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M+ Fonts [Coji Morishita]

Free font producer in Japan that started out as a bitmap font specilaist. The M+ Fonts Project is jointly run by Coji Morishita, Hiroki Kanou, Imazu Kazuyuki and Taro Muraoka.

All fonts are totally free: Unlimited permission is granted to use, copy, and distribute them, with or without modification, either commercially or noncommercially. . Download page. Free monospaced and variable width outline fonts containing kana, kanji (97% coverage of jinmeiyo), Chinese (81% coverage of traditional Chinese), Korean, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin (sans), all made between 2006 and 2016 and still being developed: mplus-1p-black, mplus-1p-bold, mplus-1p-heavy, mplus-1p-light, mplus-1p-medium, mplus-1p-regular, mplus-1p-thin, mplus-2p-black, mplus-2p-bold, mplus-2p-heavy, mplus-2p-light, mplus-2p-medium, mplus-2p-regular, mplus-2p-thin.

In 2018, they published MPlusRounded1c at Google Fonts. Additions in 2021: M Plus Code Latin, M Plus 1 Code. Mplus 1 Code is a sans serif programming font with seven weights from Thin to Bold, supporting 5,700+ kanjis for Japanese with GF Latin Plus. iM Plus Code Latin is a multi-weight programming font for Latin only. Both have variable fonts as well.

Open Font Library link. Local download of the M+ family. Google Fonts link. Github link.

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file name: Coji Morishita M Plus1 Code 2021

file name: Coji Morishita M Plus1 Code 2021

file name: Coji Morishita M Plus1 Code 2021

file name: Coji Morishita M Plus1 Code 2021

file name: Coji Morishita M Plus1 Code Latin Expanded 2021

file name: Coji Morishita M Plus Rounded1c 2018

file name: Mplus M 1m Medium 2016

file name: Mplus M 2c Black 2016

file name: Mplus M 2m 2016

file name: Mplus M 2p Black 2016

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