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Typefaces related to Pablo Picasso

[Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) and his influence on type design]


ABC Typo (was: Bonté Divine)
[Olivier Nineuil]

Olivier Nineuil (b. 1964) created Bonté Divine around 1998, and renamed it ABC typo in 2001. He teaches at the La Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris. Olivier does custom work and has published fonts in the Agfa Creative Alliance such as Comedia.

Other typefaces by Nineuil: P'tit François, Bolobolo, Cassecroute, Garatoi, Maboul, Fiston, Jeuve-upa, Faidodo, Badaboum, Bigoudi, Japapeur, Giboulette, Garamome.

Custom work: Club Med (1996), Hachette Multimédia (1998), Polaris (1995, Autoroutes). Bonté Divine fonts: Picasso (1997), Bonté Divine! 007 (1996), Bonté Divine! 015 (1996), Bonté Divine! 022 (1996), Bonté Divine! 031 (1996), Bonté Divine! 036 (1996), Bonté Divine! 044 (1996), Bonté Divine! 061 (1997), Bonté Divine! 066 (1997), Bonté Divine! 077 (1997), Bonté Divine! 092 (1997), Bonté Divine! 097 (1997), Bonté Divine! 105 (1998), Bonté Divine! 112 (1998), Bonté Divine! 117 (1998), Bonté Divine! 121 (1998). [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Bowie Shum

Toronto-based designer of Mondrian (2013), a geometric font inspired by the geometric shapes of the De Stijl art movement and of Piet Mondrian. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Bright Ideas Fonts
[Rick Hutchinson]

A foundry which made over 500 fonts, mostly in 1998-1999, and was located in Carlsbad, CA, where Gail Conwell edited their Bright Ideas Magazine at that time, and Rick Hutchinson is listed as one of the directors / managers / owners. Dafont link. Another URL. Font Squirrel link.

Typefaces in alphabetical order with a few additional fonts mentioned separately later: Abraham, Accumulation, Adderley, Aerosol, Akimbo, Alexander, Amadeus-Regular, Amadeus, Amadeuz, Anderson, Arkitex, Arthur, Ashley, Asphalt, Asphalt'Wicker', Avante, Aztecan, Backlit, Balcony, Banshee, Barbarian, Barnaby, Barney, Beanbag, Bender, Bicycle, Billie, BlackRose, Blanchard, Blazed, Blossom, Bodkin, Bogsley, Boingo, Bonham, Botica, Bradley, Braxton, Brittany, Brownie, Bubbly, Bullwinkle, Bumper, Bunker, Butterscotch, Cajalco, Camelot, Candles, CandlesChrome, Candy, Canterbury, Cappuccino, Capsule, Carbiner, Carousel, Carrington, Carson, Casanova, Catfish, Cathedral, Catnip, Cecily, Ceremony, Challenge, Chamberlain, Chance, Chantilly, Cheetah, Chilled, Chocolate, Chopstick, Chump, Conniption, Corrigan, Corrosion, Crawford, Cyborg, Daffodil, Dakota, Danferno, DantesInferno, Darcie, Daytona, Delineator, Dementia, Diamondhead, Donika, Donnah, Dribble, Einstein, Elizabeth, Energy, Espresso, EspressoBI, FabreseDemi, Fairytale, Fallbrooke, Fiancee, Fido, Fionah, Fontana, Fonture, Fortress, Framed, Frankie, Frazier, Freddy, Frederick, Frizbee, Funhouse, Futana, Gapetto, Gatsby, Gemini, Gershaw, Gobbledygook, Godfrey, Goliath, Gonzales, Gonzo, Gothica, Graphitti, Grasshopper, Grendel, Griffin, Groovy, Habibe, Hannah, Hansel, Haskel, Havisham, Hawthorne, Henderson, Hendrix, Higgins, Highland, Holmes, Horton, Humphry, Hutchinson, Incense, Independence, IndependencefromBrightIdeas, Interpret, Invisible, Jacinda, Jacoby, Jaddarack, Jagger, Jamboe, Jangazoo, Jeremy, Jigsaw, Jokester, Joplin, Joseph, Joshua, Jubilee, Junior, Kaboom, Kamden, Karissa, Katherine, Kaufman, Kayleigh, Kendra, Kennedy, Khaki, KhakiBold, KhakiBoldOblique, KhakiOblique, Khakiripp, Khakiwrink, Kilcher, Killian, Kincade, Kingdom, Kinison, Klinker, Komodo, Kramer, Kromeon, Kryski, Kurrajong, Kyanna, Labrador, Leallie, Leland, Licorice, Limousine, Lindsy, Liquitek, Lockleer, Lockwood, Londonderry, Loyalty, Machine, Maddox, Madman, Magazine, Magellan, Maggie, Magician, Majesty, Malachite, Malone, Mandolin, Margarita, Marilyn, Marley, Marmalade, Marquardt, Martin, Mascara, Masters, McMahon, Mckinsey, Mechanizm, Meddler, Michelle, Milano, Millenium, Moccasin, Mongrel, Monolyth, Monster, Montey, Montoya, Moonstar, Morgan, Morrison, Morteza, Moteefe, Muskrat, Mustard, Napkin, Neolite, Newlywed, Nirvana, Noodles, Nouveau, OldWood, Oliver, Omicron, Pajama, Palooza, Panache, Paperclip, Papercut, Parbuckle, Parkinson, Paschico, Patches, Patriot, Patton, Payton, Pebbles, Pegasus, Perkins, Phantom, Picante, Picasso, Pickles, Pigeon, Pinhead, Pirouette, Platinum, Poodle, Pugsly, Quantum, Quentin, Radford, Ragetta, Ramirez, Rampart, Ramsey, Rapunzel, Rathskeller, Ravage, Ravish, Razor, Rebecca, Recess, Rediculous, Reefrash, Remeus, Revenge, Rhackoon, Rhodes, Ricksha, Riesling, Rockafella, Rockford, Rockola, Romance, Romulus, Rookie, Rutger, Ruxton, SMCChicago, SMCHollywood, SMCMiami, SMCMonteCarlo, SMCPhoenix, Sabien, Sampson, Samurai, Sangrial, Sapphire, Sapporo, Sawyer, Scarab, Scarlet, Scirocco, Scorpio, Scratch, Scrubblack, Scrubbold, Scrubcle, Scrublight, Sebastian, Seymour, Shakah, Shardee, Sheela, Skatty, Sketcher, Skyline, Skywalker, Snoozie, Snowboard, Squared, Stacker, Starsky, Stencil, Stencilla, Stiltskin, Sublime, Sundance, Surkle, Surrender, Swashed, Swingreg., Tagger, Tamarin, Tamborine, Tanner, Tantrum, Tarzana, Taylor, Teriyaki, Thompson, Thrash, Thrust, Tiddwell, Trapeze, Trident, Trinket, TrujillietXtra, Tuolumne, Twinkle, Tybette, Urbana, Vargas, Ventolin, Ventura, Vitrono, Vulmere, Waynne, Weiland, Whitney, Windsong, Winslow, Winton, Wonton, Wookie, Zargon, Ziggie.

Additional fonts not in the list above: Andrew, Boogie, Fracas, Mandrel, Sinclair, Tuxedo, Varsity.


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Carlos Aponte

New York-based Puerto Rican artist, who designed the sports dingbat font DF Energetics (1995). Versions at Elsner&Flake, ITC and Esselte (original). This font was inspired by Picasso.

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Charles S. Wilkin
[Prototype Experimental Foundry]

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From the wiki: Cubism was a 20th century avant-garde art movement, pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, that revolutionized European painting and sculpture, and inspired related movements in music and literature. The first branch of cubism, known as Analytic Cubism, was both radical and influential as a short but highly significant art movement between 1907 and 1911 in France. In its second phase, Synthetic Cubism, the movement spread and remained vital until around 1919, when the Surrealist movement gained popularity. [...] In cubist artworks, objects are broken up, analyzed, and re-assembled in an abstracted instead of depicting objects from one viewpoint, the artist depicts the subject from a multitude of viewpoints to represent the subject in a greater context. Often the surfaces intersect at seemingly random angles, removing a coherent sense of depth. The background and object planes interpenetrate one another to create the shallow ambiguous space, one of cubism's distinct characteristics. There is no specific typographic component in cubism, except that some, like Preissig, tried to create the angular types that evoke letters that were broken up and somehow put back together. In recent times, some have taken inspiration from cubist paintings in the selection of shapes of glyph outlines, and called their typefaces "cubist". [Google] [More]  ⦿

Dave Simpson
[Sign DNA]

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David Sagorski

Born in Kansas, David Sagorski moved to southern Florida to study at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He then moved to New York City and created several display typefaces and picture fonts for ITC and Letraset. David worked on oil rigs and pipelines in the bayous of Louisiana. He was encouraged to peruse type design based on the suggestions of friends and associates who admired his handlettering and other works of art.

