-Light, CantzleyInverseCaps, FamousPix-Circles, FamousPix, HeadsCallSketches, HeadsHandsSketches, MaritimeSquares, MasqueradesK, MouseScribblesKTwo, ScherenschnittOSeven, ScissorCuts, SketchesSelection, BradburysSquares, DevilsAlphabets, HeidEcker, HybrideBetween, KL1MonoSansInvers, LombardInitials, MonoAlphabetMultiSized, Nonsensiqua, WalNussCaps, StrangeBlackletter, ArtesBats, ArtElements, ElectronicPoetry, EyeEyeOnBlack, FabCreaturesInverted, FlyingOparts, Humans (Silhous), Improvisations01, ModernArtBats, NewAliens, Perform02, SimplyDrawings, Sportive01, UpUpAndAway, VectorAnimals, VectorImprovisations, VectorImprovK1, VectoryStarFrames, WappneDichNow, Deconstruct2007, ClassicapsC, ComicNumerals, GearingZahnradABC, JuliusCaesarDisks, KlillMonograms, Pixfabet, QuasiModoButtons, RoundAbout, SilhouOtto, KaiserRotbartCaps, PopFraxFrankfurt, PopFraxFrankfurtCondensed, AnimalishMK, ArteFacte2007, FlagsMaritime, HistoricPeople, Humorix, KarlasNrThree, Kopffüßler, MathEmoticons, MedicalCasesFirst, MKartoons, Mouseworx, NextGeneration, PoesieConcrete, SimpleSilhouettes, Vectorism, Waxworks, CalligImprovis, CorrodetClassicapsBlack, HansSachsCaps, NipponLatin-Bold, OlderTypoTraces, Pompeji, Primeval, RememberZwart, RococoCoquete, SatanicAlphabet, TwilightCaps, Wacomiqua, Ancestors07, Bewitched, Birds+Friends, BirdsSinging, BlackBats, GoodOldTimes, HumanMirror, KleinsMousetraps, Musicians, MythsK, NewYork, OlympicToys, Panique, PeopleAndOthers, Pharaonica, Prehistoric, Pueblo, RememberStoneage, Scherenschnitte, Sculptures, SilhouettesABZ, SilhousKette, Traffic, Woodcuts2007, YoungMusicians, FrakturInitials07, AmericanBeforeColumbus, ArteCave, Aztecish, BeautyWorks, Birds07, BorderElements, CatDogHorse, ChaoticHeads, Education, Figures, Forbidden, FromOldArtists, HandsUp, InGarden, Insects07, KidsArt, Kringel, MedicalBats, ModernGarbage, Mythological, OldAdPosters, Planets, SilhouPeopleTwo, SketchAsScatchCan, SunAndFriends, TravelEtc, Tribalism, TypoBackgrounds, TypographicEdges, TypogrBanners, TypoSigns, VeryOldBirds, AroundTheClock, ArrowsOSeven, BarlosiusEdged, BrokenSansCaps, CaveOSeven, CavePaintings, DingsbumsPlus, EgyptHieros, FraxHandwritten-RoundCaps, GreeceArtDesign, HandsOnly, HumanDrawingsA, HumanLandscapes, KidsKids, Moneymoney, MouseImprovisations, MusicInstruments, MusiciansTwo, MyFreudsWorld, Mythical, NipponBats, OldTribalSymbols, PhaistosToday, PlantenNBlomen, RememberBauhausFaces, Swinging, TribalFigTwo, TribalisticaFigures, TypoAlphabetReaders, VariousPeople, WildHeads, JahnsCaps, Kletteralphabet, StencilBricks97, TypomaniacsSpecial, Zwiebelfisch, AstrologishSymbols, AufmBau, BeachWater, CavePeopleTraces, EarlyAmericans, EasterAnimals, Farmers, Frames, FreudsFreeWorld, HappyNewYear, HouseWorks, Humorica, KleinsElectronicJokes, LandAndTownscapes, OldTypoElements, OtherEyes, Pifont, RatsFatzBats, ReligSymbols, Sasurium, SpaceCommedians, TwoToTeaBlues, WaterfrontFriends, Weddings, Yogaism, TypewriterScribbled. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

