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International Standards Organisation

Swiss organization which in the type world is best known for its simple monoline rounded typeface Isonorm proposed in 1980. The font is appropriate for drafting and architectural purposes, as well as for technical charts and graphics. This typeface was digitally implemented by many, including:

  • Isonorm D by URW.
  • Isonorm by Linotype.
  • Isonorm MN by Mecanorma.
  • Isonorm EF (Elsner & Flake).
  • Isonorm SB (2004, by Scangraphic).
  • FF Isonorm by Robert Kirchner (1992-1993). In four weights and with a monospaced option.
  • Isotope (2012) by Fabio Duarte Martins (Scannerlicker). This is the largest collection. While all others have one or at most two weights, Scannerlicker offers 18 weights.
  • Iso Metrix NF (2012) by Nick Curtis.
  • Instant Schrift (2000) by Edgar Walthert. This is a redesign of Isonorm 3098 matching the radical restrictions of the Instant design-manual.
  • Isonorm by Infinitype.
  • PF Isotext Pro (2005, Panos Vassiliou, Parachute). A Latin / Greek family based on Isonorm.
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International Standards Organisation
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file name: Nick Curtis Iso Metrix N F 2012

file name: Nicks Fonts Iso Metrix N F 2012 10 01

file name: Scangraphic Isonorm S B 2004

file name: Scangraphic Digital Type Collection Isonorm S B 2012 10 01

file name: Edgar Walthert Instant Schrift 2000

file name: Robert Kirchner F F Isonorm 1993

file name: Elsner Flake Isonorm E F 2012 10 01

file name: Infinitype Isonorm Regular

file name: Infinitype Isonorm

file name: Linotype Isonorm 2012 10 01

file name: Fabio Duarte Martins Isotope 2012

file name: Scannerlicker Isotope 2012 10 01

file name: Panos Vassiliou P F Isotext Pro 2005

file name: Panos Vassiliou P F Isotext Pro 2005b

file name: Panos Vassiliou P F Isotext Pro 2005c

file name: Panos Vassiliou P F Isotext Pro 2005d

file name: U R W Isonorm 2012 10 01

file name: U R W Isonorm

file name: Mecanorma Collection Isonorm 2012 10 01

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