His typefaces: Dancin' (1995), the dingbat ITC Dave's Raves One (1994), Expressions (1995), Faithful Fly (1994), ITC Juice (1995), Bang (1993), Mo Funky Fresh (1993, now at Linotype), Moderns (1994, influenced by masters such as Picasso and Kandinsky), ITC Snap (1995), Tag (1994), Bluntz (1994), DF Wildlife LET Plain (1994), and Kool Beans (2008, Umbrella Type).

Linotype link. FontShop link. Klingspor link.

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Donggu Kim

Industrial designer in Sydney, Australia, who created a hand-crafted Picasso-inspired typeface in 2016. Behance link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Elena Schaedel

Visual communications designer in Germany. At 26plus, we can find her Amsterdam (a series of five fonts with Grachten, Vel, Huis, Fiets and Bloemen as themes, all modularly constructed from a few basic forms).

In 2012, she published the Picassonian geometric experimental typeface MeM, done together with Jakob Runge, at 26plus.

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Estevao Lucas

Brazilian designer. The cubist painting Les demoiselles d'Avignon by Pablo Picasso (1907) inspired Estevao Lucas to create an award-winning broken-up cubist alphabet in 2009. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Eugene Alefragi

Greek designer of Guernica (2015), a typeface that consists of pieces of Pablo Picasso's famous painting. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Euschemon Creative

Kalamata, Greece-based designer of Guernica (2017), a typeface in which each glyph is inspired by a detail of Picasso's Guernica. [Google] [More]  ⦿


Huge Georgian font archive: AALiteraturulibold, ACADEMIURYAV-Bold, ACADEMIURYAV, ACADEMIURYAV, ACADEMIURYP, AGogeb, AGorda, AGrigoliaH, AGrigoliaL, AGroteskN, AMerabgecadzeh, ANusxuri, AParisuli, ARTANUJI, ASakartvelo, AShesha, ATtbilH, AZacademiury, AZacademiuryBold, AZacademiuryBoldItalic, AZacademiuryItalic, AacadHN, AacadLN, AcadMtavr, AcadNusx, AcadNusxGeo, AcadNusxWd, AcademicNormal, Academiury-ITV, Academiury-ITVBold, Academiury-ITVItalic, Academiury, AchveulBold, AchveulH, AchveulL, AdamianiERI, AdumbadzeHN, Adumbadzel, Akademiuri-mtavruli, Akademiuri, Akademiuri, AkademiuriBJG, Aladini, AmartveNormal, AmicoGeo, Amiran, AmiranSP, ApakizH, ArachveulebriviThin, ArachveulebriviThinSP, ArialCyrMT, ArialCyrMT, ArialGEO, ArialMT, Ashemok, AsoMtavruly-ITV, AsoMtavruly, AtbilisiL, Avaza, AvazaMtavruli, AvazaMtavruliSP, BPGAlgeti, BPGAlgeti, BPGAlgetiCompact, BPGAlgetiCompact, BPGBoxo-Boxo, BPGBoxo, BPGClassicMedium, BPGDedaEna, BPGDedaEnaBlock, BPGDedaEnaNonblock, BPGGlaho-Bold, BPGGlaho, BPGGlaho2008, BPGGlaho2008, BPGGlahoArial, BPGGlahoArial2008, BPGGlahoArial2008, BPGGlahoArialV5, BPGGlahoMix, BPGGlahoSP, BPGGlahoTraditional, BPGGlahoTraditionalArial, BPGIngiri2008, BPGIngiriArial, BPGIngiriArial2008, BPGIngiriBArial, BPGIrubaqidze, BPGIrubaqidze, BPGMikheilStefane, BPGNinoElite, BPGNinoEliteCaps, BPGNinoEliteCond, BPGNinoEliteCondCaps, BPGNinoEliteExp, BPGNinoEliteExpCaps, BPGNinoEliteRound, BPGNinoEliteRoundCond, BPGNinoEliteUltra, BPGNinoEliteUltraCaps, BPGNinoMedium, BPGNinoMediumCaps, BPGNinoMediumCondenced, BPGNinoMkhedruli-Bold, BPGNinoMkhedruli-Bold, BPGNinoMkhedruli, BPGNinoMkhedruli, BPGNinoMkhedruliBook, BPGNinoMkhedruliBook, BPGNinoMtavruli-Bold, BPGNinoMtavruli-Bold, BPGNinoMtavruli, BPGNinoMtavruliBook, BPGNostalgia-Bold, BPGNostalgia-Bold, BPGNostalgia, BPGNostalgia, BPGNuskhaModern, BPGPaata, BPGPaataCaps, BPGPaataCond, BPGPaataCondCaps, BPGPaataExp, BPGPaataExpCaps, BPGPaataUltra, BPGPaataUltraCaps, BPGParaGraphChveulebrivi, BPGParaGraphChveulebrivi, BPGPhoneSansMini-Bold, BPGPhoneSansMini-BoldItalic, BPGPhoneSansMini-Italic, BPGPhoneSansMini, BPGRioni, BPGRioniArial, BPGRioniContrast, BPGRioniVera-CondensedLight, BPGRioniVera, BPGRioniVeraLight, BPGSans, BPGSerif, BPGTahomaGlaho, Babuka, BabukaMtavruli, BalavMtavr, Balaveri, Barnaba, Beka, Bolnisi, BolnisiMtavruli, Bondo, BordeauxGeorgian, BrushScriptGeorgian, Calligraphy, Chveul, ChveulebriviTT, ChveulebriviTTOki, Chveulebrivy-ITV, Chveulebrivy-ITV, Chveulebrivy-ITVBold, Chveulebrivy-ITVBoldItalic, Chveulebrivy-ITVItalic, Chweulebrivi-Book, Constitution, Daviti, DejaVuSans, DejaVuSans, DumbaMtavr, DumbaNusx, Dumbadze-ITV, Dumbadze-ITVBold, Dumbadze-ITVBoldItalic, Dumbadze-ITVItalic, DumbadzeCapsGGE, DumbadzeCondGGE, DumbadzeGGE, DumbadzeItalicGGE, DumbadzeNormal, DumbadzeSmallGGE, DumbadzeTD, DumbadzeTFNormal, Eka, EkaHor, Elguja, Fido, G&G_Ilia-Bold, G&G_Ilia-Normal, G&G_Ilia-Normal, G&G_IliaM, G&G_IliaMBold, G&G_IllliaM-Normal, G&G_Shirim-Normal, GEODumbaMtavr, GEOGrigolia, GEOKolkhetmtav, GEOKolkhetmtav, GEOKolkhetnusx, GEOKolkhetnusx, GEOKolkhety, GEOKolkhetyBold, GEOKolkhetyMtavBold, GEOLitMtavr, GEOLitNusx, GEOLortkipanidzeNormal, GEOLortkipanidzeNormal, GEOZaza, GEOZhorzholadze, GEO_AKADEMIURI, GEO_DUMBADZE_MT, GEO_KOLHETI, GEO_KOLHETI_MT, GF-Satellite-17-Mt-Bold-Italic, GF-Satellite-17-Mt-Bold, GF-Satellite-2-Mt-Italic, GF-Satellite-2-Mt, GF-Satellite-3-Mt-Bold, GF-Satellite-6-Mt-Bold-Italic, GF-Satellite-6-Mt-Bold, GF-Satellite-6-Mt, GFSatellite28Mt-Italic, GFSatellite28Mt, GFSatellite2MtBold, GFSatellite2MtBoldItalic, GFSatellite3Mt-BoldItalic, GGogebashviliNormal, GNMmamuk, Gancxadebebi, Gancxadebebi, Geo-Gza, Geo-TabidzeNusx-ASTER, GeoABC, GeoABC, GeoAcadMtavr, GeoAcadMtavrBold, GeoAcadNusxBold, GeoAcadNusxNormal, GeoAcademiuri, GeoAcademiuriItalic, GeoAladdin, GeoAlami, GeoAmiran, GeoArial, GeoArialBold, GeoArialBoldItalic, GeoArialItalic, GeoAvazaMtavr, GeoAvazaNusx, GeoBalaveri, GeoBauhausMtavr, GeoBauhausNusx, GeoBecker, GeoBernhardFashion, GeoBodoni, GeoBombay, GeoBordeauxMtavr, GeoBordeauxNusx, GeoBrushScript, GeoCalligraphy, GeoChveuMtavrBold, GeoChveuMtavrNormal, GeoChveuNusxBold, GeoChveuNusxNormal, GeoCourier, GeoCourier, GeoCourierBold, GeoCourierBold, GeoCourierBoldItalic, GeoCourierBoldItalic, GeoCourierItalic, GeoCourierItalic, GeoDabali, GeoDedaena, GeoDevi, GeoDochanashviliMtavr, GeoDochanashviliNusx, GeoDumba-Bold, GeoDumba-BoldItalic, GeoDumba-Italic, GeoDumba, GeoDumbadze-Regular, GeoDumbadze, GeoDumbadzeItalic, GeoDumbadzeMtavr, GeoDumbadzeMtavrBold, GeoDumbadzeMtavrBoldItalic, GeoDumbadzeMtavrItalic, GeoDumbadzeNusx, GeoDumbadzeNusxBold, GeoDumbadzeNusxBoldItalic, GeoDumbadzeNusxItalic, GeoEka, GeoEklesia, GeoElguja, GeoGediMze, GeoGeorge, GeoGogebashvili, GeoGorda, GeoGordeladze, GeoGothic, GeoGraniti, GeoGremi, GeoGrigoliaMtavr, GeoGrigoliaMtavrBold, GeoGrigoliaNusx, GeoGrigoliaNusxBold, GeoGrigoliaPolygraph, GeoGrigoliaPolygraphBold, GeoGrotesk, GeoIliaMtavrBold, GeoIliaMtavrNormal, GeoIliaNusxBold, GeoIliaNusxNormal, GeoInstitution, GeoKalamiMtavr, GeoKalamiNusx, GeoKaterina, GeoKiknadze, GeoKokhodze, GeoKolkheti, GeoKolkhetiBold, GeoKolkhetiBoldItalic, GeoKolkhetiItalic, GeoKolkhetiMtavrBold, GeoKolkhetiMtavrNormal, GeoKolkhetiNusxBold, GeoKolkhetiNusxNormal, GeoKvamli, GeoKvebliani, GeoLadoGrigolia, GeoLiterMtavrBold, GeoLiterMtavrNormal, GeoLiterNusxBold, GeoLiterNusxNormal, GeoLiterSmall, GeoLiteraturuli, GeoLiteraturuliBold, GeoLiteraturuliBoldItalic, GeoLiteraturuliItalic, GeoLiteraturulyN, GeoLiteraturulyNBold, GeoLiteraturulyNBoldItalic, GeoLiteraturulyNItalic, GeoLordkipanidzeTT, GeoLortkipanidzeBold, GeoLortkipanidzeMtavrBold, GeoLortkipanidzeMtavrNormal, GeoLortkipanidzeNormal, GeoMaghali, GeoMartve, GeoMdzimiseburiNormal, GeoMistral, GeoMrgvlovaniNormal, GeoMrudeNormal, GeoMziuriMtavr, GeoMziuriNusx, GeoNanaZhorzholadze, GeoNaniko, GeoNapraliani, GeoOrqidea, GeoPakizi, GeoParagraphic, GeoPhunjiMtavr, GeoPhunjiNusx, GeoPicasso, GeoPixel, GeoPreston, GeoRustaveli, GeoSabechdiMtavr, GeoSabechdiMtavrASTER, GeoSabechdiNusx, GeoSabechdiNusxASTER, GeoSakarMtavr, GeoSalkhino, GeoScript, GeoShemoqmedi, GeoShesha, GeoShirim, GeoSiradze, GeoSlim, GeoSoftLiter, GeoTabidze, GeoTbilisiMtavr, GeoTbilisiNusx, GeoTiko, GeoTimes, GeoTimesBold, GeoTimesBoldItalic, GeoTimesGeorgian, GeoTimesItalic, GeoTimesMtavr, GeoTimesNusx, GeoVenuri, GeoVenuriBold, GeoVenuriBoldItalic, GeoVenuriItalic, GeoVeziriMtavr, GeoVeziriNusx, GeoVicroASTER, GeoVictoriaNormal, GeoWWWTimes, GeoWWWTimesBold, GeoWWWTimesBoldItalic, GeoWWWTimesItalic, GeoXelnaceri, GeoXibli, GeoXucurNusx, GeoZaza, GeoZghapariMtavr, GeoZghapariMtavrASTER, GeoZghapariNusx, GeoZghapariNusxASTER, Geodum, GeorgiaNET, GeorgianTimesBold, GeorgianTimesNormal, GigaMsxviliMtav, GigaMsxviliNusx, GigaNewMtav, GigaPirveliMtav, GigaPirveliNusx, GigaTxeliMtav, GigaTxeliNusx, Gogebashvili-ITV, Gogebashvili-ITVBold, Gogebashvili-ITVBoldItalic, Gogebashvili-ITVItalic, GogebashviliNormal, GogebashviliTFNormal, GoturiGoturi, GremiMtavr, GremyCond, Grigolia, Grigolia, GrigoliaMta, GrigoliaMtavr, GrigoliaPolygraph, GrigoliaPolygraphBold, Grotesk, Grotesk, Ia, Imedi, Ioane, IoaneOqropiri, KA_KOLHETI, KA_LITERATURULI, KA_LORTKIPANIDZE, KGDCourierCyrPSzura, Kolkhety-ITV, Kolkhety-ITV, Kolkhety-ITVBold, KolkhetyTeleTypeNormal, KvadroMt, LadoGrigolia, Lali, LitMtavrPS, LitNusx, Literaturuli-Book, LiteraturuliITV, LiteraturuliTD, LiteraturuliTDBold-Italic, LiteraturuliTDBold, LiteraturuliTDItalic, Literaturuly-ITV, Literaturuly-ITVBold, Literaturuly-ITVBoldItalic, Literaturuly-ITVItalic, Literaturuly, Liziko, LortkipanidzeNormal, MTMchedlidze1, MTMchedlidzeHelnatceri1, MTMchedlidzeNushuri, MZIURI1Light, Margo, Migdebuli, MistGeorgian, Muqara, NTHarmonicaPS-Normal, Naniko, New_2, PakizyITV, PataraNino, Peikari, Phatima, Phunji, PhunjiMtavruli, SPAcademi, SPAcademiBold, SPAcademiMTBold, SPBalavari, SPChveulebriviBold, SPChveulebriviMTBold, SPChveulebriviMTMedium, SPChveulebriviMedium, SPDumbadzeBold, SPDumbadzeMTBold, SPFebos, SPGogebashvily, SPGorda, SPGremi, SPGrigolia, SPGrigoliaBold, SPGrigoliaMT, SPGrigoliaMTBold, SPGrotesk, SPKolhetiBold, SPKolhetiMTBold, SPKolhetiMTMedium, SPKolhetiMedium, SPLiteraturuly, SPLiteraturulyBold, SPLiteraturulyMT, SPMdzime, SPPakizi, SPParliamentBold, SPParliamentMTBold, SPParliamentMTMedium, SPParliamentMedium, SPRustavely, SPSakartvelo, SPShemokmedi, SPSiradze, SPSiradzeBold, SPVenaBold, SPVenaMedium, Saba, SakarMtavr, SanHelBold, Sanet, Sggg1, Shalva, ShemoMtavr, Sylfaen, Sylfaen, TalguriRS, Tamaz, Tamta, Targamos, TbilisiCaps, TeoHeavy, TimesNRCyrMT, TimesNewRomanPSMT, Tinano, UCNOBICOMThin, Zaza, ZazaDU, ZazaSP, Kolkhety-ITV, literaturuli_BJG_2000-Bold, misha.nd-cristal, misha.nd, sb_ge. 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Fontware Limited

