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Raphël Bastide

Raphaël Bastide, graphic designer, hacker, open source evangelist, was born in 1985 in Montpellier, France. He currently lives in Paris and works as a freelance graphic designer and artist. FontStructor who made the pixelized typeface Terminal Grotesque (2011, OFL) for which he was inspired by Radim Pesko and Paul Renner. He also made the pixel typeface LYPC (2009).

He proposes Unified Typeface Design for the standardization of typeface design in an open source context. It also aims for the promotion of open source typography by introducing a transversal and flexible classification. Technically, UTD is a folder architecture to organize font sources, inspirations and references. It is also a JSON file containing useful meta informations about the typeface and its repository. Further font software by him includes Ofont, a tool to list and organize fonts online.

At Velvetyne, he published the free pixelish typeface Terminal Grotesque (2014). Avara (2013) is a free polygonal typeface. Avara Two (2013) is a derived typeface by Raphaël Bastide, Wei Huang and Lucas Le Bihan.

Whois Mono (2014) is a monospaced sans typeface (perhaps for programming applications) that can be downloaded from Open Font Library.

Open Font Library link. Github link. Fontsquirrel link. Raphaël Bastide at Velvetyne. Fontsquirrel link.

Raphël Bastide
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file name: Raphael Bastide Avara 2013

file name: Raphael Bastide Avara 2013

file name: Raphael Bastide Avara Bold 2013

file name: Raphael Bastide Wei Huang Lucas Le Bihan Avara Two 2013

file name: Jean Baptiste Morizot Raphael Bastide Steps Mono

file name: Raphael Bastide Velvetyne Terminal Grotesque 2014

file name: Raphael Bastide Whois Mono 2014

file name: Raphael Bastide Whois Mono 2014b

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