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Cristiano Sobral

Designer of the free font Germano (2016): Germano is based on Open Sans Condensed by Google: it was changed to OpenType CFF curves, and a Bold Oblique weight was added.

In 2016, he published Rising Sun, a further step in the development of the successful free sans typeface family Raleway, initially designed by Matt McInerney as a single thin weight, and then expanded into a 9-weight family by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida in 2012 and iKerned by Igino Marini.

In 2016, he extended Andika New Basic (by Victor Gaultney, Annie Olsen and Pablo Ugerman) and published it as the free typeface Quebec. Still in 2016, he extended Hector Gatti's Archive (2012-2015, Omnibus Type), and called it Ushuaia (Open Font Library). Andreas Larsen's DIN emulation typeface Gidole was extended by Cristiano to Normung (2016). One of URW's GhostLib fonts was extended in 2016 by Cristiano to the U001 sans typeface family.

Typefaces from 2017 include Miedinger (a take on Helvetica, actually first conceived in 2015) and Petra Sans (based on Cantarell).

In 2018, he adapted Philipp H. Poll's Libertinus Mono (2012) to add a slashed zero, and called it Corbi Mono S.

In 2020, he published Mulinito, which is based on Vernon Adams's Muli and Nunito Sans. Storia Sans (2020) is a slight modification of Titillium.

Cristiano Sobral
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file name: Cristiano Sobral Storia Sans 2020 after Titillium

file name: Cristiano Sobral Mulinito 2020 after Vernon Adams

file name: Philipp H Poll Cristiano Sobral Corbi Mono S 2012 2018

file name: Cristiano Sobral Petra Sans 2017 based on Dave Crossland Cantarell

file name: Cristiano Sobral Miedinger Bold 2015

file name: Cristiano Sobral Miedinger Bold 2015c

file name: Cristiano Sobral Miedinger Book 2015

file name: Cristiano Sobral Ushuaiai 2016 based on Hector Gatti Archivo 2012 2015

file name: Cristiano Sobral Matt Mc Inerney Pablo Impallari Rodrigo Fuenzalida Rising Sun Bold 2016

file name: Cristiano Sobral Quebec 2016 based on Victor Gaultney Annie Olsen Pablo Ugerman Andika 2015

file name: Cristiano Sobral Normung 2016 after Andreas Larsen Gidole 2015

file name: Cristiano Sobral U001 Con Reg 2016

file name: Cristiano Sobral Germano 2016

file name: Cristiano Sobral Germano 2016b

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