Company located in Fareham, Hampshire, UK, and (possibly) run by David Gibbins. 150 truetype-font collection: go here, here, here, here, here, and here. The 150 fonts have no copyright information other than the date, 2001. Here are the names of this collection: Aston-Italic, Aston, AstonPoster, Barker, Bentine, Brancusi-Italic, Brancusi, Burns, ButlerCaps, Cambridge-Bold, Cambridge-BoldItalic, Cambridge-Italic, Cambridge, CambridgeOpen, Chaplin, Charterhouse-Bold, Charterhouse, Cleese, Constable, Cooke, Corbett, CorpusChristi-Bold, CorpusChristi-Italic, CorpusChristi, Crosby, DaVinci, Dali, Degas, Dodd, Donnatello, Durham-Bold, Durham-Italic, Durham, DurhamPoster-Bold, DurhamPoster-Italic, Edinburgh-Bold, Edinburgh-BoldItalic, Edinburgh-Italic, Edinburgh, Epstein, EpsteinFat, Eton-Italic, Eton, Exeter-Bold, Exeter-Italic, Exeter, Formby, Gainsborough, Gauguin, Gilbert, Gordonstoun-Bold, Gordonstoun-Italic, Gordonstoun, Hancock, Hardy, Harrow-Bold, Harrow-BoldItalic, Harrow-Italic, Harrow, Harvard-Bold, Harvard, Hepworth-Bold, Hepworth, Hope, Keaton, KebleBlack, KebleBoldOutline, KebleCondensed, KebleCondensedBlack, KebleCondensedLight, Keele-Bold, Keele, KingsCollege-Bold, KingsCollege-Italic, KingsCollege, Laurel, Leighton, LeightonCondensed, LeightonExtended, Lloyd, Manet, Marceau, Marlborough-Bold, Marlborough, Matisse, Michaelangelo, Miller, Millfield, Milligan-Bold, Milligan-BoldItalic, Milligan-Italic, Milligan, Miro, Monet, Moore, Morecambe, Peterhouse-Bold, Peterhouse-BoldItalic, Peterhouse-Italic, Peterhouse, Picasso, PicassoLite, Pollock, Pryor, QueensCollege-Bold, QueensCollege-BoldItalic, QueensCollege-Italic, QueensCollege, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rodin, Roedean-Bold, Roedean, Rubens, Secombe, Sellers, Seurat, Sorbonne-Bold, Sorbonne-BoldItalic, Sorbonne-Italic, Sorbonne, StAnnes-Italic, StAnnes, StPauls-Bold, StPauls, Stowe, Sykes, ToulouseLautrec, Turner, Upminster-Bold, Upminster, VanGogh, Verrochio, Warhol, WarholHeavy, WarholLight, Warwick-Bold, Warwick-BoldItalic, Warwick-Italic, Warwick, Wellington, WellingtonHeavy, Winchester-Bold, Winchester-Italic, Winchester, Wisdom, Wise, Yale-Bold, Yale-Italic, Yale. This free font collection may or may not be produced in agreement with Qualitype. Commercial font services, including barcode solutions (about 500 USD for Barcode2000, which includes 3 of 9, Code 93, Interleaved 2 of 5, EAN/UPC, MSI/Plessey, Code 128, Codabar, MICR/E13B, CMC-7&USPS Barcode, and OCR A, OCR B, Letter Gothic, Line Draw&the Euro Currency Symbol) and TrueType logo and signature fonts (200 USD per font in 6 weights). Sells Barcode Assistant. Free barcode demo fonts. Free copy of Fontaware (Windows 3.1 font management). Free font recognition service. Font vendor for Bitstream. Barcodes sold:

