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Backpacker [George Triantafyllakos]

George Triantafyllakos was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1980. In 2004, he was a PhD student, Department of Informatics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Founder, with Manolis Pratsinakis, of Backpacker, where one can find free Latin and Greek typefaces: BPLatinNumerals, BPbigHead, BPchildLefty, BPchildFatty, BPchubby, BPchubbyFat, BPdots, BPilialena, BPletterSquares, BPletterSquaresWide, BPmolecules, BPmouse, BPmyhand, BPneon [paperclip face], BPpong [light stencil face], BPsquareHand, BPtall, BP PhD Sans, BP PhD Italic, BP PhD Mono, BP Inktrap, BP Script. These include quite a few handwriting typefaces. Commercial handwriting fonts at Cannibal (2001-2005): BPPallas, BPOlga, BPMaria, BPHaroula. In 2007, he added BP display black, BP mono and BP mono italics, and BP script. In 2008, BPreplay was created as a correction of MgOpenModata. Creations in 2009 and 2010: BPOApeloig, BPScript, BP Typewrite, BP Imperial (think Impact), BP Dots (30 monospaced dot fonts).

He set up the independent foundry Atypical.

Designer of TapeBold (2015, iFontMaker).

In 2016, he released the free all caps sans typeface Hellenica for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic.

In 2017 he participated in the team of designers who won the competition for the design of the new visual identity of the National Library of Greece (George D. Matthiopoulos, Dimitris Papazoglou, George Triantafyllakos and Axel Peemöller).

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file name: George Triantafyllakos B P Chubby 2005

file name: George Triantafyllakos B P Diet Ultra Black 2007

file name: George Triantafyllakos B P Neon 2006

file name: George Triantafyllakos Hellenica 2016

file name: George Triantafyllakos Hellenica 2016

file name: George Triantafyllakos Hellenica 2016

file name: George Triantafyllakos Hellenica 2016

file name: Backpacker B Papeloig 2010

file name: George Triantafyllakos Tape Bold 2015

file name: Backpacker B Pscript

file name: George Triantafyllakos Pic

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