TypOasis: Christmas Fonts

Christmas font archive at TypOasis. Includes Brianquol (Christine Mauerkirchner and Rainer Grunert, RWE, 1993), ClassiCapsXmas (Manfred Klein, 2001), GE Christmas Joy (Graphx Edge, 1998), GEComicalChristmas (Graphx Edge, 1998), SLChristmasSilhouettesNormal (2000), TroyerDecember (Richard Beatty, 1990), TypographersHolidayfont (Dieter Steffmann, 2001), WWFlakes (Angela Lane, 1999), WinterWonderland (Dani Herring, 1999), XmasGingerbread (Manfred Klein, 2001), AlaskanNights (1994-1996, Adam Wunn), BallantinesSerial (1999, Softmaker), Bangalore (1998, Yuji Adachi), Baraquiel (2001, Scriptorium), Callimundial (2004, Manfred Klein and Cybapee, uncial style), Champignon (1999, formal script), DH Angry Santa Claus (Demon Hill), Excalibur Script (1993, Excalibur Communications, Inc), Flaemische Kanzleischrift (2000, Dieter Steffmann), Folkard (1998, Scriptorium), HallelujaEngeland Medium (2001, Manfred Klein), HallelujaLosAngeles (2001, Manfred Klein), JS_Snowbiz (2000, Jessica Slater), MKBritishWriting (2003, Manfred Klein), PlymouthRock'SnowDusted' (2003, Hypotypo), Porcelain (2001, Eduardo Recife), Santa's Sleigh (1998), St. Nicholas (1997), Summer's Snowman (2000, SummerNytz), WWGingerbread (1999, Angela Lane), XmasSketches (2002, Manfred Klein), XmasTerpiece (2001, Petra Heidorn), XmasTerpieceSwashes (2001, Petra Heidorn), MSTKboundround (2000, Masatake Ito). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Typoasis output before 2001
[Manfred Klein]

These are all free creations by Manfred Klein before or in 2001: Aftermath Manhattan, Aida Oops, Airdried Parma Font, Aliens, Amazon, AnthroPosoph, Architypo, Bullets 1+2, Casual Stencil, Cats, Circle Initials Freestyle, ClassiCaps, Claudius Imperator, Creepy, DisProporz, Dizzy, Eagle Konfetti, Feathered, First TypoManiacs, Flying Carpets, Furioso, Glitter, Glyptographs, Grid Exercise, Grid Scribbles, Headbirth (a great font with caricatures of men composed of deformed letters only), Headfeeter, Headfeeter 3, Hello Mr Pharao, IntourisTiqua, Kenzotiqua, Kidge&KidgeBoxes, Kleins BinAerfabet, Kleins First Bricks, Kleins Moons, Kleins Pharao I+II, Kleins Round Fragments, Kleins Sausages, Kleinsan (Japanese letterform simulation), Klill For Typesetters, Linoleu, Mannes Heads, MK Bats, MKonstrukTshirts, MutanTrios, My Nippon, Neu Gothic, Old Roman Klein, Oli Klein Bats (drawing by Manfred's son, 2001), Papercuts, Petra Font, Pointilism, Pompeji, Rainy Day, Remember Manhattan, Remember Scribbled Type?, Roots Koch Three, Rosett Klung, Sailing Strong Breeze, Sanstencil, Scribbled Astrobats, ScribbleDoni, SternenHimmel, Total Floral, Uncial Virtual, Uncitron Swinging Bold, Xmas Gingerbread, Grid Zebra, RuniK100-Bold, RuniKleinFreeform (2001, great simulated runes), Brix Round, AZ-Fusione, ClassiCaps Xmas, AngloSaxon, Betonia, Was A Screenfont, Kleins First Script, PetriFree, Aida Serif, Roaring Twenties, RoaringTwenties 2, TypeWriters Substitute, Free Bradbury, Twiggy, Arrowbix, Solunciale, Dada's Traces, AppleWine, Sumo Heavy, Petit San, Sketch Cameos Round, NipponToon, CrazyTimes, Give Euro A Face, Kids Kas, DymoFontInvers, K-Neptuns, Smile And Train, Free Bradbury Sans, Funny Faces, PointerSisters, Kritzel One, Quick Greek, Kleins Heraldry Box, Mercato Light+Bold, Silhous, Vertigo, CircleSigns, Warum 2001, MKlammeraffen, Dillefanten, Hallelujah, OhRosetta, Backgrounders, Cave AB, Broken ABC, XPFourTwoContour Medium, Karlas 1st Font, Frogs And Men, Pixel Nonsens, Latin Lovers Runes, Roundheads, Wacbats, CalliPsoGrafia, Typeface Eggs, Gourmet Icons, Hacke It!, Square Heads, FroxXMedium, FirstBricksMirored, Sportive, WacbatsItalic, MKartuhns, Typos, Free People, OliJo Sans Italic, FlyingSwimming, Clone Products, OliJo, Gutenbergs Traces.

Some of these fonts saw rather unknown extensions. For example, TypeWriters Substitute had Bold and Italic extensions by Manfred after Ramsey Margolis (Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand) asked for them. His friend John Houston who worked for the Guardian in the UK supplied Opentype versions of these fonts. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Vespasiano Amphiareo

16th century Franciscan scribe and calligrapher (1501-1563), known for his 1554 writing manual Opera di Frate Vespasiano Amphiareo da Ferrara ... nella quale si insegna a scrivere varie sorti de lettere (Venice, 1554), the first place where one can find a Bastarda. Typefaces based on scans of his work include Gothic Majuscles (2003, Manfred Klein, based on Gothic Initials, 1554), and Amphiareo (2002, a Mac font made by Michael Schrauzer). Pictures of his capitals. [Google] [More]  ⦿