  • 1-Dimensional (Linear) Barcodes: Code 128, EAN 128, UCC 128, GS1 128, Code 39, Code 39 Extended, Code 93, EAN-8, EAN-13, ISBN, ISSN, 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, ITF14, Codabar, MSI, DUN14, Logmars, HIBC, Bookland, IATA.
  • Postal Barcodes: Royal Mail 4 State, PostNet, USZIP, KIX, French Postal, German Postal, Australian 4 State, Singapore 4 State.
  • 2-Dimensional Barcodes: PDF417, Datamatrix, Aztec, QR Code, Maxicode, GS1 Databar, RSS-14, Codablock-F.
  • OCR&MICR Fonts: OCR-A, OCR-B, CMC-7, MICR (E13B), OMR Marks.
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Jaroslav Andel

Czech art historian and author of Avant-Garde Page Design 1900-1950 (Delano Greenidge Editions, 2002). This book presents a comprehensive visual lexicon of early 20th-century page design. Illustrations include designs by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Wassily Kandinsky, Marcel Duchamp, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Lázló Moholy-Nagy, El Lissitzky, and Jan Tschichold. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Jessica Tapolcai

Jessica Tapolcai was born in America, grew up in Switzerland and moved to London to get a BA (hons) s typographic and graphic design at London College of Communication. She created the experimental typeface Picasso (2012). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Joan Marti Mas
[TypePhases (was: vigital tipografia)]

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Joanne Taylor

Aka Jos Joy, as Joanne Ford Taylor, and as joiaco. South African illustrator from Knysna, b. 1953. She also paints as Qabbojo Art, and is presently located in Vancouver, Canada.

Designer in 2009 of Qarmic Sans, Qirkus Qaps (almost Tuscan), Qranklestein, Qlippitek, Qixstix, QutnTorn Caps, and the hand-printed fonts Qirlycues and Qokijo.

In 2011, she created Qokipops, Qik Edges (2011, dingbats and borders), Qut+Torn (papercut face), Qrypton (2011, sci-fi), Qumbazonki (2011, African look face), Qwagga (2011, another African face), Qixbox (2011, hand-printed 3d face), Qongasushi (2011, poster face), Qarkitech, and Qlinickle.

Typefaces from 2012 include Qarolina, Qreepy, Qrackerjax, Qubism, Qoncrete, Qrubby, Questoz, Quinky (brush face), Qumberland Slab, Qinkgo, Qrayola, Qudos, Qubism (inspired by Picasso), Qimiko, Qhorah, Qratchee (scratchy typeface).

In 2013, she designed Qrankenstein, Qaxton, Quota (a heavy titling face), Qlub Jozi (art deco), Qlarendon (a 7-style Clarendon family), Qarmic Sans Pro, Qanoodle (handwriting), Qorker (art deco, after The New Yorker?), Qlaire (clean sans), Qwinkwell, Quota (fat poster face), Qarross, Qontreaux, Qut+Paste (paper cut font), Qwacko, Qizulu (African-themed font), Qokeynote.

Typefaces from 2014: Qlunky Brush, Qarrotface, QikiconsRealEstate, QrackStreet, Quiglet (a very rounded sans), Quota-Bold, Qutntorn, Qwinkwell, Quikhand (chalk / blackboard typeface), Qirlycues.

Typefaces from 2015: African Elegance, Embroidery Running Stitch, Embroidery Chainstitch, Embroidery Backstitch, Leaderbord.

Typefaces from 2016: Scrabblish (scrabble font).

Typefaces from 2017: Qanterberry, Geeky Periodic Table Font.

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John Desrosiers
[Soft Horizons]

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Katja Wolf

Young designer at fontgrube who made a typeface called Picasso, ca. 2000. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Koeweiden Postma

Despite the modest agricultural name, they say this about themselves: Koeweiden Postma is one of the leading branding and design agencies in The Netherlands. I quite like the typographic work they did in the form of posters and ads for the Picasso in Paris 1900-1907 exhibition, held in 2011. Behance link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Krzysztof Stryjewski

Graphic designer in Gdansk, Poland. Creator of a structured blackletter typeface family called Circa (2012), Rincewind (2013, a school project typeface), Tablespoon Sans (2013), Obsidian (2012, blackletter), and Alfabet Picassa (2011, inspired by Picasso's work). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Manfred Klein
[Manfred Klein: Painters]

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Manfred Klein: Painters
[Manfred Klein]

This group of Manfred Klein's typefaces draws its inspiration from paintings by Picasso, Miro and others: ArtDekoParts, ArtElements, ArtEtcetera, ArtFound, ArtGoesPixeled, ArtParticles, ArteFS, ArteFactsTwo, ArteFakte2007, ArteNero, ArteStuff, ArteVectoria, Artefakte, ArtesBats, ArtesCocktail, Artests, Artfacts, Artist-Medium, ArtistMedium, ArtistSketches, ArtistTracesTwo, ArtistTracesTwo, Artistiques-Bricks, ArtistsOne, ArtistsOr, ArtistsTraces, ArtistsTwo, ArtsBeforeComputer, BlackArt, BlackBeckMan, BulletsMK-Thin, CowBats, Drawings, DuererUnd, ForgottenArtOne, ForgottenArtTwo, FromOldArtists, GernKleinThree, Guernica38Remember, GuernicaMemories, KFirstBricksMirored, KleinKarpets, KleinsMouseTraps, KlitschKOtiqua, KlitschKOtiquaRound, KlitschKOtiquaShadow, MankBalloons, MankSans-Medium, MankSans-MediumOblique, MankSans-Oblique, MankSans, MankZieglers, MatisseThree, MatisseTraces, Mirobattz, Mirodish, MirosWitchesMedium, MontagesSurrealistiques, MouseAsPainter, MouseLearnMiro, OnKleesTraces, OpArtCarpets, OpticalArt, PabloInTownA, PabloSansCaps, Pabloesque2005, Pabloesques, PablosChildren, Pointilism-Toolbox, Pointilism, PopArtes, PopIcons, PopNonsens, PostConstructivism, PostConstructivismInvers, Precassos, Relative, RootsOfMatisse, Sammelsuriart, Sasurium, ScrapArt, Sculptures, SculpturesMKRL, Sculpturs, SketchesOfSpain, SurReal, Surrealbats, SurRealisM, SurrealisMK, SurrealsmKTwo, TracesOfKandinsky, VasarelyWasHere, VectorPaintingOne, VectorPaintings, WacObats, WhoWasTheArtist.

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Marcin Marciniak

Poznan-based designer of Spokko (2012), an artsy typeface inspired by Picasso. In 2015, he designed the angular text typeface Paradox. [Google] [More]  ⦿

MyFonts: Picasso

Typefaces related to Picasso, as selected from the MyFonts library. View more typefaces inspired by Picasso. A partial listing:

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Natalie Scawthorn

Todmorden, United Kingdom-based designer of the sharp-edged typeface Picasso (2015). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nehal Lodha

Mumbai-based designer of Picasso (2012), a an ormanental caps typeface inspired by the life and work of Pablo Picasso. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Nicky Laatz

Successful designer in Cape Town, South Africa, who started making fnts in 2014, In 2016, Creative Market wrote: South Africa-based designer Nicky Laatz just made one million dollars on Creative Market doing what she loves.. Creator of the commercial vintage spurred Western typeface Thistle Creek (2014), and the hand-drawn Butcher Block (2014), Vanilla Frosting (2014), Brave (2014, poster font), Stringfellows (2014, connected curly script, the most popular fonts at Creative Market in August 2014) and Cookies & Cream (2014).

In 2015, Nicki created more script typefaces: Hello Sunshine (hand brushed), Stone Harbour (dry brush typeface), Pleasures Script, Just Lovely, Bloomishly Brush, Saturday Script (dry brush script), Tanglewoods, La Fiesta (calligraphic script with watercolour edges), Maraschino Script (calligraphic script with a bouncy baseline, Little Anchor (Wobbly hand-painted script), Blushing Bride (a flirty hand-lettered script), Lemonshino, Strawberry Frosting (plump and cheerful), Happy Days, Bear Hugs, Vanilla Sprinkles (messy calligraphy with watercolour edging), Mustard Mustache (an uppercase marker font), Island Style, Lucky Fellas (brush script), Indigo Blue, Miss Couture (pencil brush script), Forever Soulmates, Blooming Elegant (Sans, Hand and Monoline), Hello Lucky (a dry marker font), Biscuit Base Script, Boathouse Script, Deliciously Script, Gojiberries, Harelybuck Script, Jeronimo Typeface, Jolly Sailor, Loveluck Script, Lemonade Stand, Maraschino Typeface, Masquerade, Novascotia, Peaches & Pistachio, Shoestrings.

Typefaces from 2017: Just Heavenly (dry brush script), South Route, Pringle+Tweed, Poppit+Finch, Ernest + Emily, Gotcha (marker font), Indigo Summer, Serendipity, Styled Up, Hello Pretty (brushed typeface), Born Ready (brush script).

Typefaces from 2018: Electric Dreams (font duo), Instalove (SVG dry brush), InstaLove Smooth, Lovestory (watercolor SVG font), Summer Loving (SVG brush), Stay Classy Font Duo, Signature Collection, White Oleander, Belluga, Simply Sweet, Signature Collection, Chin Up Buttercup.

Typefaces from 2019: Pink Lemonade, Picasso in Paradise, California Dreams (+SVG, +Marker, +Watercolor), Bon Vivant Family (font duo), Gatsby Modern, Nicolette Script (by Nico Inosanto and Nicky Laatz), Serenity Font Duo, Joules et Jaques (script and serif), Kokomo Breeze. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Niklas Johnson

Swedish graphic designer based in Florence, Italy, for his Masters studies there at IED. His typefaces:

  • At Santa Barbara City College in California, Niklas Johnson designed the artsy display typeface Picasso (2015) and the vintage typeface Nick (2015).
  • In 2017, he created an untitled octagonal typeface and the serif typeface Niccolo.
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Nolwenn Nasri

Student at l'Ecole de Communication Visuelle (ECV) in Paris. She created a typeface for the identity of the Picasso Museum in Paris in 2012. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Océane Juvin

During her studies at Ecole Estienne in Paris, Océane Juvin created the sans typeface OK (2014), the revival text typeface Cicero (2014), and the experimental typeface Code Decode (2015). In 2015-2016, she developed the old style text typeface Dixit. In 2016, she created the paintbrush calligraphic typeface Blue Mood (2016), for which inspiration came from a portrait by Picasso in his blue period. Behance link. Tumblr link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Olivier Nineuil
[ABC Typo (was: Bonté Divine)]

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Özgün Karatürk

Istanbul-based designer of the cubist typeface The Picasso (2014). [Google] [More]  ⦿

Prototype Experimental Foundry
[Charles S. Wilkin]

Commercial foundry, est. 1994 in Brooklyn by Charles Wilkin (b. Buffalo, NY). Designers selling their fonts through them include

  • Charles Wilkin: Sequence, Policy, Velvet (1995, also at Plazm), Superchunk (which includes funny Picasso-esque dingbats of typefaces), Spin (1994), Spaceboy, Hi-Light (2002, an upright script family), Poly Anna (2001), Phink, DeScripto (grunge calligraphy), Decline, Broken, Dink (1994), Euphoria, Fatboy, Interstate60, MagnetoHalfSerif, PJCT (2003, sans).
  • John Wiese: Halo, Petulia, Cat Woman, Caitanya.
  • Robert Beck: Table Manners.
  • Frank Ford: Ghetto Prince (calligraphic grunge script).
  • 52mm: Kaiju (Hebrew simulation font).
  • Keith Tatum: Gliche.

Free fonts by Charles Wilkin: Creep (1995), Cypher (1997), Nude (1995), Pixely (2002).

Alternate URL. At MyFonts. Dafont link. Personal web site.

View Charles Wilkin's typefaces. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Q. Kim

San Francisco, CA-based designer of Genius-M (2018) and Genius-P (2018), two abstract art typefaces influenced by Piet Mondrian and Pablo Picasso, respectively. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Rick Hutchinson
[Bright Ideas Fonts]

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Sign DNA
[Dave Simpson]

SignDNA is run by Dave Simpson (Winters, CA). Commercial sign and display fonts, including many scripts, often by Dave Simpson himself. Other designers:

  • Bob Behounek made ChicagoStyle, NewCity, SantaFe, KedzieLite, Heading Script, Pravda Casual, Pulaski Script, Archer. (This must be in error--there is a contradiction between the web page and the information in the fonts.) In the latest page, these fonts are credited to "Behounek". I can't follow this.
  • Paul Martin made Caz Fat, El Sid, Journeyman, WarBird (great signature-type font), RaceCarChisel, FastEddie, Squirt (upright, calligraphic).
  • Wm. J. Krupinski designed Bill's Holiday, Cube a Rama, Toon Copy, Med Ved, Toon Block.
  • Dan Antonelli created the 3-d fonts Banner Priz, Corinne, Lori Slant, Nicole, Tommy B, Rocinante, Zak, Prizmatic Numbers.
  • Mike Stevens made Magic, Stix, Happy Script, Master, ArRoyo, Tahoe, Staton, BigSur, DuVall, BigRed, BigMedicine, Tenor, Phoenix, Vasona.
  • Jack Wills made Nitro, Whoa, Brougham, Kreem, Buzz, Daffy Script, Hot Rod, Matilda, Jules Shado, Jules, Brave Heart, Monterey Script, Mr. Charles, Newmann.
  • Tramp Designs (Tramp Warner) made Eurolian (techno), Grafix (techno), Metal, Radical, Ripped, Salza, Sawblade, Starbound, Straight Laced, Tramp and Victory.
  • Kirby Stafford made Big Boy (2001), Lowered, Pencil Stroke and Whoop T Do.
  • Ray Larabie made Mecheria, Silentina, Soap, Tank, Zosma Bold, and Zosma Lite.
  • Gary Godby made Monika (script).
  • House fonts (by Dave Simpson, I guess): Amazing Grace, American Eagle, Amps, Ands, Andy, Auction Block, Autographic, Automat, Aztec, Banner Heavy, Banner Long n Lean, Big Cheese, Big Kiss, BuckShot, Bull Frog, Bulletin Black, Cadet, CopsRobbers, Crown Title, CrownTitle Priz Wide, Cut Out Script, Daytona Script, Dave the Wave, Deco Roman, Denny, Denny Bold, Dogwood, Downtown, Dragonfly, FiveCents, Golden Eagle, Half Dome Block, Half Dome Script, Heaven, Hell, Hex, Hillbilly Opteamaw, HogWort, Huckelberry, Jade, Kaylon, kaylon Heavy, Lone Wolf, Loose Spokes, los Pintores, Lumax, Lynewood Crakd, Mac, Marcel Dubo, Marcel Jones, Marker Magic, Marvels Navel, Medicine Hat, Miss Kitty, Monika, Nelson ShoCard, Nelson ShoCard Fat, Neon, Neon Script, Neon Tubes, O'Daly, Picasso, Playground, Race Car Casual, Race Way, Raceway Priz, Rosebud, Santa Cruz, Savage, Scriptboy, Shakey Jake, Shoefly, Slope, Smoothy, Snappy, Snappy Thin, Space Patrol, Spatz, Spatz HiLite, Speed Stroke, Street Rod, Stringline, Strout, Sundowner, Swing, Tank, Taylor Caz, Thin Man, Thin Man Bold, Tug Boat, Tys Optimus, Waldo, Woody.

Note: Nick Curtis: Dave Simpson purchased the rights to [Nick Curtis's] Creampuff for $167, and has been selling it for the past 11 years or so as Waldo. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Soft Horizons
[John Desrosiers]

A font collection by this Los Angeles outfit of John Desrosiers has flooded many archives. All fonts have the SH letters in their names. There is a fair amount of cloning, but there are also many first-time revivals (such as Lainie Day, based on a 1943 script by Bluemlein). The list of fonts: AceBinghamS, AceBinghamSH, AddisonLibbySH, AlfonsoWhit, AlfonsoWhiteheadSH, AndyMacarthurSH, AnneBoleynSH, AntonioMountbattenS, AntonioMountbattenSH, ArrowsAPlentySH, AssadSadatS, AssadSadatSH, AutomationRimmed, OttoMasonSH, BIGCSHAD-Normal, BIGCSHAD-NormalEx, BIGCSHAD-NormalWide, BIGCSHADLefty, BeauTerrySH, BennieGoetheSH, BibiGodivaSH, BibiNehruSH, BlondieBurtonSH, BookwomanDemiItalicSH, BookwomanDemiItalicSH, BookwomanDemiSH, BookwomanDemiSH, BookwomanExpLightSH, BookwomanExptLightSH, BookwomanLightItalicSH, BookwomanLightItalicSH, BookwomanLightSH, BookwomanLightSH, BookwomanMonoLightSH, BookwomanMonoLightSH, BookwomanSwashDemiSH, BookwomanSwashDemiSH, BookwomanSwashDemiSH, BookwomanSwashLightSH, BookwomanSwashLightSH, BrailleS, BrailleSH, BuckyMerlinS, BuckyMerlinSH, CameronStendahlSH, CarlTellerSH, CarrieCattSH, CassTaylorSH, ChartreuseParsonsSH, ChasThirdSH, ChaseCallasSH, ChaseCallasSH, ChildBonaparteSH, ChuckWarrenChiselSH, ChuckWarrenDesignSH, ChuckWarrenDesignSH, ClaudeCaesarS, ClaudeCaesarSH, CluKennedySH, CoffeeCamusInitialsSH, ColetteColeridgeSH, CooperPlanck2LightSH, CooperPlanck4SH, CooperPlanck6BoldSH, CooperPlanck8HeavySH, CybilListzSH, DizzyDomingoSH, DizzyFeiningerSH, DocTermanBoldSH, DodoCasalsSH, DodoDiogenesSH, EdithDaySH, EmGravesSH, EngelEinsteinSH, ErnestBlochSH, ErnestBlochSH, ExxPresleySH, FarEast, FleurFordSH, ForefrontBookObliqueSH, ForefrontBookObliqueSH, ForefrontBookSH, ForefrontBookSH, ForefrontDemiObliqueSH, ForefrontDemiObliqueSH, ForefrontDemiSH, ForefrontDemiSH, FractionsAPlentySH, FredFlahertySH, GabbyGauguinSH, GarryMondrian3LightItalicSH, GarryMondrian3LightSH, GarryMondrian4BookItalicSH, GarryMondrian4BookSH, GarryMondrian5SBldItalicSH, GarryMondrian5SBldSH, GarryMondrian6BoldItalicSH, GarryMondrian6BoldSH, GarryMondrian7ExtraBoldSH, GarryMondrian8UltraSH, GarryMondrianCond3LightSH, GarryMondrianCond4BookSH, GarryMondrianCond5SBldSH, GarryMondrianCond6BoldSH, GarryMondrianCond7ExtraBoldSH, GarryMondrianCond8UltraSH, GarryMondrianExpt3LightSH, GarryMondrianExpt4BookSH, GarryMondrianExpt5SBldSH, GarryMondrianExpt6BoldSH, GarryMondrianSwashSH, GeorgeMelvilleSH, GraceAdonisSH, HankKhrushchevSH, Heavenetica2ULtOblSH, Heavenetica2ULtSH, Heavenetica3ThinOblSH, Heavenetica3ThinSH, Heavenetica4LtOblSH, Heavenetica4LtSH, Heavenetica5OblSH, Heavenetica5PSBldOblSH, Heavenetica5PSBldSH, Heavenetica5SH, Heavenetica6MedOblSH, Heavenetica6MedSH, Heavenetica7BoldOblSH, Heavenetica7BoldSH, Heavenetica8HvyOblSH, Heavenetica8HvySH, Heavenetica9BlkOblSH, Heavenetica9BlkSH, Heavenetica9PUBlkOblSH, Heavenetica9PUBlkSH, HeaveneticaBoxedBoldSH, HeaveneticaCond2ULtOblSH, HeaveneticaCond2ULtSH, HeaveneticaCond3ThinOblSH, HeaveneticaCond3ThinSH, HeaveneticaCond4LtOblSH, HeaveneticaCond4LtSH, HeaveneticaCond5OblSH, HeaveneticaCond5SH, HeaveneticaCond6MedOblSH, HeaveneticaCond6MedSH, HeaveneticaCond7BoldOblSH, HeaveneticaCond7BoldSH, HeaveneticaCond8HvyOblSH, HeaveneticaCond8HvySH, HeaveneticaCond9BlkOblSH, HeaveneticaCond9BlkSH, HeaveneticaCond9PUBlkOblSH, HeaveneticaCond9PUBlkSH, HeaveneticaExtd2ULtOblSH, HeaveneticaExtd2ULtSH, HeaveneticaExtd3ThinOblSH, HeaveneticaExtd3ThinSH, HeaveneticaExtd4LtOblSH, HeaveneticaExtd4LtSH, HeaveneticaExtd5OblSH, HeaveneticaExtd5SH, HeaveneticaExtd6MedOblSH, HeaveneticaExtd6MedSH, HeaveneticaExtd7BoldOblSH, HeaveneticaExtd7BoldSH, HeaveneticaExtd8HvyOblSH, HeaveneticaExtd8HvySH, HeaveneticaExtd9BlkOblSH, HeaveneticaExtd9BlkSH, HeaveneticaMonoBoldSH, Hebroid, HeleneHissBlackSH, HenryPatrickSH, KarlKhayyamSH (Arabic simulation face), KarlaJohnson5CursiveSH, KarlaJohnson5RegularSH, KarlaJohnson6BoldCursiveSH, KarlaJohnson6BoldSH, KarlaJohnson7ExtraBoldCursiveSH, KarlaJohnson7ExtraBoldSH, KarlaJohnson8HeavyCursiveSH, KarlaJohnson8HeavySH, LainieDaySH, LatinoPal3LightItalicSH, LatinoPal3LightSH, LatinoPal4ItalicSH, LatinoPal4RomanSH, LatinoPal5DemiItalicSH, LatinoPal5DemiSH, LatinoPal6BoldItalicSH, LatinoPal6BoldSH, LatinoPal7ExtraBoldSH, LatinoPalBlackSH, LatinoPalCond4RomanSH, LatinoPalCond5DemiSH, LatinoPalCond6BoldSH, LatinoPalExptRomanSH, LatinoPalSwashSH, LeeToscanini3LightSH, LeeToscanini5RegularSH, LeeToscanini7BoldSH, LeeToscanini9BlackSH, LeeToscaniniInlineSH, MarcusHobbesSH, MartinMaxxieSH, MaudeMeadSH, MikePicassoSH, NealCurieRuledSH, NealCurieSH, NewMilleniumSchlbkBoldItalicSH, NewMilleniumSchlbkBoldSH, NewMilleniumSchlbkExptSH, NewMilleniumSchlbkItalicSH, NewMilleniumSchlbkRomanSH, NewMilleniumSchlbkSHBold, NewMilleniumSchlbkSHBoldItalic, NewMilleniumSchlbkSHItalic, NewMilleniumSchlbkSHRoman, NigelSadeSH, OttoMasonSH, PaulPutnamSH, PcEncodingLowerSH, PcEncodingSH, PennSilvaSH, PhilSimmonsSH, Polonaise, RobWebsterExtraBoldSH, SalTintorettoSH, SamBarberInitialsSH, SamPlimsollSH, ShellyMarisSH, ShlomoAleichemSH, SissyRomeoSH, SlimStravinskySH, SpruceByingtonSH, SueVermeer4LightItalicSH, SueVermeer4LightSH, SueVermeer5MedItalicSH, SueVermeer5MediumSH, SueVermeer6DemiItalicSH, SueVermeer6DemiSH, SueVermeer7BoldItalicSH, SueVermeer7BoldSH, SunYatsenSH, SuzanneQuillSH, SymbolsAPlentySH, TamFlanahanSH, TempsExptBoldSH, TempsExptItalicSH, TempsExptRomanSH, TempsSwashSH, TessHoustonSH, TexCatlinObliqueSH, TexCatlinSH, TonyWhiteSH, WaltHarringtonSH, WesHollidaySH, WesHollidaySH, XavierPlatoSH, YuriKaySH, ZappedChancellorMedItalicSH, ZappedChancellorSHMedItalic, The Heavenetica family, for example, is a clone of Helvetica. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Sophie Mili

Athens-based designer. She created Don Quixote by Picasso out of typographic elements in 2012. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Tano Veron

Buenos Aires-based creator of the children's hand font Nicolina (2012) and of the techno typeface Hifix (2012).

Zephyr (2013) is a striped ornamental caps typeface. In the ornamental caps style, Tano also made Las Mejores Cosas De La Vida No Son Cosas (2013).

Boxing (2013) is a condensed sans headline face.

In 2014, he made the free multicolored vector format typeface Mondrian, which is named after De Stijl artist Piet Mondrian. In the same vane, he made the decorative caps typeface Kandinsky (2014). Keplerian (2014) is an alchemic typeface. In 2014, Tano Veron and Yai Salinas co-designed the free vector format colored display typeface Carioca.

In 2015, he published Natureza (alchemic / hipsterish), Theremin (great variable-width san; free download), Mapuche (a free native symbol font), Pettoruti Type (a colorful cubsy typeface influenced by the cubist Argentinian painter Emilio Pettoruti (1892-1971), Sandre (based on Cassandre's Bifur), Dionisia (a great free art deco poster typeface), Jekyll & Hyde (a free EPS format vintage display pair of typefaces), Binary Font (free), the free sci-fi typeface Houston, the free hipster typeface Belladona, the tweetware constructivist font Moscu, the decorative caps typeface Guernica (named after Picasso's famous civil war painting from 1937), the free vector format typeface Miro and the tweetware colored circus font Circo.

Typefaces from 2017: Hot Rod (free art deco style), Hangar (rounded sans), Belladona Stencil, Bardo (an all caps typeface described as classic, transgressive and badass as Shakespeare, it has a bit of the art deco charm of the The New Yorker typeface).

Behance link. Dafont link. [Google] [More]  ⦿

Terry Wüdenbachs

Snowboarder from Liechtenstein, who designs typefaces at P22 and its descendant foundries such as HWT. The list:

  • His first font was the whacky P22 Catalan (2003), which was inspired by Antonio Gaudi, Joán Miro and Salvador Dali.
  • In 2004, he created BlancoNeg, Mexican Relics (100 dingbats from pre-Columbian Mexico), Sniplash (a 60s cartoon face) and Durer Caps (after Dü'rer's 1525 original).
  • In 2005, he added P22 Mystic (art nouveau).
  • The curly P22 Festiva and P22 Huffer Pro (comic book face) followed in 2009.
  • In 2010, he designed two revivals of Nebiolo work, P22 Nebiornaments, and P22 Slogan (after the 1957 brush font by the same name by Aldo Novarese).
  • In 2012, he created P22 CoDependent, a set of two art deco typefaces that revive of the Independant typeface from 1930 created by Dutch designer Johannes Nicolaas Coenraad Collette along with Jos Dufour from Belgium.
  • In 2012, Terry joined forces with Richard Kegler and published the multilayered Western circus font HWT American Chromatic at Hamilton Wood Type. American Chromatic was originally created by Wm. H. Page & Co. circa 1857-59.
  • In 2013, he designed HWT Arabesque for Hamilton Wood Type. This art nouveau / psychedelic typeface was originally produced by the Morgans & Wilcox Co. and the Wm. Page Co. as almost identical designs. Both manufacturers were acquired by Hamilton and offered briefly by Hamilton as design #618. William Page Arabesque was first shown in 1872 and after the Page purchase by Hamilton in 1891, it was renamed to No. 618. Similarly, the Morgans & Wilcox Arabesque was first shown in 1884, but after Morgan's purchase by Hamilton, it was renamed to No. 3189.

Klingspor link. View Terry Wüdenbachs's typefaces. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Trevor Pettit

British designer of Pablo (1995), a handwriting font at Letraset (ITC, Linotype) based on Picasso's hand. FontShop link. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

TypePhases (was: vigital tipografia)
[Joan Marti Mas]

Joan Marti Mas' dingbats and fonts. Joan Mas is a Catalan type designer, illustrator and graphic designer in Palma, who offers free and commercial fonts. His free fonts include Cu-tbo-rough (2004, handwriting), Dalicanya (2004), Pero Jefe (2004), Corbatins (2004), Cartelia (2004), Carusses (heads), Ataques, Scroonge (grunge), Tooman (tribal dingbats), Kinky Boots (2004), Viatge Quimic (2004, psychedelic face), Kool Aid Acid Text (2004), CU-TBO (2004, comic book family), Psychopaths (2002), CapsBats (2002), Plantiya (1999), Illustries (2000), Illustrisms (2000 and 2012: vintage scanbats), Amano (handwriting, 2000), DeskSpace dingbats, Bruegheliana, Fazzes, Whimsies (2000), Ombres, Defora (grunge), Antypepatics (great facial caricatures, some even Picasso-esque), Honcho, Ataques, Taques au gogo, Scroonge, Lletraparits, Collbats (named after the cartoon artist Josep Coll, 1924-1984), Homoningos (2002-2004, human figures), Viatge Quimic (2002, lettering based on ideas of Austrian designer Alfred Roller from the early 20th century), Mandicho (child's hand), Sinky (comic book), Tipejos (human figure outlines), Embrush.

Commercial fonts: Genteta I, II and III, Absurdies (mad men dingbats), The Joy of Reading (2001), Fontorio (handwriting), Simpa (handwriting), Entestats (2004, dingbats of heads), Incipials 1, Deaf Crab, Racana, Emplomada, Phalopha, Feedback, DaMarka, Bizarries, Brrrush, Threedee, Capsbats 1,2&3 (very original: human heads with things in them), Manualita (handwriting), Ombres 2&3. He (note: Joan is a man's name in Catalonia) also has a sub-page on font creation and typography.

MyFonts link. Dafont link. Klingspor link. [Google] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿

Vladimir Nikolic

Belgrade, Serbia-based designer (b. 1981) of these typefaces:

  • The fat rounded sans typefaces Guest (2019) and Subscribe (2019).
  • The Western font Kasplysk (2019).
  • The German expressionist outline typeface Robert (2018).
  • Current Moment (2019): a digitized "Zuccini" plate by Frits Jonker.
  • The LED gont Technology (2018).
  • The octagonal athletic lettering fonts Barbara (2019) and Soccer League (2018) and the outlined athletic font Onderneming (2018).
  • Leculier (2018). After an alphabet in Georges Leculier's art decxo lettering book from ca. 1930.
  • The textured typefaces Townscape (2019), Patriotic (2019: American flag theme), Meshes (2018), Complained (2019), Duration (2018) and its solid counterpart, Duration Book (2018).
  • The speed font Speed Racing (2019).
  • Essere (2018).
  • The rounded organic sans typefaces Available (2018) and Biysk (2018).
  • Driving Around (2018).
  • The decorative floral caps typefaces Floral Capitals (2018) and Narcissus (2018).
  • Gradientico (2018). A textured didone.
  • The Greek simulation font Meteora (2018).
  • Griddy Blocks (2018) and Blocky Letters (2018).
  • Decorattio (2018).
  • Ordinary (2018) and Mina is Gone (2018).
  • The trilined typeface Trio (2017).
  • The free connected handwriting typeface Eric's (2016).
  • The military typefaces Login (2018), Commanders (2017) and Hunt (2017).
  • The neon typeface Bubble 3D (2017), and the neon and shadow font family Magia (2019).
  • The display typefaces Swordsman (2019), Regular (2019), Andrey (2019), Retrive (2019), Connected (2019), Locator (2018), Tracking (2018), Iceberg (2018: snow-capped letters), New Amsterdam (2018), Ana (2018), Enemy (2018), New Yorkers (2018), Happy Day at School (2018), Focused (2018), Modish (2018), Beholder (2018) and Principality (2017).
  • Schaeffer (2017). A revival of the famous multiline typeface Fatima (1933, Karl Hermann Schaefer).
  • Remained (2017) and Liquidrom (2018). Multilined typefaces.
  • The grungy typefaces Drunk Millionaire (2019), Haziness (2017) and Victorious (2017).
  • The bubblegum typefaces Bubblicious (2019) and Icecreamer (2017), and its oily companions Gummy (2018) and Liquid (2018).
  • The heavy deco typefaces Guest (2019), Bigger (2018), Hours (2018), Intransitive (2018: Dutch deco), Theatrical (2017) and Consequences (2017).
  • The beveled fonts Playback (2018) and Member (2018).
  • The marquee typefaces Casino (2018) and Chicago (2018).
  • The Slavonic emulation typeface Russian Land (2017) and the Cyrillic emulation typefaces Kalinka (2019), Rubles (2018), Maniac (2018), Jurij (2018), Kachusha (2018), Soviet Program (2018), Armenia (2017), Fontograd (2018) and Russian Spring (2017).
  • Movie fonts: Film Letters (2018).
  • Art deco typefaces: Angelica (2019), Protocol (2019), Retrospective (2019), Leculier (2018, after an alphabet in Georges Leculier's art deco lettering book from ca. 1930), Better (2018), Critical (2017).
  • The outlined typeface Important (2018).
  • The decorative sans typefaces Answer (2018), Hours (2018), Abandoned (2018), Sea Gardens (2017), Forvertz (2018), Yeysk (2018) and Closeness (2018).
  • The didone typeface Vogue (2018).
  • Monogramus (2019), Blocky Monogram (2018) and Monograma (2018).
  • The geometric solid typeface family Ivan (2019).
  • The geometric sans typeface Occupied (2017).
  • Rise of Kingdom (2017).
  • The layerable marquee font Rockefeller (2018).
  • The squarish typefaces Professor (2019), layers (2018) and Cataclysmo (2017).
  • Cartoonish (2017).
  • Hesitation (2017). A rounded hand-crafted poster font.
  • The hand-crafted typefaces Milord (2018), Sex and Breakfast (2018), Sweet Handwrite (2018), Industrial Revolution (2018), Oh Maria (2017), Sofija (2017) and Travelling (2017).
  • The fantastic caricature typeface Damen (2018).
  • The multiline typefaces However (2019), Confarreatio (2018) and Fudged (2018).
  • Leben and Leben Shadow (2018).
  • Braillenum (2018).
  • The condensed grotesks Heinrich (2019) and Schwarzenberg (2019).
  • Games (2017). An inline typeface.
  • The shadow fonts Mafia (2019), Releases (2019), Extradition (2019), Shoot To Kill (2019), Groowing (2019), Enough (2019), President (2019), Silence (2019), Dressed (2019), Already (2019), Hocus Pocus (2019), Password (2019), Ready (2018) and Messages (2017).
  • The 3d typeface Metallic (2019).
  • Schreibmaschine (2017). A dusty old typewriter font.
  • The vintage initial caps typefaces Nautiica 3d (2018), Fantasy Capitals (2018) and Herne Capitals (2018).
  • The ornamental caps typefaces Mechanismo (2019) and Pencil Letters (2019).
  • The Arabic emulation typeface Sinbad (2018).
  • Herne (2018).
  • Passage (2018).
  • The dingbat fonts Middle Finger (2019), Claudio The Cat (2019), Medusa (2019), Veggie (2019), Pablo (2019), Fishes (2019), Dream of Picasso (2019), Stam (2019), Animality (2019), Ink Drops (2019), Faces (2019), Bayan (2019), Froggy (2019), Senhoras (2019), Diamondo (2019), Skallen (2019: skulls), Swimmers (2019), Churches (2019), Easter Icons (2019), Notre Dame and Notre Dame de Paris (2019: scanbats), Lippen (2019), Gullar (2019), Bankwesen (2019), Hollywood Actors (2019: scanbats), Creatures with Horns (2019), Vehicles (2019), Various Hands (2019), 3D Animals (2019), Abantu (2019), Herr (2019), Menge (2019), Funny Aliens (2019), Mustachos (2019), Kids Drawings (2019), Tierfarm (2019), Troep (2018), Women Heads (2018), Cats and Dogs (2018), Wanita (2018), Eyez (2018), Animales (2018), Peoples (2018), Mobile Icons (2018), Controllers (2018), Womano (2018), Lost in Space (2018), European Leaders (2018: scanbats), Blumen (2018: flowers), Trumpolina (2018: Trump scanbats), Tetriso (2018), Snowflake (2018), Meine (2018: masks), Horoscopicus (2018), Esoterica (2018), Astrologicus (2018, astrolical symbols), Abbild (2018: African masks), Being (2018: monsters), Gebell (2018), Headed (2018), Falter (2018), Filling (2018), Anichka (2018), Cyclopia (2018), Buggus (2018), Opa (2018), Messe (2017), Head of Idol (2018), Diavolo Nero (2017: funny silhouettes).
  • Knotty (2018).
  • The Mexican style font Mexicanera (2018), Dilemma (2018: Mexican Calavera skulls), and Mexican Tequila (2018).
  • The techno typefaces Passionate Relationship (2019), Neighbor (2018), Bombardment (2018) and Leprosy (2018).
  • The constructivist typefaces Tokarev (2017), Russiano (2018), Suggested (2018), Hungaria (2018) and Schwachsinn (2018).
  • The avant-garde typeface Typolino (2018).
  • The headline sans typefaces Educated Deers (2019), Hindenburg (2019) and Fixation (2018).
  • Regensburg (2018).
  • Owners (2018) and Housebreak (2019). In the ultra-fat sans genre.
  • The prismatic typefaces Boogie Woogie (2019), Running (2019), Bigger Italic (2018; based on Bigger Book), Linerine (2018) and Cosmology (2018).
  • Failed (2018).
  • The codex typeface Measurements (2018).
  • Damages (2018).
  • The circle-themed font Condition (2018).
  • The textured typefaces Hornettio (2018) and Ignorant (2018).
  • The oriental simulation fonts Chinese Dragon (2019), Sudoku (2019), Hiroshima (2019) and Kamikaze (2018).
  • The semi-stencil all caps typefaces Latest (2019) and Large (2019).
  • The stencil fonts Browser (2019), Serbia (2019), Belgrado (2019), Further (2019), Generals (2018), Mayor (2018) and Olga (2018).
  • The grunge font Leave No Fingerprints (2018).
  • The outlined typefaces 3D Letters (2018), Milk & Chocolate (2018: trilined), Czar (2018), Classica (2018) and Created (2018).
  • The glitch font Searching For Signal (2019).
  • The glaz krak font Smashed (2018).
  • The 3d dingbats typeface Jigsaw Puzzles 3D (2018).
  • Letters in Circles (2018).
  • The modular typefaces Orenburg (2018), Broadway (2018) and Assyrian (2018).
  • The alphadings Hearts and Arrows (2018), Penguins (2018), Kitties (2018), Doggy (2018), Teddy Bears (2018), International Capitals (2018), Aafia Capitals (2018), Answer Capitals (2018), Beholder Capitals (2018).

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Walter Friedrich Haettenschweiler

Swiss type designer, b. 1933, Zug. He created Schmalfette Grotesk (1954). He is most famous for the black headline typeface Haettenschweiler (1954)---a renaming of schmalfette Grotesk by Photoscript in the photo font era---, which made it to the Microsoft library in 1995 as part of Microsoft Office. Haettenschweiler was used by Paris Match for headlines. The soccer team Nottingham Forest has a logo based on it as well.

Unpublished typefaces: Africaine, Breifette Etienne, Busride (1969), Coal (1975). Eleanora (1970), Haetti-Antiqua (1972), Haettenschweiler Face (1970), Halbstarke Pica, Oberoy (1971), Schmale Mediäval, Timeless (1971).

Further typefaces accredited to him: Breitfette Unziale, Roaring Twenties, Unziale, Happening, Chelsea Type, Flat Letter, Knock Out, Strada, Yardley, Sezession, Carnaby, Op-Letter, Allshadow, Subway, End, Wornout, The Ugly American, Expo, Ellington, Boris Vian, Blues, Ella for ever, Wir Wunderkinder, Calder, Tropic, Polyp, Maotse, Aleman con Adorno, Alphabet Art Nouveau, Alphabet Capitales de Fantasie, Alphabet Majeur d'Anglaise Rubannee, Alphabets Capiale&Romain Penches en...., Arnold Boecklin, Eckmann-Schrift, Edelgotisch-Initialen, Fantail, Favorit, Fraktur-Bastard, Jugendstil-Unziale, Kalligraphia, Lettres Ombrees, Lichte Italienne-Kursiv, schraffiert+abschattiert, Lima, Metropolitaines, Mira, Ornamentale Antiqua, Romantique, Siegfried, Smoke, Soutache, Thalia, Verzierte Unziale, Wotan, Walhalla, Teutonia, Lichte, Abschattierte, Umrandete, Schraffierte Etienne, Alphabet de L'Amour, Historismus, Plastische Verzierte Italienne Toscanienne, Audrey Hepburn, Cocteau, Leslie, Disney, Caron, Klee, Picasso, Mondrian, Bauhaus, Marino Marini, Congo, Schenk ein Buch, Beggarstaff, Black'n White, Broad, Für das Alter, Gaité, Girlish Face, Green Leaves, Halbstarke Pica, Lawless Type, Lettre coupée, Maidenform, New Fashion, Nouvelle Vague, Schmale Mediaeval, Sacral Letter, That bad Eartha, Vanishing Letter.

Revivals of his typefaces include Capital Ideas 2 NF (2012, Nick Curtis), which is based on Breitfette Unziale (1958). Schmalfette CP (Jason Walcott and Rob King) revives Walter Haettenschweiler's original titling sans from 1954.

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